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I saw the people of God all across the world arising and taking their place in prayer and intercession for the USA. As I looked across the people of God, I saw angels descending from heaven and they were holding garments in their hands and what looked like weapons that were shining brightly.

These angels began to hand out these garments to the people of God who had moved into position to contend for the United States of America. These garments were the garments of war.

Instantly I heard Psalm 144:1

"Praise the LORD, who is my rock. He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle.”

I saw the people of God being dressed in garments of war and their hands filled with weapons of warfare to see the Holy Spirit break out across the United States of America.

I then saw Jesus stand before His army and He spoke:

“People of God, it is time to arise, it is time to fight! I have prepared you to fight for the nation of the United States of America for such a time as this. In this time of prayer and intercession, I am releasing battle strategies to you. My people to see the forces of darkness, PUSHED BACK. To see My Kingdom and My Glory invade every place in this nation, where the enemy has taken hold. It is time for you, My people to SING TOGETHER in ONE ACCORD and DECREE VICTORY over the United States of America.”

I then saw the flag of the United States of America appear before the people of God and some of the leaders on the front line took this flag and began to move forward in victory. As the people of God marched forward they sang a song of victory that was being released from heaven. Singing FROM the place of victory, I saw the people of God singing victory FROM their God ordained place, seated in heavenly places. (Ephesians 2:6)

As the intercessors and people of God began to move forward carrying the flag, I felt the Lord’s encouragement that no matter what your eyes see in the natural that is not in line with what the Lord has spoken, do NOT be swayed, do NOT be moved, for the Lord is calling His people to sing a song of VICTORY over the United States of America, even if they do not SEE it. It is time to decree VICTORY into every part of the USA so that her heart of destiny may beat again.


As the people of God moved forward in fighting for this beautiful nation, I saw the Lord releasing specific battle strategies to His people. This is a crucial time in history right now for the United States as the Lord has prepared His people to fight and see great victory. He is releasing keys to the people of God in this time that as they partner with Him, that this would be a time in history where one of the greatest shifts in the United States of America took place.

I saw a spirit of death that has been over the USA that has been doing all it can to steal the life that the Lord wants to release into this nation and hinder the vision and plans the Lord has for the United States being seen by covering it all with darkness. I felt the Lord saying that He has called the United States of America to be a nation that brings life to other nations in the world. I saw the United States of America like two huge defibrillator’s and the Lord using the US and what He wants to do in that nation to “wake up” another nations to His Glory, His love and His life.

As the people of God were interceding and praying for the United States I saw angels coming carrying two HUGE defibrillators and they placed them on the centre of the nation and the intensity of the power surge to be released into the nation was increasing as the people of God were praying and singing together in one accord and declaring VICTORY over the nation. Suddenly, there came a point where these defibrillators were activated and a HUGE SHOCK of His Glory and power was released through the United States of America bringing a great shaking and things began to fall into alignment. His Glory and power was breaking out.

God is doing something NEW in the USA and He wants His people to partner with Him. He has trained and equipped His people to fight for this nation for such a time as this. As the people of God are crying out and interceding they are like voices crying out in the wilderness “Prepare Ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight” (Mark 1:3). Do not doubt the power of your prayer and intercession through this time, for your prayers are carving a pathway for the King of Glory to come in.

As the people of God pressed in crying out to the Lord for His mercy and a turning, the people of God moved forward in repentance and blessing of this beautiful nation, I saw the spirit of death beginning to shift and a FLOOD of heavenly revelation being released into the United States of America where there would be an increase in prophetic words spoken over the nation released. There would be encounters, visitations and blueprints released to many that when put into action would see revival burn through the United States of America.


I saw the Lord’s heart for the United States of America to be raised up as a flag of testimony to other nations. That as it is steeped in such darkness and moved away from their first love, Jesus, it CAN BE TURNED BACK in Jesus name.

The Lord is wanting to bring about a great TURNING in the United States and set her high on a hill to shine to all the other nations of the world, releasing a SONG OF VICTORY across the entire earth that a nation CAN be turned around by the power of prayer and His people moving together in one accord in intercession.


As the people of God prayed and cried out to the Lord, I saw angelic hosts in the core of the United States of America and they were stirring the waters. They were stirring the waters to bring healing and restoration into the nation. As the people of God cried out and prophesied His words, living in the divine echo of what He was saying, these waters were then being released into many parts of the USA. The Lord is wanting to heal the land of the United States, bringing life again into places that have dried up and died.

I then heard the Lord saying “Do you believe these dry bones can live?”

"He said to me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” And I answered, “O Lord God, You know.” Again He said to me, “Prophesy over these bones and say to them, ‘O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.’ Thus says the Lord God to these bones, ‘Behold, I will cause breath to enter you that you may come to life. I will put sinews on you, make flesh grow back on you, cover you with skin and put breath in you that you may come alive; and you will know that I am the Lord.’”

So I prophesied as I was commanded; and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold, a rattling; and the bones came together, bone to its bone. And I looked, and behold, sinews were on them, and flesh grew and skin covered them; but there was no death in them. Then He said to me, “Prophesy to the breath, prophesy, son of man, and say to the breath, ‘Thus says the Lord God, “Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe on these slain, that they come to life.” So I prophesied as He commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they came to life and stood on their feet, an exceedingly great army. (Ezekiel 37:3-10)

The Lord is wanting us to align with Him, with what He is saying. To declare and BELIEVE that the dry bones of the United States of America CAN live.

The four winds of God are coming to breathe upon the United States of America. Strong winds will be seen in the natural as a prophetic sign of the four winds of heaven coming into the USA to BREAK the hold of the spirit of death over the nation and bring it to LIFE AGAIN.

People of God, it is IMPORTANT in this time of prayer and fasting to be declaring the things the Lord shows you over the United States of America. The destiny of the United States hangs in the balance. He is asking His people, “PROPHESY TO THESE DRY BONES”. Put your ears to His chest and listen to what He is saying and SPEAK IT OUT. Be the echo of heaven over this beautiful nation.


