Prophetic Words


Lately I have had the verse burning on my heart Psalm 16:6:
“The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”
There has been great alignment, and contending happening within the body of Christ in this season. A great stretching, that at times, many have felt like they could not have possibly been stretched any further.
I saw many in this time of great stretching and in the past couple of week especially have felt “stretched” to the limit, but while the stretching has taken place, there has been a bubbling excitement like butterflies in the pit of stomachs at the heavenly expectation of what is about to manifest.
As this stretching took place, I saw HEARTS ENLARGING. Hearts were getting BIGGER AND BIGGER. Right at the moment when many of the people of God felt like they could no longer be stretched any further, and were perplexed at this stretching, I was then taken into the most beautiful and glorious dining room I have ever seen. A beautiful fireplace, candles on the mantlepiece and all around the room were PICTURES of the people of God smiling. The mantle piece began at the fireplace and went ALL AROUND THE ROOM. As I looked to the ceiling and the floor there were shelves everywhere with MILLIONS of these photo frames. A sense of love and joy engulfed me as I felt the excitement and feeling of a proud parent. It was like when you visit someone’s house and you see photos of their children everywhere, and they are SO excited to share with you all about their children and who they are, show you photos and just boast in the beauty of your children. That was the sense encircling me.
I then looked in the middle of the room and there was the longest and biggest dining table I have ever seen with glorious wooden polished chairs with gold lining and the finest cutlery I have ever seen. Glasses on the table sparkled like diamonds and in the middle of the table was the most GLORIOUS FOOD I have EVER seen in my life. All types of food on platters and fruit… I have never seen so many bowls of fruit.
I then saw the Father and He entered into the dining room, He was so beautiful, the joy, peace and beauty that was flooding from Him was indescribable.
“I have prepared a feast for My beautiful adored so greatly loved children. I have enlarged their hearts to receive greater revelation of Me, and to KNOW My love as their good heavenly Daddy.”
The love beaming out of Him was so glorious.
“It is time for them to feast, and see the boundary lines are falling in pleasant places for them. It is time for them to step further into their inheritance that was purchased for them by the atoning work of My glorious Son.”
I lifted my hands in worship and gave Him praise for His indescribable beauty and goodness. I laughed with such joy and cried tears of thankfulness all at the same time. My eyes closed delighting in His beauty.
When I opened my eyes, I saw Jesus standing at the door. He was dressed in a tuxedo, and those eyes, those blue eyes were something so beautiful, so peaceful, yet I could see fire in His eyes as well. Fire of love, burning love for His people.
He began bringing in His people one by one, and I could see the stretching that had taken place in their lives. Some looked weary, and some looked discouraged, and some were beaming with joy and excitement but ALL of them had HUGE hearts.
He sat each one of His people down at this glorious dining table and He sat with them, and with His beautiful tone of love He spoke…
As the people of God feasted, their hearts were being filled. They were feasting in deep intimacy with Him, as they ate from the platters, there was laughter, there was joy, there was such peace and UNITY with Him.
As they ate it was like I could see what was being “deposited” into their hearts. They were feasting and their hearts were being filled with DEEP revelation of His character. I saw words filling their hearts like “He is FAITHFUL” then revelation of His faithfulness would explode in their hearts. “He is ALWAYS GOOD” then revelation of His goodness would fill their hearts. “He is TRUSTWORTHY” then revelation of Him being trustworthy would fill their hearts. “He is PROVIDER” then revelation of Him as PROVIDER would fill their hearts.
Then I noticed on each of their plates was a gold piece of paper rolled and tied with a ribbon, with an instruction to only be opened at Jesus’ invitation to the next “place”.
In this “feasting” they were being given the greatest gift of all.. HIM! Such depth of intimacy was happening. Out of this place of deep intimacy I then saw something. Between some of the people of God across the table, suddenly I could see brick walls. Hindrances in relationships, relationship breakdown. Yet as the people of God feasted and their hearts were being filled, I saw them reach out and begin to pull the bricks down. There weren’t cemented in. As they removed the the bricks, I saw them reach across the table to those on the other side, and hold hands. Restoration and healing in relationships and unity was taking place from the place of intimacy and feasting.
Wounds that were upon the bodies of the people of God were being healed as they ate. Healing was taking place. Spiritual, emotional, mental, physical as they were bathed in the glorious love of the Father.
Once the people of God had feasted and feasted I saw Jesus stand up and invite His people, one by one outside and to bring the “rolled up gold paper” with them.
He took them outside to the most beautiful garden. It had the most precious roses, and so many other colourful flowers, a waterfall in the middle of the garden. This place was so beautiful! So serene.
As they unravelled this piece of paper at Jesus’ request it was an invitation, but the date on the invitation was today and it was an invitation to enter into a season of “SEEING” the in the “NATURAL” the boundary lines falling in pleasant places for them.
I then had the sense that the RSVP for this invitation was to TRUST HIM. As they looked at this invitation I could sense thoughts swirling in their minds. Was this “real”? Was it “too good to be true”? Will I be disappointed again?” but in order to accept this invitation there needed to be a deeper level trust and surrender.
Where once these thoughts would have caused them great torment and oppression, because of their FEAST, they wholeheartedly accepted. I saw them pick up a gold pen and sign their name on the bottom of the invitation. They handed the invitation back to Jesus and I saw Him KISS the invitation and suddenly it was sealed and He then placed it on the inside of His jacket, and I then knew it had been placed into His heart.
Jesus then handed them another envelope and as they opened this envelope and pulled out the paper, it was a map, but it was a map made up of Scriptures.
“These are some of My promises to you and the areas where you will now step into SEEING the boundary lines fall in pleasant places for you.”
There were so many tears of joy and excitement.
“Write these upon your hearts, meditate upon My promises day and night. I love you with an everlasting love, and you are going to see so many of My divine kisses of love and favour over you as you step deeper into the inheritance that is already yours.”
As they placed the letter upon their hearts, the letter disappeared yet the “map” of promises were burned onto their hearts.
“Do not forget to meditate upon these words. Do not forget My promises to you.”
Suddenly a double door appeared before them and as they stepped up to it, the doors flung WIDE OPEN, and there was the most glorious promised land before them. Mountains flowing with milk and honey as far as the eyes could SEE.
“Pleasant places await you”
Jesus walked with them through the door into this new land and an excitement filled their hearts for new adventures with Him and tears of joy flowed.
“For such a time as this. This is what I have been waiting for my whole life. All Glory to you Jesus. THANK YOU! I love you! THANK YOU” was sung from their hearts as they entered.
Suddenly, the stretching, extending and contending all made sense.
This is the season where are in now.
This is the invitation before the people of God.
It is up to us whether we accept it or not. It costs. There is a price to “go lower” in intimacy and surrender, but oh the glorious freedom and joy and knowing Papa’s love that awaits. New adventures aren’t on the horizon anymore, they are HERE now.
Jesus wants to show you the MAP of His promises SEEN for your life and how they are FALLING in pleasant places. No more seeing the enemy take from you and take from you as your eyes have been drawn away from His beauty and faithfulness because of hardship and discouragement.
It’s time to step in…
The invitation is before you…
“Come and feast with Me in My dining room of intimacy”…
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  • Lynne Turner

