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“The heavenly winds of miracle power blew in their favour” – Psalm 78:26 (The Passion Translation)

I saw four winds coming from the north, south, east and west and they were blowing upon the people of God. As these winds began to blow on the people of God I saw oppression over minds and hopelessness in hearts being removed. I felt there would be sudden strong winds in many places across the globe in the natural that would be a prophetic sign of the winds being blown in the Spirit.

As this winds blew I felt the Lord drawing His people deeper into the chamber of intimacy because He has a PERSONAL WORD FOR YOU! He wants to speak to you and tenderly love on you and place a seed of destiny in your hand.

I saw “impossibilities” of the past have kept many of the people of God stuck as disappointment set in. Momentum had been lost, and passion for Him had been swallowed up in the disappointment of the impossibility not “bowing” to the name of Jesus.

As I saw the people of God in this disappointment and hopelessness the winds picked up speed, they picked up force and the four winds came with such force, but so comforting. I just wanted to be taken up in these winds, they were so inviting and full of love and peace.

Suddenly these four winds joined together to form a HUGE whirlwind and the people of God were being sucked up into this whirlwind and I heard the Lord say…


As I watched the people of God in these whirlwinds all I could see was them being engulfed in LOVE. Papa’s love was healing disappointments and weariness and reviving hope.

Lean back into Him, rest in His wonderful SAFE arms. I feel many of you need to hear, HE IS SAFE! He is LOVE! He WANTS YOU to SUCCEED! He is working for YOUR BEST! Even when you don’t understand, keep holding HIs hand, because HE is good. His goodness and love is HEALING your heart in this season as you lean in.

It’s not over… you have felt like you were living in the land of dry bones almost all your life.. but you are now moving into the land of seeing LIVING BONES!!!!!

You are entering into the realm of greater demonstrations of “BUT GOD”. You are going to know the POWER OF GOD like you have not before. The one who commands the wind and the waves is commanding the winds of miracles in your favour.

Don’t give up! Keep contending! Keep pressing through! Many of you are but moments away from your impossibility bowing to the NAME OF JESUS!

The winds of miracle power is blowing in your favour. Things are going to come together suddenly. Keep your eyes looking for what He is saying and doing, and your ears atuned to His voice, because some of the greatest demonstrations of His miraculous power are beginning and gaining momentum in your life.

Stepping into the realm of seeing increase in “BUT GOD” demonstrations are leading you to NEW HORIZONS!!!!! There are surprises on the horizon for you!!!!! Even though they won’t be what you expect when they arise, trust Him and embrace them, for these NEW HORIZONS will open things for you ABOVE what you have dreamed and be a manifestation of Ephesians 3:20 “ABOVE AND BEYOND”.

From the rooftops you will shout…. “BUT GOD”!!!


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"The LORD’s eyes scan the whole world to find those whose hearts are committed to him and to strengthen them." – 2 Chronicles 16:9

I had a vision where I saw the Lord’s beautiful eyes scanning the earth and I knew He was in a ‘search’. Immediately the verse came to my mind "The Lord’s eyes scan the whole world to find those whose hearts are committed to Him and to strengthen them" (2 Chronicles 16:9)

I then heard the words "Heaven is meeting your "YES". Papa’s eyes are roaming the earth looking for those hearts who are committed to Him and live in the "YES" even before He has even asked them to do anything. Their hearts are anchored to their true north.

Heaven is meeting your "YES". God knows the sacrifice you made. He knows the price you have paid. He sees what it has cost you to say "YES" to Him when no one else has seen. He sees your heart of love towards Him, and your heart to know Him and please Him. Many have said "YES" to Him and it has cost them greatly, and they have found themselves tired, weary and disillusioned after saying "YES" to Him and nothing shifted. Hold on, heaven is coming down! He is coming to you to and LAVISHING great strength, peace and joy upon you!

I saw many of the people of God and there was such an atmosphere of praise, and adoration to Him in the air, and I saw hands being lifted to heaven and in their hands was the word "YES". It was a heart cry and action they were offering to Him. As I saw the word "YES" ascending there was INCENSE everywhere. The most beautiful incense and it rose to the throne and suddenly I heard what sounded like LOUD TRUMPETS and they were trumpeting "YES LORD, YES LORD, ALL FOR YOU LORD, YES LORD" and it was such a beautiful fragrant offering to Him. He was full of joy, He was beaming. So in love with His children. So proud of them and their hearts of "YES", that I saw Him suddenly rise from His throne and DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was SO full of JOY!

Suddenly, I saw WINDOWS in heaven FLY open and blessings were being poured out in SO much abundance there was not room for each person to contain it. It was an OVERFLOW! Heaven was meeting their "YES".

I want to encourage you today, your "YES" brings great joy and delight to Papa God. Every small and every big YES is POWERFUL.

You are about to see your obedience rewarded. Your "YES" has gone up as a beautiful sacrifice of praise to Him and HEAVEN is coming down.

Many of you are about to step into great overflow, an overflow of blessing. Your "YES" has not gone unnoticed. Your "YES" has been TRUMPETED in HEAVEN as the Lord DANCED!

