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This morning I saw the enemy coming hard against many of the people of God and he was coming towards them with an assignment to assassinate. He was coming against many to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ because he was SCARED of what they were about to step into. As the enemy was pushing hard against the people of God, many were feeling like they weren’t going to be able to withstand the level of pressure and opposition. When suddenly, I heard the Lord reminding His people to worship their way through the warfare. As they positioned themselves in worship, they were stepping into the alignment of their authority that God is BIGGER than the warfare and GREATER is HE that lives in ME than he who lives in the world. (1 John 4:4)
As the people of God worshipped I saw supernatural strength and refreshing filling them by the power of the Holy Spirit and their eyes were opening wider and wider and wider. They were being awakened to greater revelation of their authority, but I saw the Holy Spirit revealing to them future assignments and attacks of the enemy before they were released upon them.
Suddenly, I heard the Lord speak.. “ANNIHILATORS ARISE”. The word annihilate means to destroy utterly or to obliterate. In the place of worship, the Lord was strengthening His people, awakening the warrior within, and they were arising to COMPLETELY DESTROY and OBLITERATE the plans of the enemy in their lives and the lives of others coming against them now. There was such a shift happening where the people of God were taking greater ground in seeing the plans of the enemy CRUSHED under their feet. They were also given the insight of some things to come and in their authority and in their declarations of His Word, and in their worship of Him, of who He is and that there is NONE greater than Him, He being SO much bigger than the attempts of the enemy to assassinate and steal, I saw plans of the enemy being thwarted and destroyed before they gained any ground or momentum. Even areas where many felt like the enemy had got victory, the people of God were arising to take double the ground that was seemingly ‘lost.’
If you are facing huge pressing from opposition, take heart, for as you worship, the Lord is strengthening you, He is awakening you to greater levels of your authority in Him, and you are arising as a heavenly annihilator IN HIM! One of the greatest shifts in the body of Christ concerning our authority and taking back ground the enemy has stolen is upon us. The Lord has not caused the opposition against you, the enemy is attempting to assassinate but he is ALREADY defeated and the Lord is STRENGTHENING YOU IN the pressing (even if you don’t feel it) and you are about to push back SO MUCH HARDER and see the plans of the enemy UTTERLY DESTROYED and thwarted in Jesus name and make the enemy sorry that he ever came after you. You will not be shaken as you keep standing in Him. The powerful heavenly annihilators standing in the authority of the King of Kings are arising.
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  • Overcomer

    It has been exactly as you say even today I felt like Jeremiah down in that we’ll. Matthew 11:29Amplified Bible (AMP)
    29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me [following Me as My disciple], for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest (renewal, blessed quiet) for your souls.

  • Myrtle

    I was just saying tonight to a friend in an email that the enemy is trying to kill me and those we love. I also said how I listen to praise music and worship God and even dance, but with the energy He gives me…I am facing a lot right plate is full, and I feel it is so full that it is exhausting…yet, I know that I know He is with matter what. Then I read this email confirming to me what God has been showing me…thank you so much….for posting this…it has truly been used of God tonight…

  • Cari Behan

    Thank you Lana! This is very similar to what I saw about a week ago. The Lord revealed to me in a “movie form” for the refugees specifically how Isis was running millions of people out and away from their home. They are fleeing for their lives –scared and desperate!! And as Isis was pushing by force – moving(herding) millions of people – the refugees came to the edge of the borders of the land – taking them to the edges where the water meets the land, (taking them to the ends of themselves!) where they had no further land to run and as they turned to not go into the water there wasn’t just a physical turning but there was a turning toward Jesus — a repentance that came over them!! They turned toward Jesus –they gave their lives to Him which gave them mighty force – a fierce fire and they turned toward the enemy and they and not only resisted the enemy – Isis They took them by force. There were so many that turn toward Jesus and then turned to fight against Isis and they annihilated and destroyed them!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! In Jesus name!!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Yes, yesterday and this morning it was notable that the enemy didn’t like what God is doing in His saints. Gratefully, this morning I was reminded of yesterday’s word that came from a family member in our home: “The Lord delivered me from all of my adversity.” David spoke it about all his adversity, the Lord delivered him from ALL of it!! Hallelujah!!
    Yesterday, after seeing some of what the enemy had been lying about, the truth set me free: “My Redeemer lives!” Ah yes, our Redeemer lives!!
    This song came too with much grace and gratitude to God: “Mercy, rewrote my life. Mercy rewrote my life!”
    We come boldly to the Throne of Grace by the blood of the Lamb, to obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need!!
    You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Amen.
    Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life!! Amen and Amen!

