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All morning the song “A whole new world” from the kids movie Aladdin has been playing over and over in my head. I went and looked up the lyrics and felt the Lord saying that this is a word for many who are leaning in and waiting for new doors to open.

** Lyrics:

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no or where to go
Or say we’re only dreaming

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I’m way up here, it’s crystal clear
That now I’m in a whole new world with you
(Now I’m in a whole new world with you)
Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feelings
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Through an endless diamond sky

A whole new world
Don’t you dare close your eyes
A hundred thousand things to see
Hold your breath, it gets better

I’m like a shooting star
I’ve come so far
I can’t go back
To where I used to be

A whole new world
Every turn a surprise

With new horizons to pursue
Every moment red letter
I’ll chase them anywhere
There’s time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you **

(Lyrics taken from

I felt the Lord saying that many who are waiting and contending for open doors are now meeting and about to meet doors of destiny that are going to open (Isaiah 22:22) a whole new world up before them. Everything is going to look different but in the most glorious way.

The Lord is taking His people up higher, and these new doors that are being opened and entered through are COMPLETELY NEW, so they will require a new level of heavenly insight. A new level of clarity and insight will be released over His people as they step up to the doors and through them. These doors are releasing the people of God into greater manifestations of their dreams, into a place of such deep contentment and joy that they will feel like they are “living the dream”.

All the opposition, all the confusion, all the haze is going to fade away as the people of God move through these doors. As they “come up higher” with the Lord to a place of crystal clear insight and clarity. (Jeremiah 33:3) Things of this season and the tremendous opposition will suddenly make sense. It’s a new level of freedom, it’s a new level of soaring, and the Lord is taking His people on new adventures and these adventures will be SO exciting and the Lord is going to share His heart and treasures and there will be such much more to see in this release than the people of God have ever seen. The expectation and excitement in the spirit is going to a whole new level.

Walking through these new doors of destiny, the Lord is going to show you how far He has brought you. You may have been stretched almost to the point of feeling like you were going to die, but you are going to accelerate once you step through these doors in a way you haven’t experienced before. Where you have been pressed, you are coming forth as a beautiful diamond shining His Glory in MANY different facets and in these new destiny doors you are moving into a deeper place of seeing He is the greatest diamond of all. The greatest treasure and you will begin to see new facets of His Glory, His nature and promises in these encounters with Him in these new realms. His Word is going to come alive to you like never before in this season. Oceans of encounters await in the red letters of Jesus’ words. HUGE levels of revelation and an aligning of focus back to Jesus away from distraction and false beliefs is happening in deeper ways in this season. An aligning back to and deeper into focus on Jesus and His Word is happening right now that is breaking off holds of the enemy, containment, limitations, distractions, doubt and fear.

As these destiny doors are set and open before you, a greater YES will be required from you to the Lord, a new level of surrender and trust that hasn’t been explored before, but a heavenly resolve and conviction is coming upon the people of God to move forward in the pursuit of seeing heaven come to earth and a determination that despite the cost, despite the sacrifice, “I cannot go back”. Onwards and upwards from here!

As these destiny doors open, I saw many looking at them in awe but fear trying to keep them from moving forward because the doors are BIGGER than they realised and require a greater sacrifice. Do NOT let fear steal the door that’s before you. You are moving into a whole new world in Him! He is going to speak to you in greater creative ways, He is going to make His confirmations LOUD, and you will be comforted by His presence IS WITH YOU in the “NEW”. His voice of love, the revelation of His perfect love is going to wash away the fear as you take this new ride with Him.

There is a new horizon before you people of God! Keep standing in Him, keep close to Him, your ear to His chest. A whole new world is going to open up for you through these doors of destiny, and it’s only going to get better from here.

There are MANY WIDE EYED GASPS OF AWE coming over the people of God as they watch Him FAR EXCEED their dreams and expectations. (Ephesians 3:20)

There are MANY GLORIOUS surprises along the way!!!!!!!

Get ready to SEE Him like you have never seen Him before. Fun adventures and joy is before the people of God, a whole new level of dreaming with and in Him. In seeing HIM, all else around is going to become crystal clear. We are stepping deeper into the revelation of being “seated in heavenly places with Him”. (Ephesians 2:6) It’s your time to SHINE!