I then saw many of the people of God so discouraged and despaired over the government of the United States of America.

I saw Jesus come to each one, one by one and He took them in His arms and He spoke with such love and kindness and He said:

“It is not over yet. Not all is lost. Continue to declare My goodness, My kindness and love into the Whitehouse. Continue to declare encounters with My love and goodness into the Whitehouse.”

I then saw Daniels arising all over the world being raised up for such a time as this to move into governmental arenas in the United States of America bringing His hope, His love and His goodness into it. I saw as these Daniels were rising up and moving into governmental areas and there was a wave of His love moving into the Whitehouse.

Encounters with Jesus are coming into the Whitehouse as the people of God pray. It is not over yet. Not all is lost. Continue to declare His goodness, kindness and love into the Whitehouse. For the Lord desires the Whitehouse to be a place that is governed from purity and righteousness. He has not given up on the Whitehouse and He does not want His people to give up on it too. A shaking is coming to the Whitehouse and as the people of God pray, the shaking may tip into God’s desire and destiny for the United States.

People of God, you have been prepared for such a time as this. Your hands have been trained for war and fingers for battle. He is calling His people together in unison to declare and sing a song of victory over the USA. Sing a song of victory even before you see it. The army of God is moving forward. This is a significant time in the United States history. United States of America, it’s time to COME TO LIFE!


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Last night while I was asleep I heard the Lord speak to me so loudly and He said..

"Watch and see how I am going to unfold things for thee!"

UNFOLD: Open or spread out from a folded position, to be revealed. (

I woke up with a great sense of excitement in my spirit, expectation of the GOOD that is coming and a deep sense of peace that indeed we as the people of God are ON the cusp of breakthrough and stepping into a new season.

As I talked to the Lord this morning about what He spoke to me about in my sleep, I had a vision and in this vision I saw the Lord rolling out a red carpet and Jesus was taking the hand of His people one by one, and they walked down this red carpet arm in arm. Dressed elegantly for the great unveiling.

They walked down to a stage that had been set and ready for the people of God. It had huge purple curtains and was ready for a great unveiling.

I saw Jesus look at His people in the eyes and with such love and tenderness He spoke:

"Where there has been great pressure upon you, where things have folded and closed up that you thought would open, where there has been significant trial and opposition, I am about to OPEN SOMETHING NEW. What I have been planning and preparing for you is about to be revealed. You have now moved into the unveiling. You will understand why the process was so intense. I used everything thrown against you to shape you and prepare you to walk into this newness."


Yesterday, I lay down to take a short nap, and was woken up by my 18 month old son who was calling out to Mummy and ready to be picked up out of his cot. As I looked at the door to my ensuite bathroom on one side of the door frame I could see HUNDREDS of white butterflies with silver linings. As they fluttered I could see purple and gold colours shining from their wings, there was so much tangible peace as I watched them flutter.

They looked SO real I almost jumped out of bed to close a window because I thought I had left the window open and hundreds of butterflies had come in. I closed my eyes and opened them again, and the butterflies were gone.

I spoke to the Lord and a few others about this, and felt the Lord saying that a NEW SEASON is upon the people of God. These butterflies were positioned at the door of my ensuite bathroom because the people of God have been going through a washing, and a cleansing, a preparation for the NEW SEASON, the unveiling, the unfolding of the NEW.

The transformation process has been difficult and for many, they have felt they would "die" in the "breaking out", but as the people of God have leaned into beautiful Jesus, as they have leant their heads on His chest and listened to His words of love and let His love comfort and strengthen them, a great washing and purification has taken place. Souls have been healed at a DEEP level. A deep transformatory process has taken place. The Lord has been healing His people at a deeper level in the process so they can REMAIN in the palace. You have been prepared for the palace (places of favour, influence and greater responsibility) and the palace doors are beginning to OPEN WIDE as you embrace the process leaning into Him.

As His people has embraced the process and not rushed it through human strength and striving, the people of God are moving into the unveiling.

A realm where there shall be breakthrough after breakthrough. God is about to display His goodness and kindness through this unveiling in magnificent ways that will leave the people of God awestruck, moving deeper into the revelation of Psalm 34:1:

"Lord I am bursting with blessings over what you have done for me. My lips are full of PERPETUAL PRAISE" (Psalm 34:1 – The Passion Translation)

You are going to go into a new level of deep perpetual praise as you SEE what He is unfolding!!!!!

I saw many areas labelled "ancient". Dreams, issues in bodies, issues in souls, issues in marriages, issues in relationships, issues with finances are going to SHIFT. They are being infused with resurrection LIFE. They were labelled "ancient" because they are things that His people have been crying out for, for a SIGNIFICANT period of time. It’s been decades of crying out, these issues that have plagued the people of God for DECADES are being turned into PLACARDS of TESTIMONY displaying His name and Glory of things TURNED AROUND. Things that you thought would never shift and never move, or never be healed, He is targeting those things, and is going to display His glorious power to heal and restore them.

No matter what you are walking through or how things look, lean in, press into Him, for He wants to display His goodness and love to you as He UNFOLDS things in your life that could not be unfolded. Areas that doors slammed shut, new doors are going to open that are bigger than the ones that closed. You have lost nothing in this process, but gained everything because He is not only restoring to better than before, but opening new doors.

"Watch and see how I am going to unfold things for thee!!!!"


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The Lord is taking His people through a deep cleansing and purging at the moment, and many are feeling the fire of purification and healing. A few days ago the Lord showed me that He is exposing "roots" in people’s lives, roots of woundings and strongholds and He was setting them on fire and removing them.

I saw many in emotional and physical torment over the past 4 weeks and saw it connected to a major root in their hearts.

I saw the Lord specifically highlighting roots of self-condemnation. He was exposing these roots, bringing them to the light so that they can be bathed and immersed in the perfect love of the Father and burnt away.

I saw this root of self-condemnation in hearts birthing perfectionism, striving, feelings of inadequacy, feelings and thoughts of failure and a disappointment to God and others and a longing to withdraw and hide. To not be seen or go deep in relationships for fear of rejection.

