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The Lord is taking His people through a deep cleansing and purging at the moment, and many are feeling the fire of purification and healing. A few days ago the Lord showed me that He is exposing "roots" in people’s lives, roots of woundings and strongholds and He was setting them on fire and removing them.
I saw many in emotional and physical torment over the past 4 weeks and saw it connected to a major root in their hearts.
I saw the Lord specifically highlighting roots of self-condemnation. He was exposing these roots, bringing them to the light so that they can be bathed and immersed in the perfect love of the Father and burnt away.
I saw this root of self-condemnation in hearts birthing perfectionism, striving, feelings of inadequacy, feelings and thoughts of failure and a disappointment to God and others and a longing to withdraw and hide. To not be seen or go deep in relationships for fear of rejection.
Press into the process of purging that is happening right now people of God for the Lord loves and adores you and He is longing for you to be free. The process may be messy and right now it may be painful, and all the "yucky stuff" seems to be coming to the surface, that’s because God is bringing all the dross UP so He can get it OUT.
Many of the people of God have seen the light of God highlight MAJOR roots in their lives these few weeks. Do not be discouraged by the roots that you see, for they have arisen out of the darkness and depths of your soul because you are positioned for the greatest encounters of healing of your life so far.
God is breaking off self-condemnation. I felt the Lord say to me today that self-condemnation is one of the greatest roots in the hearts of many of His people and it has rendered them powerless because it has stolen the revelation of their identity, but now is the time to press in. Press in for healing for the Lord is going to remove this major root and for many you will see once this major root is death with, major breakthrough and healing will take place. Do NOT give up pushing through for healing and breakthrough for a major stronghold is being dealt with in the body of Christ right now, named self-condemnation.
"There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus" – Romans 8:1
This cloak of self-condemnation has brought with it great heaviness and have stolen the joy and peace of many. Many who have been carrying this cloak of self-condemnation have experienced extreme fatigue as they have continued to carry the heavy burden of not being aligned with the truth that they are deeply loved and approved of by the One who the perfect definition of love.
I saw many of the people of God and they were standing with their arms crossed over their chests, hiding their hearts and I could hear their hearts screaming "I am wrong", then suddenly I saw Jesus and He said "This is how right you are" and I saw Him on the Cross with His arms spread wide open.
God is doing a deep work in the area of identity. Awakening His people to the truth of who they were created to be. Beauty is being restored in the hearts of believers. God is restoring eyes to see the beauty of who He created them to be.
In these encounters the Lord is removing these cloaks of self-condemnation and I saw Him placing the robe of revelation upon His people. Robes of revelation of His righteousness in His people being seen and JOY restored.
"I am overwhelmed with joy in the LORD my God! For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation and draped me in a robe of righteousness. I am like a bridegroom in his wedding suit or a bride with her jewels." – Isaiah 61:10
The Lord is healing His people. Leading His people to let themselves "off the hook", forgive themselves, trauma being removed, lies being dissolved as they see themselves as HE sees them and who they were created to be. The powerful people of God are arising higher as the healing of soul goes DEEPER.
I saw this robe of "self-condemnation" placing "ceilings over the people of God and these ceilings at times were suffocating. It hindered their ability to dream big and to soar. I saw these ones looking around at breakthrough in the lives of others and the thoughts began to fill their minds "There must be something wrong with me", "Breakthrough has not come to me because I don’t deserve it", "Because of who I am, I am not going to see these miraculous breakthrough’s, blessings and favour".
I saw Jesus come to His people and He asked them to write down these lies on a piece of paper. They did and He then said "Throw it on the ground", so they threw it on the ground. He said "Now STAMP ON IT, JUMP ON IT, for you are an OVERCOMER, greatly loved and highly favoured and these are lies to keep you from soaring. JUMP, JUMP, JUMP, take these thoughts captive. They are under your feet".
As these ones jumped and jumped I could see greater transformation of mind and heart taking place. A greater alignment of revelation of having "the mind of Christ" and a healing balm of His love soothing the heart and bringing healing and restoration.
As they jumped everything around them was shaking and all things that were not in alignment because to "fall into perfect heavenly place". I saw long term torments, sicknesses and diseases being healed, mental torments being broken and insomnia and sleep problems being healed.
An accelerated healing was taking place and removing the ceiling from these ones and they entered into new levels of revelation, greater clarity in hearing from Him and clearer sight to see as He sees.
Where self-condemnation has stolen from the people of God as the people of God moved into repentance and seeing His truth and healing blossomed, new doors of favour swung wide open.
Cloaks of self-condemnation are being removed, and the powerful people of God are arising knowing the love of their amazing Father. Hope is being restored, joy is exploding and He is breaking off this major root that has been holding many of the people of God back so they can finally soar into who they were created to be and the door opening before you is named DESTINY.
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  • Lidia Hidalgo

     Lord what can I say, everything is been said, It’s as; if she knows me, Jesus I give in to you, your will & purpose, Father please help me, open my mind & understanding, Lord I am that person, you know better than I how I have taken it so hard all by myself, and you are my Faithful & True witness!!! Thank you Lord for this Amazing Revelation!!! To you my Savior all Honor, Glory, Worship & Praise; Lord I also praise you & Bless you for having me connected to this awesome ministry, please continue to use her, and Bless, Bless, Bless her ministry, and also give her the strength she needs to keep up into the Prophetic Mantle, Amen!!!!

  • Justice Journee

    What can I say I don’t have the words.. I cant tell you what happened in my spirit with these last two posts but can only use the words healing and restoration, it’s like they were just for me, I pray many, many, hearts are healed and restored when reading these words they are truly Spirit filled….. Papa is beautiful and right on time!! Thank you sister Lana * <3 *

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Hahaha! Just before sitting on the laptop and reading this message, I received a healing in my heart about making mistakes! Yes, yesterday was an odd day with feelings of foreboding like you have made a terrible mistake in the choice or choices you have made. He let me see Jacob and the choices he had made and how God had loved Him so, and revealed the ladder and Himself at the top to Jacob. Thank You Lord. Earlier in the morning, I had been cutting out and posting: “Let God hold your future. His hands are bigger.” on a brilliant lime green paper on the wall, and then made another copy and cut it out for a friend. Wisdom had been showing me some things earlier in the morning too and it astounded me. Thank You Lord for Your great goodness and love for us!! Shalom, shalom, Elsie.

  • iliveforjesus7

    [email protected]
    From:”LANA VAWSER” Date:Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 10:31 PM Subject:[New post] CLOAKS OF SELF CONDEMNATION ARE BEING REMOVED!
    lanavawser posted: “The Lord is taking His people through a deep cleansing and purging at the moment, and many are feeling the fire of purification and healing. A few days ago the Lord showed me that He is exposing “roots” in people’s lives, roots of woundings and “