“A new fantastic point of view” is UPON YOU!

“A new horizon to pursue.. I’m like a shooting star, I’ve come so far, I can’t go back to where I used to be.”


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I saw a cloud of confusion and doubt coming over many in the body of Christ. It was creating a heavy haze and a real battle in seeing what the Lord is doing and wants to do in certain situations, and what He is saying.
This confusion and doubt has come over many to cloud vision and attempt to hinder their ‘seeing’ of the keys that will be received to bring breakthrough.
I also saw a whirlwind of distraction, confusion and disorientation coming over many intercessors in their secret place as they attempted to press in and stand in the gap.
This cloud and this whirlwind has been sent to distract you, but keep pressing in, for the very area that the enemy is hitting hard with confusion, doubt, distraction and disorientation is the very area of your next breakthrough of UNPRECEDENTED CLARITY!
Press through the haze. The enemy is putting up “smoke and mirrors” to create doubt and mislead in the areas the Lord has spoken His Word to His people. Don’t doubt what the Lord told you. Go back to the last thing the Lord told you about your circumstance/situation and stand on that.
Many who ‘see in the night’ and have ‘prophetic dreams’ have been attacked in their dreams lately and areas of sleep. Keep standing firm friends, this attack is going to break and the Lord is moving many of you His seers in the night who are staying positioned and in that place of surrender to Him, to a whole new level of prophetic insight and clarity in dreams in the night. Plans of the enemy will be revealed in the night hours and strategies of heaven seen in dreams that will create sudden shifts and changes in the natural when implemented in His way and timing. The Lord is going to begin revealing to many in prophetic dreams that which the enemy has tried to keep you from seeing through haze, confusion, distraction and doubt. The level of prophetic insight in dreams is going to be off the charts, but keep asking for His interpretation and wisdom as I see the level of understanding rising by His Spirit as the dreams accelerate.
For unprecedented clarity, confirmation, comfort and insight is coming upon you. Many in the body of Christ, also intercessors, seers and prophets are being hit hard in the area of their sight right now because they are about to step into and see the Lord release through them a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT in CLARITY, ACCURACY, DISCERNMENT and INSIGHT as they stay yielded and surrendered to Him that is going to release a supernatural shift of sight into families and across the body of Christ to see revelatory truth of His Word and all things not of Him, fall away. There is a huge purification happening in the body of Christ especially in the area of the prophetic. The Lord is raising up those who are seeing into His heart and seeing through His heart of love to forerun right now and demonstrate what it means to SEE through eyes of LOVE and HOPE and heavenly insight.
The haze, confusion, and disorientation many of you are facing, let me encourage you, it is bigger than just trying to stop you, the enemy is attempting to stop what the Lord is going to release THROUGH YOU. Stay positioned!
For 20/20 DOUBLE HEAVENLY VISION is being released with a level of clarity and accuracy we have not experienced before in the body of Christ, and the fruit of this new sight will be seen to be true as it reveals the TRUE GOOD nature of our heavenly Papa seeing HOPE in ALL situations. Seers are arising to a ‘double’ level of sight right now seeing clearly through the lenses of a GOOD Father and one who speaks HOPE, LIFE and LOVE.

Don’t be discouraged by the ‘haze’, for it is an indicator that you are moving into a new level of breakthrough of HEAVENLY CLARITY.


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“But He knows the way I take; When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” – Job 23:10

This has been a week of great testing across the body of Christ. Many have been going through the fire. I am not saying that the Lord has been the ‘author’ of the trials, but I saw the Lord USING the trials and the fire many have been walking through to bring a deep refinement, and in the testing remove anything that was hindering them and lead them into deeper levels of wholeness and purity. There is a deep level of healing and purification happening right now across the body of Christ. There is a purifying power that’s taking place in the fire.

