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I have had the words on my heart all morning "This is a crossover week". I had an excitement in my spirit thinking about this week, the atmosphere has felt pregnant all morning. So I went before the Lord about what I was hearing.
I saw the enemy and he was working so hard attempting to build fortresses around the people of God to keep them "stayed". I saw him building furiously and looking around anxiously because he saw what was coming. He was using circumstances around the people of God to build them in fortresses.
Many have felt "boxed" in and intense amounts of stress and pressure the last few months as the "boxing in" has seemed to intensify. Friends, the enemy is scared of what you are about to step into. He is working furiously to build fortresses around the people of God to keep them hidden, caged and unable to move forward. As the "boxing in" "pressure feeling" was intensifying I saw the people of God continuing to stand despite the hardship. In the midst of all the pressure I saw Jesus standing with the people of God and He was placing His hand on them and fire was being released from His hand. Even IN the "boxing in" that the enemy was attempting the Lord was using it to purify His people, heal His people, strengthen His people and they were SHINING like gold the more and more fire was placed upon their lives.
But in the fire they were not burnt. While they looked at Him and not at the fire or at the fortress the enemy was attempting to build they were being filled with joy and peace and a strength to stand like I have never seen. A strength anchored in Jesus, that they would not be shaken.
I then saw Jesus place His hand on the hearts of His people one by one and He smiled and said "It’s time to crossover". As they took His hand and started to walk towards the wall of the fortress the enemy was building it began to shake violently and it crumbled and FELL ON TOP OF HIM (the enemy).
I then saw the Lord speak:
"The enemy’s plans are being foiled as you hold My hand. This week will be a week of DIVINE REVERSAL as you hold My hand, My beautiful people. Hold My hand. You are crossing over the fortress the enemy has attempted to build, a shift taking place, where you are moving into the land of REPAYMENT. Things are going to SUDDENLY REVERSE this week as the people of God press in and reaffirm their trust in Me."
I then saw an EFTPOS machine where you place your credit card in to pay for something and on the screen was the display "PROCESSING" and that word seemed to stay there for what seemed like forever. Then SUDDENLY it changed to the words "APPROVED" (when funds have been cleared).
I felt the Lord saying that this week is going to signal moving from the process of "PROCESSING" to "APPROVED" – Fulfilment, divine shifts, what many have been sowing in faith according to His Word, the heavenly withdrawal will take place this week for many. MANIFESTATION! SEEN with the NATURAL eyes!
I then saw the Lord say "This week, again, I will show My people APPROVED". I sensed this is a HUGE week for pressing in for ANY areas of identity and belief systems in hearts where your heart has believed lies and not seen yourself as HE does. Press in this week, for encounters await this week SPECIFICALLY targeting the area of healing identity. He is going to show you again how APPROVED OF you are by Him! He is recalibrating hearts this week to see the TRUTH of who they are and what HE thinks of them."
I also saw such an increase of favour being released this week and leading into May. HUGE amounts of favour, that will leave the people of God AWESTRUCK at HIM and the kiss of heaven over their lives. In little ways and big ways this week there is a release of favour that will show the world around you how approved of you and loved you are by God. Doors of favour will swing wide open this week moving His people into new opportunities and networks.
I released a word recently about weariness stealing the pen of ready writers and felt many have been delayed in their ‘call’ to write. I heard the Lord say "This is a week to write again." This is a week of alignment for ‘writers’ in the Kingdom. Take some time and "come away" with your Beloved as there is an anointing being released this week specifically over writers that is taking them to the next level of revelation. I saw books, blogs, screenplays, radio scripts, teaching manuals, devotionals, song lyrics FLOWING with such great ease, accuracy, prophetic insight and acceleration this week as the writers of God sit under the increase He is releasing over writers this week. "Missing pieces" in manuscripts and "themes" of books will come together this week as the writers position themselves. Blueprints and outlines that could have taken years to ‘put into words’ are going to flow suddenly this week – blueprints and outlines being released in acceleration. Prophetic words released with greater accuracy and clarity that is going to release BREAKTHROUGH on corporate levels."
It’s KEY to press in this week. This is a CROSS OVER week! There is such heavenly oil over this week. A turning point week. He is calling His people to really press deeper this week for there is GREAT RELEASE in this week.
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  • Donna (@uniquelynew)

    This is truly amazing! Thank you so much Lana for your prophetic words.
    I was in the city this morning and had to pay for a parking ticket before I went to my appointment. I put my card in the machine and noticed that it said ‘Processing’ and it did indeed take a long time. I thought there was something wrong when suddenly it said, ‘Approved’. I didn’t think of it again until your words came. I cannot wait to see what God will do for His children this week.
    Thank you again for your faithfulness!

  • Mandie

    Amen and Amen!!!!
    Shalom Mandie
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  • Ruth

    Dear Lana. .praying for you as you have been a blessing to us. .may God continue to meet with you always. .keep pressing into Him. .please pray for me and my family and our needs which are many. Thanks Ruth

  • Philomena J Samuel

    would appreciate prayers please, prayer warriors. The enemy’s attacking me through my family, finances, in every possible way and now my health. I sense witchcraft brought on my spouse’s adulterous partner. God is not to be mocked yet the enemy’s flagrantly continuing this travesty. Thank You.

  • patriciabullock

    Such an awesome and timely word Lana!!! I press into this NEW season and plan to partake of Crossover week!! Glory to God! 🙂 Thank you.
    In His Abounding Grace!! Patti Bullock (S.Florida & Syracuse NY)

  • J Speirs

    Thank you for this from Abba.  Beginning today my husband and I are leading a level B Elijah House school  at Katoomba Lighthouse Church.  This is heart ministry and when students come, lives are changed and so families are changed.   I also sense and pray this is a turn around week for the 20 candidates.  I would appreciate your prayer cover during this time if possible. Blessings to you in our Lord Jesus Janice

  • Lynn Gordon

    Shalom to you and your house, Miss Lana!
    I thank God for you and for the gifts He has placed within you. When I read the word about being “Approved of” tears began to flow with the thanksgiving in my heart and soul! It was only yesterday and last evening that I was praying and weeping before the Lord to show me that He “Approves of” me. I am asking Father to show me how to love myself in His Way so I can love my neighbors and brethren. I have had few and far between role models to show what “godly and true love” looks and feels like. I asked the Father to show me that He truly loved me and that He “Approved of” me. WHAT A WONDROUS ANSWER HE HAS GIFTED ME WITH!! A Prophetess, half of the world away, hears what the Good Lord has to say to His daughter(s) and son(s) on the other side of the world!!! I thank my God for “showing” me that He does truly love me!!! Blessings to you, my sister in the Lord!!
    from Lynn in Tucson, AZ, USA