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Miraculous provision is upon the people of God. The Lord took me to the story of Elisha and the widow in 2 Kings 4 and as I meditated on this passage I saw many in the body of Christ right now feeling like the widow. Many feeling like they are still in a place of “waiting” a place of “awaiting the breakthrough” and the Lord extending them further and further in faith. I saw many, like the widow being prompted by the Lord to offer to Him areas of their lives where they were awaiting breakthrough, and the Lord asking for their “YES” even when the “YES” costs greatly. I saw many at the place where the “YES” to the Lord is leaving them in a place of deeper complete reliance on God. The “YES” was like the final step off the edge into the FREE-FALL into radical trust. I felt the Lord saying that the “YES” of sacrifice from the people of God, has opened up the PROVISIONAL STOREHOUSE of heaven. Whatever the Lord has prompted you to lay down, whatever He has asked you to place into His hands, whatever He has asked you to place on the altar, whatever the sacrifice is, FIRE is falling on that sacrifice. The Lord has not asked of you to leave you in lack, the Lord has not stretched you to leave you in a place of “wanting” but actually bringing you before TWO SIGNIFICANT DOORS. *1. THE FIRST DOOR WAS LABELLED “SEASON SHIFT IN INTIMACY WITH ME”* I saw the “YES” of the people of God leading them to a new door labelled season. The Lord took them by the hand and opened the door. As they moved through this door, I saw what looked like winter SUDDENLY turn to spring. Areas in relationship with Him where growth has felt far away, breakthrough has been non-existent, revelation has felt like it has been hindered and the cries for greater encounter feeling like they are going unheard (which they aren’t!! 🙂 ) were now seeing a ‘shift in season’ in intimacy with Him to a place where the NEW was springing forth. The NEW of breakthrough! Deep revelation and encounters with Him. As I looked around this land, I saw crowns hanging on trees and under the trees were was the Word of God opened and from the pages was the Glory of God exploding in every direction. Awaiting the people of God is deep revelations of His Word that is going to break chains, break hindrances and bring a greater awakening of His life in them. As the people of God are immersed into this explosion of His Glory through revelation of His Word, I saw the crowns begin to fall off the trees into their hands. When I asked the Lord what these crowns represented, Jesus turned to me and smiled and with great excitement He spoke “Oh the glorious treasures of breakthrough revelation awaiting the people of God in these encounters that is going to awake them to WHO THEY ARE, a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. ” Suddenly 1 Peter 2:9 surrounded me “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” He continued to speak.. “Look at these crowns, they have two layers.” I saw that it was one crown but it gold and silver woven together like a braid all the way around. “As My people are awakened to greater revelation of who they are, they are also moving deeper into HEAVENLY WISDOM. They are being crowned with My heavenly wisdom as they move deeper into the new realms of glorious revelation of their identity.” *2. THE SECOND DOOR WAS LABELLED “DOOR OF PROVISION”* I then saw Jesus take the people of God to the second door. This door was labelled PROVISION. As we walked through this door, I saw a land that was FLOWING with milk and honey. “I am a faithful God, a God who honours the YES of My people. I am the God who sends FIRE on sacrifice. I have seen the YES of many of My people. I have SEEN the cost of many to give to Me, to release to Me that which I ask, to move deeper into surrender. In this place of the “SACRIFICIAL YES” I am leading My people a place of seeing the greater SUPERNATURAL MIRACULOUS provision of My heart. Tell My people to not be discouraged or anxious in their “YES” and their “SACRIFICE” but encourage them that in their YES, in their OBEDIENCE, I am moving them deeper into claiming their inheritance by faith. Miraculous supernatural realms of provision are about to open up ALL AROUND THEM. Their “YES” has positioned them for “MORE”. Increase, increase, increase, look at the increase ALL AROUND will be the wide eyed, joy filled awe of My people at My provision.” Joy and expectancy rose up in me, even noticing the little details of His creativity in the encounter, as door number TWO was the door of provision and the Lord spoke of DOUBLE. Don’t underestimate how He will meet your YES. Fire is going to fall on your sacrifice. You are positioned for DOUBLE! ************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE: To subscribe or unsubscribe please click on the link below: * * SOW: To sow into this ministry please use the link below: * *


  • Phyllis

    Wow, I am in awe and wander!! Even after all of this time that I have followed your blog, the awesomeness of the Father still leaves me awestruck! What a Mighty God we serve. His wonders are truly never cease to amaze me. How one God, with one Voice can reach and touch so many is tok woneedful for words. How can you not love Him and desire to serve and please Him? God is so wonderful and perfect in all His ways. I am so grateful!
    Blessings upon blessings upon you and your family! Hopefully I will have the opportunity to see you when you travel to the US. So excited!
    Phyllis J.

