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This year I have felt the Lord highlighting creativity a lot and the expression of His creativity increasing in the body of Christ. This morning I felt the Lord reminding me of His heart to release greater creativity into the body of Christ.

I felt the Lord saying that He is asking His people personally and corporately to be "making space" for creativity to be released through them. I felt the Lord saying that many do not believe they are creative, and that He wanted to remind His people that He is a creative God, and His Spirit lives in us, so we have creativity within us. A lot of creativity has been stolen from individuals and the body of Christ through comparison. The Lord wants His people to know that creativity being released through us individually is not be compared. It is OUR expression of our love for Him (Colossians 3:23) and an expression of who He has made us to be. Each of us hold a "creative" piece of a puzzle that when released and joined together corporately not only displays a beautiful display of His goodness and love, but an individual expression of who He has created YOU to be and creative worship to HIM, that only YOU can give Him. All of our life is an act of worship to Him!

I felt the enemy has really squandered creativity in many lives through comparison and insecurity and lies of not being creative. There is an unlocking and increase of creativity the Lord is releasing right now in this season that is BRINGING HIS PEOPLE TO LIFE! Do NOT allow fear to cage your creativity in worship, in life, in whatever area, the Lord wants to breath on your creative expression. I heard the Lord say… "AWAKEN CREATIVES ONES" and creativity began to awaken within the hearts of His people.

As the people of God press in asking Him to unlock greater creative doors I saw them being led into DEEP encounters with Him. Through music, through painting, through cooking, through creating, through writing, through dreaming, in all the areas of "making space" to allow creativity to flow they were creating PORTALS for DEEP encounters with Him. A deep healing was taking place in physical bodies and hearts through these creative expressions leading to deep encounters with Him. SOULS were being healed at DEEP levels as PENT up emotions were being released through expressions of beauty and creativity without His people even realising. A divine exchange was taking place ashes for beauty. DEEP striving was being broken, deep unsettledness in identity was being healed, ongoing health issues HEALED as the heart expression of His people were encountering the heart of God through creativity.


As the people of God made space to allow creativity to be unlocked and flow, I heard the words "productivity, elasticity, efficiency".

I saw the people of God developing this lifestyle of "making space" for creativity in worship to Him, releasing a heavenly productivity in lives.

SO much more being released than what was being "put in". There was such an anointing and grace flowing from these places of creativity, that it was affecting EVERY area of their lives. It was increasing capacity that was seeing heavenly fruit exploding in lots of areas, as the people of God sow in their expressions of creativity to Him. Amazing things were going to open and spring forth with minimum expenditure of time and effort, because HE IS BREATHING ON IT. (Zechariah 4:6)

I saw the people move with greater elasticity. As they invested more into these "creative spaces" in their life, deep rest was taking place in mind, body and soul that was building the people of God into stronger people and with a greater sense of flexibility and fluidity in moving with Him through the storms and trials. Fear of taking risks for Him was broken off. I then realised as I watched what He was doing through "creative spaces" individually and corporately was removing things in hearts that have hindered DEEP TRUST in lives of the people of God. Deep trust was being restored. Areas where many of the people of God have felt like they have been "bent out of shape" by trials, sickness, disappointments and storms, they were BOUNCING BACK to their original GOD INTENDED place of identity and design.

God is doing SO MUCH individually and corporately through His people making "space for creativity". He is not only awakening and unlocking creativity but there is HUGE increase and anointing being poured out on creative expressions that He is breathing upon that is going to OPEN DOORS that only HE can open (Isaiah 22:22) and bring the deep healing, restoration and "bouncing back" that many have been crying out for.

In the CREATIVE PROCESS He is leading His people into and through, the people of God are awakening and COMING ALIVE in greater ways. To who they were created to be and positioned ready for the next great opportunity and open door He has for them.

Corporately as we all join together with our "creative expression puzzle piece" we will arise to our God intended place… THE MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE on the planet. LEADING the world in creativity DISPLAYING the GOODNESS and BEAUTY of our WONDERFUL GOD.

Awaken creative ones! You are being made whole and entering into deeper realms of heavens creativity to release upon the earth!


