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Prophetic word through Lana Vawser:
I saw many of the people of God with hearts aflutter and the anxiety levels rising as the “tides began to rise” around them. There has been a feeling of being at the point of being overwhelmed and these random issues with anxiety attempt to steal peace, joy and contentment.
It was then that I sensed the Lord saying “Come away with me, beside still waters and I will love the anxiety away.” I saw the Lord then lead His people who were battling with these high levels of anxiety, moments of panic and being overwhelmed, He sat with them beside these still waters. (Psalm 23:2) As the people of God “leaned in” and rested their heads on His chest, they began to hear His heartbeat and with each heartbeat was a line of a lullaby of love that was sung over them. (Zephaniah 3:17) As I watched the lullaby of love that was coming from His heart into theirs I saw the tangible manifestation of peace begin to take over.
He was steadying and settling their anxious heart, reminding them to be anxious for nothing (Philippians 4:6) but in the place of ‘leaning in’ and resting on His chest, to let everything that was on their hearts be known to Him in intimate conversation and not let thankfulness leave their hearts for all He has done thus far. Anxiety was being broken by the embrace of perfect love, the embrace of comfort, encouragement and truth. Peace and safety was returning in the revelation of Him. The people of God were moving from high levels of anxiety, to deeper levels of peace. Where the “storm inside” was being settled and they were beginning to command “storms around them” to cease.
“As the tide has been rising and many have been overwhelmed in a negative sense, the opposite is about to occur. The tides are turning and the tides of My provision, My peace, My favour, tides of encounters with Me and deeper intimacy are happening right now. Where lands have been dry in intimacy with Me, suddenly waters shall spring up in the desert. Where there has been lack of provision, the tides are turning and My provision will flow like a river. Where there has been lack of peace because of anxiety, the tides are turning, carrying My people into deeper encounters to feel a greater measure of My tangible peace that surpasses all understanding. Where doors have been locked shut, the tides are turning and doors will open. Where health has been a major issue holding many of the people of God back, tides are turning and healing is coming.”
“A CORPORATE TURNING is happening right across the body of Christ in SIGNIFICANT ways, and that is why the tides have been rising higher than ever in the negative. You will not drown. You won’t be moved or shaken because these encounters with Me are anchoring you deeper in Me. You will see Me, hear Me all around you. You will see My faithfulness and know My peace like you have not known before.”
“I am steadying your anxious heart, lean in, listen to My lullaby of love over you. ALL will be well. I am here!! Steady hearts, arise!”
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  • Emilia A'Bell

    All your prophecies are so accurate and this one is splendid! Daddy is indeed bringing me closer to His heart with the most wonderful encounters. Just yesterday I had this encounter (to encourage you): I was taken into an encounter where I was a little girl, maybe around 8 years old. I was painting on a canvas in an easel in the middle of a very beautiful meadow. The sun was glowing, the air was refreshingly dancing. I was capturing the beauty of the moment in my painting, enjoying the feeling of freedom and love expressed through creating my painting. From behind me, Daddy God approached me and then stood next to me, to my right, with His loving left arm draped around my shoulders. “What are you painting my child” He asked. We talked together together as we both admired my painting. “Can I join you” He asked to which I joyfully agreed. So there we were, painting together on the same canvas, talking, laughing and having the most wonderful time. What a wonderful time! “Watch this!” said Daddy. He breathed on a section of the painting and it came to life! In amazement and wonder I giggled. “You try it” He nudged! Wow! I blew and giggled and blew and giggled and finally my breath brought my piece of the painting to life too! We continued together breathing life into this painting and giggling. What a wonderful time! I saw us walking through the meadow, His arm around me, talking, pointing, laughing. “Lets run” said Daddy. He started to run and I ran after Him. We zig-zagged about the meadow, laughing, running. Suddenly Daddy was lifting and flying. “Try it” He exclaimed. So I did, and I also started to fly. We were flying together, having the most amazing, wonderful time. I’ve never giggled so much, never felt so completely loved, completely safe and completely joyful. I wanted this encounter to never end.

  • Mary Ellen

    Lana…I love this post. The Zephaniah 3:17 mentioned prompts me to share this with you. A wonderful psalmist named Dennis Jernigan wrote his own paraphrase to this scripture; “The Eternal, Self-existent God, the God who is three in One, He who dwells in the center of your being, is a powerful, valiant warrior. He has come to set you free, to keep you safe and to bring you victory. He is cheered and beams with joy and takes pleasure in your presence. He has engraved a place for Himself in you, and there He quietly rests in His love and affection for you. He cannot contain Himself at the thought of you, and with the greatest of joy, spins around wildly with anticipation over you. He has placed you above all other creations and in the highest place in His priorities. In fact, He shouts and sings in triumph joyfully proclaiming the gladness of His heart in a song of rejoicing, all because of you.” Here is the song he usually sings with this quote: “When the Night is Falling,” May you be blessed.

  • Leslie Beaumont

    Thank you, Lana. This ties in exactly with my early morning devotions ( I live in England)… I envisioned myself at a still lake and on the shore was Jesus, reaching out His hands to me…I hugged Him and rested my head on His chest and felt the peace. I grew up on a Lake in New Jersey, but it was not that lake, nor was it the Sea of Galilee, but a heavenly lake…big, calm and deep. ….then we started walking on the shoreline and I was waiting for Him to tell me what is on His heart for me today. …Reading your post this morning confirmed all of it for me. Bless you.

  • Margo

    That is something I have been going through lately, and The Lord reminded me to get my focus on HIM, not the problems. He is The Answer! 🙂
    Most of the “problems” are actually ‘smoke and mirrors’ anyway. Thoughts from the enemy bring fear, confusion, hopelessness, worry, condemnation, etc. That’s not Truth! God IS Love, and He is in love with YOU,… THAT’S THE TRUTH. Song Of Solomon 4:7-8.
    What is too hard for Him? 🙂

  • Lyllie Hidalgo

    O’ Lord God, Great is thy Faithfulness, Thank You Dear and Gracious Father, I love You, and I rejoice in You and Your Holy and precious word, Your Holy presence like no one else, it can’t be described, “ABBA” Lord God, please have Your way in me, and draw me close to You every moment, every second, all the time Lord God, till the very last breathe I take, in the Mighty Name of Your Precious Son, Jesus Christ, Amen!!!