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    All morning the song “A whole new world” from the kids movie Aladdin has been playing over and over in my head. I went and looked up the lyrics and felt the Lord saying that this is a word for many who are leaning in and waiting for new doors to open. ** Lyrics: A whole new world A new fantastic point of view No one to tell us no or where to go Or say we’re only dreaming A whole new world A dazzling place I never knew But when I’m way up here, it’s crystal clear That now I’m in a whole new world with you (Now I’m…

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    I saw a cloud of confusion and doubt coming over many in the body of Christ. It was creating a heavy haze and a real battle in seeing what the Lord is doing and wants to do in certain situations, and what He is saying.   This confusion and doubt has come over many to cloud vision and attempt to hinder their ‘seeing’ of the keys that will be received to bring breakthrough.   I also saw a whirlwind of distraction, confusion and disorientation coming over many intercessors in their secret place as they attempted to press in and stand in the gap.   This cloud and this whirlwind has…

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    “But He knows the way I take; When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” – Job 23:10 This has been a week of great testing across the body of Christ. Many have been going through the fire. I am not saying that the Lord has been the ‘author’ of the trials, but I saw the Lord USING the trials and the fire many have been walking through to bring a deep refinement, and in the testing remove anything that was hindering them and lead them into deeper levels of wholeness and purity. There is a deep level of healing and purification happening right now across the…

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    This morning I saw the enemy coming hard against many of the people of God and he was coming towards them with an assignment to assassinate. He was coming against many to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ because he was SCARED of what they were about to step into. As the enemy was pushing hard against the people of God, many were feeling like they weren’t going to be able to withstand the level of pressure and opposition. When suddenly, I heard the Lord reminding His people to worship their way through the warfare. As they positioned themselves in worship, they were stepping into the alignment of their authority that God…

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    Where there has been disappointment, I felt the Lord saying “HE IS SETTLING THE MATTER”. You may not get the “answer” or the “why” to past disappointments, He does not disappoint, and now He is breathing healing life into hearts that will “suddenly settle the matter” through a deeper encounter with His love that will SUDDENLY break those chains of disappointment and ignite the fire to dream again. ************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE: To subscribe or unsubscribe please click on the link below: http://new.lanavawser.com//subscription/ SOW: To sow into this ministry please use the link below: http://new.lanavawser.com//sowing/

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    There is so much angelic happening right now and to be seen in greater increase in this next year. I have seen more angelic activity in the spirit than I ever have. The Lord is opening our eyes as the people of God to greater levels of the supernatural. We are moving into a time of greater encounters with angelic hosts from a place of understanding that we do not worship angels, we worship Jesus and He is inviting us deeper into realms of the supernatural through their visitations in our lives. As our eyes are opened to their visitations in our lives, a shift in the season is happening.…

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    Last night I had a dream and in the dream I was walking with the people of God towards an archway. As we got closer to the archway I saw that across the top of the archway I saw the words “MOUNTAIN OF ENCOUNTER”. This beautiful archway was at the foot of a beautiful mountain. I looked up at this mountain and saw it was LUSCIOUS!! Green grass everywhere, SO alive, and it was flowing with milk and honey. This mountain felt like it was pulsating with a complete manifestation of life, abundance and provision. As we moved through the archway, we entered in with thanksgiving and praise. We went…

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    LVM Weekly update

    Apologies for the previous post’s format, here is a ‘corrected version’ Much has happened in the last few weeks, hence the delay in the update. We apologize for this and will endeavor to make updates more regular. We had a powerful time last weekend with the leaders of Friends Church (Nerang, Qld) with Lana (and Kevin) ministering at a leader’s retreat with teaching and prophetic ministry. It was an incredible time with the Spirit moving in great worship and declaration. Lana will be ministering at Pour it Out Church in Maroochydore, QLD at their 10am service, Nov 22. We are excited to see how God moves during this time. We…

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    Today, during worship, I heard the words “I am breathing on your dreams with INTEREST.” I saw Papa God intently looking into the hearts of His children and paying attention to their dreams. I also saw Him looking across a valley of what looked like dry bones and ashes where years of disappointment and other things had crushed the people of God’s dreams to nothing. This valley was the “dreams left behind” valley where the people of God had given up on the dreams in their heart. The Lord began to breathe on dreams. Dreams that had been given up on and dreams that the people of God were contending…

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    This morning I had a vision and I saw chains around many of God’s people’s feet. What I noticed about these chains is that they were LONG and they were were a HEAVY WEIGHT to drag around. Instantly, I knew that they “chains” represented “areas of struggle” on multiple levels. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental where there has been an “affliction” (google defines it as: the state of being in pain. “poor people in great affliction” synonyms:suffering, distress, pain, trouble, misery, wretchedness, hardship, misfortune, adversity, sorrow, torment, tribulation, woe, cross to bear, thorn in one’s flesh/side) of sorts that has been with them for years upon years. A weight that…