Just watch and see the glorious surprises Papa has for you! The amazing thing is, we say "YES" and He rewards us ABOVE AND BEYOND what it cost us to SAY YES! What GLORIOUS GRACE!

Your "YES" to Him is seeing heaven meeting earth in your life and through your life affecting atmospheres and people around you. Your "YES" is more powerful than you realise.

Your "YES" is bringing heaven down to meet earth in GREATER WAYS than you expect!!!!


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“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me." – 2 Corinthians 12:9

I saw many feeling bombarded, feeling weak, and insignificant. I saw many caught in whirlwind’s of doubt about their significance, their identity, their destiny, their calling, and in the midst of this whirlwind was a chain with a hook on the end of it. As the whirlwind swirled around their minds flooding them with thoughts of insignificance and doubt, and filling their hearts with feelings of fear and doubt, this hook had a name.. "COMPARISON".

This is the second time I have seen the word comparison in a week, and I feel like the Lord is really putting His finger on this. Do NOT give into comparison. You are an individual. You are loved by God. You are significant. You are cherished. You have great worth because you are greatly LOVED by the King and adored. He has placed gifting over YOUR LIFE that are powerful and to be stewarded and used in the way He created YOU to use them. If you try to be someone else, if you try to operate in someone else’s anointing, if you try to walk in someone else’s shoes.. the GIFT OF YOU and WHO YOU ARE is hidden and not given to those around you and the world.

I felt the Lord saying that His grace is about to do what you could never do. The Lord is about to show His people just how POWERFUL they are.

Even though you feel weak, even though you feel insignificant, repent of those thoughts, renew your mind, because God is about to show you what a man/woman can do with GOD LIVING INSIDE THEM!

Just how POWERFUL they are to impact someone else’s life. To change a town. To change a city. To change a nation. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Because YOU CAN IN HIM! As you move what He is breathing on, you will see POWERFUL explosions of His power and love through you.

Some of you are on the brink of some of the greatest exploits with Him that you have ever seen. But doubt and comparison is creeping in to STEAL from you what the Lord is about to do IN and THROUGH you.

God is setting you up in some glorious circumstances, some glorious opportunities, that will take you FAR out of your comfort zone, but as you step in, in the deep trust of Him, and in the taking of His hand, you are going to SEE what a warrior you are, that you are POWERFUL because of WHO lives inside you, who goes WITH you and who moves THROUGH you.

God is about to use you in some of the greatest ways you have ever seen, and for many of you, as you step out, momentum of destiny steps and opportunities are going to open and lead you to places that are BEYOND your dreams.

Don’t let fear, comparison, insignificance and doubt steal away the joy and reality that you are moving into new realms with Him and you are about to see Him do IN and THROUGH your life what only HE can do. Supernatural signs and wonders are going to explode in and through you. You are moving into being A SIGN AND A WONDER!

God is about to show up FOR YOU and THROUGH YOU even though you feel like you are caught in a place of weakness because of this trap of comparison, doubt and fear.

Through these circumstances before you that the Lord is using, I feel Him calling to your spirit… WARRIOR ARISE!!!!!! As you step forward, the POWERFUL YOU, that you were created to be is EMERGING.

Don’t let the metamorphosis be hindered or killed by comparison. You are AMAZING, you are LOVED, you have GREAT WORTH, the King ADORES YOU and His grace is about to do what only HE could do.


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I had a vision where I felt like I was flying high above cities and nations. Like when you are flying into a city and nation at night in a plane and everywhere you can see the lights of houses and buildings all across the city.


In this vision as I was flying above houses over cities and nations I saw angels descending from heaven and entering into houses. I knew they were moving into these houses ministering to the people of God and bringing healing. I noticed they also had a "burning coal" in their hands and like a satchel on their bodies and I could see through these satchels and in them were crowns for each of the households.


As I looked closer at these houses, they were shaking. Immediately the sense came to my heart that there was an attack on households right now. On marriages, on families, on relationships. The enemy was attempting to bring a shaking and a breaking.

In the midst of this oppositional shaking, I saw many of the people down on their knees crying out for breakthrough in their families, for healing, for restoration and wisdom. The Lord has heard your prayers and angelic help is arriving.


As these angelic hosts arrived, I saw their feet land on the roofs of houses all across cities and nations and I them draw a sword from their belt and with a loud voice they spoke "ENOUGH.. HEAVENLY ALIGNMENT". I then saw the oppositional shaking stop suddenly.

I then heard the beautiful voice of love…

"Households are coming into order and greater heavenly alignment."

I then saw these angels enter the houses and I noticed a line in the middle of each of the houses and it had the words written on it "TRUE NORTH" and the Word of God was placed upon this line. I knew that they were bringing in a "refocus" upon Jesus as true north in families/households and a "refocus" upon the Word and the power of His promises to bring atmospheric shifts, healing and breakthrough.


