Prophetic Words


As I was beginning to “wake up” this morning, in that “in between state” I had a dream. Before me I saw 4 HUGE cyclones, HUGE whirlwinds and they were spinning so fast and moving towards me, but there was not an inch of fear, but a welcoming in my heart as I knew they were sent from Him.
As these whirlwinds were coming towards me I saw the number 12 in the middle of each of these heavenly cyclones. The word "fullness" then began to boom in my heart and spirit. "Fullness, Fullness, Fullness". Then the words "FOUR WINDS" were booming in my heart and spirit and I woke up.
Since this dream I have felt the Lord speaking:
"The four winds of heaven are coming carrying fullness in their midst."
I saw SO many in the body of Christ in a position of travail crying out and crying out for fullness. The Lord has been speaking A LOT this year about fullness and He continues to bring it up in encouragement for His people, and yet for many the process continues to extend, but I believe that we are on the brink of seeing the fulfilment of many words that we have been given individually and corporately being released. After this dream this morning, my spirit feels so pregnant with expectation and the atmosphere is pregnant with acceleration and provision.
I was talking with a friend of mine, Steve Shultz today and I mentioned the dream to him and he said to me "There is a true imminent acceleration in the air" and that is EXACTLY put into words what I felt coming out of that dream. There is a true IMMINENT (to occur at any moment, impending and overhanging) acceleration happening right now.
The significance of the number "four" means "open door" and I believe the Lord is OPENING DOORS TO FULLNESS!!!!!!!!
The Lord then said to me "Lana, notice the number 12 in the middle of the cyclone. Many are feeling like they are standing in the middle of a storm, in the middle of a whirlwind where everything is being picked up, shaken around and turned upside down. Many are feeling they are standing in the middle of chaos and turbulence and fullness seems further away than ever. The truth is that they are standing right in the middle of fullness meeting them. They are standing right in the position of receiving the fullness of many many many of My promises. Not just one, but a backlog of My promises being fulfilled."
I then saw mountain after mountain after mountain of promises before the people of God, so many promises they have been contending and believing for but none had moved, YET. As these heavenly cyclones came and rested upon the first mountain it burst open releasing such treasures. Fulfilled promises and words. But not only did one burst open but then suddenly in acceleration one after another after another began to erupt with fulfilled promises.
"The people of God have been contending for promises I have given them for a long time, and fullness shall be seen suddenly, and release a chain reaction of momentum and the backlog of other promises shall all be released at once. My four winds are being released across the entire body of Christ, across thew hole earth releasing fullness of promises. Tell My people to keep standing for they are standing in impending accelerated fullness."
I saw one of these heavenly cyclones begin to move on finances. Those who were contending for financial provision, I saw this heavenly cyclone come and rest upon their lives and release great financial provision. Cycles of financial struggle were being broken and finances were being released upon the people of God as they continued to stand.
I then saw another one of these cyclones rest upon governments across the nations. This heavenly cyclone was releasing heavenly wisdom upon God’s children who were meeting with governmental leaders, who were working in areas of government and opening doors IN the government for the Daniels to move in and bring wisdom, encouragement, direction and insight to leaders of our cities and nations on many levels. A revival IN government is beginning as the people of God continue to cry out to Him for His righteousness and love to be seen.
I saw another one of these heavenly cyclones move upon the people of God living with broken hearts. Those who have hearts full of pain and brokenness. The Lord is coming in the cyclone of heaven bringing healing and restoration. He is close to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18) Deep healing is coming to these hearts and fullness of His promises to them will be seen. Beliefs of His nature and goodness that have been birthed out of these broken hearts are being broken, and His love and kindness seen. Every tear He has carried and caught and not only is going to release the fullness of hearts cries to Him according to His Word, but even more. Blessing upon blessing upon those with a broken heart, breaking off the orphan spirit and opening eyes to see Him as a good good good good Papa and their identity as His son/daughter.
I saw another one of these heavenly cyclones and this one swept over the entire body of Christ but I could see "eyes" in this cyclone. His eyes. He was looking for those who were crying out to hear from Him, to draw closer to Him. I then saw Him releasing "tuning forks" all across the body of Christ. As they were released they were "struck" and alignment was happening in the hearts of believers, aligning their hearts with the sound of heaven. Then their ears. He was releasing a sound from heaven and fine tuning the hearing of HIs people as they called out to Him. Alignment in hearing is happening. He is releasing an invitation to all of His people to come into a deeper level of hearing from Him.
The four winds of heaven are coming with fullness in their midst. The four cyclones of heaven are being released bringing tremendous shifts. We are standing in impending accelerated fullness. A door to greater fullness in many areas is being opened. Keep standing. The winds of God are here!
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  • Donna Willingham Fedor

    I looked up the number 11. In the Bible it is symbolic of disorder and confusion. In my Biblical dream interpretation book it says: disorder; disintegration; incompleteness; Then it gives some references and examples from Scripture. ?
    Below is a word I just received from Lana Vawser. Encouraging!
    Donna Fedor, Broker, BPOR RE/MAX Professionals (217) 741-5210
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  • Ruth

    Lana. .thanks for standing in the gap for us..praying for you and thanking God for you and His goodness to us and His everlasting love for us all through these words..keep up the good work in Him..thanking God for His encouragement to us and waiting on His promises. Please continue to keep our family in prayer. .and praying for you too blessings Ruth

  • Terry

    Yes yes yes. Jesus I want the fullness. Restore my family. Render my heart and show me how to better love my wife. Restore my marriage Jesus. Restore our hearts back to you God.
    Terry Vos 402-779-1356