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This morning I saw HUGE overwhelmingly glorious waves of grace coming towards the people of God moving into new spaces, new places and new paces.
I could sense the anxiety, the nervousness and the expectation in the spirit of the new spaces, places and paces He is releasing His people into. I saw many feeling nervous and uncomfortable moving into these new areas that have opened up because they are completely unfamiliar. I also saw those feeling uncomfortable and stretched by the way the Lord was leading when they expected a completely different route.
I heard the Lord saying “The waves of grace being released now is more than enough for the new space, place and pace.”
In that place where you feel you are being taken to a whole new level of trust that you have never known before, and the ‘new’ and ‘unfamiliar’ before you feels like a mountain, and very uncomfortable, continue to press in and hold His hand. For where the Lord is leading you to step next has a WAVE OF GRACE that is not only going to be released over you, so you will be completely overwhelmed in His grace, seeing His provision and faithfulness, but this wave of grace will also carry you.
As I saw this wave coming towards the people of God I heard the lyrics from the song “How He loves” flood my mind and heart. “If grace is an ocean, we are all sinking.”
I then heard the Lord speak again “The new spaces, places and paces are not only deepening trust of Me in the hearts of My people, I am using these new areas to open up new realms of revelation of My grace. True revelation of My grace that was displayed at Calvary and My grace that continues to be released over My people every day as they live in Me. As My people see and dive into these waves of grace being released, not only will they move into these new spaces, places and paces with confidence in Me and see radical provision, but partner with Me to see a move of My Spirit they have not seen before.”
Whatever the new space, whatever the place, whatever the pace (acceleration) there is a deep rest in the waves of grace the Lord is leading His people into. Great peace in the new places, even when it doesn’t make sense to the natural mind. These new spaces, places and paces are not only stepping stones to greater intimacy and trust, but as you lie back and float in these waves of grace, you are moving into promotion. MORE fruit will manifest, more breakthrough will manifest, more sight and provision will be seen as you lie back into these waves of grace and let Him carry you, than if you fight against these new spaces, places and paces with fear, anxiety, nervousness and doubt.
He knows what He is doing! He is working for your best. Lean back, relax. All will be well. Let His waves of grace cover you and carry you. He is going to do what only HE can do in and through you in these new spaces, places and paces. Do not delay what is being opened up before you by fighting against it. You may not understand it right now, it may feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable but you are actually moving into a place where you will know Him like you have not known Him before. Where you will hear Him like you haven’t heard Him before. Where you will see Him provide, like you haven’t seen Him provide before. Where you will see the supernatural move, provision, breakthrough and increase of God bigger than you expected and like you haven’t seen before.
Many of you are feeling what you are facing is WAY BIGGER than you, and it is, but that is because He wants you partner with Him, be carried by His grace and see Him move like never before. Diving into these waves of grace are opening up new realms of “sight” for you to see into the spirit and the heart of God. In the depths of these waves of grace, are depths of heavenly insight. You will look back and see how you moved through these new spaces, places and paces in such ease, in His strength and not striving, in such grace and increase, your testimony will shout His Glory and goodness all around.
Waves of grace for the new spaces, places and paces are crashing over you!!!!! Even if you feel nervous, confused and uncomfortable, lie back and float in His grace, for His grace carrying you where you could never get yourself and in greater increase, provision and demonstration of His Glory than you imagined. What He is leading you into will be a perfect fit for you and your situation. Trust Him!
He is going to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT!!
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  • Shannon

    Thank you so much for that Word from God. I am starting a new job and thoughts of doubt, fear, and unworthiness have been bombarding my mind like waves hitting the shore. I know He is with me and equipped me for this but it’s like a person who is afraid to swim. I want to lay out and float on God’s grace but then the fear comes in from thinking how am I going to stay afloat? What if I’m not as good as this person or that person? Please pray for my peace. Thank you.

  • Jesh StG

    I thank Jesus for giving you this, for it’s quite literal for me these last 3 words. We moved almost a year ago to a place called Pioneer, California. According to my adult children in-the-middle-of-nowhere. It has been the most difficult move, even though we have moved countries. Hubby is building a “barn” (can’t tell you more now) and this week I had the feeling that we are in way over our head, with all the permits, and people we need to deal with just to get a metal building up. But I love this space (property) and am quite sure God wanted us to move here, for the task He has for me. Double blessings to you for your dedication to get these prophetic words out so faithfully, and tha He my give you the desires of your heart!

  • Anita Weld

    Having been blessed my whole adult life with good paying jobs and benefits, I find myself older and now blessed with a minimum wage job and no savings left. That puts me in the realm of poor so new and deeper trust of God for provisions of medicine, food, etc. I about break even with shelter vs pay after deductions. I do feel I am where God wants me and thank you for these messages that confirm to my spirit that God has got this!

  • lisa young

    thank you Lana. This explains what ive been going through…God has changed my direction all of a sudden..yes, I is very uncomfortable and unfamiliar..He is taking me and many away from the familiar…and He is asking us to trust be like a little child..who is holding on grasping a toy so tightly..he’s asking us to open up our hand and to trust Him…and to give it (whatever it is we are holding on to..)to surrender…HE writes our story. I heard a song today, “Where HE Leads Me” by Twila Paris…