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"My Hero comes to my rescue, for the Lord alone is my Saviour. What a feast of favour and bliss He gives His people!" Psalm 3:8 (The Passion Translation)

I saw the Lord setting a table for His people and it was a table of "vindication". Where the enemy has come and attempted to steal, kill and destroy through words of others, through betrayal, through jealousy, strife and false accusations, the Lord has set a table of vindication before His people as they are pressing in.

I heard an amazing sermon recently by Katherine Ruonala and she talked about the importance of "sowing your pain". Sowing it, giving it to God, praising Him in the midst of pain because we KNOW in His faithfulness and GLORIOUS GOODNESS, He will restore double, He will restore to more than before. THAT is what I felt on the heart of God today.

The words, the situations, the circumstances that are pressing in on the people of God heavily, where favour seems to be lacking, where joy seems to be void, where vindication seems to be far, THOSE AREAS as the people of God press in, He is inviting His people to a table to FEAST on greater favour, BLISS of dining with Him and seeing His absolute incredible beauty, to be surrounded by His Glory and vindicated by the perfect One.

The areas/circumstances that have produced a great battle with deep despair and discouragement, those dry grounds are turning into springs of living water because He is inviting you to a glorious feast with Him. He is inviting His people into glorious encounters with Him, where they will see Him again in a new way, and move deeper into heavenly bliss. (bliss: supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment –

There have been many distractions coming against the people of God in this season, shake them off. Shake off the things that are attempting to steal your focus and attention. There is a deep longing in the heart of God to meet with Him at a deeper level. The atmosphere is pregnant with invitation to a NEW LEVEL in the secret place.

He is moulding an unshakeable people, unshakeable because they are grounded in Him!!

Dining with Him is going to change everything!


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I saw many of the people of God pressing into prayer and the secret place and suddenly a whirlwind that seemed to "come out of nowhere". It was a whirlwind of opposition/attack sent by the enemy to bring distraction and hinder the place of "communion" and "intimacy" for the people of God.

Many were struggling to press in through prayer. Many were fighting against fatigue that would hit heavily in their prayer time and times of worship. Many feeling a "battle" to "connect" with the Lord in the secret place.

There is an attack released upon the people of God that are pressing deeper into prayer and intimacy with Him in the secret place, because the Lord is unlocking new realms of revelation and areas of breakthrough.

The people of God are moving into a new level of revelation concerning their authority in Christ and a great awakening happening in their hearts to their identity in Him. The sons and daughters of God are arising as they are pressing in.

I saw many disheartened by this battle in the secret place and this battle in prayer. Do not be discouraged, do not be despaired by this battle, for I sensed the Lord saying that this battle is an INDICATION of what is waiting for you ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS!!!!

Some of you are but A PRAYER AWAY from breakthrough and the enemy is attempting to do all he can to keep you from that place.

Some of the greatest encounters with Him, revelation and explosion of insight into His Word await you. Heavenly strategies, wisdom and keys to spiritual warfare are going to be opened up to you at a new level.

Bill Johnson says that "Fire ALWAYS falls on sacrifice" and that is exactly what I feel the Lord is saying. IN the place of battle, IN the place of opposition and distraction that is coming at you in the secret place, OFFER Him praise, PRESS THROUGH and get into the Word, IN the battle continue to pray even if you feel like nothing is shifting. OFFER HIM your praise, adoration and positioning despite the battle. The FIRE OF GOD is attracted to your sacrifice.

Your praise, your sacrifice to Him, is like a beautiful incense rising to Him that is not only seeing heaven rain down on you, but DISARMING the whirlwind attempting to knock you off course.

I saw the fire of God fall on the people of God bringing transformation, freedom, healing, positioning for greater momentum and EYES being set on fire to SEE like they have NEVER seen before in the spirit.


I also felt the Lord saying that as His people press through this battle and take communion in the secret place with Him, focus on HIS sacrifice for us, a turning will take place.


The enemy is attempting to counterfeit what the Lord is releasing. Whirlwinds from heaven are being released into the secret place as His people meet with Him and minister to Him with their praise and adoration. Out of the encounters with Him in the secret place, whirlwind changes will occur in the natural.

I felt the Lord saying "EVERYTHING that My people need for breakthrough is found in Me and encountering Me. These encounters entered into and the instruction and revelation released in them, put into action, will see many things turned around suddenly."