The pressure that has been applied in the fire of these trials, may have felt like it has broken many, but as you have continued to keep your faces towards Him, you have moved to a deeper level of trust, you have moved to a deeper level of surrender and a deeper level of yieldedness and flexibility in following the prompting of the Holy Spirit as you have continued to stay positioned and not give up. As you have continued to lean on His chest.

Many have been feeling that the fire has brought them to a deeper level of brokenness but I felt the Lord saying YOU HAVE NOT BEEN BURNED! You have been SUSTAINED IN the fire. As you have continued to stand, you have been REFINED and STRENGTHENED and you are coming out as PURE GOLD.

I saw Him leading many out of the fire and into a river of ‘ease’. The fire has been hot, the trials have been intense, but you have continued to stand, and the Lord is leading you out and you are shining with a new level of purity and strength that bypasses emotion. You are coming out stronger as you have continued to stand. He has been in the fire with you and even though it feels like the fire was turned up 7 times hotter, you were NOT BURNED but STRENGTHENED. What was meant for your evil, the Lord has used for your good, to bring about a deep testing and trying that has brought forth a strengthening and purity of heart that has prepared you for what is before you.

He is moving you into a place of ease, a place where you can “gather your breath” and be refreshed. He is bringing you out now into a place where you shall see more come from your rest at His feet, than if you were ‘trying to do things and work it out yourself’. This deeper level of rest, is leading you into a new level of productivity. Such an ease and new levels of grace in the anointing. Much more fruit than before and no striving. A deep rest of heart and soul, a deep refreshing and new levels of revelation that is going to see more breakthrough and harvest than you have seen before.

Many of you have become very ‘tired’ in the fire but you are on your way out. You are moving into the rivers of ease of the Holy Spirit. A new level of flowing with Him, a new level of breakthrough. Moving from thinking you’re dying, to THRIVING. From flapping your wings hard to try and stay alive, to being carried by the winds of the Holy Spirit and soaring higher than before.


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This morning I saw the enemy coming hard against many of the people of God and he was coming towards them with an assignment to assassinate. He was coming against many to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ because he was SCARED of what they were about to step into. As the enemy was pushing hard against the people of God, many were feeling like they weren’t going to be able to withstand the level of pressure and opposition. When suddenly, I heard the Lord reminding His people to worship their way through the warfare. As they positioned themselves in worship, they were stepping into the alignment of their authority that God is BIGGER than the warfare and GREATER is HE that lives in ME than he who lives in the world. (1 John 4:4)

As the people of God worshipped I saw supernatural strength and refreshing filling them by the power of the Holy Spirit and their eyes were opening wider and wider and wider. They were being awakened to greater revelation of their authority, but I saw the Holy Spirit revealing to them future assignments and attacks of the enemy before they were released upon them.

Suddenly, I heard the Lord speak.. “ANNIHILATORS ARISE”. The word annihilate means to destroy utterly or to obliterate. In the place of worship, the Lord was strengthening His people, awakening the warrior within, and they were arising to COMPLETELY DESTROY and OBLITERATE the plans of the enemy in their lives and the lives of others coming against them now. There was such a shift happening where the people of God were taking greater ground in seeing the plans of the enemy CRUSHED under their feet. They were also given the insight of some things to come and in their authority and in their declarations of His Word, and in their worship of Him, of who He is and that there is NONE greater than Him, He being SO much bigger than the attempts of the enemy to assassinate and steal, I saw plans of the enemy being thwarted and destroyed before they gained any ground or momentum. Even areas where many felt like the enemy had got victory, the people of God were arising to take double the ground that was seemingly ‘lost.’

If you are facing huge pressing from opposition, take heart, for as you worship, the Lord is strengthening you, He is awakening you to greater levels of your authority in Him, and you are arising as a heavenly annihilator IN HIM! One of the greatest shifts in the body of Christ concerning our authority and taking back ground the enemy has stolen is upon us. The Lord has not caused the opposition against you, the enemy is attempting to assassinate but he is ALREADY defeated and the Lord is STRENGTHENING YOU IN the pressing (even if you don’t feel it) and you are about to push back SO MUCH HARDER and see the plans of the enemy UTTERLY DESTROYED and thwarted in Jesus name and make the enemy sorry that he ever came after you. You will not be shaken as you keep standing in Him. The powerful heavenly annihilators standing in the authority of the King of Kings are arising.