These angelic hosts then bent down and placed the burning coal on this "line that had been drawn" as soon as the burning coal touched the line it was like this glorious explosion of light, it was like the most beautiful golden light but also as I looked at it, it looked like fire and it spread into the whole house. It was like an explosion, but it was beautiful. As this light exploded everywhere the house began to shake again, but this time I knew that it was a beautiful heavenly shaking. The house shook and the fire/light extended and I knew "dross" was being burnt away in the lives of those seeking Him. There was a great purification taking place, a deep cleansing happening. The more dross and cleansing was taking place, it was like I could see the house getting "bigger and bigger". More room was being made. The words that were ringing in my ears were "Houses of holiness. Houses of holiness. Houses of holiness". As I heard these words, I had the immediate sense this purification and cleansing of hearts and houses was happening to prepare these houses for some amazing encounters with God and His Glory.


I then saw these angelic hosts look up as if they were looking to heaven and suddenly I saw the Lord and He blew into these houses and healing, restoration, breakthrough and vindication was happening.


As these angelic hosts were about to ascend back to heaven, I saw them walk up to those who have been crying out for wisdom for their households and family relationships and I saw these angelic hosts place crowns upon their heads. Crowns of wisdom. Then they spoke "As you have asked the Lord for wisdom, so it is being granted unto you." Wisdom was being given to the people of God to establish boundaries and order in their households.


They then started to ascend and as they left through the roof the house was SET ABLAZE! Immediately I knew, that houses even in the attack, even in the disarray, even in the brokenness, even in the place of everything seemingly out of order, as the people have cried out to Him, He has heard and He is bringing breakthrough, REVIVAL was coming to the houses of the people of God and that is why it was SO important for houses to come into order and a deeper purification to bring holiness.

I then heard Him speak…"Households are coming into order and heavenly alignment and IN the revival will be greater healing, restoration of marriages and relationships between parents and children and family members, salvations and breakthrough."


I then saw people in the households and they were laying down their lives at deeper levels for Jesus and for other family members. In this revival not only will His love be seen in such a deeper way that will cause His people to live in a deeper level of surrender, I also saw that there was a deeper level of surrender happening to bless, serve, love and encourage others in their family unit. A flood of love was happening.

An excitement rose in my spirit that there was so much more to come. That deeper and deeper and deeper levels of that healing, breakthrough and restoration was going to happen IN the revival that had been released into households.

I was then taken back to the place of being above cities and then above nations and I could see hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of houses ON FIRE. They were BURNING on fire in glorious REVIVAL!!!!!!


I want to encourage you, I believe the Lord is bringing a heavenly alignment and bringing order to households. Do not give up seeking Him to bring breakthrough, healing, restoration and salvation into your household. He has heard your prayers. A purification is taking place, embrace it, for it is making room for greater encounters with Him and REVIVAL.

The family unit is being restored all across cities and nations to God’s design to shine and be a testimony to the world of how to do marriage and family WELL. God is restoring the family unit and marriages that have been broken to begin to "lead" in society and teach the world about successful, thriving, loving, honouring, heaven created relationships. The family unit is being called to take her place.

Do not give up! Do not give up in your contending. He has heard! He is doing a great work now and the revival that is hitting households and marriages and family units is going to explode into all the nation and NATIONS will be impacted because of what God does in your house.

"Households are coming order and greater heavenly alignment." You are not just sowing into your households with your prayers. You are sowing into your city and nation. The breakthrough you shall reap is not just for you and your household.. it is for your city and nation.

Be excited! You are being used in your household to bring revival to your city and nation!


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I saw a cloud hovering before many people’s eyes that was attempting to cloud their vision of Him, and cloud their vision of what He was showing them. This cloud was bringing fear, anxiety, stress and panic.

Especially this week I saw “clouds” being brought before the eyes of the people of God by the enemy specifically to “cloud” thinking and “sight”. This “clouding” is happening right now because of the revelation that awaits you on the other side of this cloud. The enemy was attempting to gain a stronghold in their minds.

What the enemy is taunting you about through this cloud, is just that. It’s a cloud! It is just a mist that the enemy has placed before your eyes to bring distraction at a crucial moment of revelation and release in your life. Watch your thoughts! Train your mind to think ONLY upon His Word and things that are LOVELY! (Philippians 4:8)


I saw many of the people of God in fear, anxiety, stress and panic as this “cloud” continued to hover before them. I then heard His beautiful voice..

“My people, I am here. Look THROUGH the cloud.”

Then I saw HIM!!!!!! He was standing just on the other side of the cloud. I noticed that when the people of God looked at the cloud, He could no longer be seen. But when they chose to look TO HIM, the cloud could no longer be seen.

I then saw Him speak again in such love and tenderness…

“Come on My people, it is okay, all is well. Just keep looking at Me. You know what to do. I am here!!”

As He spoke those words I saw impartations of peace being released through the cloud and into the hearts of the people of God.


I then saw the people of God come alive with the Word of God and praise in their mouth and meditations in their hearts.

They put their hands out as if to physically push the cloud away and started walking towards it declaring His praises. As they praised and declared the truth opposite to what the enemy was taunting them with the cloud was being moved and as it moved it got smaller and smaller and smaller. Until it disappeared and they were standing face to face before Jesus. They were not touched by the cloud and any “false appearances” the enemy was attempting to put on them fell away.

I saw Him with a HUGE proud smile on His face.

“This is what the enemy was attempting to keep you from…”


I then saw a HUGE cloud but it was a cloud of fire and glory and it was waiting for the people of God and Jesus was now standing in the middle of it.

