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LVM Weekly update

Hi friends!

Here is a quick post with the latest updates from Lana Vawser Ministries. We hope to do this weekly, on the weekend if possible.

  • Australian Prophetic Council Summit is gearing up and we know it will be amazing. If you are in Brisbane first week of November (or can be in Brisbane first week of November) it promises to be a great time.
    Speakers include: Steve Shultz, Katherine Ruonala, Faylene Sparkes, Gary Morgan, Fini and Isi de Gersigny, Amanda Wells and Lana Vawser. If you are interested please have a look on the ITINERARIES page, or go straight to the APC website.
    There is a short video about it HERE
  • We are excited to announce we have secured a date in USA, with a prophetic community in Rockwall Texas, called Eastgate (led by Tom and Lyly Ledbetter) Dates are Feb 12-14 2016. Hopefully more dates to come around the USA in the following weeks, we will keep you posted.
  • We had an amazing time with Gold Coast Revival (Led by Sasha and Anita Alexander) on Saturday 29th of Aug. Many people were touched by God through Lana’s message and we were blessed to be with such a hungry group!

So there it is, a short summary of what is happening! Please feel free to contact us through the contact page (or itineraries page for event requests) on the website,

Blessings to you

Kevin and Lana Vawser

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At the beginning of every week, I ask the Lord what is on His heart for the week, and this morning He said “Isaiah 22:22” to me again. I have been hearing this verse from the Lord over and over lately and seeing the numbers 22:22 everywhere.
“What door He opens, no man can shut, and what door He shuts, no man can open”
STRATEGIC doors are going to open for many this week as they continue to walk in faith and follow the prompting of His Spirit. The Lord is unlocking strategic doors this week that is going to usher in the beginning of THE GREATEST SHIFT the people of God have yet seen in their lives personally and corporately leading into Rosh Hashanah.
I saw these doors opening this week for many will position them perfectly as we enter into Rosh Hashanah to see the winds of change land suddenly in lives, rearrange much, put all things in heavenly order and positioned ready for take off into the greatest demonstration of “unlocking” they have seen.
September will be a month of SUDDEN UNLOCKING. I saw the Lord bringing an unlocking over the lives of His people as they are “intentional” in pressing in and not giving up.
I saw the enemy attempting to bring a STRONG HEAVY fatigue all across the body of Christ, especially as we move into September, to pull the people back into a place of “complacency” rather than “intentionality” of seeking Him. The enemy will attempt to bring increased fatigue, shake that off through worship, and know that a great awakening is upon you! The Lord is awakening you!
I saw between September 1-September 13 huge intercessory burdens being released. Many will feel a need to ‘withdraw’ to the prayer closet more than ever between these days as the Lord will break ground in the spirit through your prayers that is going to see REVIVAL and the POWER OF GOD burst open through in the new year.
PAY ATTENTION to these burdens He is releasing, and as you pray them through, KNOW that this area you have been interceding for is going to be an area of HUGE breakthrough, HUGE SHIFT and a MOMENTOUS move of His Spirit and great unlocking as we move into Rosh Hashanah. What the Lord has you intercede over from September 1 – September 13 will have ripple effects of breakthrough for the ENTIRE YEAR following.
As I saw the keys of heaven unlocking HUGE doors, these strategic doors were setting up destiny pathways for the people of God for the next 12 months. I felt the Lord say that we must ‘watch’ and be alert for the ‘areas’ that HE is opening these successive doors in, because these doors are going to be indicators of where He is going to bring a momentous shift which will unveil runways of destiny. He is going to unlock doors of dreams that seemed SO impossible, they will suddenly FLY OPEN. A greater release of vision of the “new day and new morning” and what that looks like is opening up in September. September will usher in revelation of the NEW MORNING, moving away from MOURNING!!!
Doors of tremendous favour setting up the people of God for runways of destiny revealed where revival will be released all across the earth.
The Lord went on to say that with the HUGE SHIFT and HUGE DOORS that are being unlocked in September, with radical provision, the people of God MUST stay alert. The people of God MUST stay alert IN the unlocking to move forward through these doors with wisdom, with increased discernment, and greater levels of stewardship.
“STEP UP IN SEPTEMBER” – There is going to be a “STEPPING UP” required in September. The sense of many being placed in their “It’s time” moment. The manifestation and realisation of “my time has come” and being “ready” to move forward. There will be greater areas of stretching and testing in September, but these stretching and testings will be in the midst of whirlwind changes, there will be much joy, and also a deeper call to surrender and intimacy to carry the increase He is releasing.
SEPTEMBER will be a month of strategy! He is releasing keys of strategy for breakthrough, revival and increase in cities/nations. Specific strategy from heaven will be released in September to the leaders in the body of Christ for their cities and nations to pray into and see the Lord come as a rushing wind, to see the fire of God fall and see pockets of cities and nations being “lit up” and “set on fire” for Him. Moves of His Spirit, demonstrating greater demonstrations of the revival we are moving into is going to begin to be seen through the implementation of these strategies from the heart of God. These breakthroughs that will begin rising out of these strategies will refresh and strengthen leaders, intercessors and forerunners that have become weary in the contending process.
September, will be the open door for much unlocking all across the body of Christ AS the people of God are “intentional” in their seeking of Him, that will have heavenly ripple effects that will be seen into the next year.


