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Prophetic word through Lana Vawser:
This morning during worship I had a picture of an eagle and it was on the ground and it was acting like a chicken. It was running around in a fluster and when it tried to fly it couldn’t. It got but a few inches off of the ground to only fall back down in a heap. I then heard the Lord say “Fear has clipped its wings”.
There were so many different fears that I began to see all around these eagles, and these fears when the eagles looked at these fears and focused on them, it was like their wings were being nailed to the ground. While they were on the ground, their “sight” and “insight” was SO limited and I could feel Papa’s heart of love calling them higher, that all was well, He was there. Everything was clearer from the place of rest on His knee.
All around me as I watched these eagles there was a ‘swirling’ battle. It was a swirling in the spirit. A swirling of change, a swirling of season shift, a swirling of the supernatural provision of God and breakthrough, but coming against this move in the Spirit was a swirl of opposition.
Many have been feeling this “swirling battle” all around, and the “swirling excitement and expectancy of the season beginning to shift and breakthrough manifest.”
I felt the Lord say that many have come to a crucial point in the spirit. A “history making” moment in the spirit. Where things are changing so rapidly, and opening up so quickly, changes all around, that if the people of God do not begin to move into a place of revelation of who they are in Him, and the security and safety of the revelation of His fierce love for them and the Kings of Kings who stands with them, then fear will keep them grounded. Their wings will be clipped with fear.
Right now, the Lord has positioned His people who are pressing in to SOAR. The Lord is taking His people to a high point where they will see greater heavenly insight and clarity. The Lord is calling His people to “come up here” and what is opening up in the spirit and the natural is bigger than the people of God have stepped into before.
In this season we are in right now, fear will attempt to cause many to “strive”. To leave the place of “rest” and begin to “strive” out of fear and anxiety to make things happen, to rush the process, or to struggle against where the Lord is leading them and opening up for them. It’s time to rest in Him, lay back in His arms and trust Him in whole new ways. For the winds of the Holy Spirit are going to carry you where you never dreamed you could go.
As the people of God took their eyes off the changes, off the swirling the good and not so good, and placed their eyes firmly back on Jesus, faces as flints towards Him, I saw them begin to be lifted off the ground, with a few “flaps” of their wings to get closer to Him, the winds of the Spirit picked them up and they began to soar. The level of heavenly insight, revelation and depth of intimacy that was taking place was new and fresh and breaking ground in the natural. The deeper these eagles went into the heart of God in their intimacy, the more ground was broken in the natural.
There was a sense of urgency all around me as these eagles (people of God) moved into new realms. The people of God were moving deeper into their anointings, and giftings were being awakened at new levels. The words then filled my heart “Do not treat My anointing lightly. There is a new level of stewardship of the anointing, of giftings and favour being released that is being entered into by My people who are pressing in. There is an invitation into a deeper level of intimacy with Me, that will open up streams of revelation, of living as an overcomer and thriving. In amidst these new realms, new doors will open and new platforms brought to the people of God and they must protect the anointing that I have placed over their life by not being tossed to and fro. From wanting to give up and run away, to not fighting to stay in the place of deep trust in Me. It is crucial in this time of promotion that My people are pressing deeper into the secret place, for IN the secret place, shall I strengthen them, open up wells of refreshing, insight, strategy and leading for all that is before them. Do not trade the priority of secret place for priority of platforms. Come deeper, come deeper, you are about to SOAR, SOAR, SOAR and ROAR with My love and authority into this world.”
I watched as these eagles were soaring higher and higher on the winds of His Spirit and carried by His grace and love and HUGE LANDS were before them. There was abundance in the lands, there was new levels of breakthrough, and there was giants in the land. I noticed on burnt into the ground right across the land in BIG letters was PHILLIPIANS 4:13 “I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST who STRENGTHENS ME!!!”
He then spoke again..
“In the SECRET PLACE I will make you brave!!!!”
Your greatest awakening and personal revival is upon you in the secret place, that is making you brave as you SEE HIM.
The BRAVE ONES are arising!!!
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  • Richard Ingalls

    I totally needed to hear this. I’m sure there are many others who also needed this, but it feels like the message was tailored for me – for right now. Thank you for sharing what you felt the Lord speak to you.

  • in.whom

    hahaha! I had just glanced at this half page bright yellow paper stuck on our fridge:
    “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place afer this.”
    Revelations 4:1(It’s in red swirly letters done with red marker)
    and that’s what you had written in today’s message!
    You mentioned “streaming”. On our bed this morning, I heard the song lyric “California dreaming” and next was: “Canada streaming”!! Hahaha!
    Yesterday, I did take a direct look at Him. When I did, I saw He makes all things so; they come to pass. Yes, I say to those with fearful hearts, “BE STRONG AND DO NOT FEAR FOR YOUR GOD IS COMING TO DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES. HE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU.”
    This is a homemade bookmark in my agenda laying here in front of the laptop just now: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, fatihful in prayer.” Romans 12:12)
    Father God, thank You for the breakthrough for our sons and our family; and also for one son’s friend, Jack; our whole community; our province of Ontario, our whole nation of Canada; and the United States; and Australia, and so many nations Lord!!! Thank You for Your love for us!! We love You!! We exalt you on high, and You will draw all men to yourself!!

  • Sharon Barratt

    This pretty much sums up our lives for the past few months in a nut shell. Feeling the opposition so great, contentions, never getting off the ground! Started a new bridal business and having a huge challenge to get off the ground as well as my husband with publishing a book. We have prophetic promises so we know it’s our destiny but getting off the ground has been so hard. I just made that comment a few weeks ago. Thank you for sharing what you see. This isn’t the first time you have shared and it’s been for us. The Holy Spirit is faithful. Blessings to you.
    Sharon Barratt

  • W Keith Buchanan

    We are always thrilled and encouraged by the Words of the Father you share form your heart. Thank you.
    We would love to share you with our small audience which follow our ministry on our website.
    May I have your permission to share your articles? I will of course, share your blog page so that our followers may follow you also.
    We will be honored to share you with our group.
    Waiting for you response,
    We serve Father together,
    W Keith Buchanan
    [email protected]

  • Judi

    Thank you Lana for being His mouthpiece. This brings many different messages from Him together for me! Bless you!