Prophetic Words


"The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing." – Zephaniah 3:17 (ESV)
Papa God is singing over His people. He is singing lullaby’s of love. Lullaby’s of tenderness, lullaby’s of truth, calling forth the TRUE YOU! Who you were created to be. As He is singing over His people, many will begin to hear the song He is singing over them. The song of love, the songs of truth that are breaking the chains on an orphan spirit that is hindering many of the people of God.
The Lord is leading His people deeper into knowing who they are and who’s they are. In these lullaby’s He is singing over His people, baptisms of love are happening. His perfect love is melting away fear. It is melting away anxiety. It is melting away condemnation. It is melting away discouragement. It is melting away depression. This is a significant season for the people of God where He is doing deep accelerated healing in hearts to strengthen His people to carry the double portion which He is releasing. He is positioning and preparing His people for longevity in revival, in character, in strength in Him and in wisdom and revelation.
Nothing that has been placed before you will overcome and overtake you as long as your eyes stay on Him, He is a good good Papa. God is moving mighty in deep heart to heart encounters with the people of God right now. Many are feeling ‘issue’ upon ‘issue’ arising out of their heart, much they did not even realise was there and the process has been overwhelming.
The fire of God has been hot and it has brought everything to boiling point so the dross may come to the surface because He is burning it away and bringing you forth as the person He created you to be.
I watched as Papa God sang over the people of God and many hearts were in chains to the orphan spirit. The orphan spirit was preventing them from moving close to Him as Papa, it was hindering their walk with Him, their lives, and it was leaving many of the people of God with emptiness. I looked across the body of Christ and I saw so much emptiness in hearts. Such "deep aches" and a lot of these "deep aches" many have not shared because of fear of being ‘shamed’ or ‘condemned’ because they are not supposed to "feel this way" when walking with Jesus. God is meeting the people of God in these deep aches, and filling the "emptiness" with the revelation of His love as Papa GOD.
The enemy has fought hard at keeping the people of God from seeing Him as a good wonderful Father, and kept them bound in the orphan spirit because as the people of God break out of this spirit, they are arising more powerful than ever before and changing the word at exponential levels with their Daddy.
There is a real fight right now over many of the people of God right now in entering into heart to heart encounters with Papa God, because there is an accelerated healing happening right now in the chambers of intimacy with Papa God that is breaking GENERATIONS of rejection, anxiety, fear, despair, depression and suicide. Despite the fight, PUSH! Press forward! PUSH INTO the chamber of intimacy and cry out for Papa God. He is meeting His people at such a deep deep level.
As He sung lullaby’s of love over His people, I saw the people of God hearing them in the chambers of intimacy, in their dreams, while they were going about their day – just randomly hearing songs of love in their spirit and a sudden shift taking place. God is surprising His people with creative expressions of His heart of love for them.
These lullaby’s of love are burning away wrong beliefs about yourself, burning away things in hearts that are not aligned with what He says about you and who you really are. The fire of the burning may be hot, but you are actually coming into who you were created to be. The orphan spirit is breaking and the people of God are being AWAKENED TO LOVE. Those who have never felt "safe" or "settled" in life at all, are finding their home in Him.
The more He sung to the hearts of the people of God not only was the warfare and alignment of heart taking place but many bodies were responding to the healing of the heart and being healed instantly. Situations and atmosphere’s around the people of God were shifting suddenly as the people of God were being awakened to the love of the Father.
The greatest alignment of heart and life is taking place right now for many of the people of God as they step into the invitation of heaven to meet with Papa God. Do not let fear and the orphan spirit keep you from approaching Papa God. Cry out! He is waiting with open arms and beaming with love and joy to embrace you. He is not disappointed in you. You are not a mistake. You are His wonderful beloved son, His wonderful beloved daughter and as you hear the lullaby of love over your heart and life EVERYTHING you have been crying out for is going to shift. What you carry in your heart you will release around you. He is aligning your heart with His. Your heart will dance with Papa God’s and more will shift and align than you can imagine in a shorter period of time that you ever thought possible.
Seeing Papa God’s approval of you is literally going to CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!
The orphan spirit is breaking off His people in extraordinary levels, and the people of God are moving out healed, empowered and carrying double than what they carried before. Arising on the earth as powerful people. People who know they are radically loved by Papa God and KNOW His goodness, and releasing that love and goodness on the earth that is releasing an awakening to the love of God across the earth.
He is awakening your affection towards Him as Papa God and you will see His affection towards you. He is singing with such joy and deliverance, freedom, healing and release is the doorway you are moving through. You are rising up as the powerful person HE created you to be, one who will change the world in whatever circle of influence He has placed you in, because you KNOW that you are radically loved by Papa God.
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  • Elmarie Richards

    I clearly heard Keith Green’s inspiring song in my head playing: Oh God you are beautiful, a couple of days ago, and haven’t heard it for some time before then. I truly believe this is the Year of Romance with Jesus, the Year of greater Intimacy and Rest, and your words Lana, echoes this belief. Listen to Jesus calling us in Songs of Solomon 2:10:” Rise up,my love, my fair one, And come away….”
    I look forward to your posts every day Lana,
    as they are water to a thirsty soul. Bless you!


    Thanks Lana and your husband for comforting and encouraging the saints. Keep up the good work of the Lord. Peace to you and all called with you in Jesus name. Amen.