“Step in My people.. Step into revival fire and greater encounters with My Glory.”

As the people of God began to step in I saw the awe and fear of God growing in the hearts of God. Areas where they had become “familiar” with Him were breaking off as He was leading them into new ways of hearing and seeing Him. Being drawn into new encounters with Him and His Glory.

Life changing encounters! The enemy was using a cloud to distract and taunt the people of God because of the cloud of Glory that waited for them on the other side. The enemy knew they were at one of the greatest most crucial moments of their life.


So whatever the enemy is telling you or taunting you about through this cloud… You know what to do! Keep your eyes on Him.

SPEAK the opposite. Whatever the enemy is using to get your eyes off Jesus and to bring fear, move in the opposite spirit…. His Spirit, love and truth of His Word!

The enemy has come to bring distraction, cloud your vision, and cause you to be delayed moving into greater revelation and encounters.

You will see this cloud disappear and you will not be touched!

Be excited because life changing encounters with Him and His Glory are on the other side of this cloud. Revival fire is waiting for you!


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As the Spirit of God is speaking to many about “revival” and the “outpouring” that is coming, brewing and beginning all at once, the Lord is wooing His people to a deeper level of surrender.

Many are being shown what is to “come” in their own personal lives and for the body of Christ as a whole. The anticipation is building. The excitement is growing. The expectation is bubbling. The hunger is expanding. The Lord is preparing His people for a great revival. The tides have turned and we are moving into the greatest outpouring and awakening we have seen. There is a feeling for many of living in the “now” but also in the “what’s coming, brewing and beginning”. This place of transition can be uncomfortable and exciting all at once.

In this place, I have sensed the Lord calling His people deeper into a deeper level of surrender and intimacy as we move into revival personally and corporately.


The Lord is speaking to many of His people about revival breaking out, the outpouring of the Spirit and encounters with His Glory that we have not encountered before. He is speaking to many of His people about the fields being ripe for harvest and the explosive harvest of souls that are about to come into the Kingdom in this season.

There is personal revival and resurrection that is happening right now for the people of God individually. As the people of God throw off ALL that has hindered them from seeking Him, as they throw off all the things that have caused them to have a divided focus, as they shake off with His Word all the wrong mindsets that have kept them bound and completely abandon themselves to seeking Him first and foremost, the greatest revival of hearts is taking place. The revival is happening in the hearts of His people and then overflowing and exploding into the world.


God is speaking to His people about being positioned for revival. Many have been tired, burnt out, hurt, discouraged, disappointed and knocked around by life and have lost their hunger for Him. They have moved from being passionate in heart to seek Him and know Him, to empty, discouraged and their heart of contending to know Him lost.

I saw God reviving the hunger of His people. I saw Jesus appearing to people in the night, in their dreams, in visions and ministering in the way that only He knew how, the way they needed and their hearts were being revived with ravenous hunger for Him and to know Him. In His beautiful love, tenderness and kindness He is coming to His people and bringing revival in hearts. Revival is beginning in many hearts that will then explode out onto others.

The “walls” that have kept people from pressing closer to God are being smashed down by His glorious love. Lies that have kept people from Papa’s lap are being melted away by the revelation of His kindness and extravagant goodness as Daddy.

God is accelerating hunger in His people because of the enormity of the season of encounters that He is leading His people into. One of the greatest invitations into a season of encounters with Jesus are before the people of God.

He is bringing His people to the place where HE IS ALL! The more favour, the more doors that open up, the more dreams that come true, the more provision that takes place, the more healings that erupt, THE MORE WE WANT JESUS! The more the people of God are coming into deeper revelation that KNOWING HIM is the greatest treasure.


In this place of personal revival in hearts, I saw dreams being resurrected, visions resurrected, hope resurrected. The word “resurrection” was highlighted to me with the sense that HE is the one that is bringing the resurrection. Some dreams, some visions, some areas of hope in hearts is so “dead” and has been dead for so long it will be a miracle to see them resurrected.

God is going to RESURRECT what has been dead! What looks impossible, God is going to resurrect. This revival we are moving into corporately we will see personal dreams, visions and hope resurrected by His glorious love.

I saw Him breathing over the “dreams, visions and hopes” that He had given them and for whatever reason have been stolen, broken and killed. They are coming back to life. The bones are rattling!!!!! It is going to be clear for all to see that it was HIS glorious hand of love and power that brought these dreams and visions back to life.

There was such expectancy in my spirit that this resurrection amongst the people of God is going to be glorious. I also had the sense of increase of testimonies of the dead being raised in Jesus name not only as a demonstration of His love and glorious power but also a prophetic sign of the things being raised from the dead in hearts. A prophetic sign of what He is doing in the spirit also.


In this midst of the glorious excitement and anticipation of what God is doing in His people, I felt a warning of the Spirit. Because of the excitement and anticipation building it is easy to fall into striving and to try and make things happen quickly. I felt the Lord say to beware of striving and trying to make things happen. That the people of God are to be examining their hearts in the light of His presence and do whatever must be done to shake off striving. For the enemy would attempt to lure the people of God to move into “striving” which will steal peace, it will steal vision and if striving takes hold, will delay what God is wanting to release.