Press into the process of purging that is happening right now people of God for the Lord loves and adores you and He is longing for you to be free. The process may be messy and right now it may be painful, and all the "yucky stuff" seems to be coming to the surface, that’s because God is bringing all the dross UP so He can get it OUT.

Many of the people of God have seen the light of God highlight MAJOR roots in their lives these few weeks. Do not be discouraged by the roots that you see, for they have arisen out of the darkness and depths of your soul because you are positioned for the greatest encounters of healing of your life so far.

God is breaking off self-condemnation. I felt the Lord say to me today that self-condemnation is one of the greatest roots in the hearts of many of His people and it has rendered them powerless because it has stolen the revelation of their identity, but now is the time to press in. Press in for healing for the Lord is going to remove this major root and for many you will see once this major root is death with, major breakthrough and healing will take place. Do NOT give up pushing through for healing and breakthrough for a major stronghold is being dealt with in the body of Christ right now, named self-condemnation.

"There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus" – Romans 8:1

This cloak of self-condemnation has brought with it great heaviness and have stolen the joy and peace of many. Many who have been carrying this cloak of self-condemnation have experienced extreme fatigue as they have continued to carry the heavy burden of not being aligned with the truth that they are deeply loved and approved of by the One who the perfect definition of love.


I saw many of the people of God and they were standing with their arms crossed over their chests, hiding their hearts and I could hear their hearts screaming "I am wrong", then suddenly I saw Jesus and He said "This is how right you are" and I saw Him on the Cross with His arms spread wide open.

God is doing a deep work in the area of identity. Awakening His people to the truth of who they were created to be. Beauty is being restored in the hearts of believers. God is restoring eyes to see the beauty of who He created them to be.

In these encounters the Lord is removing these cloaks of self-condemnation and I saw Him placing the robe of revelation upon His people. Robes of revelation of His righteousness in His people being seen and JOY restored.

"I am overwhelmed with joy in the LORD my God! For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation and draped me in a robe of righteousness. I am like a bridegroom in his wedding suit or a bride with her jewels." – Isaiah 61:10

The Lord is healing His people. Leading His people to let themselves "off the hook", forgive themselves, trauma being removed, lies being dissolved as they see themselves as HE sees them and who they were created to be. The powerful people of God are arising higher as the healing of soul goes DEEPER.


I saw this robe of "self-condemnation" placing "ceilings over the people of God and these ceilings at times were suffocating. It hindered their ability to dream big and to soar. I saw these ones looking around at breakthrough in the lives of others and the thoughts began to fill their minds "There must be something wrong with me", "Breakthrough has not come to me because I don’t deserve it", "Because of who I am, I am not going to see these miraculous breakthrough’s, blessings and favour".

I saw Jesus come to His people and He asked them to write down these lies on a piece of paper. They did and He then said "Throw it on the ground", so they threw it on the ground. He said "Now STAMP ON IT, JUMP ON IT, for you are an OVERCOMER, greatly loved and highly favoured and these are lies to keep you from soaring. JUMP, JUMP, JUMP, take these thoughts captive. They are under your feet".

As these ones jumped and jumped I could see greater transformation of mind and heart taking place. A greater alignment of revelation of having "the mind of Christ" and a healing balm of His love soothing the heart and bringing healing and restoration.

As they jumped everything around them was shaking and all things that were not in alignment because to "fall into perfect heavenly place". I saw long term torments, sicknesses and diseases being healed, mental torments being broken and insomnia and sleep problems being healed.

An accelerated healing was taking place and removing the ceiling from these ones and they entered into new levels of revelation, greater clarity in hearing from Him and clearer sight to see as He sees.

Where self-condemnation has stolen from the people of God as the people of God moved into repentance and seeing His truth and healing blossomed, new doors of favour swung wide open.

Cloaks of self-condemnation are being removed, and the powerful people of God are arising knowing the love of their amazing Father. Hope is being restored, joy is exploding and He is breaking off this major root that has been holding many of the people of God back so they can finally soar into who they were created to be and the door opening before you is named DESTINY.


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I felt the Lord saying today that He is cleaning out the rooms of the soul in the people of God and releasing a song of victory. The Lord is focusing on SOUL HEALTH at a deep level in this season, a deeper preparation for what He is releasing His people into.

I saw hearts and rooms in the hearts of many of the people of God and in these rooms were gardens. Where things had been planted and were blossoming. Some of the rooms were so beautiful, and so fragrant with life. Then other rooms I saw life had been hindered by weeds that were growing. These weeds were bringing great hindrance and oppression.

Some of the weeds I saw were "anger", "offense" and "disappointment" and these weeds were bringing such hindrance and oppression to the people of God. As these weeds grew and grew I saw the people of God carrying HUGE boulders in their souls. Heaviness was becoming a day to day companion.

I saw the enemy standing at the door of these rooms in the hearts of some of the people of God and he was laughing and laughing and laughing. He would continue to whisper his lies to the people of the God that brought intense battles of the mind, and if the people of God did not fight his lies with the words, I saw the seed of his lies fly straight into the roots of these weeds and empower them.

In this vision, I then saw the people of God inside their own hearts and they were grabbing these weeds and attempting to pull out these weeds with all the strength, but they would not budge. The discouragement began to really set in. They fell to their knees and began to cry out to the Lord for help for these weeds to be removed. Offense, anger, disappointment and many others.

Jesus then appeared beside them and wiped away their tears and spoke.. "Rest in Me, I am clearing out the rooms of your soul, releasing a song of victory. I condemn you not!"

I saw the people of God with their faces on His feet and their tears covered His feet. Hearts of repentance were blooming, forgiveness to others was being released, a turning was taking place and His love was enveloping them and bringing comfort at a deep deep level.

"We will do this together. It is breakthrough shifting time!"