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Prophetic word through Lana Vawser:

I woke up this morning and heard the Lord say that He is surrounding His people with songs of deliverance.

I then felt the Lord say:

“I have heard the cries of My people. I have seen many who feel like they are being overwhelmed with difficulty and trouble. I have seen those who are feeling pressed on every side and have been crying out for deliverance. I am the God who delivers. I am the God of freedom. I am the God who breaks chains and brings peace in the midst of the storm. I am shouting RESCUE RELEASE over My people, and angels of deliverance are being released at My command and pushing back the darkness on every side. My songs of deliverance over My people are falling upon them and bringing joyous breakthrough.”

“Lord, You are my Secret Hiding Place, protecting me from these troubles, surrounding me with songs of gladness! Your joyous shouts of rescue, release my breakthrough.” – Psalm 32:7

“I am rescuing you from the assault, I am rescuing you from the troubles that surround you. I am delivering you! Hold on and do not give up. I am coming swiftly. Where you have had trouble after trouble, you will move into the land of double.”

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.” – Micah 7:7

My songs of deliverance over you, my shouts of rescue are releasing breakthrough and will see things change suddenly. Keep standing, a great demonstration of My deliverance in your life is at hand.


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Prophetic word through Lana Vawser:

Today I have had some lyric’s from the song “FOREVER” by Kari Jobe on my heart…

“The ground began to shake
The stone was rolled away
His perfect love could not be overcome
Now death where is your sting?
Our resurrected King
Has rendered you defeated”

As I pondered these words before the Lord, I felt the Lord speaking to me about the VICTORY that has been won in Him, by His death and resurrection, and the position of VICTORY that we now stand in.

I heard the words “The steps you have taken towards victory are not for nothing.” I then saw many who have been doing what they have felt the Lord prompting them to do to move towards seeing victory and breakthrough manifested in their circumstances and lives but nothing has shifted.

The Lord then showed me that every prayer, every declaration, every step of obedience to His prompting towards breakthrough has been building and building under the ‘hard ground’ the people of God are believing to break open.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and the Kari Jobe song was playing through my mind and I felt the Lord say, the MANIFESTATION of the prayers, declarations and obedience are about to be seen in the natural. The “STONE” of impossibility that seems to have “locked away” the miraculous, and is screaming breakthrough will not happen, is about to be rolled away.
VICTORY is about to manifest in SURPRISING WAYS as we live IN and FROM victory!