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Where there has been disappointment, I felt the Lord saying “HE IS SETTLING THE MATTER”. You may not get the “answer” or the “why” to past disappointments, He does not disappoint, and now He is breathing healing life into hearts that will “suddenly settle the matter” through a deeper encounter with His love that will SUDDENLY break those chains of disappointment and ignite the fire to dream again.


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There is so much angelic happening right now and to be seen in greater increase in this next year. I have seen more angelic activity in the spirit than I ever have. The Lord is opening our eyes as the people of God to greater levels of the supernatural. We are moving into a time of greater encounters with angelic hosts from a place of understanding that we do not worship angels, we worship Jesus and He is inviting us deeper into realms of the supernatural through their visitations in our lives. As our eyes are opened to their visitations in our lives, a shift in the season is happening. A new realm of the supernatural is opening up.

Today, during worship I saw Daniel 9:23 before my eyes:

“At the beginning of your pleas for mercy a word went out, and I have come to tell it to you, for you are greatly loved.”

Instantly I saw angelic hosts that had been sent into the lives of believers on the Lord’s command and they were carrying with them HUGE jars of clay that were FILLED to the brim with the most beautiful crystal clear blue water I have ever seen.

As they entered into the lives of believers, I saw these encounters with them happening during worship, in the natural through entertaining angels unaware, in dreams and in open visions and trances.

These angelic hosts came to the people of God that had met their point of desperation. They had met their point of not being able to go any further because of the pressure and hardship they were facing. These angelic hosts began to release a message from the Father to them. Every single delivery of these messages began with the same words “The Lord has heard your prayers. The moment you began to cry out to Him, the Lord decreed your deliverance, He decreed us being sent to you to bring you refreshment and to tell you that you are DEARLY LOVED. Your prayers have been heard, on the command of the Father, heaven is moving on your behalf and invading earth in your life.”

The second part of each message was different. It pertained to the circumstances and hardships that had brought the people of God to such desperation and wrestle to stay away from despair.

As these angelic hosts spoke, they lifted these jars of clay high and began to pour this water of the people of God. DEEP refreshment was being released through these messages, as these angelic hosts were communicating the heart of the Father to His people.

I heard one of them speak “This is a pivotal point of refreshment. Everything changes from here.”

The refreshment was touching deep levels of the heart and crevices of the soul that was so weary and fighting despair over the circumstances before them, as the Holy Spirit drenched the words being communicated from His heart. This refreshment that was being released was releasing a strength in the people of God and an awakening in these weary parts that was moving them to a whole new level. They were coming out of these encounters with DEEP refreshment, DEEP healing, and DEEP insight for the shift that was taking place in their lives. They went from deeply exhausted and battle weary to a level of supernatural strength and joy they had not known before as they received a DEEP impartation of the Father’s heart through these angelic hosts and their messages carrying heavenly refreshment.

There is such supernatural refreshment happening right now through these angelic encounters, that will release a testimony to all around of His strength, His healing and freedom. Not only will you be restored by this refreshment but to stronger and better than before. You are not being refreshed to the same level. You are being refreshed to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Stay positioned in the secret place, stay positioned in faith. Your prayers have been heard. You are GREATLY LOVED. Angelic hosts have been released with a MESSAGE OF REFRESHMENT.


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Last night I had a dream and in the dream I was walking with the people of God towards an archway. As we got closer to the archway I saw that across the top of the archway I saw the words “MOUNTAIN OF ENCOUNTER”.

This beautiful archway was at the foot of a beautiful mountain. I looked up at this mountain and saw it was LUSCIOUS!! Green grass everywhere, SO alive, and it was flowing with milk and honey. This mountain felt like it was pulsating with a complete manifestation of life, abundance and provision.

As we moved through the archway, we entered in with thanksgiving and praise. We went through a doorway deep into the mountain. As we entered in, I was overwhelmed with the sense of us being invited and entering into a deeper level of encounter with Him. Matthew 17 (Mount of Transfiguration) filled my mind and heart.