I saw Jesus take them by the hand one by one and they were suddenly standing in the middle of the garden of their hearts in the rooms where these weeds were. I could see the weeds everywhere and I could see the boulders. These boulders of heaviness were being birthed out of the weeds that had taken root in their hearts and were causing blockages to healing, to breakthrough and revelation. I saw these boulders hindering immune systems, hindering joy, peace, strength and relationships.

Jesus picked up what looked like a crowbar and He placed it under the boulders and at the root of the weeds. He grabbed the hands of His people and placed them on the crowbar on top of His and He began to give "instructions" for breakthrough. Each "instruction" set for breakthrough was different for each person. The key was pushing deep into the place of intimacy with Him to receive those instructions. Working with Him, being led by Him.

Jesus and His people began to put pressure on this crowbar, pushing down together and the boulders began to move, and the roots of the weeds were weakening. He continued to instruct the people of God and they were declaring what He was speaking, they were moving the crowbar in the direction He was moving until then I saw Him smile and He said..

"HERE WE GO.. 1, 2, 3…. BREAKTHROUGH!!!!"

I saw the weeds shrivel up and disappear and the boulders go flying out of sight, nowhere to be seen. What was then held down, crippled and affected by these weeds and boulders SUDDENLY sprung up like a spring to total wholeness and restoration.

The pain had GONE… a NEW DAY was bursting forth!

"Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth…" – Isaiah 43:19

Resurrection life was exploding in the garden of these hearts, where the weeds and boulders in the soul had hindered, blocked and stolen life, where anger, disappointment and offense had taken root, RESURRECTION LIFE was BURSTING FORTH bring complete restoration and SONGS OF VICTORY were being sung louder and louder. DEEP encounters with the Lord were happening in these rooms and these rooms of the soul were being FILLED with His Glory and love.


I then saw the people of God standing with Jesus begin to laugh and laugh and laugh. Heaviness had been broken and JOY was being restored. The people of God that had not truly laughed at a deep level for years and years, for months and months, for weeks and weeks were LAUGHING AGAIN!!!!!!!! Joy restored!!!!!

The victory they had stepped into as the rooms of their souls had been cleaned out, the areas where the enemy attempted to kill them, steal from them and keep them down, they had stepped INTO VICTORY that was already theirs.

I saw these people move into a new realm where the enemy began to throw other things and them, one thing after another and they LAUGHED at the enemy and his attempts because they KNEW with new understanding they were seated in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6) and even when faced with circumstances where they were contending for something and had not seen the manifestation yet, they SUNG FROM VICTORY before it was seen with the natural eye. No matter what they continued to sing from victory until victory was seen.

The people of God moved into a new understanding their authority and identity in Him. The fight for their soul was SO strong because of the new understanding and level the Lord was moving them into. Bodes that were struggling for years, completely restored. Mental health, restored. Emotional health, restored. Moving forward with EXCELLENCE OF SOUL.

"Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul." (3 John 1:2)

One of the greatest shifts over the people of God is happening right now as the people of God press in, in deeper intimacy and allow Him to do what He needs to do in the area of the soul. He is restoring the soul, bringing His people to be excellent of soul. God wants His people moving in health and excellence in all areas, and to prosper in SOUL. Embrace the process, lean in, for you are on the edge of your breakthrough in soul. You’ve felt you cannot move it, only God can. Work with Him, listen to His instructions, for you are about to receive your SUDDENLY and the NEW shall spring forth.

You ARE going to LAUGH AGAIN!


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I have had the words on my heart all morning "This is a crossover week". I had an excitement in my spirit thinking about this week, the atmosphere has felt pregnant all morning. So I went before the Lord about what I was hearing.

I saw the enemy and he was working so hard attempting to build fortresses around the people of God to keep them "stayed". I saw him building furiously and looking around anxiously because he saw what was coming. He was using circumstances around the people of God to build them in fortresses.

Many have felt "boxed" in and intense amounts of stress and pressure the last few months as the "boxing in" has seemed to intensify. Friends, the enemy is scared of what you are about to step into. He is working furiously to build fortresses around the people of God to keep them hidden, caged and unable to move forward. As the "boxing in" "pressure feeling" was intensifying I saw the people of God continuing to stand despite the hardship. In the midst of all the pressure I saw Jesus standing with the people of God and He was placing His hand on them and fire was being released from His hand. Even IN the "boxing in" that the enemy was attempting the Lord was using it to purify His people, heal His people, strengthen His people and they were SHINING like gold the more and more fire was placed upon their lives.

But in the fire they were not burnt. While they looked at Him and not at the fire or at the fortress the enemy was attempting to build they were being filled with joy and peace and a strength to stand like I have never seen. A strength anchored in Jesus, that they would not be shaken.


I then saw Jesus place His hand on the hearts of His people one by one and He smiled and said "It’s time to crossover". As they took His hand and started to walk towards the wall of the fortress the enemy was building it began to shake violently and it crumbled and FELL ON TOP OF HIM (the enemy).

I then saw the Lord speak:

"The enemy’s plans are being foiled as you hold My hand. This week will be a week of DIVINE REVERSAL as you hold My hand, My beautiful people. Hold My hand. You are crossing over the fortress the enemy has attempted to build, a shift taking place, where you are moving into the land of REPAYMENT. Things are going to SUDDENLY REVERSE this week as the people of God press in and reaffirm their trust in Me."


I then saw an EFTPOS machine where you place your credit card in to pay for something and on the screen was the display "PROCESSING" and that word seemed to stay there for what seemed like forever. Then SUDDENLY it changed to the words "APPROVED" (when funds have been cleared).

I felt the Lord saying that this week is going to signal moving from the process of "PROCESSING" to "APPROVED" – Fulfilment, divine shifts, what many have been sowing in faith according to His Word, the heavenly withdrawal will take place this week for many. MANIFESTATION! SEEN with the NATURAL eyes!


I then saw the Lord say "This week, again, I will show My people APPROVED". I sensed this is a HUGE week for pressing in for ANY areas of identity and belief systems in hearts where your heart has believed lies and not seen yourself as HE does. Press in this week, for encounters await this week SPECIFICALLY targeting the area of healing identity. He is going to show you again how APPROVED OF you are by Him! He is recalibrating hearts this week to see the TRUTH of who they are and what HE thinks of them."


