Prophetic Words


This year I have felt the Lord highlighting creativity a lot and the expression of His creativity increasing in the body of Christ. This morning I felt the Lord reminding me of His heart to release greater creativity into the body of Christ.
I felt the Lord saying that He is asking His people personally and corporately to be "making space" for creativity to be released through them. I felt the Lord saying that many do not believe they are creative, and that He wanted to remind His people that He is a creative God, and His Spirit lives in us, so we have creativity within us. A lot of creativity has been stolen from individuals and the body of Christ through comparison. The Lord wants His people to know that creativity being released through us individually is not be compared. It is OUR expression of our love for Him (Colossians 3:23) and an expression of who He has made us to be. Each of us hold a "creative" piece of a puzzle that when released and joined together corporately not only displays a beautiful display of His goodness and love, but an individual expression of who He has created YOU to be and creative worship to HIM, that only YOU can give Him. All of our life is an act of worship to Him!
I felt the enemy has really squandered creativity in many lives through comparison and insecurity and lies of not being creative. There is an unlocking and increase of creativity the Lord is releasing right now in this season that is BRINGING HIS PEOPLE TO LIFE! Do NOT allow fear to cage your creativity in worship, in life, in whatever area, the Lord wants to breath on your creative expression. I heard the Lord say… "AWAKEN CREATIVES ONES" and creativity began to awaken within the hearts of His people.
As the people of God press in asking Him to unlock greater creative doors I saw them being led into DEEP encounters with Him. Through music, through painting, through cooking, through creating, through writing, through dreaming, in all the areas of "making space" to allow creativity to flow they were creating PORTALS for DEEP encounters with Him. A deep healing was taking place in physical bodies and hearts through these creative expressions leading to deep encounters with Him. SOULS were being healed at DEEP levels as PENT up emotions were being released through expressions of beauty and creativity without His people even realising. A divine exchange was taking place ashes for beauty. DEEP striving was being broken, deep unsettledness in identity was being healed, ongoing health issues HEALED as the heart expression of His people were encountering the heart of God through creativity.
As the people of God made space to allow creativity to be unlocked and flow, I heard the words "productivity, elasticity, efficiency".
I saw the people of God developing this lifestyle of "making space" for creativity in worship to Him, releasing a heavenly productivity in lives.
SO much more being released than what was being "put in". There was such an anointing and grace flowing from these places of creativity, that it was affecting EVERY area of their lives. It was increasing capacity that was seeing heavenly fruit exploding in lots of areas, as the people of God sow in their expressions of creativity to Him. Amazing things were going to open and spring forth with minimum expenditure of time and effort, because HE IS BREATHING ON IT. (Zechariah 4:6)
I saw the people move with greater elasticity. As they invested more into these "creative spaces" in their life, deep rest was taking place in mind, body and soul that was building the people of God into stronger people and with a greater sense of flexibility and fluidity in moving with Him through the storms and trials. Fear of taking risks for Him was broken off. I then realised as I watched what He was doing through "creative spaces" individually and corporately was removing things in hearts that have hindered DEEP TRUST in lives of the people of God. Deep trust was being restored. Areas where many of the people of God have felt like they have been "bent out of shape" by trials, sickness, disappointments and storms, they were BOUNCING BACK to their original GOD INTENDED place of identity and design.
God is doing SO MUCH individually and corporately through His people making "space for creativity". He is not only awakening and unlocking creativity but there is HUGE increase and anointing being poured out on creative expressions that He is breathing upon that is going to OPEN DOORS that only HE can open (Isaiah 22:22) and bring the deep healing, restoration and "bouncing back" that many have been crying out for.
In the CREATIVE PROCESS He is leading His people into and through, the people of God are awakening and COMING ALIVE in greater ways. To who they were created to be and positioned ready for the next great opportunity and open door He has for them.
Corporately as we all join together with our "creative expression puzzle piece" we will arise to our God intended place… THE MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE on the planet. LEADING the world in creativity DISPLAYING the GOODNESS and BEAUTY of our WONDERFUL GOD.
Awaken creative ones! You are being made whole and entering into deeper realms of heavens creativity to release upon the earth!
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  • Lidia Hidalgo

    | | | |
    | | | Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!! Lord Jesus, I thank You tonight, I bless You and I Praise You, Lord for Your Great Faithfulness, and declaration of that mighty word, actually Lord Is You using Your Faithful, Servant oh Lord God, I adore You, and worship You, tonight, Lord God thank You for releasing this Awesome, and Amazing, Beautiful and Powerful, Shekinah, Glory straight from Your loving and kindness heart, and into mine heart, my life, my soul, oh God, I am Pregnant with this amazing word tonight, Lord God Bless me to carry this word to a full term Spiritual pregnancy and deliver it and bring it forward into confirmation, and manifestation of Your unending love and Shekinah Power, bring it to Your light and to Your life, on Your time, Thank You Lord Jesus, Great is thy Faithfulness… Lord God almighty!!! Amen!!! |
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  • Katherine Southmayd

    Hey Josh! It’s not June yet! 🙂 I read this and was touched greatly be the encouragement of creativeness and freedom in walking in this as part of His body.
    I wonder what it would look like for us as individuals and corporately!? I know I’ve already been moving in this and am crying out for more…

  • Jody Thomae

    Lana — thank you for sharing this. I come alongside and say YES & AMEN! The Lord was very clear with me at the end of 2014 to spend a year inspiring folks to greater levels of creativity through the sharing of creative resources on my blog. It’s been a fun journey and I have connected with many creatives along the way! Here’s the link:
    I’ll be connecting them to your blog / this post on Tuesday of this week.
    Thank you for blessing God’s creative children!
    Peace, Jody Thomae
    Author, “God’s Creative Gift—Unleashing the Artist in You”