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This morning I had a vision and I saw chains around many of God’s people’s feet. What I noticed about these chains is that they were LONG and they were were a HEAVY WEIGHT to drag around.
Instantly, I knew that they “chains” represented “areas of struggle” on multiple levels. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental where there has been an “affliction” (google defines it as: the state of being in pain. “poor people in great affliction” synonyms:suffering, distress, pain, trouble, misery, wretchedness, hardship, misfortune, adversity, sorrow, torment, tribulation, woe, cross to bear, thorn in one’s flesh/side) of sorts that has been with them for years upon years. A weight that has been in their lives that has just refused to move. No matter what they have done, or how much they have prayed, it has felt like the chain just got ‘heavier’ instead of breaking.
Suddenly I saw the words change. They went from:
For many it has been a long journey, and the chains of the WAIT have been WEIGHTY in heaviness but take heart those long WEIGHTY chains are about to turn the LONG AWAITED CHANGE OF BREAKTHROUGH!!!!! Chains were breaking everywhere!!! God is breaking LONG battles with afflictions and bringing healing, restoration, freedom, provision and increase through radical breakthrough in Jesus name. No more “pauses”, no more “stops”, no more going round and round and round the same mountain, THIS is the season for breakthrough of LONG BATTLES with afflictions of many kinds as the people of God have remained positioned.
I then saw another line appear…
The greater the WAIT, the greater the BREAKTHROUGH AND WEIGHT! Nothing is wasted. The Lord is turning it all. Not only will your breakthrough be greater than you imagined, but what will be released TO YOU and THROUGH YOU will be EXPONENTIAL.
Don’t give up! The Lord has seen those heavy chains and the weight they have placed upon you in the long long wait, but now in this season the weight of His Glory and breakthrough is going to rest upon you heavier than ever before. There will be SO MUCH breakthrough, it is just going to overflow and spill out onto people wherever you go. A new level of living in the overflow. There is a radical release of a breaker anointing being released all over the body of Christ in this season.
You are moving into greater days of AWE of His beautiful nature and wonderful works! What you are going to see Him do in and through you in these areas of long awaited breakthrough suddenly turning to long awaited change is going to leave you in a place of deeper awe of Him, which is going to raise you up onto a whole new floor and position you before many new doors.
Can you hear the chains breaking in the atmosphere? He is releasing long awaited breakthrough and change!
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  • Kobus Theron

    Wow! Thank You Lord you are AWESOME and all the Glory to You Lord. You are a good GOD and Your mercy endures forever and WE LOVE YOU! More of You Lord and less of us. We surrender all and make You Lord in all areas of our lifes and in all we own IN JESUS NAME! Thank You for all our blessings we already recieved! Amen.

    • shosh7154

      Exodus 34:6 The LORD passed by before him, and proclaimed, “The LORD! the LORD, a merciful and gracious God, slow to anger, and abundant in lovingkindness and truth,

  • Marion Lacey

    Hi Lana,
    Thanks for your obedience toward our Lord. Thanks for listening to the spirit of encouragement. I sure needed it today, as I just feel the weight of the chains, it is just too much.
    I am standing through your words of encouragement of the months you have written, and they have been spot on and the right timing when I need it. Even today. It has been a nightmare. I have felt just where are you God, and also what am I doing wrong. Then I get words from Lord from you. I feel the weight is lifting up. I know,I will break through from every sickness and diseases and pain free from Epilepsy deafness speech impairment arthitis memory and bowel problems that I have suffered for years.
    I am praying to enable to see you in November at the Glory Church and this time I will have a testimony to share.
    Bless you, keep up with the good work.

  • Delfina Fiorentino

    What a beautiful anointed word!
    We are so blessed I am resting in Him for its fulfillment and expect blessing for others from the overflow. Thank-you for your obedience to the life giving Holy Spirit!!

  • Chris Kauffman

    Amen, so be it!
    Yesterday, as I was in worship with guitar and song; my back and leg began to hurt incredibly bad to the point where I wanted to stop. I have been pressing into the Lord for complete healing to manifest in my disks and I asked the Lord about it because the pain was intense. Suddenly, the words ~ “Break on through to the other side…” popped into my head.
    I have not listened to Jim Morrison for about a decade and none of the lyrics from my old life have any place in my mind or heart anymore; so it was either demonic or Godly. I believe you confirmed it was from the Lord because I continued to press in with worship and will continue until the breakthrough to the other side!
    Why? Because Jesus earned it and the Father desires it! Be glorified in our breakthrough Lord God!

  • VEE

    Thank You Lana for you faithfulness to always share the words you get…I feel like this one is for me, as I grow weary of the struggle and have lived with ” the thorn in the flesh” to the point of being weary. Thank you for the word of encouragement!