I also saw such an increase of favour being released this week and leading into May. HUGE amounts of favour, that will leave the people of God AWESTRUCK at HIM and the kiss of heaven over their lives. In little ways and big ways this week there is a release of favour that will show the world around you how approved of you and loved you are by God. Doors of favour will swing wide open this week moving His people into new opportunities and networks.


I released a word recently about weariness stealing the pen of ready writers and felt many have been delayed in their ‘call’ to write. I heard the Lord say "This is a week to write again." This is a week of alignment for ‘writers’ in the Kingdom. Take some time and "come away" with your Beloved as there is an anointing being released this week specifically over writers that is taking them to the next level of revelation. I saw books, blogs, screenplays, radio scripts, teaching manuals, devotionals, song lyrics FLOWING with such great ease, accuracy, prophetic insight and acceleration this week as the writers of God sit under the increase He is releasing over writers this week. "Missing pieces" in manuscripts and "themes" of books will come together this week as the writers position themselves. Blueprints and outlines that could have taken years to ‘put into words’ are going to flow suddenly this week – blueprints and outlines being released in acceleration. Prophetic words released with greater accuracy and clarity that is going to release BREAKTHROUGH on corporate levels."

It’s KEY to press in this week. This is a CROSS OVER week! There is such heavenly oil over this week. A turning point week. He is calling His people to really press deeper this week for there is GREAT RELEASE in this week.


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This morning as I was waking up I heard the Lord speaking, and He said three times “the roots are on fire”.

Things in the lives of the people of God that are preventing breakthrough. Things that have taken root in the hearts of the people of God that is preventing healing, that is hindering breakthrough. Roots that are keeping the people of God chained and held back from moving deeper into the abundant life that is already theirs in Christ.

I saw such distress over many of the people of god who have been desperate for breakthrough and asking the Lord “How much longer?”, “What else do I need to do?” “I can’t get out of this, I can’t move this, I have come to the place where only YOU can move and set me free.” I saw many on their faces teetering on the edge of giving up on believing for their promise.

I then heard these verses:

“So Abraham waited patiently in faith and succeeded in seeing the promise fulfilled… God wanted to end all doubt and confirm it even more forcefully to those who would inherit His promises. His purpose was unchangeable, so God added His vow to the promise. So it is impossible for God to lie for we know that His promise and His vow will never change! And now we have run into His heart to hide ourselves in His faithfulness. This is where we find His strength and comfort, for He empowers us to seize what has already been established ahead of time – an unshakeable hope!” – (Hebrews 6:15, 17 – 18 – The Passion Translation)

God has not lied to you and His faithfulness remains ever true! The Lord is going to bring deep breakthrough to you. He is working for your best, and He is not going to deal with the “symptoms”, God is going after the roots, because He wants you COMPLETELY FREE!!!!!

Roots in the lives of the people of God that have tormented them for years, that have caused physical sickness, that have kept them caged, stolen their joy, squashed their peace, the FIRE OF GOD is coming NOW, and those ROOTS ARE ON FIRE!!!!

The roots are being exposed and they are being set on fire, they are BURNING to be removed as the people of God press in and stand. Do not give up standing now. As weary as you are, as discouraged as you are, GOD is coming through for you. It may not be HOW you expect, or WHEN you expect but it is going to be BETTER than your HOPED BEST!

The Lord is taking His people through the fire, and it is not pleasant to the soul, but it is NEEDED to carry the promise. He is bringing forth the YOU He created you to be, and living in a freedom you have not known before. A freedom that was purchased for you by the beautiful blood of Jesus. You are going to know wholeness and breakthrough at a level you have not known before.

He has not failed you and will not fail you.

HIDE in His faithfulness! It is beginning to manifest in the natural. As these roots burn and are removed, things will improve.

Many have been plagued with fear that they will “die” in this process. Rebuke that lie! At hot as the fire may feel, you are being protected, sustained and carried through this process. He is PRESERVING YOU through the process! You will not be harmed but come out as pure gold!

For many, I saw they have had many many roots removed but never got to the “main root” that has caused so many issues in their lives. The Lord is going after that MAJOR ROOT. I saw that MAJOR ROOT burning and as it burnt all the structures, lies and torment that was built on that major root of wounding and trauma, CRUMBLED!!!!!!!!

He is removing the MAJOR ROOT that will bring MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH!!!


As I was talking to the Lord this morning about these roots, He kept using the word “cusp”.

He said “My people are standing on the cusp of breakthrough and now stepping in.”

CUSP – “A point that marks the point of change” (

The Lord is setting these deep roots on fire and they are burning and this is the cusp that is marking the point of change. THINGS ARE CHANGING!!!!! They will first change in your heart, and healing will manifest in your heart and then all the outer will be affected, aligned and healed.


I felt the Lord say for many of His people:

"I know how long these woundings and issues have plagued you, how long these sicknesses have tormented you and no one else has understood, but I have. Every tear of yours I have caught and nothing has been wasted. Every heart ache and every tear you have cried has been sown in the garden of My heart and you are going to receive a bountiful harvest. NOTHING has been wasted.”

You are moving into harvest. The most loving thing the Father could do is remove these roots that have kept you bound. He could change the “symptoms” but it would not be a long term fix because the root remains. The roots are on fire, burnt away, removed and an explosion of healing and breakthrough shall happen on the inside of you and overflow to all things around you.

Things are going to dramatically change from here on out! Keep standing and pressing in! You met the CUSP and are now moving into the change! Accelerated change! You are being transformed! Butterflies, it is time to FLY!


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I saw a spirit being released over "writers" and "authors". Those who specifically feel called and anointed by the Lord to write and have a "voice" and extend His Kingdom through their writing.

The enemy was releasing a spirit over many writers in the body of Christ to bring extreme weariness and fatigue. I saw it moving with its purpose to steal clarity, revelation and not only bring heavy fatigue but also distraction after distraction to steal their "pen". I saw "time" being stolen from ready writers through a constant flow of distractions. There is great opposition against writers lately to "steal and hinder their voice".

