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LVM Weekly update

Apologies for the previous post’s format, here is a ‘corrected version’
Much has happened in the last few weeks, hence the delay in the update. We apologize for this and will endeavor to make updates more regular.

We had a powerful time last weekend with the leaders of Friends Church (Nerang, Qld) with Lana (and Kevin) ministering at a leader’s retreat with teaching and prophetic ministry. It was an incredible time with the Spirit moving in great worship and declaration.

Lana will be ministering at Pour it Out Church in Maroochydore, QLD at their 10am service, Nov 22. We are excited to see how God moves during this time.

We are planning an amazing journey around USA in early 2016. With dates secured in February in Texas, we are now planning with other communities in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Washington (state). We will post more information as it comes, but hope to have dates and flights secured this week. If you are interested in having Lana minister at your community please feel free to contact us on the itinerary page of Lana’s website ( We are still open to further invitations, however we are hoping to have a final schedule soon.

As the ministry is expanding so is the work that is handled behind the scenes (website, admin, communications to name a few). Usually Kevin handles most of this work alongside his job, however due to increasing demand on his role, the need to be able to travel; we have made the decision towards a ‘faith step’ in Kevin leaving his role at Australia Post.
Kevin, like Lana has a Ministry degree and is studying towards in Masters of Ministry through Tabor College, Adelaide. He is gifted in many ways spiritually, as well as with administration and technical ability. He will be ministering with and supporting Lana in her role in Lana Vawser Ministries. This allows the Vawsers to travel / minister as a family, while freeing Lana to engage in more ministry appointments and spend more time in preparation and sowing into her role.
We thank you for your prayers and support in following this ministry, and to those who have sown. We pray for deeper revelations and clearer communication with God for you all, in deeper places in intimacy with Him.
Lana and Kevin Vawser


  • Bethany Hess

    I am so happy to hear about your faith step!
    I know God has gone before you! You will be taken care of by your dear Father. I pray sweet family time, quick recharges, and powerfully intimate times of ministry.
    Thank you God for the faith of your people!

  • Brenda Boyd

    Lana and Kevin I am so thrilled with the path that God has you on. I certainly anticipate being able to see you somewhere while you tour the US and gives many the vital transfusion that you have for them. I am overjoyed at the way God is using you. We have been friends for a long time now and I am humbled and honored to know you both. Prayers and blessing always

  • Sue Arthur

    Thank you LANA & all Praise to the Lord for the tremendous Blessings your words of prophecy & encouragement have uplifted our church community. I will pray that your ‘faith step’ of Kevin moving into full-time ministry with you will be lavishly covered by the favour & anointing of the Spirit of God . Blessings 🙂 SueArthur