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I saw a cloud of confusion and doubt coming over many in the body of Christ. It was creating a heavy haze and a real battle in seeing what the Lord is doing and wants to do in certain situations, and what He is saying.
This confusion and doubt has come over many to cloud vision and attempt to hinder their ‘seeing’ of the keys that will be received to bring breakthrough.
I also saw a whirlwind of distraction, confusion and disorientation coming over many intercessors in their secret place as they attempted to press in and stand in the gap.
This cloud and this whirlwind has been sent to distract you, but keep pressing in, for the very area that the enemy is hitting hard with confusion, doubt, distraction and disorientation is the very area of your next breakthrough of UNPRECEDENTED CLARITY!
Press through the haze. The enemy is putting up “smoke and mirrors” to create doubt and mislead in the areas the Lord has spoken His Word to His people. Don’t doubt what the Lord told you. Go back to the last thing the Lord told you about your circumstance/situation and stand on that.
Many who ‘see in the night’ and have ‘prophetic dreams’ have been attacked in their dreams lately and areas of sleep. Keep standing firm friends, this attack is going to break and the Lord is moving many of you His seers in the night who are staying positioned and in that place of surrender to Him, to a whole new level of prophetic insight and clarity in dreams in the night. Plans of the enemy will be revealed in the night hours and strategies of heaven seen in dreams that will create sudden shifts and changes in the natural when implemented in His way and timing. The Lord is going to begin revealing to many in prophetic dreams that which the enemy has tried to keep you from seeing through haze, confusion, distraction and doubt. The level of prophetic insight in dreams is going to be off the charts, but keep asking for His interpretation and wisdom as I see the level of understanding rising by His Spirit as the dreams accelerate.
For unprecedented clarity, confirmation, comfort and insight is coming upon you. Many in the body of Christ, also intercessors, seers and prophets are being hit hard in the area of their sight right now because they are about to step into and see the Lord release through them a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT in CLARITY, ACCURACY, DISCERNMENT and INSIGHT as they stay yielded and surrendered to Him that is going to release a supernatural shift of sight into families and across the body of Christ to see revelatory truth of His Word and all things not of Him, fall away. There is a huge purification happening in the body of Christ especially in the area of the prophetic. The Lord is raising up those who are seeing into His heart and seeing through His heart of love to forerun right now and demonstrate what it means to SEE through eyes of LOVE and HOPE and heavenly insight.
The haze, confusion, and disorientation many of you are facing, let me encourage you, it is bigger than just trying to stop you, the enemy is attempting to stop what the Lord is going to release THROUGH YOU. Stay positioned!
For 20/20 DOUBLE HEAVENLY VISION is being released with a level of clarity and accuracy we have not experienced before in the body of Christ, and the fruit of this new sight will be seen to be true as it reveals the TRUE GOOD nature of our heavenly Papa seeing HOPE in ALL situations. Seers are arising to a ‘double’ level of sight right now seeing clearly through the lenses of a GOOD Father and one who speaks HOPE, LIFE and LOVE.
Don’t be discouraged by the ‘haze’, for it is an indicator that you are moving into a new level of breakthrough of HEAVENLY CLARITY.

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  • Elsie Bouwman

    Pressed in this morning until saw “the Father loves the Son”–that we too love the Son as the Father loves the Son. Admittedly, I saw that I had never dreamed in the night of our children; neither as children, nor as adults as they now are. Oh my heart hadn’t seen that until today!! Oh, crying now.

  • danay007

    Thank you so much!!! The battles I’ve been through have been beyond anything I’ve ever experienced and more than I can bare. God has used His Words through you to bring strength. God Bless!!

  • Tatenda

    A word in season for me. I am truly encouraged! Thank Lana and may God continue to bless you.
    Tatenda, Zimbabwe, Africa

  • Rae Graber

    On 9.19, before the final session of a women’s conference I attended, my friend Starr had texted me a message on my cell and asked me if I had gotten it. I had not looked at my phone for awhile but when I did, there were two numbers on it, one of which was 2355 which I later looked up in Strong’s.
    What is interesting is when I went to look up the Hebrew and Greek entries for 2355, I “accidentally” typed in 2335 instead. (This goes to show us that God can even use our mistakes for His glory and purposes) The Hebrew word for 2335 is “chowzay” which means “seer” or “vision”. The Greek word for 2335 is “theoria” which means “sight”. This is EXTREMELY rare, in fact I do not know if there is another occurrence of it in Strong’s, where the Hebrew and Greek entries match in meaning!
    I did not understand the significance of this until the end of the conference when, Lani the coordinator, shared about her fight with brain cancer that left her blind in one eye. One woman came forward to pray for the healing of Lani’s sight and many other women gathered around her and I stepped forward to share the revelation the Lord had given to me regarding 2335. The following is a prophetic word the Lord had me deliver to Lani, but it is also for anyone who has the faith to lay hold of it for themselves.
    “I know the healing is not limited to physical sight, but more importantly the Creator is reestablishing your Spiritual Sight which is something Adam and Eve and mankind lost when they ate of the fruit and their “eyes were opened”. When their “eyes were opened” their real Eyes shut down. God is reversing this in you. What the enemy meant for harm you will see God repaying with Sight and Vision like never before. He will allow you to see like never before because you have passed some important and required preliminary tests of trials and tribulations to show you are ready to See. He has called you a Seer and also a Visionary. I believe this is why He said it in both the Hebrew and Greek and He means physical and spiritual sight and when God repeats a matter it is to say it is established and cannot be changed. Two is the number of union, covenant, and witness.”
    The Lord truly is restoring 20/20 Vision to His Bride. God is opening blind eyes and removing glasses of distorted understanding and causing us to see like never before! O how Glorious! And we will See the Truth and the Truth will make us Free, Free, Free indeed!

  • Lyllie Hidalgo

    Amen Father God, please anoint my eyes, so that I may be able to see with clarity the messages in the Spiritual, through Faith, and in the spirit, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!!

  • Harry

    Hallo an alle,
    ich komme aus Germany und verfolge Lanas Artikel seit ca. 3 Monaten. Alle Artikel waren für mich immer sehr ermutigend, wie ein roter Faden dessen Handschrift der Herr selbst war. Ich denke das mein Dienst für den Herrn in der Fürbitte liegt.
    Was ich in der letzten Zeit an Angriffen von dem Feind erlebe kann ich gar nicht beschreiben. Ich bin richtig verunsichert. Zur Zeit fühle ich mich am Boden zerstört.
    Aber der Herr wird auch nach Deutschland kommen und es erwecken.
    Gruß Harry