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“But He knows the way I take; When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” – Job 23:10
This has been a week of great testing across the body of Christ. Many have been going through the fire. I am not saying that the Lord has been the ‘author’ of the trials, but I saw the Lord USING the trials and the fire many have been walking through to bring a deep refinement, and in the testing remove anything that was hindering them and lead them into deeper levels of wholeness and purity. There is a deep level of healing and purification happening right now across the body of Christ. There is a purifying power that’s taking place in the fire.
The pressure that has been applied in the fire of these trials, may have felt like it has broken many, but as you have continued to keep your faces towards Him, you have moved to a deeper level of trust, you have moved to a deeper level of surrender and a deeper level of yieldedness and flexibility in following the prompting of the Holy Spirit as you have continued to stay positioned and not give up. As you have continued to lean on His chest.
Many have been feeling that the fire has brought them to a deeper level of brokenness but I felt the Lord saying YOU HAVE NOT BEEN BURNED! You have been SUSTAINED IN the fire. As you have continued to stand, you have been REFINED and STRENGTHENED and you are coming out as PURE GOLD.
I saw Him leading many out of the fire and into a river of ‘ease’. The fire has been hot, the trials have been intense, but you have continued to stand, and the Lord is leading you out and you are shining with a new level of purity and strength that bypasses emotion. You are coming out stronger as you have continued to stand. He has been in the fire with you and even though it feels like the fire was turned up 7 times hotter, you were NOT BURNED but STRENGTHENED. What was meant for your evil, the Lord has used for your good, to bring about a deep testing and trying that has brought forth a strengthening and purity of heart that has prepared you for what is before you.
He is moving you into a place of ease, a place where you can “gather your breath” and be refreshed. He is bringing you out now into a place where you shall see more come from your rest at His feet, than if you were ‘trying to do things and work it out yourself’. This deeper level of rest, is leading you into a new level of productivity. Such an ease and new levels of grace in the anointing. Much more fruit than before and no striving. A deep rest of heart and soul, a deep refreshing and new levels of revelation that is going to see more breakthrough and harvest than you have seen before.
Many of you have become very ‘tired’ in the fire but you are on your way out. You are moving into the rivers of ease of the Holy Spirit. A new level of flowing with Him, a new level of breakthrough. Moving from thinking you’re dying, to THRIVING. From flapping your wings hard to try and stay alive, to being carried by the winds of the Holy Spirit and soaring higher than before.
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  • Robyn

    Thank you and bless you Lana for your faithfulness in expressing the thoughts and ways of our Heavenly Father so clearly. I identify with these so much and it gives me a sustaining comfort strength and courage that I’m on track with His will and purposes in my walk. May you be continually blessed and enlarged in His Kingdom purposes.

    • Toyiaa Baskin

      Robyn I so agree with you about Lana! Her words are so refreshing and on point. I receive this word because this is exactly what God is doing in my life right now. Thank you Lana for allowing God to use you!

  • Jordan C.

    My wife and I were discussing how difficult this week has been — even the last 8 years as your message from The Father landed in our inbox email. We’ve set out to believe GOD and have learned so much of HIM, yet it cost us nearly everything…literally. And yes, we are ‘very’ tired. Refreshing (spiritually & naturally) is exactly what we need. We love The LORD and are thankful that you share what HE’s speaking:)

  • Teresa

    This word is exactly what I have been experiencing the last few weeks. It has brought me to my knees and has strengthened me. I have felt degraded and low due to the workings of the enemy but the fire has not burned me! Praise Be to My Father!! What the enemy meant to harm and shame me, My Father will use it for my Good!
    Thank you for this most needed and encouraging confirmation for me to stand still and wait for HIM

  • Nancy Slocum

    Thank you & amen and amen Lana, over and over again! You truly hear from the Lord! Thank God for His purifying and refining fire so He can bring us forth like pure gold! God is getting His Body ready for their greatest works to turn this world right side up in Christ! Because of His fire we are being strengthened, confidently trusting Him more than ever and can say, “Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her beloved?”

  • Amanda

    And yet again, on point. Over the past month, you have been used to strengthen us in an uncanny way. Not at liberty to share, but 10 years of govt. harassment has made us tired. Often you express how we feel verbatim! I KNOW the Lord is using you to strengthen the Brethren- which is also our calling. Thank you for giving to the Lord, and to each of us. May He increase your capacity to serve.

  • Nahomie Riche

    Was going through past prophectic Words again for strength, encouragement and to see if The Lord would speak to me.. I felt the title of this prophectic Word really spoke to me and in timely fashion. I hope its my time to come out of the fire. Didn’t know what I was looking for, I just picked this month- first choice and didn’t know what I was going to find. I haven’t gone thru many of your prophectic Words on archive so far. I’m grateful their there though. A few times I checked archives for encouragement but didn’t go thru all that was written.. That’s how desperate I’ve been and still am. The pain is bad really bad. I do appreciate the book of Job. I used to be afraid of book in past before Wilderness Season now it’s one of the books that brings me great comfort. Wanted to comment again because it helps. Thank you for service to The Lord. GOD bless you.