What God is doing now, is so beautiful, it is so glorious and His timing is perfect. His timing is perfect!!!! Rest in Him, let the excitement build, worship Him and set your heart to Him as your true north and delight in His heart. Be content in JESUS!!!!! (Philippians 4:12-13) The secret of contentment is being revealed to His people now in deep deep ways.. the secret is… JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marinate yourself in His presence, in His love, in His Word. The more you marinate, the more you will accelerate. The enemy wants to steal the acceleration the Lord is bringing into your life through striving. Relax and marinate in His beautiful, glorious love, goodness and wonderful nature. Heaven on earth is going to be a reality in your life in explosive ways as you marinate.

Revival fire is going to burn bright. You are going to see His face and know His heart as you press in. His love will overtake you!

Revival fire is going to burn bright in hearts, in streets, in cities, in nations, in the Word.

He is positioning His people now.

A revival of affection is happening! A revival of love!

The people of God are AWAKENING as they accept His INVITATION!


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Over the past few weeks I have felt the Lord’s heart longing for deeper intimacy with His children, in a deep way I have not felt before. Such a luring, such a wooing from the Father’s heart of love to go deeper in intimacy.

Quiet your hearts in His presence, lean close to His chest, for He is releasing a new prophetic song over your life. A song of deep intimacy. A song that is releasing new hope and new vision into your life. Many have even been hearing “tunes” that they have never heard before, and these are coming from the heart of God. Many have begun to have dreams of being “sung over” and this is a prophetic symbol of what the Lord is singing over you.

Individual songs are being released from the heart of the Father over His children as the time is taken to be still and listen.

These songs will not only break hindrances off you that have stopped you from going deeper, but open a new door of encounter for you with the heart of the Father and His love. Personal deliverances will happen and instantaneous healing as His song is sung over your life, but you MUST MUST MUST AGREE with His song over your life and receive it.

Write out the prophetic song the Father sings over you. Hold it close to your heart and declare it. It is a weapon for you to break through anything holding you back from deeper intimacy with Him, lead you into deeper encounter with His heart of love and promise. Many have tried many ways to “breakthrough” into deeper realms of encounter and seeking out His heart but the hindrances have continued. Singing the song He is releasing is bringing the breakthrough.

Many have also been in ‘doubt’ when they are sitting in the Lord’s presence are hearing promise after promise, song after song but continue to doubt if that is the Lord speaking to them. Those songs and promises that are ringing in your heart over and over are for you and from the heart of the Father. Don’t let doubt rob you. Brian Simmons said this week “if it seems too good to be true, then it is probably the gospel”. God has GOOD THINGS for you. The Gospel and the Christian life IS GOOD NEWS. Don’t let doubt rob you.


As we are in this place of deep intimacy with the Lord and the Lord is releasing songs of deep intimacy and prophetic words over His people in the secret place, I saw many conversing together and comparing “songs”. It wasn’t a healthy comparison. It was being birthed out of insignificance, lies and fear. Let comparison go. For it will kill your heart of hope and vision. It will take life from you, not give you life, which is what the Lord is wanting to do. To show you how His heart burns for you. How His passionate heart of love burns for you.


Jesus wants to show you His GOOD plans for your life. An aspect of these prophetic songs He is singing over HIs people is seeing the plans of God (Jeremiah 29:11) released over HIs people and vision is being birthed. Comparison will steal this vision and hinder the birthing. Repent for comparison and throw it away.


God is going to show you as He sings over you how POWERFUL YOU ARE, because HE lives in you and you are going to do GREAT THINGS for HIM!

He LOVES to be with you!!! He wants you!!!! He wants to hear ALL that is on your heart!!!


He is placing a POWERFUL WEAPON in your hand. A prophetic song from His heart to yours. Not a prophetic song someone else has given you. Not a prophetic song you have read, but a PERSONAL prophetic song from the heart of the Father TO YOU.

When situations look opposite to the song He gives you, SING IT OUT and GREAT BREAKTHROUGH shall happen and the atmosphere will shift as greater revelation of Papa’s love will happen every time you sing it out.

Get ready to be more lovesick for Him than EVER before and your prayers to be filled with even more “I LOVE YOU LORD’S” than ever before. The people of God are going to ANOTHER LEVEL OF HUNGRY FOR HIM and it is almost uncontainable! The lovesick people of God are arising!! Oh the glorious encounters we are moving into!!!! The heart’s cries of the people of God as they press in are becoming more and more desperate to see Him and hear Him. He is going to meet us in glorious ways and we are going to know Him in a way we have NOT known before. A baptism of LOVE!!!!! Oh Jesus we love you!!!

Praise Him!!! Praise Him for His goodness and His song over your life. As you praise Him, heaven is coming down!!!!!!

You have a POWERFUL WEAPON in your hand!


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The other day we were driving into Brisbane City and Kevin and I were just chatting about life in the car. We then entered onto the Pacific Highway Bridge that goes through Brisbane city. As soon as we got onto this bridge I almost gasped as I felt a tremendous shift in the atmosphere. I felt like I had just entered into a bubble and the matrix all at once. The only way I could describe it was SO SO SO much peace in the atmosphere. I felt like I was in the matrix because I was looking at everything almost in slow motion because of this overwhelming sense of peace. With a long heavy "good sigh" I heard my heart and Spirit say “GOD IS HERE”.