There has been great opposition against the writers especially in the last few weeks because it is time for the WRITERS TO AWAKEN!!!

I saw book after book after book being published. I saw blog after blog after blog being released. I saw scrolls of prophetic writings being released all over the earth and writers being raised up SUDDENLY all across the earth releasing a new sound from heaven.

The Lord is leading writers into a new level of revelation. I saw writers of all kinds (whether it is writing books, blogs, prophetic words, scripts for movies, song writers) standing at the bank of the seashore and the water was up to their ankles, and I knew it represented the ‘revelation’ from the Lord for their writing.

The tide then began to retract further and further and further out and these writers were at the same time being hit by extreme fatigue and weariness, some who have had physical sickness and issues flaring up again suddenly, distraction after distraction hitting them and these writers were so exhausted and suddenly finding it difficult to move in the "flow" of revelation because of everything that was going on. Despite the weariness, the battle and distraction they had continued to STAND.

The tide had retracted for but a "moment" and I saw a tidal wave of revelation coming towards the writers on the banks of the seashore and the Lord spoke "Step in". This tidal wave was HUGE!!!

As the people of God took a step forward the tidal wave completely engulfed these writers. This tidal wave was GLORIOUS and sent by the Lord. In the natural as people we cannot stay under water for too long holding our breath or we will drown.

But these writers as they were engulfed in this HUGE tidal wave of heavenly revelation, I saw them develop heavenly gills. They began to breathe deeper and easier than they have ever breathed before. The Lord had given them the ‘capacity’ through the stretching time to go deeper than ever and move into areas of revelation that they thought were impossible to move into because of battle. I felt that the Lord was highlighting their "breathing" in the depths of revelation, and I sensed the Lord saying that in this depth of revelation they are going to move in a significantly deeper level of anointing in their writing to release writings of what God is breathing on in this season and the weariness will BREAK.

There was a new sound from heaven being released through these writers that was releasing such a beautiful anointing flow for healing, freedom, restoration and encounters for their readers.


I saw a "breakthrough anointing" being placed over these writers as they were swimming in the new realms of revelation that the Lord had invited them into. These writers had previously seen tremendous breakthrough through their writings but this level they had now entered into was over their head. Bigger than they dreamed.

Through these writings there would be corporate breakthrough released across the body of Christ and their readers. Significant atmospheric shifts. Suddenly’s were happening for the readers with great momentum as invitations were placed before them to step into deeper encounters with Him and the anointing over the words in whatever form they took.

I saw many of these writers in the past being discouraged for their writings released so much breakthrough to their readers and hearers but they themselves continued to struggle. Their words were released as seeds of power carrying breakthrough and exploding in the lives of the recipients and as that happened I saw the breakthrough anointing then released ONTO the writers in DOUBLE MEASURE.

To those discouraged writers that have been crying out for breakthrough in any area and have not seen it, take heart, for the Lord has seen your faithfulness and He is going to give you back DOUBLE.


As these writers swam in these new levels of revelation for their writing, I saw SUDDEN doors of favour and increase open before them. Doors that were sealed shut, new doors were opening that were bigger than the previous doors.

For many writers I saw not only "one" door but "numerous" doors, that such increase was coming upon them as they were writing what He was breathing on, there were SO many new opportunities being placed before them because of their faithfulness. What many writers thought was a dead end and a "NO" is about to turnaround to a better "YES"!


As these writings were swimming in these new depths of revelation I saw DEEP encounters with the Lord. Many of these writers have been crying out when no one else has seen with even painful heart cries to meet with Him at a deeper level. Those prayers are not only being answered but with INTEREST. God knows how long you have contended, how long you have stood firm and He is faithful, He is kind, and He is good. There has been a SIGNIFICANT stretching upon the writers of God but that has been so you can CARRY the revelation, increase, extension and sudden favour that is now upon you.

These writers will have such life changing encounters with Him in these new depths and be released to write about much of it which will bring AWE OF HIM back to the body of Christ in SIGNIFICANT ways.

Readers will stand in AWE of Him through the writings being released by the Lord through these writers out of this season.

Writers facing weariness, discouragement, distraction, lack of clarity and finding it hard to move in the "flow", keep standing. For here comes the tidal wave and the Lord is inviting you into new realms of revelation that will see your writings move to a whole new level. New doors of opportunity are going to open and you will not be held back any longer. New doors of favour await you. The enemy has attempted to steal your pen and your voice in this season because of the increase you are stepping into and the powerful way God is going to use your writings. Stand firm, you are about to go in over your head in the most glorious way you can imagine.

Your voice is about to get LOUDER than ever as you move in the new realm of revelation He is breathing upon and its impact SO MUCH FURTHER than you can imagine.


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As I was beginning to “wake up” this morning, in that “in between state” I had a dream. Before me I saw 4 HUGE cyclones, HUGE whirlwinds and they were spinning so fast and moving towards me, but there was not an inch of fear, but a welcoming in my heart as I knew they were sent from Him.

As these whirlwinds were coming towards me I saw the number 12 in the middle of each of these heavenly cyclones. The word "fullness" then began to boom in my heart and spirit. "Fullness, Fullness, Fullness". Then the words "FOUR WINDS" were booming in my heart and spirit and I woke up.

Since this dream I have felt the Lord speaking:

"The four winds of heaven are coming carrying fullness in their midst."

I saw SO many in the body of Christ in a position of travail crying out and crying out for fullness. The Lord has been speaking A LOT this year about fullness and He continues to bring it up in encouragement for His people, and yet for many the process continues to extend, but I believe that we are on the brink of seeing the fulfilment of many words that we have been given individually and corporately being released. After this dream this morning, my spirit feels so pregnant with expectation and the atmosphere is pregnant with acceleration and provision.