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Grace Place Farms


This morning I had a vision and in this vision I saw scrolls with wings and they were being released from the hand of the Father to the people of God.

These scrolls were flying towards the people of God, they were on a mission, they had an assignment and knew exactly where to go. As I saw them flying they were being carried on the breath of God.

As their wings flapped I could hear the rhythm of a strong beating heart. Their wings flapped in unison with this heartbeat. I wondered what these scrolls represented and suddenly the understanding came to me, like pieces fitting perfectly into a jigsaw puzzle.

These scrolls have been sent to the people of God that have been crying out for wisdom and direction. Upon these scrolls was contained words of wisdom from the heart of God.

"If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. " – James 1:5-6

The wisdom being sent to the people of God as they cried out was birthed out of His heart of love for His people. As this wisdom of God was applied and followed it would see the people of God moving deeper into the rhythm of the Spirit and moving in-sync with the heart of God.

In this receiving of heavenly wisdom and direction there were invitations into the heart of God at a deep deep level. An invitation to see what is on the heart of God and to partner with Him.

As these scrolls landed in the lives of the people of God through visions, dreams, revelation in the Word, He was speaking. I saw many unroll these scrolls and many were surprised by the wisdom and direction it contained, for it seemed different to what they had expected and for some, a completely different direction. I sensed the encouragement and reassurance of the Lord that as this wisdom was followed and applied, even though it was not what was expected, it was going to give the people of God wings, to soar higher than they ever imagined.


The Lord began speaking to me about how His wisdom is ALIVE and creates. As His word of wisdom went forth and was received and applied by His people it was creating and manifesting in the natural what was in the heart of God in the spirit.

Even though many were surprised by the wisdom and revelation they received and which direction to go, as they moved forward following His prompting, SUDDEN breakthrough was taking place. Immediate shift. Incredible openings.

Many of the people of God were moving into lands of great abundance, overflow as they applied the wisdom of God to their circumstances and decision making. Overwhelming JOY was before them, as His wisdom not only opened new doors and avenues that they had never dreamed of, but it activated promises of old that had been hindered to COME FORTH. Great change was occurring as the people of God moved in the revelatory wisdom He was releasing in their daily lives and decision making.

God is releasing heavenly wisdom as many of the people of God have been crying out for it, and even though it may not look how you expect, it is leading you into the fulfilled manifested promises of God, the NEW that He has stored up FOR YOU!

A birthing is happening in the partnership of wisdom and the people of God that is releasing a momentum of "heavenly ideas" being released to the people of God that will open doors all around to see the Kingdom of God established.

Many are being LED DEEPER into the revelation that you have the mind of Christ. The Lord is leading many of His people deeper into operating in that revelatory place of truth. YOU have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16)

The wisdom of God has wings. Embrace it. For it will lead you to the most beautiful place of knowing His heart, what is in His heart. It is inviting you deeper into moving in the rhythm of His heart, that will open up "new realms and avenues" for you where you will go out with great joy and singing.

As you embrace His wisdom you are being given wings to soar higher than you EVER imagined.


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I saw many of the people of God and many were so tired and it felt like they were continually fighting an uphill battle. Many feeling like they are continually climbing a “mountain”. That this year has been a huge “uphill climb” with no end in sight. I saw many climbing this mountain and they were so tired, droplets of sweat dripping form their brows as they were tired of fighting. Tired of standing. Tired of the battle. I then heard the Lord saying that what has seemed like a continuous mountain climb for many, a never ending battle, as they have continued to stand amidst it all and hold His hand are about to see it TURN AROUND.

I felt the Lord encouraging His people, that even in the “uphill battle, even in the continuous climb” as they have pressed in, have continued to move forward, they are stronger. Their growth has been exponential even when they haven’t felt it. They are more deeply rooted in Him, their endurance has been extended, their capacity increased and perseverance built within them. In this uphill climb, in this battle, the people of God that have continued to surrender to Him, continued to embrace the process despite the fatigue, He has been working DEEPLY on forming character and strength of character to KEEP YOU in the place of promotion.

There is a strength being built in them as they grow in character that is producing a DEEP confidence and hope in the people of God in who they are, who’s they are and their salvation.