    Good morning!…Don’t you think this word with the invitation speaks into what we talked about and what you said to me yesterday? Mx

  • Joanna Hess

    Hello Lana, I’m sure you get a ton of emails so it’s okay if you don’t reply 🙂 I was just wanted to say how thankful I have been for your words. Do you find that the Lord uses different prophets for different people? I am relatively new to receiving words of modern-day prophets, due to being brought up in a church that although was deeply rooted in the Word and expositing the Scriptures, the movement and life of the Holy SPirit wasn’t emphasized as much. I was just curious if you have mostly dreams, or visions while awake, or how do your words get brought to you? I am not skeptical in the least, only amazed and full of praise for them. I began to have some dreams the beginning of this year, nothing regular, and a few times have received what I believe to be “words” for other people from the Lord. This is all relatively new to me and I’m very open to whatever the Lord has for me, but I just thought I’d ask 🙂 and tell you how grateful I am and praising the Lord for what He has shown you. My husband has been prophesied over and it has been confirmed by others that God has a unique and high up calling for him, a positing of leadership, but he is currently a firefighter and struggles with depression, anxiety, anger, and many wounds from his past. He also has a strong gift of evangelism and has led many people to the Lord in his past and has a heart for ministry to men. You have written before about striving, inheritance, and many other words that have directly spoken to some of the struggles he has as well as myself. He has yet to have breakthrough and victory over some things. I sometimes wonder if the words you have are only for some. I find myself believing they are for me/us and just am not sure about how involved I should allow my heart to get. You had a post awhile back about inheritance and the Lord restoring what has been squandered. My father squandered his inheritance, our childhood home, and owed many people money due to his addictions to alcohol and gambling. We took care of him during his last year of life and he lived with us and our three kids. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so thankful for it. But I’ve struggled at times with the fact that he was in such bondage to his addictions that he left my brother and myself with nothing but debts to other people and promises that one of his “investments” might pay everyone off. He knew the Lord and knew the Word well, actually, he was just not wise in his choices and his addictions were what he chose over all else. My mom died when I was four so he was my only parent growing up. Sorry! I didn’t mean to got on and on. I really just had the question of how you receive your words,only out of sincere interest and amazement at how the Lord speaks to people. Thank you for reading and may God continue to bless you and your wonderful ministry! in His Grace, Joanna Hess

  • Janet Smith

    Hi Lana,
    I’ve seen this long dining table with beautifully decorated laying Gold tablecloth and room myself.
    The table was long and Jesus was sitting at the Head. As you described it.
    Thank you