Prophetic Words


Last night while I was asleep I heard the Lord speak to me so loudly and He said..
"Watch and see how I am going to unfold things for thee!"
UNFOLD: Open or spread out from a folded position, to be revealed. (
I woke up with a great sense of excitement in my spirit, expectation of the GOOD that is coming and a deep sense of peace that indeed we as the people of God are ON the cusp of breakthrough and stepping into a new season.
As I talked to the Lord this morning about what He spoke to me about in my sleep, I had a vision and in this vision I saw the Lord rolling out a red carpet and Jesus was taking the hand of His people one by one, and they walked down this red carpet arm in arm. Dressed elegantly for the great unveiling.
They walked down to a stage that had been set and ready for the people of God. It had huge purple curtains and was ready for a great unveiling.
I saw Jesus look at His people in the eyes and with such love and tenderness He spoke:
"Where there has been great pressure upon you, where things have folded and closed up that you thought would open, where there has been significant trial and opposition, I am about to OPEN SOMETHING NEW. What I have been planning and preparing for you is about to be revealed. You have now moved into the unveiling. You will understand why the process was so intense. I used everything thrown against you to shape you and prepare you to walk into this newness."
Yesterday, I lay down to take a short nap, and was woken up by my 18 month old son who was calling out to Mummy and ready to be picked up out of his cot. As I looked at the door to my ensuite bathroom on one side of the door frame I could see HUNDREDS of white butterflies with silver linings. As they fluttered I could see purple and gold colours shining from their wings, there was so much tangible peace as I watched them flutter.
They looked SO real I almost jumped out of bed to close a window because I thought I had left the window open and hundreds of butterflies had come in. I closed my eyes and opened them again, and the butterflies were gone.
I spoke to the Lord and a few others about this, and felt the Lord saying that a NEW SEASON is upon the people of God. These butterflies were positioned at the door of my ensuite bathroom because the people of God have been going through a washing, and a cleansing, a preparation for the NEW SEASON, the unveiling, the unfolding of the NEW.
The transformation process has been difficult and for many, they have felt they would "die" in the "breaking out", but as the people of God have leaned into beautiful Jesus, as they have leant their heads on His chest and listened to His words of love and let His love comfort and strengthen them, a great washing and purification has taken place. Souls have been healed at a DEEP level. A deep transformatory process has taken place. The Lord has been healing His people at a deeper level in the process so they can REMAIN in the palace. You have been prepared for the palace (places of favour, influence and greater responsibility) and the palace doors are beginning to OPEN WIDE as you embrace the process leaning into Him.
As His people has embraced the process and not rushed it through human strength and striving, the people of God are moving into the unveiling.
A realm where there shall be breakthrough after breakthrough. God is about to display His goodness and kindness through this unveiling in magnificent ways that will leave the people of God awestruck, moving deeper into the revelation of Psalm 34:1:
"Lord I am bursting with blessings over what you have done for me. My lips are full of PERPETUAL PRAISE" (Psalm 34:1 – The Passion Translation)
You are going to go into a new level of deep perpetual praise as you SEE what He is unfolding!!!!!
I saw many areas labelled "ancient". Dreams, issues in bodies, issues in souls, issues in marriages, issues in relationships, issues with finances are going to SHIFT. They are being infused with resurrection LIFE. They were labelled "ancient" because they are things that His people have been crying out for, for a SIGNIFICANT period of time. It’s been decades of crying out, these issues that have plagued the people of God for DECADES are being turned into PLACARDS of TESTIMONY displaying His name and Glory of things TURNED AROUND. Things that you thought would never shift and never move, or never be healed, He is targeting those things, and is going to display His glorious power to heal and restore them.
No matter what you are walking through or how things look, lean in, press into Him, for He wants to display His goodness and love to you as He UNFOLDS things in your life that could not be unfolded. Areas that doors slammed shut, new doors are going to open that are bigger than the ones that closed. You have lost nothing in this process, but gained everything because He is not only restoring to better than before, but opening new doors.
"Watch and see how I am going to unfold things for thee!!!!"
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  • C Cotten

    Bless the Lord O my soul with all that is within me I will always bless His Holy Name!!!
    What a timely Rhema Word. Whew. Praise God for this blessing of encouragement to revive me after this evening.
    Thank you all for your time and messages.
    God bless, Evg. Esther

  • Sandra

    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

  • Mary Hogan

    What r you getting about this Katrina like event happening in united states because of our treatment of israel before or in summer?