“We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.” – Romans 5:3-4

As the people of God had been fighting a constant “uphill battle”, I heard the Lord say “Many are now moving onto a heavenly exponential curve”. As I googled exponential curves, I learnt these exponential curves represent mostly RAPID ACCELERATED INCREASE. Double and MORE increase! Things are going to change RAPIDLY. What God is about to do is going to be “off the charts.”

The Lord is moving many onto a heavenly “exponential curve” where you shall see your ashes traded for beauty and so much more. What has been a year of tremendous hardship and uphill battle, the Lord is shifting many into a place of accelerated ease of increase that is birthed out of keeping the faith in Him and His Word and not in striving. For many, you may have been walking an uphill battle, a continuous mountain climb, but as you have kept your eyes on Him, and pressed in, you have met a heavenly signal point in your journey and you are shifting onto a heavenly exponential curve of rapid exponential increase, restoration and change. It’s time for a new direction and new way!

I felt the Lord say “those who have endured the fire, the pruning and the deep character shaping and soul healing in this season are now moving onto the greatest exponential curve of acceleration, increase, restoration, vindication and change they have seen in their lives thus far. It has now been entered upon. They certainly are in for a glorious heavenly exciting ride with Me. Fasten your heavenly seatbelt, this is going to be fun!”

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I had a dream last night and in the first part of my dream I heard the Lord saying "It is time to be matched up" and suddenly I saw a match and the match was lit and the FLAME was HUGE.

The Lord is blowing His fire upon His people, He is setting hearts on fire again. His fire is cleansing, it is consuming the people of God. It is burning away fear and making room for restoration and recompense. There has been a shift in the atmosphere this Pentecost weekend, as the fire of God has been moving across His people as they cry out. A great SHIFT has taken place. I saw many in worship, crying out to the Lord and feeling the physical heat, burning fire of God upon them. God is AWAKENING YOU to the MORE that is ALREADY YOURS!

SUDDENLIES are not only still coming, they are beginning to manifest in acceleration revealing the divine order of God. In the midst of the suddenlies the fire of God is releasing a BIGGER flame into the hearts of His people, setting them on fire with love and affection for Him. Hearts are being healed. There is a birthing happening of deeper levels of praise to Him. The people of God IN their suddenlies are being awaked to their identity, to their purpose and to the power that lives within them. The BURNING ONES are ARISING. Radical "overnight" transformation is happening for many are they encounter the fire of God, all things that were not set in line, are being turned around and set the RIGHT WAY ROUND.

I saw the people of God moving out into the nations and they were BURNING, burning with the PASSION AND MESSAGE of JESUS and His GLORIOUS Gospel. As the moved out they had matches in their hands and as they released these matches to people, cities and nations, these matches suddenly caught fire from the fire upon their lives and spread into peoples lives, cities and nations bringing revival.

The Lord has been doing deep work in the hearts of His people in the stretching and healing the soul of His people as they cried out to Him, and He is positioning His people in strategic places to RELEASE HIS FIRE. IT IS TIME to see a demonstration and release of the fire of God that we have not seen before.


In this "strategic positioning" I saw networks, connections and covenant relationships being birthed. I believe the Lord said to me in my dream "It is time to be matched up" and the Lord is matching His people up now in divine networks, connections and covenant relationships. Pay specific attention to these networks/connections/covenants for the Lord is going to release GREAT FIRE through these relationships into His Church, into the marketplace, into cities, into nations, into the world.

MANY MANY MANY doors of favour are opening in this season as we stay close to the Lord and follow His voice and leading. This accelerated positioning is happening now through these networks/connections/covenants to release His burning revival fire of love into the world. We are moving into the greatest harvest we as the body of Christ have EVER seen. We were not meant to work alone, we were created as a body and to work together as a body each with individual parts. Each part AS important as the other.

The fire of God is burning away competition, striving, jealousy and insecurity as the people of God press in, and a DEEP unity will take place in the body of Christ to see an end-time revival released. We must embrace the fire and allow Him to do what He needs to do to establish godly covenant relationships that seek the best for one another and are working together to extend His Kingdom.

These deep connections are taking place now AS we are positioned and nestled into His heart.