  • Ila

    Jesus Christ THANK -YOU for saving me over and over AND OVER AGAIN & again! And AGAIN!!!!!
    I see teachings, fellowship, Healings!! And lots of miracles happening everywhere from the local grocery store to hair salons/spas to schools.. Jesus… angels walking right into your home or place of business :))))))
    Put on your full armor of God and continue to pray continuously because the enemy is desperate knowing that the battle is already won!!!
    Be blessed!

  • Rose

    At 4:55 a.m. I had my breakthrough.
    I was vibrating with excitement this morning as I “unpacked” the tesseract in my heart, like a kid opening up a gift and feeling all sorts of levels of “overwhelmed” and “awe”…but I began to discern that I still had “a weight upon my joy.”
    I felt so sad. But I persevered.
    Then I remembered The Unity Candle Song that was played at my wedding, that had felt like a living prophetic statement to me. This is the one Kelly Willard sang… (it isn’t available…and I’m praying to the Lord that He WOULD make it available!)
    At 4:55 a.m., when I thought about the lighting of the Unity Candle, and that song…the “weight” was instantly…gone.

      • Nana Attob

        A big AMEN to this word. Ah My Lord, it’s been long, it’s been very painful.
        Tears, rejection, mockery, scorning, persecution, etc etc. But Your presence
        has seen me through it all. I won’t know how I will praise You on “that day”.
        Oh My God, come, come for it’s been L o n g !!!

  • Colleen

    Lana I would just like to say thank you for your dedication and obedience to God. With everything you need to be day to day you spend time in your secret place to hear what God is saying not only for you and your loved ones but for all of us who have been waiting and believing for changes in our circumstances for decades. I choose to take my eyes off what is happening around my life and pray and believe for others lives to change with suddenlies. But, I have to be honest and say it has been increasingly hard to believe that God will actually do the same for me. And so I have been so incredibly grateful to God and you for your ministry in reaching out and encouraging his people. This year has been one of the hardest yet and to be honest I’m not sure what stage I would have been at if I hadn’t been fortunate enough to find some of your words on the Australian Prophetic Council website. I was able to register on your site to receive God’s daily words and soooo look forward to the encouragement and hope they bring. I know I have to receive from God directly but it is wonderful to be able to tap in to what he is saying through you. I have folders of printouts that I am able to share with others to encourage them as well. It’s good to have them so I can read through them regularly. Thank you for being a good and faithful servant. I am praying that I might be able to attend the Brisbane Prophetic Conference in November. What an amazing opportunity at such pivotal time in history. I don’t want to miss out any more. God Bless you and your family for the sacrifices you are making in encouraging us to regain our hope and to stay positioned ready for the breakthroughs.

  • Karen Appleby

    Lana, This word is for my husband and for me. I feel like Hanna Hubbard’s Much Afraid who walked around with the companions of Sorrow and Suffering. This word helps me see some light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for listening to the Lord.

  • Lee


  • Laura Gagnon

    Dear Lana,
    Thank you for this word of confirmation! I agree that the Lord is setting His people free in this hour! He is breaking chains and delivering His beloved. It’s a Jubilee year also and it’s part of His promise to His people! If anyone is struggling with stubborn, resistant problems I have a recent article that may be helpful. I hope you don’t mind if I post a link here.

  • Kathleen

    OHHH my Word!! I have waited for this for all of my 67 yrs of life! It was just this morning that I got up very early and the Lord had me recount many times that he showed that he was with me..times when I was searching for where he was..even as a child. Even as a child I knew where I came from and who I belonged to..How he had brought me through it all for his purpose to affect much in my own “pond” of life. Showed me how I came to be able to overcome much because of his baptism of his Spirit..teaching me his ways and how to walk in them..This whole letter is my is amazing..Earlier this morning he reminded me of a dream in which I was being held back and was realizing that the holding me back was not from failure but his purpose..and then in comes this word..It felt like someone had read my journal lol! I also sensed the closeness of all this in words I kept hearing from my spouse over one of our sons…positive words of praise for the young man..I said Lord, it’s close..isn’t it..the word was that my son and my spouse would come to the Lord at the same time…it is close..then in comes this messgae to God’s people. May God so richly bless all those who love honor obey and pursue His love..May you all walk in his glory oon this earth before we leave here!