There is an invitation from the Lord right now to the people of God to enter INTO a new level of encounter with Him than they have ever experienced before.

In the going “deeper” into this season of glorious encounters with Him, we are going to see Him in His Glory like we have not seen Him before. In this season, out of this place of DEEPER encounters with Him and seeing Him, things are going to change SUDDENLY.

Provision, manifested victory, greater heavenly sight, promotion, increase and joy are SUDDENLY going to shift to a whole new level. As the Lord is inviting us deeper into the mountain of encounter, we are moving into greater overflow of His heart and manifested promises in our lives.

As we accept His invitation, we are moving through the archway, crossing over the threshold into the greatest encounters with Him that we have ever had. Encounters that are going to have monumental ripple effects in the natural. Encounters that bring sudden shifts and sudden alignments. Encounters that become “defining moments” and “turning points”. THESE encounters with Him are upon us now.

Don’t let the battle or weariness cause you to shy back from the line of pressing in deeper. These encounters that are going to birth bigger suddenlies than we have ever seen and lead us into a deeper place where we SEE that LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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LVM Weekly update

Apologies for the previous post’s format, here is a ‘corrected version’
Much has happened in the last few weeks, hence the delay in the update. We apologize for this and will endeavor to make updates more regular.

We had a powerful time last weekend with the leaders of Friends Church (Nerang, Qld) with Lana (and Kevin) ministering at a leader’s retreat with teaching and prophetic ministry. It was an incredible time with the Spirit moving in great worship and declaration.

Lana will be ministering at Pour it Out Church in Maroochydore, QLD at their 10am service, Nov 22. We are excited to see how God moves during this time.

We are planning an amazing journey around USA in early 2016. With dates secured in February in Texas, we are now planning with other communities in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Washington (state). We will post more information as it comes, but hope to have dates and flights secured this week. If you are interested in having Lana minister at your community please feel free to contact us on the itinerary page of Lana’s website ( We are still open to further invitations, however we are hoping to have a final schedule soon.

As the ministry is expanding so is the work that is handled behind the scenes (website, admin, communications to name a few). Usually Kevin handles most of this work alongside his job, however due to increasing demand on his role, the need to be able to travel; we have made the decision towards a ‘faith step’ in Kevin leaving his role at Australia Post.
Kevin, like Lana has a Ministry degree and is studying towards in Masters of Ministry through Tabor College, Adelaide. He is gifted in many ways spiritually, as well as with administration and technical ability. He will be ministering with and supporting Lana in her role in Lana Vawser Ministries. This allows the Vawsers to travel / minister as a family, while freeing Lana to engage in more ministry appointments and spend more time in preparation and sowing into her role.

We thank you for your prayers and support in following this ministry, and to those who have sown. We pray for deeper revelations and clearer communication with God for you all, in deeper places in intimacy with Him.

Lana and Kevin Vawser
Grace Place Farms


Today, during worship, I heard the words “I am breathing on your dreams with INTEREST.”

I saw Papa God intently looking into the hearts of His children and paying attention to their dreams. I also saw Him looking across a valley of what looked like dry bones and ashes where years of disappointment and other things had crushed the people of God’s dreams to nothing. This valley was the “dreams left behind” valley where the people of God had given up on the dreams in their heart.

The Lord began to breathe on dreams. Dreams that had been given up on and dreams that the people of God were contending for now, the Lord was bringing them to life and with interest. Many are facing a shaking “within the dreams” the Lord has given them. Some dreams were shaken so much they were given up on, and other dreams have been shaken so intensely many of God’s people have been left bewildered and confused.

As the Lord was breathing on these dreams in the shaking, He was extending these dreams bigger than before. In the shaking of the dreams, dross that could have hindered the manifestation of these dreams is being removed as the people of God REMAIN in the place of faith. The Lord is moving powerfully IN the shaking, and the manifestation of your dreams in Him are going to be revealed and fulfilled BIGGER than you imagined.

Right now, there is a great battle over the dreams God has placed in the hearts of His people, whether they are lying broken in the valley or in the place of contending, there is great opposition against them, because NOW is the time they are coming to MANIFESTED LIFE WITH INTEREST!

