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I felt the Lord saying today that He is cleaning out the rooms of the soul in the people of God and releasing a song of victory. The Lord is focusing on SOUL HEALTH at a deep level in this season, a deeper preparation for what He is releasing His people into.
I saw hearts and rooms in the hearts of many of the people of God and in these rooms were gardens. Where things had been planted and were blossoming. Some of the rooms were so beautiful, and so fragrant with life. Then other rooms I saw life had been hindered by weeds that were growing. These weeds were bringing great hindrance and oppression.
Some of the weeds I saw were "anger", "offense" and "disappointment" and these weeds were bringing such hindrance and oppression to the people of God. As these weeds grew and grew I saw the people of God carrying HUGE boulders in their souls. Heaviness was becoming a day to day companion.
I saw the enemy standing at the door of these rooms in the hearts of some of the people of God and he was laughing and laughing and laughing. He would continue to whisper his lies to the people of the God that brought intense battles of the mind, and if the people of God did not fight his lies with the words, I saw the seed of his lies fly straight into the roots of these weeds and empower them.
In this vision, I then saw the people of God inside their own hearts and they were grabbing these weeds and attempting to pull out these weeds with all the strength, but they would not budge. The discouragement began to really set in. They fell to their knees and began to cry out to the Lord for help for these weeds to be removed. Offense, anger, disappointment and many others.
Jesus then appeared beside them and wiped away their tears and spoke.. "Rest in Me, I am clearing out the rooms of your soul, releasing a song of victory. I condemn you not!"
I saw the people of God with their faces on His feet and their tears covered His feet. Hearts of repentance were blooming, forgiveness to others was being released, a turning was taking place and His love was enveloping them and bringing comfort at a deep deep level.
"We will do this together. It is breakthrough shifting time!"
I saw Jesus take them by the hand one by one and they were suddenly standing in the middle of the garden of their hearts in the rooms where these weeds were. I could see the weeds everywhere and I could see the boulders. These boulders of heaviness were being birthed out of the weeds that had taken root in their hearts and were causing blockages to healing, to breakthrough and revelation. I saw these boulders hindering immune systems, hindering joy, peace, strength and relationships.
Jesus picked up what looked like a crowbar and He placed it under the boulders and at the root of the weeds. He grabbed the hands of His people and placed them on the crowbar on top of His and He began to give "instructions" for breakthrough. Each "instruction" set for breakthrough was different for each person. The key was pushing deep into the place of intimacy with Him to receive those instructions. Working with Him, being led by Him.
Jesus and His people began to put pressure on this crowbar, pushing down together and the boulders began to move, and the roots of the weeds were weakening. He continued to instruct the people of God and they were declaring what He was speaking, they were moving the crowbar in the direction He was moving until then I saw Him smile and He said..
"HERE WE GO.. 1, 2, 3…. BREAKTHROUGH!!!!"
I saw the weeds shrivel up and disappear and the boulders go flying out of sight, nowhere to be seen. What was then held down, crippled and affected by these weeds and boulders SUDDENLY sprung up like a spring to total wholeness and restoration.
The pain had GONE… a NEW DAY was bursting forth!
"Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth…" – Isaiah 43:19
Resurrection life was exploding in the garden of these hearts, where the weeds and boulders in the soul had hindered, blocked and stolen life, where anger, disappointment and offense had taken root, RESURRECTION LIFE was BURSTING FORTH bring complete restoration and SONGS OF VICTORY were being sung louder and louder. DEEP encounters with the Lord were happening in these rooms and these rooms of the soul were being FILLED with His Glory and love.
I then saw the people of God standing with Jesus begin to laugh and laugh and laugh. Heaviness had been broken and JOY was being restored. The people of God that had not truly laughed at a deep level for years and years, for months and months, for weeks and weeks were LAUGHING AGAIN!!!!!!!! Joy restored!!!!!
The victory they had stepped into as the rooms of their souls had been cleaned out, the areas where the enemy attempted to kill them, steal from them and keep them down, they had stepped INTO VICTORY that was already theirs.
I saw these people move into a new realm where the enemy began to throw other things and them, one thing after another and they LAUGHED at the enemy and his attempts because they KNEW with new understanding they were seated in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6) and even when faced with circumstances where they were contending for something and had not seen the manifestation yet, they SUNG FROM VICTORY before it was seen with the natural eye. No matter what they continued to sing from victory until victory was seen.
The people of God moved into a new understanding their authority and identity in Him. The fight for their soul was SO strong because of the new understanding and level the Lord was moving them into. Bodes that were struggling for years, completely restored. Mental health, restored. Emotional health, restored. Moving forward with EXCELLENCE OF SOUL.
"Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul." (3 John 1:2)
One of the greatest shifts over the people of God is happening right now as the people of God press in, in deeper intimacy and allow Him to do what He needs to do in the area of the soul. He is restoring the soul, bringing His people to be excellent of soul. God wants His people moving in health and excellence in all areas, and to prosper in SOUL. Embrace the process, lean in, for you are on the edge of your breakthrough in soul. You’ve felt you cannot move it, only God can. Work with Him, listen to His instructions, for you are about to receive your SUDDENLY and the NEW shall spring forth.
You ARE going to LAUGH AGAIN!
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  • Fiona Shee

    Thankyou so much for your email post today … so so encouraging , let it be let it be let it be , there are tears in my eyes , but laughter is already on it’s way …I remembered prophecy which somebody had over me a few years back where they said that God was going to give me an ecstasy and she said she saw me in a meeting and someone saying can anyone do anything about that lady because I was laughing so much !!! Seems like it’s time 🙂’s been so awful and hard and tough this last couple of years and I have kept feeling like I had missed it somehow so it’s a relief to know that I’m not the only one been struggling so much !!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  • Tamra

    This is me… Crying at Jesus’ feet. I have felt Him raise me up many times, taking me by the hand… But I am still afraid I don’t actually HEAR his instruction. The key is the intimacy and LISTENING and I feel I am a total failure at this. I talk and talk and talk and talk… I feel like I do it all wrong but I am not giving up. I know He is kind and loving and tender and meek. I know He has Hosea 2ed me – married me. I just haven’t gotten to the place of laughter and joy yet. I feel like there are just a whole lot of tears and like he must be weary of hearing me cry. I have seen Him act in my behalf. I have a testimony of God’s faithfulness in my life… I am often baffled at why I struggle so much with anger and short tempered attitudes with my own precious children.
    Thank you for this word which speaks precisely to me at many points currently. The Lord’s words through you are always current refreshments and confirmations for current, daily battles. Praise the Lord! I KNOW He hears me… And I believe He acts on my behalf… I just feel like I keep missing hearing Him. And with that, I shall close and press in.
    God bless you,
    Tamra Spencer

  • Noly Garvida

    Amen! I 100% believe everything written in this article and i clim it for myself, my family and the rest of the brethren in our church and ministry. Glory to God!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Was it yesterday, I had a song in the Spirit: “Old things have passed away, behold the new has come.”
    Praise God, praise God, praise God!! In Him, we live and move and have our being!!
    Shalom, shalom,