  • newheavenonearth

    Thank you Lana! Thank you Father!!!! I lived this message yesterday: as I went out for a walk, a couple with a dog came up and their dog circled around me and his long leash wrapped around my feet. I felt the constriction of the “chains” wrapped around my feet, immobilizing me. The opposite of God is dog and the church has been doing the opposite of what the Spirit of God is doing: move out of the four walls and let Holy Spirit and his ministering angels of flames and fire transform the world by God’s people doing what Jesus did and even greater works: letting the Holy Spirit in us move through us to those in the world! As the dog turned, the dog reversed his direction and the “chains” around my feet were released and I could walk as Jesus walked: in God, God in him with no “dogging by the devil”!!!!!!!! Stand firm in Christ, Christ in you, and though the enemy circles, it can no longer weight you down or immobilize you or stop you! Our feet shod with the equipment of the gospel of Jesus’ Peace DEFEATS (de FEETS) the enemy. Stand firm and freely walk as Jesus walked, in the Light as sons of Light!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings to all ~Yvonne

  • Shala Flowers

    I posted a similar vision on Facebook last Tuesday. I had a vision of church buildings, people, homes with chains wrapped around them.

  • Tanya

    Dear Woman of God, I felt so compelled to not read another post of yours without letting you know how you have blessed me tremendously in this past few months. This is the second time I have read one of your post that has been very similar to a dream I’ve had a few months ago about being bound hands and feet. I am in major transition, relocating to another state. When I saw this post, I decided to read it the next day when I had time to sit down and receive it. Before reading it, I spent time in prayer and worship and found myself singing “Break every Chain”. When I finally read your post, I fully understood then why my worship shifted to this powerful declarative song! It is a word in due season!!! Thank you for your accuracy and ability to impart life through your prophetic words, in the lives of so many. I have forwarded your words to dear friends who have needed this confirmation, revelation, and encouragement.
    Tanya M

  • Deborah

    Beloved of our King,
    I stand in this word from our Holy Father with you. I have stood with the many and the few, in the shadow of the ALMIGHTY, into the church pew, and into the streets of our cities. This is a timely word, I am so eternally grateful for. I know You have heard from the heart of PAPA. FOR THE MANY, FOR MY OWN FAMILY, I say may Abba most holy bless you richly, in your deepest need as you pen His heart. I will share this good news with my family. You have enriched my heart with hope and courage today. I just had to say how much that means to my heart, beyond a blessing.

  • Rae Graber

    I attended a women’s conference last Thursday and on the final day of the conference, 9.19.15, I read your post. As always, it was right on the money. It was a confirmation of that day’s session which was Change. The speaker shared about the importance of forgiveness in breaking the chains so change could happen. Two days prior, on the 17th, during quiet time, the Lord spoke to me about the conference I was getting ready to attend. One part of what He showed me were big, thick, heavy, black chains that were around ankles. I heard and saw them breaking off and women’s feet being released to dance and worship God and as they did, they grew stronger, and stronger, and stronger. Their worship was treading on serpents and scorpions.
    When we forgive and let go of our past, the chains break off and we can change into the new creation Jesus died for us to be. When the chains break off and our feet are set free to dance and carry the gospel to the mountain tops and the valleys, we will likewise tread on snakes and scorpions and defeat the enemy of our souls. Then beneath our feet will spring forth victory, strength, beauty, and such abundant life. The earth groans and waits in eager expectation for the Sons and Daughters of God to be revealed to heal this planet we subjected to frustration. It is time to Arise and Shine for God’s Light has Come and His Glory has Risen upon us!
    Lana, you are an awesome woman of God. I only recently became aware of who you are. Around that time the Lord spoke to me about how He was using a small group (remnant) of people groups that He called His Native Sons. He showed me these Native Sons were the indigenous aboriginal peoples of Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii (I was born, raised, and currently still reside in Hawaii), Native Americans, and those Believers who truly look like and love like His Son. Those that have been marginalized, mistreated, and maligned especially on their own soil, have been called to the forefront to be forerunners and heralds of God’s Great Outpouring. They will declare, proclaim, and spearhead God’s move. Those that have been made to be the tail, God has recompensed by turning the tables and making them the Head. These Native Sons are the front tier who have been sent out to reclaim New Frontiers because God has seen their many tears and He has saved them in His bottle. I saw Him use their tears and mix them with the Water of Life and it became a Healing Balm, Strong Medicine, and the Antidote that reverses the poison that has caused the Bride to sleep.
    The dew of the Lover’s presence is drawing near and it is stirring the Bride from her slumber of complacency. His fragrance is waking her and His kiss is about to break the spell of death. Arise Shine for your Light has come and His glory has arisen upon us!

  • Nahomie Riche

    Another wonderful Word of The Lord speaking to me. First time reading this and very much needed. That’s how I feel, waiting for the long awaited change to come. I needed some more “fuel” for the journey and I feel this Word gave it to me. When your in a season of warfare your always in a need of Encouragement because of constant warfare. With each word like this I always hope its the final word of the ending of the Wilderness Season. Can’t help but to hope☺. Anyways I’m going to write it down and take it to The Lord. Thank you