As the ground broke open I saw RESURRECTION POWER exploding from within it. The resurrection power of God was being released to bring to life that which looks dead, that which looks like there’s no way forward, that which looks like “it’s over” in the natural, but you heard God say otherwise. The resurrection power of God is about to display a “BUT GOD!!!”.

The giants attempting to steal your promised land are about to be defeated. Keep standing, a shift in the spirit is taking place, and the manifestation of the ground breaking is about to be seen. A shaking by the resurrection power of God is about to rise up in your life and set all things straight.

The “ripple effects” of this ground breaking is going to go further and wider than you have imagined. This breakthrough will take more ground in your life than you asked for. It’s multiplication time!


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This morning I saw HUGE overwhelmingly glorious waves of grace coming towards the people of God moving into new spaces, new places and new paces.

I could sense the anxiety, the nervousness and the expectation in the spirit of the new spaces, places and paces He is releasing His people into. I saw many feeling nervous and uncomfortable moving into these new areas that have opened up because they are completely unfamiliar. I also saw those feeling uncomfortable and stretched by the way the Lord was leading when they expected a completely different route.

I heard the Lord saying “The waves of grace being released now is more than enough for the new space, place and pace.”

In that place where you feel you are being taken to a whole new level of trust that you have never known before, and the ‘new’ and ‘unfamiliar’ before you feels like a mountain, and very uncomfortable, continue to press in and hold His hand. For where the Lord is leading you to step next has a WAVE OF GRACE that is not only going to be released over you, so you will be completely overwhelmed in His grace, seeing His provision and faithfulness, but this wave of grace will also carry you.

As I saw this wave coming towards the people of God I heard the lyrics from the song “How He loves” flood my mind and heart. “If grace is an ocean, we are all sinking.”

I then heard the Lord speak again “The new spaces, places and paces are not only deepening trust of Me in the hearts of My people, I am using these new areas to open up new realms of revelation of My grace. True revelation of My grace that was displayed at Calvary and My grace that continues to be released over My people every day as they live in Me. As My people see and dive into these waves of grace being released, not only will they move into these new spaces, places and paces with confidence in Me and see radical provision, but partner with Me to see a move of My Spirit they have not seen before.”

Whatever the new space, whatever the place, whatever the pace (acceleration) there is a deep rest in the waves of grace the Lord is leading His people into. Great peace in the new places, even when it doesn’t make sense to the natural mind. These new spaces, places and paces are not only stepping stones to greater intimacy and trust, but as you lie back and float in these waves of grace, you are moving into promotion. MORE fruit will manifest, more breakthrough will manifest, more sight and provision will be seen as you lie back into these waves of grace and let Him carry you, than if you fight against these new spaces, places and paces with fear, anxiety, nervousness and doubt.

He knows what He is doing! He is working for your best. Lean back, relax. All will be well. Let His waves of grace cover you and carry you. He is going to do what only HE can do in and through you in these new spaces, places and paces. Do not delay what is being opened up before you by fighting against it. You may not understand it right now, it may feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable but you are actually moving into a place where you will know Him like you have not known Him before. Where you will hear Him like you haven’t heard Him before. Where you will see Him provide, like you haven’t seen Him provide before. Where you will see the supernatural move, provision, breakthrough and increase of God bigger than you expected and like you haven’t seen before.

Many of you are feeling what you are facing is WAY BIGGER than you, and it is, but that is because He wants you partner with Him, be carried by His grace and see Him move like never before. Diving into these waves of grace are opening up new realms of “sight” for you to see into the spirit and the heart of God. In the depths of these waves of grace, are depths of heavenly insight. You will look back and see how you moved through these new spaces, places and paces in such ease, in His strength and not striving, in such grace and increase, your testimony will shout His Glory and goodness all around.