The breath of the Lord was empowering, aligning, awakening these dreams in great increase and SUDDENLY I saw the words “I AM BREATHING ON YOUR DREAMS” to “I AM BIRTHING YOUR DREAMS”. The breath of the Lord moved then with greater acceleration and the people of God were beginning were SUDDENLY beginning to see their dreams BIRTHED before their eyes.

It may be the midnight hour, your circumstances may look the FURTHEREST they ever have from the dreams the Lord has given you for your life, for your calling, for your family, but do NOT let the darkness that surrounds become a greater reality than the truth of His Word and faithfulness.

Many who are facing circumstances completely opposite to their promised dreams began to question ‘timing’. Maybe they had got it wrong, maybe it wasn’t the right time, yet they couldn’t shake this deep conviction in their spirit that now was the time, so the doubt was causing a confusion.

Instantly, I saw the hands of a clock move to MIDNIGHT and I heard the words ‘FULFILLMENT, MANIFESTION OF MY GOVERNMENT AND ALIGNMENT IN YOUR DREAMS IS HAPPENING NOW, IN THIS SEASON!” Do NOT let doubt steal your positional alignment.

In the unveiling of dreams, in the display of dreams manifested with INTEREST, BIGGER and BETTER than could be imagined, a DEEP healing was happening in many hearts of wrong views of God as Papa being healed. Encounters with the Father heart of God are being released IN the midst of this birthing of dreams. There is a deeper level of healing and restoration the Lord is doing beyond the manifestation of your dreams. He is restoring and deepening the revelation of His goodness as Papa God in His people as they SEE His intent interest in their dreams, His passionate love, His extravagant faithfulness and His abundant provision.


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This morning I had a vision and I saw chains around many of God’s people’s feet. What I noticed about these chains is that they were LONG and they were were a HEAVY WEIGHT to drag around.

Instantly, I knew that they “chains” represented “areas of struggle” on multiple levels. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental where there has been an “affliction” (google defines it as: the state of being in pain. “poor people in great affliction” synonyms:suffering, distress, pain, trouble, misery, wretchedness, hardship, misfortune, adversity, sorrow, torment, tribulation, woe, cross to bear, thorn in one’s flesh/side) of sorts that has been with them for years upon years. A weight that has been in their lives that has just refused to move. No matter what they have done, or how much they have prayed, it has felt like the chain just got ‘heavier’ instead of breaking.

Suddenly I saw the words change. They went from:




For many it has been a long journey, and the chains of the WAIT have been WEIGHTY in heaviness but take heart those long WEIGHTY chains are about to turn the LONG AWAITED CHANGE OF BREAKTHROUGH!!!!! Chains were breaking everywhere!!! God is breaking LONG battles with afflictions and bringing healing, restoration, freedom, provision and increase through radical breakthrough in Jesus name. No more “pauses”, no more “stops”, no more going round and round and round the same mountain, THIS is the season for breakthrough of LONG BATTLES with afflictions of many kinds as the people of God have remained positioned.

I then saw another line appear…


The greater the WAIT, the greater the BREAKTHROUGH AND WEIGHT! Nothing is wasted. The Lord is turning it all. Not only will your breakthrough be greater than you imagined, but what will be released TO YOU and THROUGH YOU will be EXPONENTIAL.

Don’t give up! The Lord has seen those heavy chains and the weight they have placed upon you in the long long wait, but now in this season the weight of His Glory and breakthrough is going to rest upon you heavier than ever before. There will be SO MUCH breakthrough, it is just going to overflow and spill out onto people wherever you go. A new level of living in the overflow. There is a radical release of a breaker anointing being released all over the body of Christ in this season.

You are moving into greater days of AWE of His beautiful nature and wonderful works! What you are going to see Him do in and through you in these areas of long awaited breakthrough suddenly turning to long awaited change is going to leave you in a place of deeper awe of Him, which is going to raise you up onto a whole new floor and position you before many new doors.

Can you hear the chains breaking in the atmosphere? He is releasing long awaited breakthrough and change!


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