Suddenly, I then looked at all the lanes on the roads going “into” Brisbane city and they were on FIRE. I couldn’t see the “road” itself, all I could see were lanes of fire. The whole way to the destination we were going to this tremendous overwhelming peace did not leave me. Ever since this experience I have not been able to shake what I saw and what I felt.

Since spending time seeking the understanding of what I saw, I then saw these lanes of fire flowing through Brisbane into the Gold Coast spreading all throughout Queensland and then exploding into all the other states of Australia.

I saw all the states of Australia BURNING on fire, the beautiful fire of God, and it then spilled over into the nations of the world.

I asked God what He was saying about Brisbane and I felt Him say..


I saw explosive moves of God happening in Brisbane that was releasing what I can only describe as a domino effect into all of Queensland, Australia and the nations.

The revival fire that is falling on Brisbane city in this season is going to bring healing to the city of Brisbane, there will be a peace that has not been known before. There will be an “awe” of “God is here”.

As His people go about their daily life bringing the Kingdom, Brisbane is going to begin to shift to see the Kingdom built in tremendous acceleration. Brisbane is birthing right now, which is spilling out and overflowing and other Queensland cities are beginning to birth. Revival is brewing!!! We are entering the season now where the trickle is about to become a FLOOD!!


Explosive moves of God in the Gold Coast, explosive moves of God in the Sunshine Coast, explosive moves of God in Toowoomba, all across Queensland and all of these cities began to reach out like they had “hands”. Joining together a huge networking and move of unity was happening. As I looked closer and all these cities were joining together it formed a NET.

Instantly the sense came to me of a NET to catch FISH. I felt the Lord saying that Queensland is coming into the greatest harvest they have ever seen. The fire of God is falling upon Queenland Churches, awakening and setting His people on fire like never before through encounters with His Glory that will see them move out onto the streets and see the FIRE OF GOD moving, the fire of His love revealed powerfully on the streets.

Demonstrations of HIs love through the people of God being a sign and wonder of HIS LOVE.


I saw the baptism of fire falling upon the people of God in Queensland Churches that set their eyes on fire with greater discernment, wisdom, insight, the prophetic and the gift of seeing. These ones were then moving out into their daily lives and onto the streets using these giftings and REVIVAL was exploding.

Sight was also increasing in Churches to SEE HIM as He is. As He TRULY IS. Lies and things that have distorted the image of God and His goodness and amazing love, as His fire was falling, was burning these off the people of God, to SEE HIM!!!! TRULY SEE HIM in His Glory and goodness and sharing it with those in their day to day lives, tremendous atmosphere shifts and miracles were erupting.

His Glory seen on exponential levels in streets and suburbs of Queensland, in universities, schools, businesses and the HARVEST was coming in.

Salvations more than we have ever dreamed. There were SO many salvations happening that I kept thinking “Is this net even big enough to contain them all?”


I then sensed the Lord saying to His people in Brisbane and all over Queensland “Ask me to give you the city. Ask me to give you Australian States" Ask me to give you the nation of Australia. Ask me to give you the NATIONS of the world.” Get ready…do whatever you have to do to be ready.. the harvest is coming in! Brisbane is a gateway and the heavenly flood is beginning to come through. This invitation was being put out to all Australian states.


I was left with a sense of urgency in the Spirit that we are at the tipping point here in Australia of seeing the greatest revival we have ever seen. We are coming into it now and it is time to PRAY. It is time to PRAY and BELIEVE that a city can and will be taken for Him. It is time to PRAY in the revival and outpouring God is wanting to release into Brisbane, and all of Queensland and all of Australia.

Heaven is going to meet earth in Brisbane and in Queensland in this season in ways that the people of God have only ever dreamed. The revival that is brewing now and spreading all throughout Australia will be revival that will be the greatest Australia has ever seen.


I saw all the states of Australia with jigsaw pieces and upon the jigsaw pieces were revelations and blueprints of heaven to see the Kingdom of God built in Australia.

As the networking was happening across the states of Australia a great alignment was happening in the exchange of revelation. I felt the Lord highlighting the IMPORTANCE for networking and working together and sharing with those who the Lord is leading you to, the revelations and blueprints He has given you. For as this networking and sharing is happening, wheels are being put on visions and blueprints and the Kingdom of God will be built in accelerated ways all across Australia.

I saw these networkings and exchanges taking place that was not only building his Kingdom in an accelerated way but it was creating pools of revelation all over the nation for people to come and drink deep and be led into love encounters with our wonderful gloriously good God. The pools were for ALL!!!! Those who are hungering to go deeper in seeing His love. Those who know Him and have not had the deep revelation of His love and goodness and those who do not yet know Him.

I also saw leaders of Churches and movements all over Australia having prophetic dreams and visions for other Church leaders, ministries and movements, and in the delivery of these words, dreams and visions keys were handed to the recipients for long awaited breakthrough in their midst and DEEP unity was being birthed to work together in building His Kingdom.

God is shaping the states of Australia to bring in a HUGE harvest. To come into deeper encounters with His Glory and love like never before.