Waves of grace for the new spaces, places and paces are crashing over you!!!!! Even if you feel nervous, confused and uncomfortable, lie back and float in His grace, for His grace carrying you where you could never get yourself and in greater increase, provision and demonstration of His Glory than you imagined. What He is leading you into will be a perfect fit for you and your situation. Trust Him!

He is going to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT!!


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Prophetic word through Lana Vawser:

I saw many of the people of God with hearts aflutter and the anxiety levels rising as the “tides began to rise” around them. There has been a feeling of being at the point of being overwhelmed and these random issues with anxiety attempt to steal peace, joy and contentment.

It was then that I sensed the Lord saying “Come away with me, beside still waters and I will love the anxiety away.” I saw the Lord then lead His people who were battling with these high levels of anxiety, moments of panic and being overwhelmed, He sat with them beside these still waters. (Psalm 23:2) As the people of God “leaned in” and rested their heads on His chest, they began to hear His heartbeat and with each heartbeat was a line of a lullaby of love that was sung over them. (Zephaniah 3:17) As I watched the lullaby of love that was coming from His heart into theirs I saw the tangible manifestation of peace begin to take over.

He was steadying and settling their anxious heart, reminding them to be anxious for nothing (Philippians 4:6) but in the place of ‘leaning in’ and resting on His chest, to let everything that was on their hearts be known to Him in intimate conversation and not let thankfulness leave their hearts for all He has done thus far. Anxiety was being broken by the embrace of perfect love, the embrace of comfort, encouragement and truth. Peace and safety was returning in the revelation of Him. The people of God were moving from high levels of anxiety, to deeper levels of peace. Where the “storm inside” was being settled and they were beginning to command “storms around them” to cease.

“As the tide has been rising and many have been overwhelmed in a negative sense, the opposite is about to occur. The tides are turning and the tides of My provision, My peace, My favour, tides of encounters with Me and deeper intimacy are happening right now. Where lands have been dry in intimacy with Me, suddenly waters shall spring up in the desert. Where there has been lack of provision, the tides are turning and My provision will flow like a river. Where there has been lack of peace because of anxiety, the tides are turning, carrying My people into deeper encounters to feel a greater measure of My tangible peace that surpasses all understanding. Where doors have been locked shut, the tides are turning and doors will open. Where health has been a major issue holding many of the people of God back, tides are turning and healing is coming.”

“A CORPORATE TURNING is happening right across the body of Christ in SIGNIFICANT ways, and that is why the tides have been rising higher than ever in the negative. You will not drown. You won’t be moved or shaken because these encounters with Me are anchoring you deeper in Me. You will see Me, hear Me all around you. You will see My faithfulness and know My peace like you have not known before.”

“I am steadying your anxious heart, lean in, listen to My lullaby of love over you. ALL will be well. I am here!! Steady hearts, arise!”


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Prophetic word through Lana Vawser:

This morning during worship I had a picture of an eagle and it was on the ground and it was acting like a chicken. It was running around in a fluster and when it tried to fly it couldn’t. It got but a few inches off of the ground to only fall back down in a heap. I then heard the Lord say “Fear has clipped its wings”.

There were so many different fears that I began to see all around these eagles, and these fears when the eagles looked at these fears and focused on them, it was like their wings were being nailed to the ground. While they were on the ground, their “sight” and “insight” was SO limited and I could feel Papa’s heart of love calling them higher, that all was well, He was there. Everything was clearer from the place of rest on His knee.

All around me as I watched these eagles there was a ‘swirling’ battle. It was a swirling in the spirit. A swirling of change, a swirling of season shift, a swirling of the supernatural provision of God and breakthrough, but coming against this move in the Spirit was a swirl of opposition.

Many have been feeling this “swirling battle” all around, and the “swirling excitement and expectancy of the season beginning to shift and breakthrough manifest.”

I felt the Lord say that many have come to a crucial point in the spirit. A “history making” moment in the spirit. Where things are changing so rapidly, and opening up so quickly, changes all around, that if the people of God do not begin to move into a place of revelation of who they are in Him, and the security and safety of the revelation of His fierce love for them and the Kings of Kings who stands with them, then fear will keep them grounded. Their wings will be clipped with fear.

