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I had a dream last night and in the first part of my dream I heard the Lord saying "It is time to be matched up" and suddenly I saw a match and the match was lit and the FLAME was HUGE.
The Lord is blowing His fire upon His people, He is setting hearts on fire again. His fire is cleansing, it is consuming the people of God. It is burning away fear and making room for restoration and recompense. There has been a shift in the atmosphere this Pentecost weekend, as the fire of God has been moving across His people as they cry out. A great SHIFT has taken place. I saw many in worship, crying out to the Lord and feeling the physical heat, burning fire of God upon them. God is AWAKENING YOU to the MORE that is ALREADY YOURS!
SUDDENLIES are not only still coming, they are beginning to manifest in acceleration revealing the divine order of God. In the midst of the suddenlies the fire of God is releasing a BIGGER flame into the hearts of His people, setting them on fire with love and affection for Him. Hearts are being healed. There is a birthing happening of deeper levels of praise to Him. The people of God IN their suddenlies are being awaked to their identity, to their purpose and to the power that lives within them. The BURNING ONES are ARISING. Radical "overnight" transformation is happening for many are they encounter the fire of God, all things that were not set in line, are being turned around and set the RIGHT WAY ROUND.
I saw the people of God moving out into the nations and they were BURNING, burning with the PASSION AND MESSAGE of JESUS and His GLORIOUS Gospel. As the moved out they had matches in their hands and as they released these matches to people, cities and nations, these matches suddenly caught fire from the fire upon their lives and spread into peoples lives, cities and nations bringing revival.
The Lord has been doing deep work in the hearts of His people in the stretching and healing the soul of His people as they cried out to Him, and He is positioning His people in strategic places to RELEASE HIS FIRE. IT IS TIME to see a demonstration and release of the fire of God that we have not seen before.
In this "strategic positioning" I saw networks, connections and covenant relationships being birthed. I believe the Lord said to me in my dream "It is time to be matched up" and the Lord is matching His people up now in divine networks, connections and covenant relationships. Pay specific attention to these networks/connections/covenants for the Lord is going to release GREAT FIRE through these relationships into His Church, into the marketplace, into cities, into nations, into the world.
MANY MANY MANY doors of favour are opening in this season as we stay close to the Lord and follow His voice and leading. This accelerated positioning is happening now through these networks/connections/covenants to release His burning revival fire of love into the world. We are moving into the greatest harvest we as the body of Christ have EVER seen. We were not meant to work alone, we were created as a body and to work together as a body each with individual parts. Each part AS important as the other.
The fire of God is burning away competition, striving, jealousy and insecurity as the people of God press in, and a DEEP unity will take place in the body of Christ to see an end-time revival released. We must embrace the fire and allow Him to do what He needs to do to establish godly covenant relationships that seek the best for one another and are working together to extend His Kingdom.
These deep connections are taking place now AS we are positioned and nestled into His heart.
I heard Him say… "It is time for the message of My love to spread like WILDFIRE" . His message of LOVE is going to be burnt into the people of God at a deeper level in this season ESPECIALLY over this Pentecost weekend. DEEP love encounters and it will take place ALL ACROSS the body of Christ in VARIOUS forms as we PRESS IN and His people will arise BURNING with the message of His love and fear broken. His message of love spread far and wide and an increased level and pace. "It is time for the message of My love to spread like WILDFIRE."
In my dream I heard the words "It is time to be matched up and set the city of Paris on fire." I asked the Lord about this and I had the sense that this has a two-fold meaning. Paris, represents for many the "City of love" and the Lord is going to encounter His people through deeper intimacy and networks/covenant relationships/connections and awaken His Bride to the revelation of His love. The body of Christ will begin to be KNOWN as the CITY OF LOVE. The ones who KNOW they are RADICALLY LOVED as they are in relationship with the One WHO IS PERFECT LOVE. Then known as the ones WHO RADICALLY LOVE.
I then felt the Lord speak about Paris…
I felt the Lord saying that as the Paris is often known as the City of Love, the people of God who live in Paris and are called to minister in Paris, and those in other nations who have a heart for Paris, it is time to PRAY. It is time to see darkness lifted OFF Paris and for her to step into her DESTINY. The city of LOVE, a place where the love of God is EVIDENT in a whole new way and releases that love to other nations. Releasing MISSIONARIES OF LOVE.
I sensed the Lord saying "The city of Paris is in for a GREAT TURNAROUND as the people of God pray". A cleansing is coming to Paris as the fire of God falls as the people of God pray. I saw many of the people of God in Paris discouraged and disheartened at the hard ground, but I say to you, do NOT be discouraged for the Lord has set Paris in His gaze for such a time as this. As the people of God in Paris press into Him, deep encounters await them with Him that will release the fire of God into the city. What the enemy has attempted to steal, kill and destroy for so long will turn around as the people of God press in. Revival on the streets! It is NOT impossible in Him. It’s time to believe, and it is TIME to receive! God is wanting to set Paris like a city on a hill shining brightly, set her on fire BURNING WITH HIS LOVE!
Great networks and connections will happen IN Paris that will create pathways and pockets for revival to break out. It is time for Paris to take her rightful place!
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  • C Cotten

    Thank you!!!!! I’m literally feeling the spiritual burning from the fire. What a Rhema Word!
    Evg. Esther

  • Terry

    So amazing keep pressing in Lana. Many of us love the gift God has given you. Sending your emails to my wife in hope that she will receive Gods love and healing power and compassion. I need it too! Thanks so much. Some days your words help me stay the course. I pray God will restore my marriage and our children in this season. Blessings
    Terry Vos 402-779-1356

  • Connie Bumgarner

    I went to Paris about 15 years ago and discovered the French inside me. I wished then that Paris could be touched by the Lord. Soooo great!
    LANA VAWSER wrote:
    > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ lanavawser posted: “I had a dream last night and in the first part of my dream I heard the Lord saying “It is time to be matched up” and suddenly I saw a match and the match was lit and the FLAME was HUGE. The Lord is blowing His fire upon His people, He is settin”

  • Sonja Howard

    Please tell me when God will let me die. I am so sick of life and the tremendous suffering I endure daily, I miss my 10 year old son who was killed almost 4 years ago by a negligent doctor and I am sick. Please pray that truth and justice will prevail at the inquest into his death in August. I have a very complex legal predicament as a result of my childs death. I have so much money, and a big grand house and I dont care less. I have a husband and daughter who deserve better maternal and wife relationship than I can offer, I am also pregnant, and am afraid that I do not have the capacity to rear this infant.
    Date: Sat, 23 May 2015 23:20:48 +0000 To: [email protected]

  • Randy Boehm

    Wow!! On March 21st, I saw (in the spirit) Jesus lighting a large match stick. I felt like He said,” It is finished, but I am passing the torch on to my children”!
    Sent from my iPad

  • angel74no

    Our suddenly came on Monday. Doug Addison had a short word that day – “Watch for unexpected finances to flow and for creative ideas and investment opportunities.” All those 3 things happened on Monday!! 5 days before that God told us “I lead you now into the promise land, be ready to slay the giants….” Your words Lana has helped us stay sane through a very long waiting period!!
    The Lord has also talked to us about fire – looking forward to that!! 🙂