I heard Him say… "It is time for the message of My love to spread like WILDFIRE" . His message of LOVE is going to be burnt into the people of God at a deeper level in this season ESPECIALLY over this Pentecost weekend. DEEP love encounters and it will take place ALL ACROSS the body of Christ in VARIOUS forms as we PRESS IN and His people will arise BURNING with the message of His love and fear broken. His message of love spread far and wide and an increased level and pace. "It is time for the message of My love to spread like WILDFIRE."

In my dream I heard the words "It is time to be matched up and set the city of Paris on fire." I asked the Lord about this and I had the sense that this has a two-fold meaning. Paris, represents for many the "City of love" and the Lord is going to encounter His people through deeper intimacy and networks/covenant relationships/connections and awaken His Bride to the revelation of His love. The body of Christ will begin to be KNOWN as the CITY OF LOVE. The ones who KNOW they are RADICALLY LOVED as they are in relationship with the One WHO IS PERFECT LOVE. Then known as the ones WHO RADICALLY LOVE.

I then felt the Lord speak about Paris…


I felt the Lord saying that as the Paris is often known as the City of Love, the people of God who live in Paris and are called to minister in Paris, and those in other nations who have a heart for Paris, it is time to PRAY. It is time to see darkness lifted OFF Paris and for her to step into her DESTINY. The city of LOVE, a place where the love of God is EVIDENT in a whole new way and releases that love to other nations. Releasing MISSIONARIES OF LOVE.

I sensed the Lord saying "The city of Paris is in for a GREAT TURNAROUND as the people of God pray". A cleansing is coming to Paris as the fire of God falls as the people of God pray. I saw many of the people of God in Paris discouraged and disheartened at the hard ground, but I say to you, do NOT be discouraged for the Lord has set Paris in His gaze for such a time as this. As the people of God in Paris press into Him, deep encounters await them with Him that will release the fire of God into the city. What the enemy has attempted to steal, kill and destroy for so long will turn around as the people of God press in. Revival on the streets! It is NOT impossible in Him. It’s time to believe, and it is TIME to receive! God is wanting to set Paris like a city on a hill shining brightly, set her on fire BURNING WITH HIS LOVE!

Great networks and connections will happen IN Paris that will create pathways and pockets for revival to break out. It is time for Paris to take her rightful place!


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Yesterday I posted a word about "interference in the airways" and the opposition and "static" many have been experiencing. The Lord was encouraging His people to NOT CHANGE THE CHANNEL, hold tight, because many are moving into a NEW CHANNEL.

This morning the Lord was speaking to me again about "airwaves" and "broadcast" and I heard the Lord and it sounded like He was speaking over a radio and He said "Tune in, Tune in, Tune in, this is a heavenly broadcast.. JEREMIAH 33:3"

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

I saw many crying out to Him "in the static" and the "static" was bringing such a discouragement and despair. It was then I sensed the Lord saying "Look closer, look from where you are seated above". Suddenly it was as if I was above the static looking down on it and in the middle of the static I could see a "springboard".

"For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus." – Ephesians 2:6

The Lord was encouraging me, and His people to look from a heavenly perspective. When I did, I saw that in the midst of this "static" there was a "springboard". I asked the Lord "What is the springboard to Lord?"

Immediately I heard Him speak "It is a springboard into long awaited answers and SO MUCH MORE. So much that the people of God have been seeking to understand, so much direction, and revelation of Me."

I then felt the atmosphere shift, and there was a seriousness in the air, but it was a good heavenly seriousness, like the Lord wanted me to take on what He was saying.

"Lana, the stretching in the static that has been happening, even though the static was not sent by Me, the stretching within it I used and was needed to prepare My people for what I am releasing to them as they cry out to Me. As they align themselves with the promise of Jeremiah 33:3"

Suddenly, I saw many of the people of God crying out in prayer and holding the Word of God to their chests and they were holding tight to His Words and declaring Jeremiah 33:3. I then saw the Lord before them and He was kneeling down before them, face to face and sharing deep mysteries of His heart. As he spoke the people of God were burning. Fire was all over the people. My attention was then drawn for a second to the hundreds of angelic hosts surrounding the people of God as the Lord spoke and in unison they spoke "The burning people are coming ALIVE. The burning people are coming ALIVE." There was a deeper burning for Him taking place in this divine exchange of revelation.