Right now, the Lord has positioned His people who are pressing in to SOAR. The Lord is taking His people to a high point where they will see greater heavenly insight and clarity. The Lord is calling His people to “come up here” and what is opening up in the spirit and the natural is bigger than the people of God have stepped into before.

In this season we are in right now, fear will attempt to cause many to “strive”. To leave the place of “rest” and begin to “strive” out of fear and anxiety to make things happen, to rush the process, or to struggle against where the Lord is leading them and opening up for them. It’s time to rest in Him, lay back in His arms and trust Him in whole new ways. For the winds of the Holy Spirit are going to carry you where you never dreamed you could go.


As the people of God took their eyes off the changes, off the swirling the good and not so good, and placed their eyes firmly back on Jesus, faces as flints towards Him, I saw them begin to be lifted off the ground, with a few “flaps” of their wings to get closer to Him, the winds of the Spirit picked them up and they began to soar. The level of heavenly insight, revelation and depth of intimacy that was taking place was new and fresh and breaking ground in the natural. The deeper these eagles went into the heart of God in their intimacy, the more ground was broken in the natural.

There was a sense of urgency all around me as these eagles (people of God) moved into new realms. The people of God were moving deeper into their anointings, and giftings were being awakened at new levels. The words then filled my heart “Do not treat My anointing lightly. There is a new level of stewardship of the anointing, of giftings and favour being released that is being entered into by My people who are pressing in. There is an invitation into a deeper level of intimacy with Me, that will open up streams of revelation, of living as an overcomer and thriving. In amidst these new realms, new doors will open and new platforms brought to the people of God and they must protect the anointing that I have placed over their life by not being tossed to and fro. From wanting to give up and run away, to not fighting to stay in the place of deep trust in Me. It is crucial in this time of promotion that My people are pressing deeper into the secret place, for IN the secret place, shall I strengthen them, open up wells of refreshing, insight, strategy and leading for all that is before them. Do not trade the priority of secret place for priority of platforms. Come deeper, come deeper, you are about to SOAR, SOAR, SOAR and ROAR with My love and authority into this world.”

I watched as these eagles were soaring higher and higher on the winds of His Spirit and carried by His grace and love and HUGE LANDS were before them. There was abundance in the lands, there was new levels of breakthrough, and there was giants in the land. I noticed on burnt into the ground right across the land in BIG letters was PHILLIPIANS 4:13 “I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST who STRENGTHENS ME!!!”

He then spoke again..

“In the SECRET PLACE I will make you brave!!!!”

Your greatest awakening and personal revival is upon you in the secret place, that is making you brave as you SEE HIM.

The BRAVE ONES are arising!!!


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The words “ARISE FROM THE ASHES” have been running over and over in my heart the past few days. I saw many of the people of God under a pile of dark circumstances, weights placed there by the enemy, and opposition that continued to whisper lies “Nothing is going to change..”, “The tide isn’t going to turn”.. “Breakthrough isn’t for you..”, “Things are just going to get heavier and heavier.”

As many of the people of God were caught under the pile of these different weights, and the enemy was whispering lie upon lie into the ears of many of God’s people, I heard the Lord being to LAUGH. Laughing at the enemy’s plans, the enemy’s lies and his attempts to keep His people down. He laughed at the lies SO LOUDLY because the very OPPOSITE to what the enemy was saying was happening RIGHT NOW. His laugh was SO MUCH LOUDER than the enemy’s whispers and the sense filled me, that His breakthrough and truth was going to SILENCE and DROWN OUT the lies of the enemy. The breakthrough is going to be SO MUCH LOUDER than the lies. As He laughed and laughed and laughed EVERYTHING shook.