I also sensed that in this great move that is coming to Brisbane, Queensland, other states of Australia and Australia as a whole, the Lord is calling His people deeper.

To continue to examine their hearts in the light of His presence. To continue to walk in integrity and holiness, not in striving, but out of the overflow of being in intimate relationship with Him. For what He is releasing upon this nation, to be carried properly and stewarded well requires HIs people going deeper in intimacy with Him and having clean hands and pure hearts to ascend the mountain of the Lord.

In the midst of this glorious outpouring and move of the Spirit that we have not seen or even imagined before, we must prepare ourselves by going lower and deeper in the secret place and examining out hearts and letting His fire fall upon us, making us more and more like Him.

Brisbane, Queensland, States of Australia…

Your tipping point has arrived…

The greatest revival you have ever seen is brewing…

Will you call it in? Will you step in?




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Grace Place Farms


I saw many across the body of Christ, men and women who have been in a “midwifery” position in this season.

Where they have been alongside those who have been birthing. They have been alongside those who are moving in great favour, who are seeing the promises of God fulfilled and manifested in their life. They are moving through the transition of the “birthing” and intense “labour pangs” and have now moved into the last stage of “pushing” that is seeing the baby coming into “being”.

These midwives male and female, have given over and over and have stood faithfully besides these ones who have been birthing continually giving and encouraging and being a pillar of strength.

Yet in the past few months many of these midwives have begun to feel “forgotten”, they have been fighting “comparison”, discouragement has begun to set in as they stand with those around them that are moving powerfully into alignment, fulfilment and acceleration and their birthing seems further away than ever.

These ones who have felt the Lord place them in this position of “midwifery” to help and encourage those around them who are birthing, as you have continued to bless, encourage and assist them, you yourself are now going to be refreshed.

"The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” – Proverbs 11:25

Midwives it is YOUR TURN!!!!! You have NOT been forgotten. The Lord has seen the sacrifice you have paid so others may ascend higher, that others may stand tall, may move forward. You have given and given out of a heart of beautiful generosity. A WAVE is coming towards you now, a WAVE of great refreshing.

You are about to be refreshed in bigger ways than you gave out. I saw you giving out bucket after bucket after bucket of love and this has risen up to the Lord as a beautiful aroma of sacrifice and praise. You have done it unto the Lord, and IT IS YOUR TURN!!!!

As you have watched those who have been birthing move into deep encounters and acceleration, now you shall move into deep encounters with Him.

Your season of encounter and birthing has arrived!!!!!!! As you move into your own season of encounter, refreshing and birthing, your capacity has been increased that you will pour out love and encouragement to MORE PEOPLE THAN YOU HAVE BEFORE EVEN IN your birthing place. There are huge amounts of favour, grace and anointing oil being poured over you midwives as you have given selflessly, without complaining and in love. You have represented Him WELL!

It is now your turn, and you shall see others come alongside to give and encourage and uplift you as you have done for many. As they give to you and you give even in your birthing process DEEP UNITY is being birthed in the body of Christ.

Spiritual midwives, a HUGE WAVE of refreshing FAVOUR is coming at you!!!!!! He has seen what you have done in secret. He is now going to reward you OPENLY! He is SO SO pleased!


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Grace Place Farms


Lately I have had the verse burning on my heart Psalm 16:6:

“The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”

There has been great alignment, and contending happening within the body of Christ in this season. A great stretching, that at times, many have felt like they could not have possibly been stretched any further.


I saw many in this time of great stretching and in the past couple of week especially have felt “stretched” to the limit, but while the stretching has taken place, there has been a bubbling excitement like butterflies in the pit of stomachs at the heavenly expectation of what is about to manifest.


As this stretching took place, I saw HEARTS ENLARGING. Hearts were getting BIGGER AND BIGGER. Right at the moment when many of the people of God felt like they could no longer be stretched any further, and were perplexed at this stretching, I was then taken into the most beautiful and glorious dining room I have ever seen. A beautiful fireplace, candles on the mantlepiece and all around the room were PICTURES of the people of God smiling. The mantle piece began at the fireplace and went ALL AROUND THE ROOM. As I looked to the ceiling and the floor there were shelves everywhere with MILLIONS of these photo frames. A sense of love and joy engulfed me as I felt the excitement and feeling of a proud parent. It was like when you visit someone’s house and you see photos of their children everywhere, and they are SO excited to share with you all about their children and who they are, show you photos and just boast in the beauty of your children. That was the sense encircling me.


I then looked in the middle of the room and there was the longest and biggest dining table I have ever seen with glorious wooden polished chairs with gold lining and the finest cutlery I have ever seen. Glasses on the table sparkled like diamonds and in the middle of the table was the most GLORIOUS FOOD I have EVER seen in my life. All types of food on platters and fruit… I have never seen so many bowls of fruit.

I then saw the Father and He entered into the dining room, He was so beautiful, the joy, peace and beauty that was flooding from Him was indescribable.

“I have prepared a feast for My beautiful adored so greatly loved children. I have enlarged their hearts to receive greater revelation of Me, and to KNOW My love as their good heavenly Daddy.”

The love beaming out of Him was so glorious.