I was talking with a friend of mine, Steve Shultz today and I mentioned the dream to him and he said to me "There is a true imminent acceleration in the air" and that is EXACTLY put into words what I felt coming out of that dream. There is a true IMMINENT (to occur at any moment, impending and overhanging) acceleration happening right now.

The significance of the number "four" means "open door" and I believe the Lord is OPENING DOORS TO FULLNESS!!!!!!!!


The Lord then said to me "Lana, notice the number 12 in the middle of the cyclone. Many are feeling like they are standing in the middle of a storm, in the middle of a whirlwind where everything is being picked up, shaken around and turned upside down. Many are feeling they are standing in the middle of chaos and turbulence and fullness seems further away than ever. The truth is that they are standing right in the middle of fullness meeting them. They are standing right in the position of receiving the fullness of many many many of My promises. Not just one, but a backlog of My promises being fulfilled."

I then saw mountain after mountain after mountain of promises before the people of God, so many promises they have been contending and believing for but none had moved, YET. As these heavenly cyclones came and rested upon the first mountain it burst open releasing such treasures. Fulfilled promises and words. But not only did one burst open but then suddenly in acceleration one after another after another began to erupt with fulfilled promises.

"The people of God have been contending for promises I have given them for a long time, and fullness shall be seen suddenly, and release a chain reaction of momentum and the backlog of other promises shall all be released at once. My four winds are being released across the entire body of Christ, across thew hole earth releasing fullness of promises. Tell My people to keep standing for they are standing in impending accelerated fullness."


I saw one of these heavenly cyclones begin to move on finances. Those who were contending for financial provision, I saw this heavenly cyclone come and rest upon their lives and release great financial provision. Cycles of financial struggle were being broken and finances were being released upon the people of God as they continued to stand.


I then saw another one of these cyclones rest upon governments across the nations. This heavenly cyclone was releasing heavenly wisdom upon God’s children who were meeting with governmental leaders, who were working in areas of government and opening doors IN the government for the Daniels to move in and bring wisdom, encouragement, direction and insight to leaders of our cities and nations on many levels. A revival IN government is beginning as the people of God continue to cry out to Him for His righteousness and love to be seen.


I saw another one of these heavenly cyclones move upon the people of God living with broken hearts. Those who have hearts full of pain and brokenness. The Lord is coming in the cyclone of heaven bringing healing and restoration. He is close to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18) Deep healing is coming to these hearts and fullness of His promises to them will be seen. Beliefs of His nature and goodness that have been birthed out of these broken hearts are being broken, and His love and kindness seen. Every tear He has carried and caught and not only is going to release the fullness of hearts cries to Him according to His Word, but even more. Blessing upon blessing upon those with a broken heart, breaking off the orphan spirit and opening eyes to see Him as a good good good good Papa and their identity as His son/daughter.


I saw another one of these heavenly cyclones and this one swept over the entire body of Christ but I could see "eyes" in this cyclone. His eyes. He was looking for those who were crying out to hear from Him, to draw closer to Him. I then saw Him releasing "tuning forks" all across the body of Christ. As they were released they were "struck" and alignment was happening in the hearts of believers, aligning their hearts with the sound of heaven. Then their ears. He was releasing a sound from heaven and fine tuning the hearing of HIs people as they called out to Him. Alignment in hearing is happening. He is releasing an invitation to all of His people to come into a deeper level of hearing from Him.


The four winds of heaven are coming with fullness in their midst. The four cyclones of heaven are being released bringing tremendous shifts. We are standing in impending accelerated fullness. A door to greater fullness in many areas is being opened. Keep standing. The winds of God are here!


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"The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing." – Zephaniah 3:17 (ESV)

Papa God is singing over His people. He is singing lullaby’s of love. Lullaby’s of tenderness, lullaby’s of truth, calling forth the TRUE YOU! Who you were created to be. As He is singing over His people, many will begin to hear the song He is singing over them. The song of love, the songs of truth that are breaking the chains on an orphan spirit that is hindering many of the people of God.

The Lord is leading His people deeper into knowing who they are and who’s they are. In these lullaby’s He is singing over His people, baptisms of love are happening. His perfect love is melting away fear. It is melting away anxiety. It is melting away condemnation. It is melting away discouragement. It is melting away depression. This is a significant season for the people of God where He is doing deep accelerated healing in hearts to strengthen His people to carry the double portion which He is releasing. He is positioning and preparing His people for longevity in revival, in character, in strength in Him and in wisdom and revelation.

Nothing that has been placed before you will overcome and overtake you as long as your eyes stay on Him, He is a good good Papa. God is moving mighty in deep heart to heart encounters with the people of God right now. Many are feeling ‘issue’ upon ‘issue’ arising out of their heart, much they did not even realise was there and the process has been overwhelming.

The fire of God has been hot and it has brought everything to boiling point so the dross may come to the surface because He is burning it away and bringing you forth as the person He created you to be.

I watched as Papa God sang over the people of God and many hearts were in chains to the orphan spirit. The orphan spirit was preventing them from moving close to Him as Papa, it was hindering their walk with Him, their lives, and it was leaving many of the people of God with emptiness. I looked across the body of Christ and I saw so much emptiness in hearts. Such "deep aches" and a lot of these "deep aches" many have not shared because of fear of being ‘shamed’ or ‘condemned’ because they are not supposed to "feel this way" when walking with Jesus. God is meeting the people of God in these deep aches, and filling the "emptiness" with the revelation of His love as Papa GOD.

The enemy has fought hard at keeping the people of God from seeing Him as a good wonderful Father, and kept them bound in the orphan spirit because as the people of God break out of this spirit, they are arising more powerful than ever before and changing the word at exponential levels with their Daddy.

There is a real fight right now over many of the people of God right now in entering into heart to heart encounters with Papa God, because there is an accelerated healing happening right now in the chambers of intimacy with Papa God that is breaking GENERATIONS of rejection, anxiety, fear, despair, depression and suicide. Despite the fight, PUSH! Press forward! PUSH INTO the chamber of intimacy and cry out for Papa God. He is meeting His people at such a deep deep level.

