Prophetic Words


I saw a spirit being released over "writers" and "authors". Those who specifically feel called and anointed by the Lord to write and have a "voice" and extend His Kingdom through their writing.
The enemy was releasing a spirit over many writers in the body of Christ to bring extreme weariness and fatigue. I saw it moving with its purpose to steal clarity, revelation and not only bring heavy fatigue but also distraction after distraction to steal their "pen". I saw "time" being stolen from ready writers through a constant flow of distractions. There is great opposition against writers lately to "steal and hinder their voice".
There has been great opposition against the writers especially in the last few weeks because it is time for the WRITERS TO AWAKEN!!!
I saw book after book after book being published. I saw blog after blog after blog being released. I saw scrolls of prophetic writings being released all over the earth and writers being raised up SUDDENLY all across the earth releasing a new sound from heaven.
The Lord is leading writers into a new level of revelation. I saw writers of all kinds (whether it is writing books, blogs, prophetic words, scripts for movies, song writers) standing at the bank of the seashore and the water was up to their ankles, and I knew it represented the ‘revelation’ from the Lord for their writing.
The tide then began to retract further and further and further out and these writers were at the same time being hit by extreme fatigue and weariness, some who have had physical sickness and issues flaring up again suddenly, distraction after distraction hitting them and these writers were so exhausted and suddenly finding it difficult to move in the "flow" of revelation because of everything that was going on. Despite the weariness, the battle and distraction they had continued to STAND.
The tide had retracted for but a "moment" and I saw a tidal wave of revelation coming towards the writers on the banks of the seashore and the Lord spoke "Step in". This tidal wave was HUGE!!!
As the people of God took a step forward the tidal wave completely engulfed these writers. This tidal wave was GLORIOUS and sent by the Lord. In the natural as people we cannot stay under water for too long holding our breath or we will drown.
But these writers as they were engulfed in this HUGE tidal wave of heavenly revelation, I saw them develop heavenly gills. They began to breathe deeper and easier than they have ever breathed before. The Lord had given them the ‘capacity’ through the stretching time to go deeper than ever and move into areas of revelation that they thought were impossible to move into because of battle. I felt that the Lord was highlighting their "breathing" in the depths of revelation, and I sensed the Lord saying that in this depth of revelation they are going to move in a significantly deeper level of anointing in their writing to release writings of what God is breathing on in this season and the weariness will BREAK.
There was a new sound from heaven being released through these writers that was releasing such a beautiful anointing flow for healing, freedom, restoration and encounters for their readers.
I saw a "breakthrough anointing" being placed over these writers as they were swimming in the new realms of revelation that the Lord had invited them into. These writers had previously seen tremendous breakthrough through their writings but this level they had now entered into was over their head. Bigger than they dreamed.
Through these writings there would be corporate breakthrough released across the body of Christ and their readers. Significant atmospheric shifts. Suddenly’s were happening for the readers with great momentum as invitations were placed before them to step into deeper encounters with Him and the anointing over the words in whatever form they took.
I saw many of these writers in the past being discouraged for their writings released so much breakthrough to their readers and hearers but they themselves continued to struggle. Their words were released as seeds of power carrying breakthrough and exploding in the lives of the recipients and as that happened I saw the breakthrough anointing then released ONTO the writers in DOUBLE MEASURE.
To those discouraged writers that have been crying out for breakthrough in any area and have not seen it, take heart, for the Lord has seen your faithfulness and He is going to give you back DOUBLE.
As these writers swam in these new levels of revelation for their writing, I saw SUDDEN doors of favour and increase open before them. Doors that were sealed shut, new doors were opening that were bigger than the previous doors.
For many writers I saw not only "one" door but "numerous" doors, that such increase was coming upon them as they were writing what He was breathing on, there were SO many new opportunities being placed before them because of their faithfulness. What many writers thought was a dead end and a "NO" is about to turnaround to a better "YES"!
As these writings were swimming in these new depths of revelation I saw DEEP encounters with the Lord. Many of these writers have been crying out when no one else has seen with even painful heart cries to meet with Him at a deeper level. Those prayers are not only being answered but with INTEREST. God knows how long you have contended, how long you have stood firm and He is faithful, He is kind, and He is good. There has been a SIGNIFICANT stretching upon the writers of God but that has been so you can CARRY the revelation, increase, extension and sudden favour that is now upon you.
These writers will have such life changing encounters with Him in these new depths and be released to write about much of it which will bring AWE OF HIM back to the body of Christ in SIGNIFICANT ways.
Readers will stand in AWE of Him through the writings being released by the Lord through these writers out of this season.
Writers facing weariness, discouragement, distraction, lack of clarity and finding it hard to move in the "flow", keep standing. For here comes the tidal wave and the Lord is inviting you into new realms of revelation that will see your writings move to a whole new level. New doors of opportunity are going to open and you will not be held back any longer. New doors of favour await you. The enemy has attempted to steal your pen and your voice in this season because of the increase you are stepping into and the powerful way God is going to use your writings. Stand firm, you are about to go in over your head in the most glorious way you can imagine.
Your voice is about to get LOUDER than ever as you move in the new realm of revelation He is breathing upon and its impact SO MUCH FURTHER than you can imagine.
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  • Laura Gagnon

    Wow, that is such a timely word for me! I have been so extremely exhausted and it seems like it’s come in waves for quite some time. No physical reason why, I know it’s spiritual but I feel like I hardly have the strength to get through the day. Worship helps! Forging on in spite of it all. Looking forward to new waves of revelation that will truly release breakthrough to many…Thanks Lana for a great word!

  • John Brincefield

    What an awesome revelation tonight. I have followed your writings everyday for 1 1/2 years even writing every acticle in notebooks daily. I was forced into retirement as a church administrator having served full-time for 23 years. I have been retired 4 years 4 months. Since that time I have published 2 books. Your insight tonight has sparked new hope and a desire to enter more intitimate encounters with as you say “good good Papa God” You are indeed a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ. John
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  • le cherie on top

    Dear Lana, it is such a blessing to wake up every morning, hit send and receive from my cell’s email and receive your posts.
    Truly inspiring, motivational and much needed caffeine for my spirit! Thank you for standing firm so our Heavenly Father may work through you in encouragement for your readers.
    Lots of Love

  • Mitt Jeffords

    Hi Lana. It is truly an amazing thing that God and Jesus are doing this hour. I just discovered your site this week, and wow! Just this morning, I went into my “garden” where me and Jesus meet. Most of the time, we just have fun. Like once I was inundated with white butterflies, all having his face on them. But nevertheless, just this morning, I went into my garden, and suddenly the fountain of life began filling the whole place with water. I was not surprised because I believe that anything is possible with God. I was doing everything that I would normally be doing there with the exception that everything was under water. The Lord then told me that this is the final sanctification, the washing of water. We are going to experience the flood of Noah, where we are washed with his water with his Spiritl

  • tarafairfield

    A friend sent me the link to this post and I want you to know how much you have encouraged me. I am an author of three books and have been struggling with two more that are in progress. This word is so encouraging and such a blessing to those of us who have been walking in it. Praise God for how he moves through his faithful servants! Thank you so much for sharing this word!

  • virtuouswomanexposed

    Wow. This is so accurate! I have hit a wall with writing. I write about breaking free from anxiety and depression and have been working on my book from my blog series and I have been hit with such despair, depression, weariness and fatigue! I have been crying out for freedom, joy and vision to come back to me! Opportunities have seemed to have halted, and the doors God has promised me just aren’t opening. This is my journey all wrapped into one, thank you! God is good! I am ready to be carried away in the tide!