“It is time for them to feast, and see the boundary lines are falling in pleasant places for them. It is time for them to step further into their inheritance that was purchased for them by the atoning work of My glorious Son.”

I lifted my hands in worship and gave Him praise for His indescribable beauty and goodness. I laughed with such joy and cried tears of thankfulness all at the same time. My eyes closed delighting in His beauty.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Jesus standing at the door. He was dressed in a tuxedo, and those eyes, those blue eyes were something so beautiful, so peaceful, yet I could see fire in His eyes as well. Fire of love, burning love for His people.

He began bringing in His people one by one, and I could see the stretching that had taken place in their lives. Some looked weary, and some looked discouraged, and some were beaming with joy and excitement but ALL of them had HUGE hearts.

He sat each one of His people down at this glorious dining table and He sat with them, and with His beautiful tone of love He spoke…


As the people of God feasted, their hearts were being filled. They were feasting in deep intimacy with Him, as they ate from the platters, there was laughter, there was joy, there was such peace and UNITY with Him.

As they ate it was like I could see what was being “deposited” into their hearts. They were feasting and their hearts were being filled with DEEP revelation of His character. I saw words filling their hearts like “He is FAITHFUL” then revelation of His faithfulness would explode in their hearts. “He is ALWAYS GOOD” then revelation of His goodness would fill their hearts. “He is TRUSTWORTHY” then revelation of Him being trustworthy would fill their hearts. “He is PROVIDER” then revelation of Him as PROVIDER would fill their hearts.

Then I noticed on each of their plates was a gold piece of paper rolled and tied with a ribbon, with an instruction to only be opened at Jesus’ invitation to the next “place”.


In this “feasting” they were being given the greatest gift of all.. HIM! Such depth of intimacy was happening. Out of this place of deep intimacy I then saw something. Between some of the people of God across the table, suddenly I could see brick walls. Hindrances in relationships, relationship breakdown. Yet as the people of God feasted and their hearts were being filled, I saw them reach out and begin to pull the bricks down. There weren’t cemented in. As they removed the the bricks, I saw them reach across the table to those on the other side, and hold hands. Restoration and healing in relationships and unity was taking place from the place of intimacy and feasting.


Wounds that were upon the bodies of the people of God were being healed as they ate. Healing was taking place. Spiritual, emotional, mental, physical as they were bathed in the glorious love of the Father.


Once the people of God had feasted and feasted I saw Jesus stand up and invite His people, one by one outside and to bring the “rolled up gold paper” with them.

He took them outside to the most beautiful garden. It had the most precious roses, and so many other colourful flowers, a waterfall in the middle of the garden. This place was so beautiful! So serene.

As they unravelled this piece of paper at Jesus’ request it was an invitation, but the date on the invitation was today and it was an invitation to enter into a season of “SEEING” the in the “NATURAL” the boundary lines falling in pleasant places for them.

I then had the sense that the RSVP for this invitation was to TRUST HIM. As they looked at this invitation I could sense thoughts swirling in their minds. Was this “real”? Was it “too good to be true”? Will I be disappointed again?” but in order to accept this invitation there needed to be a deeper level trust and surrender.

Where once these thoughts would have caused them great torment and oppression, because of their FEAST, they wholeheartedly accepted. I saw them pick up a gold pen and sign their name on the bottom of the invitation. They handed the invitation back to Jesus and I saw Him KISS the invitation and suddenly it was sealed and He then placed it on the inside of His jacket, and I then knew it had been placed into His heart.

Jesus then handed them another envelope and as they opened this envelope and pulled out the paper, it was a map, but it was a map made up of Scriptures.

“These are some of My promises to you and the areas where you will now step into SEEING the boundary lines fall in pleasant places for you.”

There were so many tears of joy and excitement.

“Write these upon your hearts, meditate upon My promises day and night. I love you with an everlasting love, and you are going to see so many of My divine kisses of love and favour over you as you step deeper into the inheritance that is already yours.”

As they placed the letter upon their hearts, the letter disappeared yet the “map” of promises were burned onto their hearts.

“Do not forget to meditate upon these words. Do not forget My promises to you.”

Suddenly a double door appeared before them and as they stepped up to it, the doors flung WIDE OPEN, and there was the most glorious promised land before them. Mountains flowing with milk and honey as far as the eyes could SEE.

“Pleasant places await you”

Jesus walked with them through the door into this new land and an excitement filled their hearts for new adventures with Him and tears of joy flowed.

“For such a time as this. This is what I have been waiting for my whole life. All Glory to you Jesus. THANK YOU! I love you! THANK YOU” was sung from their hearts as they entered.

Suddenly, the stretching, extending and contending all made sense.

This is the season where are in now.

This is the invitation before the people of God.

It is up to us whether we accept it or not. It costs. There is a price to “go lower” in intimacy and surrender, but oh the glorious freedom and joy and knowing Papa’s love that awaits. New adventures aren’t on the horizon anymore, they are HERE now.

Jesus wants to show you the MAP of His promises SEEN for your life and how they are FALLING in pleasant places. No more seeing the enemy take from you and take from you as your eyes have been drawn away from His beauty and faithfulness because of hardship and discouragement.

It’s time to step in…

The invitation is before you…

“Come and feast with Me in My dining room of intimacy”…



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