Once the Lord had finished speaking, He turned around and I saw Him pick up these HUGE pillars. He began handing these pillars to many of the people of God. I wondered how they were going to carry them as they were huge and I imagined they were heavy. But as the Lord handed them to many of His people, I realised they were not heavy to carry at all, but a JOY. The verse flooded my mind:

"For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." – Matthew 11:30

I wondered what these pillars were, and I then saw the Lord speak and He said "As you call out to Me and seek Me, I am releasing revelation that are the pillars of what I am releasing into your lives individually and corporately right now. These are the pillars of awakening. As these pillars are put into place as I direct, the foundation of the great awakening I am releasing is being set in a new way. A wave of My Glory and revival will come once these pillars are in place."

This wave of Glory and revival fire will sweep through lives individually and the body of Christ as we continue to press into Him and receive these pillars from Him and listen to His instruction.

"These pillars will be set on one thing".. I then heard Ephesians 2:19-21:

"So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household, having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the corner stone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit."

He is the cornerstone and what He is building to release through this awakening is set ON HIM, IN HIM and THROUGH HIM. Jesus Christ! "

The last part of the verse jumped out at me "in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit."

It was then that this sense came upon me, that through the static and the stretching, the Lord is not only using this static to strengthen His people in their intimacy and revelation of Him, He is awakening His people, setting them on fire and UNITING THEM. There is a DEEP work of unity happening across the body of Christ as the people of God cry out to Him.

The Lord is releasing revelation, He is releasing pillars, different parts ALL ACROSS the body of Christ because HE IS UNIFYING HIS BRIDE!!!!! He is bringing His body together in UNITY, breaking down many walls of division and denomination, bitterness and hatred AS the people of God press in, to release a level of revelation and encounter with His Glory that we have not seen before. The body of Christ as going to see Him like never before as we press in!

There is a heavenly broadcast being released… JEREMIAH 33:3…

This promise is going to manifest on SO many levels in the lives of believers and the corporate body of Christ. The opposition has been sent, the static has been sent to discourage, confuse and cause the people of God to dismay, but as we press in we are MOVING INTO A NEW CHANNEL. Jeremiah 33:3! Long awaited answers, direction, pillars of revelation of awakening, a rising up of burning people, a DEEPER unity.

The static is a SPRINGBOARD into MORE!!!!! Look with the eyes of heaven! Look with a heavenly perspective. The static may be loud and distracting, but you are being catapulted into MORE. The static has worked in your favour in a way, as the Lord has used it to strengthen, stretch and sift you in order to SHIFT YOU!!!

A new channel awaits!!!! Listen.. there is the heavenly broadcast!


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This morning when I got up and was talking to the Lord I heard Him say to me that many are experiencing "interference in the airwaves".

It was then that all I could sense was "static".. and the static was getting louder and louder. I felt the Lord saying that there over the past few days and leading into Pentecost many are experiencing "interference in the airwaves".. lots of "static".

Right now many are "between channels". In that place of "waiting" for the opening of the "next".

Circumstances, curveballs, confusion that has come to bring "static" into the lives of believers and cause them to "CHANGE THE CHANNEL". There is SO MUCH opposition happening right now, that the enemy is working very hard to cause the people of God to "CHANGE THE CHANNEL". To give up on their dreams, the promises He has given them and to "settle" for less than the Lord has told them was coming.

Many have been feeling extremely confused and discouraged by the "static" that continues to get louder. I saw this "static" even attacking His people in the "night hours" robbing His people of sleep and leaving them extremely fatigued.

I heard the Lord saying "Don’t change the channel, don’t change the channel, for you are transitioning into a NEW CHANNEL of hearing My voice and hearing My direction. A new channel of breakthrough."

It was then I saw a baby being PUSHED OUT of the birth canal and out into reality. Don’t let the "static" bring you to a place of doubt. Keep believing and holding His hand because you are moving into a new channel of hearing Him with greater clarity, receiving greater wisdom and direction and new realm of breakthrough.

Press in especially over this weekend, as much of this "static" and "confusion" will break for many this weekend over Pentecost as His fire and power fall upon many bringing greater freedom, release and momentum.

I have felt the Lord speaking SO much these past few months to His people to NOT GIVE UP! I wondered why He keeps saying the same thing over and over, but now as I see the amount of opposition and "static" that is going on in the lives of believers, He wants to encourage His people.

