Prophetic Words


As the Spirit of God is speaking to many about “revival” and the “outpouring” that is coming, brewing and beginning all at once, the Lord is wooing His people to a deeper level of surrender.
Many are being shown what is to “come” in their own personal lives and for the body of Christ as a whole. The anticipation is building. The excitement is growing. The expectation is bubbling. The hunger is expanding. The Lord is preparing His people for a great revival. The tides have turned and we are moving into the greatest outpouring and awakening we have seen. There is a feeling for many of living in the “now” but also in the “what’s coming, brewing and beginning”. This place of transition can be uncomfortable and exciting all at once.
In this place, I have sensed the Lord calling His people deeper into a deeper level of surrender and intimacy as we move into revival personally and corporately.
The Lord is speaking to many of His people about revival breaking out, the outpouring of the Spirit and encounters with His Glory that we have not encountered before. He is speaking to many of His people about the fields being ripe for harvest and the explosive harvest of souls that are about to come into the Kingdom in this season.
There is personal revival and resurrection that is happening right now for the people of God individually. As the people of God throw off ALL that has hindered them from seeking Him, as they throw off all the things that have caused them to have a divided focus, as they shake off with His Word all the wrong mindsets that have kept them bound and completely abandon themselves to seeking Him first and foremost, the greatest revival of hearts is taking place. The revival is happening in the hearts of His people and then overflowing and exploding into the world.
God is speaking to His people about being positioned for revival. Many have been tired, burnt out, hurt, discouraged, disappointed and knocked around by life and have lost their hunger for Him. They have moved from being passionate in heart to seek Him and know Him, to empty, discouraged and their heart of contending to know Him lost.
I saw God reviving the hunger of His people. I saw Jesus appearing to people in the night, in their dreams, in visions and ministering in the way that only He knew how, the way they needed and their hearts were being revived with ravenous hunger for Him and to know Him. In His beautiful love, tenderness and kindness He is coming to His people and bringing revival in hearts. Revival is beginning in many hearts that will then explode out onto others.
The “walls” that have kept people from pressing closer to God are being smashed down by His glorious love. Lies that have kept people from Papa’s lap are being melted away by the revelation of His kindness and extravagant goodness as Daddy.
God is accelerating hunger in His people because of the enormity of the season of encounters that He is leading His people into. One of the greatest invitations into a season of encounters with Jesus are before the people of God.
He is bringing His people to the place where HE IS ALL! The more favour, the more doors that open up, the more dreams that come true, the more provision that takes place, the more healings that erupt, THE MORE WE WANT JESUS! The more the people of God are coming into deeper revelation that KNOWING HIM is the greatest treasure.
In this place of personal revival in hearts, I saw dreams being resurrected, visions resurrected, hope resurrected. The word “resurrection” was highlighted to me with the sense that HE is the one that is bringing the resurrection. Some dreams, some visions, some areas of hope in hearts is so “dead” and has been dead for so long it will be a miracle to see them resurrected.
God is going to RESURRECT what has been dead! What looks impossible, God is going to resurrect. This revival we are moving into corporately we will see personal dreams, visions and hope resurrected by His glorious love.
I saw Him breathing over the “dreams, visions and hopes” that He had given them and for whatever reason have been stolen, broken and killed. They are coming back to life. The bones are rattling!!!!! It is going to be clear for all to see that it was HIS glorious hand of love and power that brought these dreams and visions back to life.
There was such expectancy in my spirit that this resurrection amongst the people of God is going to be glorious. I also had the sense of increase of testimonies of the dead being raised in Jesus name not only as a demonstration of His love and glorious power but also a prophetic sign of the things being raised from the dead in hearts. A prophetic sign of what He is doing in the spirit also.
In this midst of the glorious excitement and anticipation of what God is doing in His people, I felt a warning of the Spirit. Because of the excitement and anticipation building it is easy to fall into striving and to try and make things happen quickly. I felt the Lord say to beware of striving and trying to make things happen. That the people of God are to be examining their hearts in the light of His presence and do whatever must be done to shake off striving. For the enemy would attempt to lure the people of God to move into “striving” which will steal peace, it will steal vision and if striving takes hold, will delay what God is wanting to release.
What God is doing now, is so beautiful, it is so glorious and His timing is perfect. His timing is perfect!!!! Rest in Him, let the excitement build, worship Him and set your heart to Him as your true north and delight in His heart. Be content in JESUS!!!!! (Philippians 4:12-13) The secret of contentment is being revealed to His people now in deep deep ways.. the secret is… JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marinate yourself in His presence, in His love, in His Word. The more you marinate, the more you will accelerate. The enemy wants to steal the acceleration the Lord is bringing into your life through striving. Relax and marinate in His beautiful, glorious love, goodness and wonderful nature. Heaven on earth is going to be a reality in your life in explosive ways as you marinate.
Revival fire is going to burn bright. You are going to see His face and know His heart as you press in. His love will overtake you!
Revival fire is going to burn bright in hearts, in streets, in cities, in nations, in the Word.
He is positioning His people now.
A revival of affection is happening! A revival of love!
The people of God are AWAKENING as they accept His INVITATION!
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