Prophetic Words


I went to the grocery store this morning and as I walked the aisles a song came over the radio and my ears were pricked to the words "You have sent your fire into my life".
As I pondered these words throughout the morning, I heard Luke 24:49 over and over in my spirit:
"And I will send the fulfilment of the Father’s promise to you. So stay here in the city until the mighty power of heaven falls upon you and wraps around you."
Immediately as I pondered this Scripture Acts 1:9 was ringing in my ears:
"But I promise you this – the Holy Spirit will come upon you and you will be filled with power. And you will be my messengers to Jerusalem, throughout Judea, the distant provinces – even to the remotest places on the earth."
Last night I believe the Lord spoke to me and He said "24 hours of power" and I sensed encounters coming for many with His power as they pressed in that was bringing deliverance, freedom and breakthrough to them at a whole new level. These encounters would then release momentum in the lives of the people of God to see their lives become even more of a sign and a wonder and signs and wonders follow them. (Mark 16:17)
When I heard the song in the grocery store I felt the Lord speaking and a stirring in My Spirit. As we move into Pentecost this weekend, I believe the Lord is saying that many of us have been going through a refiners fire in this season, but this weekend will see a shift, as many will COME OUT as PURE GOLD and there will be encounters with His power for THE NATIONS.
I saw encounters happening right across the body of Christ with the power and fire of God that was setting His people ON FIRE at a deeper level for the nations. In these encounters I saw messages, prophetic words, visions and strategic pathways to pray being released. A commissioning was happening over many to minister in many new nations. These encounters with the power of God and His fire was going to see the heart of God for that nation released into the people of God at a DEEP level. Heaven’s vision for the nations.
In these encounters I saw the fire of God falling on His Word that has been STORED in the hearts of His people as they have read and meditated the the revelations will come ALIVE at a whole new level which will bring freedom, healing and breakthrough. These encounters over Pentecost Sunday will see many walking into a new season where the Word will come ALIVE like never before, and the FIRE OF GOD and power of His Spirit will fall upon them in greater ways as they dig deep into His Word.
A SHIFT will happen in many hearts concerning their authority in Christ. These encounters with His fire and His power will see revelation being to blossom and explode in the hearts of believers to who they are in Him and what is possible for a person with God living inside them. Eyes of hearts are being opened with greater conviction to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons… to see the Kingdom of God established and built everywhere they go. The people of God moving forward with greater confidence, boldness and taking the Kingdom of God by force.
The KEY for these encounters, is we as the people of God MUST press in.
I also saw these encounters with His power and His fire happening over the Pentecost weekend that was not only plunging the people of God deeper into freedom and breakthrough, but a shifting of season – where the people of God have cried out and cried out to the Lord for the enemy to release his hold and continued to work with the Holy Spirit but nothing has moved, I saw these holds being broken. The fire of God BURNING UP the holds of the enemy and sudden transformation taking place.
New giftings were being released and highlighted and new levels of of knowing the Holy Spirit and His wonder working power. In these encounters with His fire and power I saw deeper understandings, wisdom and insight being released over many of the people of God as they pressed in to understand the LANGUAGE OF THE SPIRIT.
I feel the Lord moving over this weekend, Pentecost Sunday more than I have in previous years. The Lord has been speaking about the nations in more detail more than ever lately I believe and He is equipping His people with greater revelation and understanding to see NATIONS CHANGED. A birthing is happening through YOU for the nations, you are investing into nations through your prayer, your love, your words. The birthing is happening now!
EVERYONE has a part to play! The refiners fire may have been hot, but as you have pressed in you are coming out shining as pure gold, with greater capacity and walking in greater increase of revelation and extension to carry the MORE that He is calling you into.
Press in people of God!!!! We are crossing-over and the NATIONS are waiting!
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  • Lidia Hidalgo

    Lord God, I want to feel Your fire burning deep within my heart, soul, spirit, even through my bones and my bones marrow, Lord God, take me back to my first love, give me your strength, your Power, boldness to speak of your wanders, Lord take me in with you; I want to see you, Amen!!!! | lanavawser posted: “I went to the grocery store this morning and as I walked the aisles a song came over the radio and my ears were pricked to the words “You have sent your fire into my life”.As I pondered these words throughout the morning, I heard Luke 24:49 ov” | |


    Hello Lava,
    Your posts really bless and helps me. I look forward to reading them every morning here in UK. God bless you big and keep on writing.
    Sent from my iPad

  • vrhjlh

    Voin, Thought you might enjoy reading this before Sunday. Love you and praying for you on Sunday, Janee

  • Beverley Estes

    It does not seem to me that there will be a rapture as they are talking about that we miss the persecution. I am trying to make myself ready as the LORD says “His Bride will make herself ready.”