The story of Daniel kept coming to my mind where the angels were delayed because of great opposition, but do NOT be AFRAID or DISMAYED for this great delay is just adding increase and abundance to your breakthrough when it comes.

Hold on tight! What many of you have been feeling is not what’s "in you" but the interference in the spiritual airwaves. Press through them by standing firm and do not change the channel. Once this "static" is broken, you will move into your heavenly destined channel SWIFTLY!!!!


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I went to the grocery store this morning and as I walked the aisles a song came over the radio and my ears were pricked to the words "You have sent your fire into my life".

As I pondered these words throughout the morning, I heard Luke 24:49 over and over in my spirit:

"And I will send the fulfilment of the Father’s promise to you. So stay here in the city until the mighty power of heaven falls upon you and wraps around you."

Immediately as I pondered this Scripture Acts 1:9 was ringing in my ears:

"But I promise you this – the Holy Spirit will come upon you and you will be filled with power. And you will be my messengers to Jerusalem, throughout Judea, the distant provinces – even to the remotest places on the earth."

Last night I believe the Lord spoke to me and He said "24 hours of power" and I sensed encounters coming for many with His power as they pressed in that was bringing deliverance, freedom and breakthrough to them at a whole new level. These encounters would then release momentum in the lives of the people of God to see their lives become even more of a sign and a wonder and signs and wonders follow them. (Mark 16:17)

When I heard the song in the grocery store I felt the Lord speaking and a stirring in My Spirit. As we move into Pentecost this weekend, I believe the Lord is saying that many of us have been going through a refiners fire in this season, but this weekend will see a shift, as many will COME OUT as PURE GOLD and there will be encounters with His power for THE NATIONS.

I saw encounters happening right across the body of Christ with the power and fire of God that was setting His people ON FIRE at a deeper level for the nations. In these encounters I saw messages, prophetic words, visions and strategic pathways to pray being released. A commissioning was happening over many to minister in many new nations. These encounters with the power of God and His fire was going to see the heart of God for that nation released into the people of God at a DEEP level. Heaven’s vision for the nations.

In these encounters I saw the fire of God falling on His Word that has been STORED in the hearts of His people as they have read and meditated the the revelations will come ALIVE at a whole new level which will bring freedom, healing and breakthrough. These encounters over Pentecost Sunday will see many walking into a new season where the Word will come ALIVE like never before, and the FIRE OF GOD and power of His Spirit will fall upon them in greater ways as they dig deep into His Word.

A SHIFT will happen in many hearts concerning their authority in Christ. These encounters with His fire and His power will see revelation being to blossom and explode in the hearts of believers to who they are in Him and what is possible for a person with God living inside them. Eyes of hearts are being opened with greater conviction to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons… to see the Kingdom of God established and built everywhere they go. The people of God moving forward with greater confidence, boldness and taking the Kingdom of God by force.

The KEY for these encounters, is we as the people of God MUST press in.


I also saw these encounters with His power and His fire happening over the Pentecost weekend that was not only plunging the people of God deeper into freedom and breakthrough, but a shifting of season – where the people of God have cried out and cried out to the Lord for the enemy to release his hold and continued to work with the Holy Spirit but nothing has moved, I saw these holds being broken. The fire of God BURNING UP the holds of the enemy and sudden transformation taking place.

New giftings were being released and highlighted and new levels of of knowing the Holy Spirit and His wonder working power. In these encounters with His fire and power I saw deeper understandings, wisdom and insight being released over many of the people of God as they pressed in to understand the LANGUAGE OF THE SPIRIT.

I feel the Lord moving over this weekend, Pentecost Sunday more than I have in previous years. The Lord has been speaking about the nations in more detail more than ever lately I believe and He is equipping His people with greater revelation and understanding to see NATIONS CHANGED. A birthing is happening through YOU for the nations, you are investing into nations through your prayer, your love, your words. The birthing is happening now!

EVERYONE has a part to play! The refiners fire may have been hot, but as you have pressed in you are coming out shining as pure gold, with greater capacity and walking in greater increase of revelation and extension to carry the MORE that He is calling you into.

Press in people of God!!!! We are crossing-over and the NATIONS are waiting!


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