As He sung lullaby’s of love over His people, I saw the people of God hearing them in the chambers of intimacy, in their dreams, while they were going about their day – just randomly hearing songs of love in their spirit and a sudden shift taking place. God is surprising His people with creative expressions of His heart of love for them.

These lullaby’s of love are burning away wrong beliefs about yourself, burning away things in hearts that are not aligned with what He says about you and who you really are. The fire of the burning may be hot, but you are actually coming into who you were created to be. The orphan spirit is breaking and the people of God are being AWAKENED TO LOVE. Those who have never felt "safe" or "settled" in life at all, are finding their home in Him.

The more He sung to the hearts of the people of God not only was the warfare and alignment of heart taking place but many bodies were responding to the healing of the heart and being healed instantly. Situations and atmosphere’s around the people of God were shifting suddenly as the people of God were being awakened to the love of the Father.

The greatest alignment of heart and life is taking place right now for many of the people of God as they step into the invitation of heaven to meet with Papa God. Do not let fear and the orphan spirit keep you from approaching Papa God. Cry out! He is waiting with open arms and beaming with love and joy to embrace you. He is not disappointed in you. You are not a mistake. You are His wonderful beloved son, His wonderful beloved daughter and as you hear the lullaby of love over your heart and life EVERYTHING you have been crying out for is going to shift. What you carry in your heart you will release around you. He is aligning your heart with His. Your heart will dance with Papa God’s and more will shift and align than you can imagine in a shorter period of time that you ever thought possible.

Seeing Papa God’s approval of you is literally going to CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!

The orphan spirit is breaking off His people in extraordinary levels, and the people of God are moving out healed, empowered and carrying double than what they carried before. Arising on the earth as powerful people. People who know they are radically loved by Papa God and KNOW His goodness, and releasing that love and goodness on the earth that is releasing an awakening to the love of God across the earth.

He is awakening your affection towards Him as Papa God and you will see His affection towards you. He is singing with such joy and deliverance, freedom, healing and release is the doorway you are moving through. You are rising up as the powerful person HE created you to be, one who will change the world in whatever circle of influence He has placed you in, because you KNOW that you are radically loved by Papa God.


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I saw the people of God standing before mountains and as soon as I saw the mountains I heard Matthew 17:20:

Jesus told them. "I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible."

I saw the Lord inviting His people into a deeper level of ‘decree’. There is a real "schooling" of the Holy Spirit happening at a deeper level across the body of Christ right now. The Lord teaching His people to live in DIVINE ECHO and to align themselves with the rhema word of heaven.

To incline their ear to His chest and hear what He is saying about circumstances and whatever they are asking Him about. He is calling His people deeper into the chamber of intimacy to speak tenderly to them and give them the rhema words that will strengthen them in standing before these mountains.

The Lord is using these mountains to teach the people of God the power of decree.

I heard the Lord say:

"Your words are worth weight in gold"

As I heard the Lord say this, I saw His rhema words moving out towards these mountains as golden seeds and creating golden pathways. They were pathways that were being etched deeper and deeper every time the people of God moved in divine echo. Echoing what He is saying. Pathways of the miraculous were being formed by the faith of His people as they decreed what He was speaking over these mountains.

As the people of God were moving in divine echo and decreeing His rhema words, I saw foxes come out from behind these mountains and they were coming to steal the seed that was being sown on these pathways. As these foxes came out of nowhere and attempted to steal the rhema seeds the people of God were declaring, I then heard the Lord say:

"My people remember what My Word says in the book of James"

"Sometimes it (the tongue) praises our Lord and Father, and sometimes it curses those who have been made in the image of God. And so blessing and cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers and sisters, this is not right! Does a spring of water bubble out with both fresh water and bitter water? Does a fig tree produce olives, or a grapevine produce figs? No, and you can’t draw fresh water from a salty spring." (James 3:9-12)

I then realised that I was seeing what was happening in the spirit but a lot of the people of God were not seeing manifestation in the natural. I could see the pathways for the miraculous being formed but for many it had not manifested in the natural yet. Discouragement started knocking at the door of their hearts and they began to speak over their mountains the opposite of what God was saying. The foxes began to creep further and further in and started to dig holes in these pathways so they could nestle in and take hold to attack the people of God as they moved down these pathways.


I then heard Him speak again "My daughter watch the seeds". Suddenly I saw these seeds turn to portals and they opened up. They were huge. He smiled and said "These are portals of encounter. As My people are decreeing what I am speaking over their mountains, I am going to meet them in deeper levels in their decree. Their decrees out of living echoing Me are opening these portals to encounter Me in new and fresh ways. One of the things that is sucking strength out of My people is disappointment. In these portals of encounter I will heal disappointment and they will move closer to Me. I will heal the disappointments so they can stand in hope again."

I then saw the Lord and He stood before the people of God some discouraged, and some continuing in their decree and He blew over them all and spoke "EYES BE OPENED." Suddenly the people of God began to see deeper with greater clarity into the spirit of the miraculous pathways that were being formed by their decrees and the portals of encounter that were being opened.

Heads were lifted and strength was coming back into the people of God to decree. As they decreed the foxes began to shriek, these ear piercing shrieks and they couldn’t stand hearing the rhema word of God and began to withdraw and cower back as if they had been hurt.

The people of God then began to fly one by one into these portals and life changing transformatory encounters were happening. Deeper heart to heart connections between God and His people. As the people of God came out of these encounters they came out with greater conviction to decree and the power of what they speak. As they began to decree again, blessing upon blessing upon blessing was being heaped upon these mountains and not only was one miraculous pathway being made to make their way over their mountain, NUMEROUS pathways were being created. Not only were the people of God going to see the mountains under their feet through their decree and living in the divine echo, they were moving over this mountain with more blessing, more provision and more abundance than the mountain threatened to take from them.

People of God, let your mouths decree what He is saying. Pay attention to what you speak. Speak life! Live in the divine echo! For He is going to meet you in a deep way in your decree. Disappointments will be healed and you will move into more. Divine portals are opening up before you. It’s time to fly!


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