Prophetic Words


I saw a cloud hovering before many people’s eyes that was attempting to cloud their vision of Him, and cloud their vision of what He was showing them. This cloud was bringing fear, anxiety, stress and panic.
Especially this week I saw “clouds” being brought before the eyes of the people of God by the enemy specifically to “cloud” thinking and “sight”. This “clouding” is happening right now because of the revelation that awaits you on the other side of this cloud. The enemy was attempting to gain a stronghold in their minds.
What the enemy is taunting you about through this cloud, is just that. It’s a cloud! It is just a mist that the enemy has placed before your eyes to bring distraction at a crucial moment of revelation and release in your life. Watch your thoughts! Train your mind to think ONLY upon His Word and things that are LOVELY! (Philippians 4:8)
I saw many of the people of God in fear, anxiety, stress and panic as this “cloud” continued to hover before them. I then heard His beautiful voice..
“My people, I am here. Look THROUGH the cloud.”
Then I saw HIM!!!!!! He was standing just on the other side of the cloud. I noticed that when the people of God looked at the cloud, He could no longer be seen. But when they chose to look TO HIM, the cloud could no longer be seen.
I then saw Him speak again in such love and tenderness…
“Come on My people, it is okay, all is well. Just keep looking at Me. You know what to do. I am here!!”
As He spoke those words I saw impartations of peace being released through the cloud and into the hearts of the people of God.
I then saw the people of God come alive with the Word of God and praise in their mouth and meditations in their hearts.
They put their hands out as if to physically push the cloud away and started walking towards it declaring His praises. As they praised and declared the truth opposite to what the enemy was taunting them with the cloud was being moved and as it moved it got smaller and smaller and smaller. Until it disappeared and they were standing face to face before Jesus. They were not touched by the cloud and any “false appearances” the enemy was attempting to put on them fell away.
I saw Him with a HUGE proud smile on His face.
“This is what the enemy was attempting to keep you from…”
I then saw a HUGE cloud but it was a cloud of fire and glory and it was waiting for the people of God and Jesus was now standing in the middle of it.
“Step in My people.. Step into revival fire and greater encounters with My Glory.”
As the people of God began to step in I saw the awe and fear of God growing in the hearts of God. Areas where they had become “familiar” with Him were breaking off as He was leading them into new ways of hearing and seeing Him. Being drawn into new encounters with Him and His Glory.
Life changing encounters! The enemy was using a cloud to distract and taunt the people of God because of the cloud of Glory that waited for them on the other side. The enemy knew they were at one of the greatest most crucial moments of their life.
So whatever the enemy is telling you or taunting you about through this cloud… You know what to do! Keep your eyes on Him.
SPEAK the opposite. Whatever the enemy is using to get your eyes off Jesus and to bring fear, move in the opposite spirit…. His Spirit, love and truth of His Word!
The enemy has come to bring distraction, cloud your vision, and cause you to be delayed moving into greater revelation and encounters.
You will see this cloud disappear and you will not be touched!
Be excited because life changing encounters with Him and His Glory are on the other side of this cloud. Revival fire is waiting for you!
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  • Christine McTaggart

    I like this word. Brilliant insight. I must say I like reading your posts every day. I don’t miss any of them. Gives me courage.
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  • [email protected]

    Hallelujah! Thank you Lord. This is so online for my hubby and I as we are in a most difficult place in our bussiness and need the Lords direction and supernatural intervention. Praise the Lord for His strength! Have a Blessed day. Glenda
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  • [email protected]

    Amen! Have been waiting for a very long time for the Lords timing, but I know its now to change everything concerning our future. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord.
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  • Betty Hadden

    Love your words as they do minister so much! Wish these could be posted to my FB page and my group, Spiritual Food, which had been started last year for those hungry for more of God as well as a place for those who believe they’ve been raised up in these Last Days to minister to the Body of Christ. Sometimes copying and pasting is difficult for me and I want so much for others to be lifted up and edified by the Spirit of God through you. It would enlarge your sphere of influence to reach more hungry hearts for Him. But, nevertheless, thank you for allowing yourself to be used by Him in these Last Days!

    • lanavawser

      Betty, if you type in “Lana Vawser” on Facebook you will see the ministry page where all words are posted and you can share from there. Blessings to you!