As I looked at this “pile” on top of many of God’s people, I saw the people of God began to “shake” under the pile of everything on top of them. I then heard the Lord say “I am coming to my people as an all consuming fire” (Hebrews 12:29) I could see Glory starting to spill out through the ‘cracks’ of the piles upon them.

In the place of feeling like everything was being piled upon them, one after the other, surrounded by ashes of mourning, disappointment and doubt, they were encountering the Lord. Everything was being shaken. The Lord was shaking things off that hindered, He was burning up things not of Him. I heard doors starting to SLAM SHUT. Even though I couldn’t see through the “pile” to see what was happening with the people of God in these encounters, the sense surrounded me that there was such depth of intimacy and personal encounter taking place with them and the Lord amidst the ‘overwhelming’ pile upon them, the Lord was working on their hearts and together they were slamming shut doors that the enemy had found to enter in and cause havoc. The sense also came over me that many were in ashes of mourning because of doors that had closed.

Suddenly, the Glory of God began to increase and the shaking got more intense, and suddenly I heard the people of God ROAR. As they ROARED, they arose from the middle of this pile throwing off ALL that had hindered. They were shining SO BRIGHT with the Glory and light of God. It was almost blinding. I heard the Lord speak from the heavens again.. “YOU HAVE ARISEN STRONGER, YOU HAVE ARISEN OUT OF THE ASHES…SOLDIERS OF LIGHT!!!”

“The LORD’s voice will roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem, and the heavens and the earth will shake. But the LORD will be a refuge for his people, a strong fortress for the people of Israel.” (Joel 3:16)

As the people of God had encountered Him under the “pile”, under the “mess”, in the “ashes”, He had ROARED and brought a shaking so everything would fall into perfect alignment. Out of being in the ROAR OF GOD, they found Him as their refuge clearer than ever and everything shook. Deliverance, breakthrough and healing happened and His soldiers of light arose knowing a greater sense of His authority and breakthrough in Him.

In the ashes, in the mess, in the pile, keep clinging to Him. For you are going to encounter Him as your all consuming fire. Deliverance, breakthrough and healing is happening. Where there has been ashes of mourning, they are turning into a NEW MORNING. You are arising STRONGER and in greater revelation of your authority. Moving forward as His soldier of light with a ROAR in your belly knowing WHO is with you and fights for you. You are going to not only take back the ground the enemy stole, but so much more. New lands are opening up before you and where doors have slammed shut, new doors are going to open WIDE. (Isaiah 22:22)

In the ashes, in the mess, in the pile, the Lord is working deeply on your heart and different areas of your life, that has prepared you to step into the promotion that is before you. What you thought was going to “kill you”, has only strengthened you because of WHO was in the PILE WITH YOU!!!!

“Instead of ashes, the oil of joy, instead of mourning, and a garment of praise, instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.” – (Isaiah 61:3)

You are now moving forward to PILE DENT UPON DENT, DAMAGE UPON DAMAGE on the enemy’s kingdom and see the Lord move through you in greater power than you have before. One of the greatest gifts the Lord has released in the “pile” is the gift of discernment. You are moving to new levels of discernment and heavenly wisdom. Not only will you see with greater clarity and unmask the plans of the enemy in your own life and take new ground, but unmask his plans in the lives of others and see them move swiftly into breakthrough. NOTHING has been wasted, the Lord has been training you well.

Get ready for new assignments. They are before the people of God. Soldier of light, your hands have been trained for war and your fingers for battle. (Psalm 144:1)

New ground, upon new ground, upon new ground is before you! What you learnt in the valley with Him, has now prepared you for the mountaintop!


