Prophetic Words


Over the past few weeks I have felt the Lord’s heart longing for deeper intimacy with His children, in a deep way I have not felt before. Such a luring, such a wooing from the Father’s heart of love to go deeper in intimacy.
Quiet your hearts in His presence, lean close to His chest, for He is releasing a new prophetic song over your life. A song of deep intimacy. A song that is releasing new hope and new vision into your life. Many have even been hearing “tunes” that they have never heard before, and these are coming from the heart of God. Many have begun to have dreams of being “sung over” and this is a prophetic symbol of what the Lord is singing over you.
Individual songs are being released from the heart of the Father over His children as the time is taken to be still and listen.
These songs will not only break hindrances off you that have stopped you from going deeper, but open a new door of encounter for you with the heart of the Father and His love. Personal deliverances will happen and instantaneous healing as His song is sung over your life, but you MUST MUST MUST AGREE with His song over your life and receive it.
Write out the prophetic song the Father sings over you. Hold it close to your heart and declare it. It is a weapon for you to break through anything holding you back from deeper intimacy with Him, lead you into deeper encounter with His heart of love and promise. Many have tried many ways to “breakthrough” into deeper realms of encounter and seeking out His heart but the hindrances have continued. Singing the song He is releasing is bringing the breakthrough.
Many have also been in ‘doubt’ when they are sitting in the Lord’s presence are hearing promise after promise, song after song but continue to doubt if that is the Lord speaking to them. Those songs and promises that are ringing in your heart over and over are for you and from the heart of the Father. Don’t let doubt rob you. Brian Simmons said this week “if it seems too good to be true, then it is probably the gospel”. God has GOOD THINGS for you. The Gospel and the Christian life IS GOOD NEWS. Don’t let doubt rob you.
As we are in this place of deep intimacy with the Lord and the Lord is releasing songs of deep intimacy and prophetic words over His people in the secret place, I saw many conversing together and comparing “songs”. It wasn’t a healthy comparison. It was being birthed out of insignificance, lies and fear. Let comparison go. For it will kill your heart of hope and vision. It will take life from you, not give you life, which is what the Lord is wanting to do. To show you how His heart burns for you. How His passionate heart of love burns for you.
Jesus wants to show you His GOOD plans for your life. An aspect of these prophetic songs He is singing over HIs people is seeing the plans of God (Jeremiah 29:11) released over HIs people and vision is being birthed. Comparison will steal this vision and hinder the birthing. Repent for comparison and throw it away.
God is going to show you as He sings over you how POWERFUL YOU ARE, because HE lives in you and you are going to do GREAT THINGS for HIM!
He LOVES to be with you!!! He wants you!!!! He wants to hear ALL that is on your heart!!!
He is placing a POWERFUL WEAPON in your hand. A prophetic song from His heart to yours. Not a prophetic song someone else has given you. Not a prophetic song you have read, but a PERSONAL prophetic song from the heart of the Father TO YOU.
When situations look opposite to the song He gives you, SING IT OUT and GREAT BREAKTHROUGH shall happen and the atmosphere will shift as greater revelation of Papa’s love will happen every time you sing it out.
Get ready to be more lovesick for Him than EVER before and your prayers to be filled with even more “I LOVE YOU LORD’S” than ever before. The people of God are going to ANOTHER LEVEL OF HUNGRY FOR HIM and it is almost uncontainable! The lovesick people of God are arising!! Oh the glorious encounters we are moving into!!!! The heart’s cries of the people of God as they press in are becoming more and more desperate to see Him and hear Him. He is going to meet us in glorious ways and we are going to know Him in a way we have NOT known before. A baptism of LOVE!!!!! Oh Jesus we love you!!!
Praise Him!!! Praise Him for His goodness and His song over your life. As you praise Him, heaven is coming down!!!!!!
You have a POWERFUL WEAPON in your hand!
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  • Janelle Peterman (@djanewindstream)

    Lana, a few years ago I had a vision about the Lord singing over the earth. it was like I was standing at the atmosphere of earth and I saw angels surrounding the earth in a large circle. They were singing a song without words and the melody was so beautiful. I have never heard any song or melody like it. The wind(spirit) joined with them and it was powerful. I knew it was the Father singing over His earth(people). I longed to hear the song again and I realized how great His love was for humanity. What you wrote today reminded me of the visitation. Thank you

  • Gail Couvaras

    Hi There I would like to unsubscribe from receiving your emails as unfortunately it’s way too much on a daily basis! I can’t seem to do this via all your instructions so could you please delete me from your subscription list? Many thanks & blessings Gail
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    • lanavawser

      Hi Gail
      I have investigated this before, unfortunately as the site subscription system is wordpress based, it considers the subscription as your own to manage, and something I cannot do on my end.
      Please have another look at the unsubscribe page, and note there is a different procedure if you are a wordpress member or not.
      I am sorry that I cannot do more on my end. I appreciate how hard it is to manage emails that come daily, and hope you can successfully stop them.
      If you are having issues still and are sure about the process being followed correctly, there may be an issue with the website. Please let me know (reply to this) I will try to contact wordpress on your behalf.
      Blessings, Kevin Vawser.