Prophetic Words


“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me." – 2 Corinthians 12:9
I saw many feeling bombarded, feeling weak, and insignificant. I saw many caught in whirlwind’s of doubt about their significance, their identity, their destiny, their calling, and in the midst of this whirlwind was a chain with a hook on the end of it. As the whirlwind swirled around their minds flooding them with thoughts of insignificance and doubt, and filling their hearts with feelings of fear and doubt, this hook had a name.. "COMPARISON".
This is the second time I have seen the word comparison in a week, and I feel like the Lord is really putting His finger on this. Do NOT give into comparison. You are an individual. You are loved by God. You are significant. You are cherished. You have great worth because you are greatly LOVED by the King and adored. He has placed gifting over YOUR LIFE that are powerful and to be stewarded and used in the way He created YOU to use them. If you try to be someone else, if you try to operate in someone else’s anointing, if you try to walk in someone else’s shoes.. the GIFT OF YOU and WHO YOU ARE is hidden and not given to those around you and the world.
I felt the Lord saying that His grace is about to do what you could never do. The Lord is about to show His people just how POWERFUL they are.
Even though you feel weak, even though you feel insignificant, repent of those thoughts, renew your mind, because God is about to show you what a man/woman can do with GOD LIVING INSIDE THEM!
Just how POWERFUL they are to impact someone else’s life. To change a town. To change a city. To change a nation. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Because YOU CAN IN HIM! As you move what He is breathing on, you will see POWERFUL explosions of His power and love through you.
Some of you are on the brink of some of the greatest exploits with Him that you have ever seen. But doubt and comparison is creeping in to STEAL from you what the Lord is about to do IN and THROUGH you.
God is setting you up in some glorious circumstances, some glorious opportunities, that will take you FAR out of your comfort zone, but as you step in, in the deep trust of Him, and in the taking of His hand, you are going to SEE what a warrior you are, that you are POWERFUL because of WHO lives inside you, who goes WITH you and who moves THROUGH you.
God is about to use you in some of the greatest ways you have ever seen, and for many of you, as you step out, momentum of destiny steps and opportunities are going to open and lead you to places that are BEYOND your dreams.
Don’t let fear, comparison, insignificance and doubt steal away the joy and reality that you are moving into new realms with Him and you are about to see Him do IN and THROUGH your life what only HE can do. Supernatural signs and wonders are going to explode in and through you. You are moving into being A SIGN AND A WONDER!
God is about to show up FOR YOU and THROUGH YOU even though you feel like you are caught in a place of weakness because of this trap of comparison, doubt and fear.
Through these circumstances before you that the Lord is using, I feel Him calling to your spirit… WARRIOR ARISE!!!!!! As you step forward, the POWERFUL YOU, that you were created to be is EMERGING.
Don’t let the metamorphosis be hindered or killed by comparison. You are AMAZING, you are LOVED, you have GREAT WORTH, the King ADORES YOU and His grace is about to do what only HE could do.
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  • Beverley Estes

    Lana, The lord just showed me from reading Dutch Sheets book Authority in Prayer as I had been asking of HIM how to pray in Authority. Well HE did that and I am not done with the book but know that is what HE wants HIS church to learn and do. So I am going to announce at Bible study Wed night that if any one wants to join me they are welcome. But they should read this book first. Will see what God does with my obedience. I have written a whole book called “Living Life with LIFE.” by Beverley Lower Estes. It is all about obedience. God raised me from the dead because I was in obedience and went to Africa. HE told me if I went back to Africa I would get Malaria. I ask HIM if HE was telling me to stay home of testing my faith as HE always tested my Faith (which is HIM) Blessings

  • Gee Alexander

    Love this Word. Its conformation and a reminder for me. I was feeling like this TODAY. I love how God uses and speaks to us thru you. All praise to God! Thank you Lana!
    Blessings! 🙂

  • Elsie Bouwman

    This is a wonder to me!! Yesterday, before getting out the door to drive to the city, I thought I’d put some make up on. I don’t often do that; wear make up living on the farm in the country. As I was putting it on, I sensed someone or something about black eyeliner (which I didn’t have). So I carried on with my day. Later in the day, I was in a large “powder room” in a public place. I was at one long, long mirror by myself initially, and then a young adult came in at the other end opposite me; where she too was at a very long, long mirror. Do you get the picture? I noted her there, and was now surprised that she was putting on black eyeliner! Was that Holy Spirit telling me earlier in the day about this young woman by showing me eyeliner?! It’s gotta be. So I walked up to her and told her about sensing someone or something about black eye liner when I was putting on make up that morning, and asked if she had any prayer requests. She did. It was for healing of her ankle. So I got to pray in the Name of Jesus. and was surprised and both of us happy. for the pain all gone! Her mom and sister were there in the powder room to witness it too, soon after. Praise God. How dear and loving our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ is; that He would let me know through the Holy Spirit that He wanted to see this young lady healed that day!! He loves and knows us so well, and hears our heart’s prayer!!