  • Esther

    Yes, Yes, Yes.
    Such confirmation of my journey.
    I simply had to say Thank you for your sharing and for your obedience (at a cost that others don’t see) to be there for others.
    for Always and for Eternity, I am His.

    • heartpeace

      Couldn’t have said it better Esther. I feel exactly the same way. Can’t wait to see how He meets our “YES”! Love in Him – Heartpeace

  • Keri Siegel

    Greetings Prophet Lana,
    My name is Keri Lynn Siegel. I attend a medium sized church in Boca Raton, FL called Jesus People Proclaim International Church. We are an apostolic and prophetic house with a global mission. Some of your readers may not know what that means; but I’m confident you do. God has called me as a spiritual watchman and given me a measure of prophetic gifting to help me with that, but I am not called to the office of a prophet. Again, some of your readers may not understand the difference, but I’m confident you do. If you have resources that explain these, they may be of interest to your readers. I wanted to let you know that my best friend introduced me to your ministry; and it has been an incredible blessing these last several months. This morning’s post was something I really needed to hear. Thank you!!! YOU ARE A TRUE PROPHET OF GOD!!! I praise God for your ministry; and I pray for you, your family, and your ministry every time the Holy Spirit brings you to mind. I’ve shared many of your posts with my ministry leaders, who are also close personal friends because of their obedience to the Lord to tell me what I need to hear straight from The Word without compromise, whether or not I want to hear it. They have been equally blessed by your posts as I’ve shared them. Thank you for your obedience in hearing God. I love you with the love of Christ. May God bless you richly. All my love always in Christ, Keri Lynn Siegel

  • in.whom

    Hahaha! Have you read the book War Room Prayer is a Powerful Weapon yet, a novelization by Chris Fabry? When I read the word ‘double’ from this message, I was seeing the daughter of the novelization, skipping ‘Double’ Dutch and how delightful that was that her dad too became part of the ‘Double’ Dutch skipping team!! Job too, of the Bible, entered into the double as he obeyed God by praying for his friends as God requested!!

  • Victoria

    To God be the glory and honor. I praise God for this message. I resigned from employment last January as the Lord instructed me to take the step of faith and completely trust Him. It’s been months of waiting but surely I have seen the Lord working behind the scenes through dreams and revelations.
    Just last night I was deciding to start looking for a job because I’m financially strained. I read this post in the early hours of the morning in total tears. I have been praying for a breakthrough for months now and what you said about stretching our faith further with ‘YES’. I cried because I understand how ”YES” can be costly esp being a single mum having resigned from employment. Even before I resigned I had a job promotion waiting for me which I eyed for some years but God just instructed me to lay it down and resign. I said “YES” Lord. I read your posts daily eager to know what the Lord is saying to His church and His people.
    The things you say as true. I would wake up in the morning spend time with the Lord and get revelations. Later when I read your daily post i’m like “Hey that’s what the Lord told me too”. What you say about the front runners and leaders is so true. Months ago I had similar dreams of church leaders of a specific church I used to attend here in Nairobi Kenya worn out. And your post opened my eyes wider to have a spiritual understanding.
    During this waiting time. I have had so many revelations, dreams, I see things and desire to get more spiritual understanding
    Lana, I have heard consecutive dreams of been pregnant, having a baby, seeing many trees with super huge mangoes almost harvest time. And your right, our breakthrough is on the way, our sacrificial “YES” will open the heavenly store house. I thank for confirming.
    I admire your gift Lana and I thank God for you

  • heartpeace

    Holy, Holy, Holy….Lord God Almighty. Maker of Heaven and Earth, God of all creation. I lift my voice in Praise today, and shout, “Thank You Father!!” Thank You for this affirming word, for the increase and DOUBLE coming and for your prophet, Lana <3 The journey has been long and hard, full of warfare, loneliness and sorrow. But also… sweet BLESSINGS, there's been LIFE, in the midst of death, LIGHT in the midst of darkness, GOD's fingerprints in the midst of human mess, blessed be the Name of the Lord, for He is glorious and their is none other like HIM. Amen!

  • Chris Michals

    The crazy part about this is that I actually had a prophet come to me and tell me this passage because for me to get what I’ve been asking for, I needed to do something like what the widow did. There’s a lot more to the story but seeing this post here really rings a bell with me!!