Prophetic Words


I had a vision where I felt like I was flying high above cities and nations. Like when you are flying into a city and nation at night in a plane and everywhere you can see the lights of houses and buildings all across the city.
In this vision as I was flying above houses over cities and nations I saw angels descending from heaven and entering into houses. I knew they were moving into these houses ministering to the people of God and bringing healing. I noticed they also had a "burning coal" in their hands and like a satchel on their bodies and I could see through these satchels and in them were crowns for each of the households.
As I looked closer at these houses, they were shaking. Immediately the sense came to my heart that there was an attack on households right now. On marriages, on families, on relationships. The enemy was attempting to bring a shaking and a breaking.
In the midst of this oppositional shaking, I saw many of the people down on their knees crying out for breakthrough in their families, for healing, for restoration and wisdom. The Lord has heard your prayers and angelic help is arriving.
As these angelic hosts arrived, I saw their feet land on the roofs of houses all across cities and nations and I them draw a sword from their belt and with a loud voice they spoke "ENOUGH.. HEAVENLY ALIGNMENT". I then saw the oppositional shaking stop suddenly.
I then heard the beautiful voice of love…
"Households are coming into order and greater heavenly alignment."
I then saw these angels enter the houses and I noticed a line in the middle of each of the houses and it had the words written on it "TRUE NORTH" and the Word of God was placed upon this line. I knew that they were bringing in a "refocus" upon Jesus as true north in families/households and a "refocus" upon the Word and the power of His promises to bring atmospheric shifts, healing and breakthrough.
These angelic hosts then bent down and placed the burning coal on this "line that had been drawn" as soon as the burning coal touched the line it was like this glorious explosion of light, it was like the most beautiful golden light but also as I looked at it, it looked like fire and it spread into the whole house. It was like an explosion, but it was beautiful. As this light exploded everywhere the house began to shake again, but this time I knew that it was a beautiful heavenly shaking. The house shook and the fire/light extended and I knew "dross" was being burnt away in the lives of those seeking Him. There was a great purification taking place, a deep cleansing happening. The more dross and cleansing was taking place, it was like I could see the house getting "bigger and bigger". More room was being made. The words that were ringing in my ears were "Houses of holiness. Houses of holiness. Houses of holiness". As I heard these words, I had the immediate sense this purification and cleansing of hearts and houses was happening to prepare these houses for some amazing encounters with God and His Glory.
I then saw these angelic hosts look up as if they were looking to heaven and suddenly I saw the Lord and He blew into these houses and healing, restoration, breakthrough and vindication was happening.
As these angelic hosts were about to ascend back to heaven, I saw them walk up to those who have been crying out for wisdom for their households and family relationships and I saw these angelic hosts place crowns upon their heads. Crowns of wisdom. Then they spoke "As you have asked the Lord for wisdom, so it is being granted unto you." Wisdom was being given to the people of God to establish boundaries and order in their households.
They then started to ascend and as they left through the roof the house was SET ABLAZE! Immediately I knew, that houses even in the attack, even in the disarray, even in the brokenness, even in the place of everything seemingly out of order, as the people have cried out to Him, He has heard and He is bringing breakthrough, REVIVAL was coming to the houses of the people of God and that is why it was SO important for houses to come into order and a deeper purification to bring holiness.
I then heard Him speak…"Households are coming into order and heavenly alignment and IN the revival will be greater healing, restoration of marriages and relationships between parents and children and family members, salvations and breakthrough."
I then saw people in the households and they were laying down their lives at deeper levels for Jesus and for other family members. In this revival not only will His love be seen in such a deeper way that will cause His people to live in a deeper level of surrender, I also saw that there was a deeper level of surrender happening to bless, serve, love and encourage others in their family unit. A flood of love was happening.
An excitement rose in my spirit that there was so much more to come. That deeper and deeper and deeper levels of that healing, breakthrough and restoration was going to happen IN the revival that had been released into households.
I was then taken back to the place of being above cities and then above nations and I could see hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of houses ON FIRE. They were BURNING on fire in glorious REVIVAL!!!!!!
I want to encourage you, I believe the Lord is bringing a heavenly alignment and bringing order to households. Do not give up seeking Him to bring breakthrough, healing, restoration and salvation into your household. He has heard your prayers. A purification is taking place, embrace it, for it is making room for greater encounters with Him and REVIVAL.
The family unit is being restored all across cities and nations to God’s design to shine and be a testimony to the world of how to do marriage and family WELL. God is restoring the family unit and marriages that have been broken to begin to "lead" in society and teach the world about successful, thriving, loving, honouring, heaven created relationships. The family unit is being called to take her place.
Do not give up! Do not give up in your contending. He has heard! He is doing a great work now and the revival that is hitting households and marriages and family units is going to explode into all the nation and NATIONS will be impacted because of what God does in your house.
"Households are coming order and greater heavenly alignment." You are not just sowing into your households with your prayers. You are sowing into your city and nation. The breakthrough you shall reap is not just for you and your household.. it is for your city and nation.
Be excited! You are being used in your household to bring revival to your city and nation!
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  • lucinnn

    AMEN !!!AMEN !!! AMEN !!! it’s been 44 yrs of uphill fighting …
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  • Cindy Cavender

    I laugh because sometimes it feels like you’ve “read my mail”. This word was right on target for what our house has been contending for with the relationships in these four walls. At times, it has been intense but the Lord is *powerful* and He has told me more than once, his alignment coming in. Yes, He has a divine order for the husband/wife and children. It is better than anyone else’s way of doing things. God’s way is BEST.

  • [email protected]

    Dear Lana, All praise to our Lord for this powerful word from Heaven. Such encouragement for me and my husband. We are at a very difficult place in our bussiness and spiritually we are contending for all that has been stolen, lost and “looks” dead to be breathed upon by the BREATH Of GOD! WE are STANDING and WILL SEE what our Papa has done for us. This Word this morning is such confirmation.HaVe a blessed day or sleep as I am not sure about the time zone. It is going towards 6 am here in South Africa Richards Bay ( have prayed for revival for so long in our town- Come Holy Spirit and let this prophetic Word come to life over our town) thank You Jesus. We praise You for what You are doing. Blessings Glenda x
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  • Marina Kirischeva

    Thank you, Lana! This word is an answer to my prayers and a confirmation to a dream I had a few months ago – Our house was on fire, but it wasn’t a regular, it was like a huge white stonw with gold marbling and it was glowing and sparkling like a diamond. I was trying to put out the fire and the only thing I had at hand, was a water bottle with a sprayer. So I sprayed the water on the “fire”, and as soon as the mist hit the “flame”, the “fire” started glowing and sparkling even more, releasing clouds of glorious fairy dust/ It was beautiful!!!

  • Barbara Eatherton Heil

    I was praying yesterday for more wisdom, deeper revelations, healing & restoration of a couple family members. When I read your post it was as if God was bringing the answers to my prayers.
    I have not read one thing that has not come after seeking the Lord’s face and crying out to him over different situations.
    I can’t tell you or thank you enough for your faithfulness to God to usher the words right on time, not only for me, but for so many who need to hear the same words.
    God Bless you Lana Vawser!!!!!