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At the beginning of every week, I ask the Lord what is on His heart for the week, and this morning He said “Isaiah 22:22” to me again. I have been hearing this verse from the Lord over and over lately and seeing the numbers 22:22 everywhere.
“What door He opens, no man can shut, and what door He shuts, no man can open”
STRATEGIC doors are going to open for many this week as they continue to walk in faith and follow the prompting of His Spirit. The Lord is unlocking strategic doors this week that is going to usher in the beginning of THE GREATEST SHIFT the people of God have yet seen in their lives personally and corporately leading into Rosh Hashanah.
I saw these doors opening this week for many will position them perfectly as we enter into Rosh Hashanah to see the winds of change land suddenly in lives, rearrange much, put all things in heavenly order and positioned ready for take off into the greatest demonstration of “unlocking” they have seen.
September will be a month of SUDDEN UNLOCKING. I saw the Lord bringing an unlocking over the lives of His people as they are “intentional” in pressing in and not giving up.
I saw the enemy attempting to bring a STRONG HEAVY fatigue all across the body of Christ, especially as we move into September, to pull the people back into a place of “complacency” rather than “intentionality” of seeking Him. The enemy will attempt to bring increased fatigue, shake that off through worship, and know that a great awakening is upon you! The Lord is awakening you!
I saw between September 1-September 13 huge intercessory burdens being released. Many will feel a need to ‘withdraw’ to the prayer closet more than ever between these days as the Lord will break ground in the spirit through your prayers that is going to see REVIVAL and the POWER OF GOD burst open through in the new year.
PAY ATTENTION to these burdens He is releasing, and as you pray them through, KNOW that this area you have been interceding for is going to be an area of HUGE breakthrough, HUGE SHIFT and a MOMENTOUS move of His Spirit and great unlocking as we move into Rosh Hashanah. What the Lord has you intercede over from September 1 – September 13 will have ripple effects of breakthrough for the ENTIRE YEAR following.
As I saw the keys of heaven unlocking HUGE doors, these strategic doors were setting up destiny pathways for the people of God for the next 12 months. I felt the Lord say that we must ‘watch’ and be alert for the ‘areas’ that HE is opening these successive doors in, because these doors are going to be indicators of where He is going to bring a momentous shift which will unveil runways of destiny. He is going to unlock doors of dreams that seemed SO impossible, they will suddenly FLY OPEN. A greater release of vision of the “new day and new morning” and what that looks like is opening up in September. September will usher in revelation of the NEW MORNING, moving away from MOURNING!!!
Doors of tremendous favour setting up the people of God for runways of destiny revealed where revival will be released all across the earth.
The Lord went on to say that with the HUGE SHIFT and HUGE DOORS that are being unlocked in September, with radical provision, the people of God MUST stay alert. The people of God MUST stay alert IN the unlocking to move forward through these doors with wisdom, with increased discernment, and greater levels of stewardship.
“STEP UP IN SEPTEMBER” – There is going to be a “STEPPING UP” required in September. The sense of many being placed in their “It’s time” moment. The manifestation and realisation of “my time has come” and being “ready” to move forward. There will be greater areas of stretching and testing in September, but these stretching and testings will be in the midst of whirlwind changes, there will be much joy, and also a deeper call to surrender and intimacy to carry the increase He is releasing.
SEPTEMBER will be a month of strategy! He is releasing keys of strategy for breakthrough, revival and increase in cities/nations. Specific strategy from heaven will be released in September to the leaders in the body of Christ for their cities and nations to pray into and see the Lord come as a rushing wind, to see the fire of God fall and see pockets of cities and nations being “lit up” and “set on fire” for Him. Moves of His Spirit, demonstrating greater demonstrations of the revival we are moving into is going to begin to be seen through the implementation of these strategies from the heart of God. These breakthroughs that will begin rising out of these strategies will refresh and strengthen leaders, intercessors and forerunners that have become weary in the contending process.
September, will be the open door for much unlocking all across the body of Christ AS the people of God are “intentional” in their seeking of Him, that will have heavenly ripple effects that will be seen into the next year.
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  • Gretha Fourie

    Good day,
    Thank you so much I am in a huge challenge now re finances……. have taken it to heavens courtroom …….. awaiting a positive response……….
    Thank you so much just again…….Blessings

  • Michael

    Yesterday, I walked around aware of this strong yet gentle “settled” peace within and it came with a sense that a powerful “shift” was soon to manifest in the natural. Also felt we need to ratchet up our intentionality in the days ahead. So this word comes as great encouragement to me.
    Thank you, Lana

  • Dr. Felix p. Saligon jr.

    Thank you Lord Jesus of Nazareth. The true & living God. We praise & honor ur blessed name. This will be abreakthrough of allchurch school ministry in r countty bless r National convention united ascep inc. Christian Education for all. God bless

  • Charlie Fisher

    I was given a painting called the Ripple Effect done by Mindi Oaten in May of this year. This is a timely word!
    Thank you for yielding to Holy Spirit! Canada welcomes you with open arms!!!

  • Jordan C.

    Hello Lana,
    My wife and I bear witness by HOLY SPIRIT with this prophecy. We sense the same thing, and have received WORD from The Father of the same.
    Thank you for your courage in The LORD!

  • Colleen Danchak

    Thank you Lana for this word. Been under a burden where I hD my hip lock up. I asked Him for grace and wondered what about. He said He was unlocking something in the foundation. Felt it was corporate. Then I see this word you had published. Amen! Whole lot of suddenlies needed.

  • heartpeace

    Praise God…I am reading this on Sept 14, 2015 Rosh Hashanah and I am joyfully testifying that this very prophecy has materialized in my life as of yesterday at 7:17 p.m.! I have waited for an answer from the Lord and it has finally come!!! Last night the Holy Spirit instructed me in the career I am to pursue, and with that also comes a new state, new culture, and new education. Praise the Lord His will is coming to pass in my life!! I cannot tell you, how intensely I have wanted to escape my current circumstances, yet I knew how critical it was that I remain in Him, die to self and wait for His direction. Yes, the Shift, as Prophetess Lana has said has happened. It has been so many years of waiting in faith and suffering from many things, and it is finally nearing it’s end!Hallelujah!!! It’s real people! <3 From loved ones, I have felt the pressure and temptation of their advice… Take charge! God doesn't want you to suffer! Do what 'you' want! Yet, I was determined to do HIS will, not mine determined to seek 1st the Kingdom of Heaven. Praise God, Praise God, !