  • Mark

    This is so right on. This is the word I got this morning before I read your post.
    Power Evangelism
    We ask you to invade your church again. Father we ask that you would break off of your church. Father let us not be afraid of going into the enemy camp to destroy it. Open our eyes and understanding to know then when we go into the enemy’s camp we going with power we go with greater is He that is in US than he that is in the world. Let us invade the enemy’s camp with such love and power to transform this world again like it has in the past. Let us start going into the bars and nightclubs the places where the enemy’s camp. Go in there without fear but with power to be able to take your love in your power and demonstrated there. Father open our understanding of who we are and who we represent and take out the fear of the enemy out of us so we could go and demonstrate your power and love.
    Father break off the spirit of intimidation that is on your church causes us to hide inside the four walls of the church. Father give us your eyes to see. Give us your insight to what the real spiritual battle is that we have already won and it’s time to take it to the enemy’s camp. It’s time to go where the enemies at this time it to go in the bars the night club and restaurants. Knowing that we can take you there with all the power that you have which is so much greater than the power of the enemy. It’s time to take fear out of the church and a walk out in your power in your strength in your ability to conquer. Father we ask for wisdom insight and understanding on how to take it to the enemy at his camp where they’re at and get out of the four walls of the church.
    When we going to the enemy’s camp like pubs bars even restaurants to go in teams of like four people no more than 6. To go in there and have a small Bible study as we eat and do it right there in front of everybody. Do not do it in some far back room. We need to have public Bible studies where people can come, see, and hear the message of God right where they’re at every day and let the Spirit of the Lord go out and touch them.
    Bible studies need to be something that is done on a consistent basis. At least once a week preferably on the same day the same time and not when big events are going on like Sunday football or Monday footballer, big soccer, or something else. We need to be where the bars and pubs are in a low key and have a mild Bible study. As you continue to go there all the time we need to leave a great tip like at least 20 to 30%. In doing this the waiters and staff want to come and serve you. As they come to service you they will be hearing the word of God and they’ll be minister to. They’re going to be listening to what is being said and people around you were going to be a listing. As you have an uplifting Bible study is going to influence and impact all those people around you.

  • Nancy Slocum

    Hallelujah and Praise God! Thank you, Lana! You hit the nail on the head of what I am feeling and experiencing more and more, day by day… GOD IS GREATER THAN ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THE ENEMY IS USNG TO TAKE US OUT OR DISARM US! We already win because we are on God’s side. He always causes us to triumph! We just have to walk it out before the eyes of the world so they can see how great and loving God is so we can win them to Jesus! It’s time for the greatest harvest of souls!!!

  • Joy

    Thank you for sharing this encouragement. This morning I woke from a broken night, racked with pain and unable to function. I was even fighting feelings of not wanting to live any more. I was under such incredible attack. As I took a walk (hobble) to ease my pain I heard the words of Hagar in my head over and over “you are the God who sees me”, and then the song “Oh, How He Loves Us”. I got home and lay down to nap with that song playing from my phone. I don’t know how to annihilate, but I know God has me safe, and I will worship him through this time of pressing.

  • Lyllie Hidalgo


  • Rae Graber

    During the weekend of 7.17-7.19, I attended a women’s conference and although there were many good things that occurred, I also experienced pretty heavy oppression and on the second day I had a persistent headache which would not lift. That night, the Lord spoke to me several times through the night and I got up twice to journal and pray through what He showed me.
    One attack came in the form of a bad dream where one of my dogs suddenly became severely ill and its fur fell out. He was completely covered in sores and he was itching so badly that we had to make a decision to put him down. In the dream my heart was so broken I could barely breathe. I don’t have children so the animals are the closest thing to kids we have and the attack against Hoku was very personal. Interestingly enough, the dog that was attacked was our border collie. Border collies are sheep herding dogs. They protect the sheep. The Lord had told me prior to the conference that He was sending me there on assignment. I rarely attend conferences and this was the first one I had gone to in many years.
    The other dream I had was of being surrounded by people and the people looked normal until you began to oppose them or declare the blood of Jesus over then, then they would morph and turn into demons. Eyes would begin to bulge out of faces and eyes that had pupils would morph and the pupils began turning to slits and then disappearing completely.
    It was interesting because as this attack of strange people was happening all around me, I met a young Asian woman and she was pitching a colorful tent and she called it her house and she was allowing me to stay with her in it. It was pretty and made of light fabric. It felt nice and when I began entering the tent these weird people began surrounding me and manifesting demons.
    The woman was peaceful and not at all troubled by the strange attack and she prompted me to look up a particular scripture (I can’t remember what it was), but in the dream I found myself fumbling through a Bible having difficulty finding where she had directed me to. The demoniacs began hovering and becoming more menacing which made me more flustered which made it harder to find the scripture, but finally when I found the word and began to declare it, the demons began to back off.
    One of the last things I saw in the dream was the image of a dark man standing on the second floor balcony looking down at me. He was dressed in all black and on the front of his shirt was the numbers 211 except the 1s were wavy almost like snakes. I do not know what this means, but it did not seem good.
    When I woke up from these attacks, I texted a friend who lives in TX and asked her to cover me in prayer as it was 4:00 A.M. in Hawaii where I was at and everyone was still asleep. She immediately began praying for me and the headache lifted and I was fine for the duration of the conference. In fact the Lord gave me a word for the conference coordinator that I was able to share at the end of the gathering. It was about God calling her a Seer and that He had given her Vision and would continue to increase that Vision Greater, and Greater, and Greater. He has restored her sight to perfect 20/20 Vision. Lani, the coordinator, had shared her testimony of her fight with brain cancer with left her blind in one eye. I will share more about this as a comment on your Clouded to Clarity post because it dovetails so beautifully with it.
    Yes, we absolutely overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. And we also overcome the accuser through worship and praise. We also need to rely on one another to cover each other’s backs. David had Jonathan and I am ever so grateful God gave me a friend in TX to be a prayer guard as I was in the trenches:)