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Miraculous provision is upon the people of God. The Lord took me to the story of Elisha and the widow in 2 Kings 4 and as I meditated on this passage I saw many in the body of Christ right now feeling like the widow. Many feeling like they are still in a place of “waiting” a place of “awaiting the breakthrough” and the Lord extending them further and further in faith. I saw many, like the widow being prompted by the Lord to offer to Him areas of their lives where they were awaiting breakthrough, and the Lord asking for their “YES” even when the “YES” costs greatly. I saw many at the place where the “YES” to the Lord is leaving them in a place of deeper complete reliance on God. The “YES” was like the final step off the edge into the FREE-FALL into radical trust. I felt the Lord saying that the “YES” of sacrifice from the people of God, has opened up the PROVISIONAL STOREHOUSE of heaven. Whatever the Lord has prompted you to lay down, whatever He has asked you to place into His hands, whatever He has asked you to place on the altar, whatever the sacrifice is, FIRE is falling on that sacrifice. The Lord has not asked of you to leave you in lack, the Lord has not stretched you to leave you in a place of “wanting” but actually bringing you before TWO SIGNIFICANT DOORS. *1. THE FIRST DOOR WAS LABELLED “SEASON SHIFT IN INTIMACY WITH ME”* I saw the “YES” of the people of God leading them to a new door labelled season. The Lord took them by the hand and opened the door. As they moved through this door, I saw what looked like winter SUDDENLY turn to spring. Areas in relationship with Him where growth has felt far away, breakthrough has been non-existent, revelation has felt like it has been hindered and the cries for greater encounter feeling like they are going unheard (which they aren’t!! 🙂 ) were now seeing a ‘shift in season’ in intimacy with Him to a place where the NEW was springing forth. The NEW of breakthrough! Deep revelation and encounters with Him. As I looked around this land, I saw crowns hanging on trees and under the trees were was the Word of God opened and from the pages was the Glory of God exploding in every direction. Awaiting the people of God is deep revelations of His Word that is going to break chains, break hindrances and bring a greater awakening of His life in them. As the people of God are immersed into this explosion of His Glory through revelation of His Word, I saw the crowns begin to fall off the trees into their hands. When I asked the Lord what these crowns represented, Jesus turned to me and smiled and with great excitement He spoke “Oh the glorious treasures of breakthrough revelation awaiting the people of God in these encounters that is going to awake them to WHO THEY ARE, a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. ” Suddenly 1 Peter 2:9 surrounded me “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” He continued to speak.. “Look at these crowns, they have two layers.” I saw that it was one crown but it gold and silver woven together like a braid all the way around. “As My people are awakened to greater revelation of who they are, they are also moving deeper into HEAVENLY WISDOM. They are being crowned with My heavenly wisdom as they move deeper into the new realms of glorious revelation of their identity.” *2. THE SECOND DOOR WAS LABELLED “DOOR OF PROVISION”* I then saw Jesus take the people of God to the second door. This door was labelled PROVISION. As we walked through this door, I saw a land that was FLOWING with milk and honey. “I am a faithful God, a God who honours the YES of My people. I am the God who sends FIRE on sacrifice. I have seen the YES of many of My people. I have SEEN the cost of many to give to Me, to release to Me that which I ask, to move deeper into surrender. In this place of the “SACRIFICIAL YES” I am leading My people a place of seeing the greater SUPERNATURAL MIRACULOUS provision of My heart. Tell My people to not be discouraged or anxious in their “YES” and their “SACRIFICE” but encourage them that in their YES, in their OBEDIENCE, I am moving them deeper into claiming their inheritance by faith. Miraculous supernatural realms of provision are about to open up ALL AROUND THEM. Their “YES” has positioned them for “MORE”. Increase, increase, increase, look at the increase ALL AROUND will be the wide eyed, joy filled awe of My people at My provision.” Joy and expectancy rose up in me, even noticing the little details of His creativity in the encounter, as door number TWO was the door of provision and the Lord spoke of DOUBLE. Don’t underestimate how He will meet your YES. Fire is going to fall on your sacrifice. You are positioned for DOUBLE! ************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE: To subscribe or unsubscribe please click on the link below: * * SOW: To sow into this ministry please use the link below: * *