Prophetic Words


I saw many of the people of God pressing into prayer and the secret place and suddenly a whirlwind that seemed to "come out of nowhere". It was a whirlwind of opposition/attack sent by the enemy to bring distraction and hinder the place of "communion" and "intimacy" for the people of God.
Many were struggling to press in through prayer. Many were fighting against fatigue that would hit heavily in their prayer time and times of worship. Many feeling a "battle" to "connect" with the Lord in the secret place.
There is an attack released upon the people of God that are pressing deeper into prayer and intimacy with Him in the secret place, because the Lord is unlocking new realms of revelation and areas of breakthrough.
The people of God are moving into a new level of revelation concerning their authority in Christ and a great awakening happening in their hearts to their identity in Him. The sons and daughters of God are arising as they are pressing in.
I saw many disheartened by this battle in the secret place and this battle in prayer. Do not be discouraged, do not be despaired by this battle, for I sensed the Lord saying that this battle is an INDICATION of what is waiting for you ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS!!!!
Some of you are but A PRAYER AWAY from breakthrough and the enemy is attempting to do all he can to keep you from that place.
Some of the greatest encounters with Him, revelation and explosion of insight into His Word await you. Heavenly strategies, wisdom and keys to spiritual warfare are going to be opened up to you at a new level.
Bill Johnson says that "Fire ALWAYS falls on sacrifice" and that is exactly what I feel the Lord is saying. IN the place of battle, IN the place of opposition and distraction that is coming at you in the secret place, OFFER Him praise, PRESS THROUGH and get into the Word, IN the battle continue to pray even if you feel like nothing is shifting. OFFER HIM your praise, adoration and positioning despite the battle. The FIRE OF GOD is attracted to your sacrifice.
Your praise, your sacrifice to Him, is like a beautiful incense rising to Him that is not only seeing heaven rain down on you, but DISARMING the whirlwind attempting to knock you off course.
I saw the fire of God fall on the people of God bringing transformation, freedom, healing, positioning for greater momentum and EYES being set on fire to SEE like they have NEVER seen before in the spirit.
I also felt the Lord saying that as His people press through this battle and take communion in the secret place with Him, focus on HIS sacrifice for us, a turning will take place.
The enemy is attempting to counterfeit what the Lord is releasing. Whirlwinds from heaven are being released into the secret place as His people meet with Him and minister to Him with their praise and adoration. Out of the encounters with Him in the secret place, whirlwind changes will occur in the natural.
I felt the Lord saying "EVERYTHING that My people need for breakthrough is found in Me and encountering Me. These encounters entered into and the instruction and revelation released in them, put into action, will see many things turned around suddenly."
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  • Lidia Hidalgo

    | | | |
    | | | Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Lord Jesus, You are Mighty, You are Strong, You are all Power, Wisdom, and A Conqueror, You are A Overcomer, of all the evil forces of darkness, and we are resting in You, we renew our strength I the Power of Your Might, Lord we give You honor, we give You Praise, we Worship You in Spirit and in truth, with all our hearts, mind, strength, with all our soul; Lord we are Your people, we are called by Your name, we humble ourselves the best we know how, we pray to You, we seek Your face oh Dear and glorious Heavenly Father, we know, and trust in You, that You would never ever leave us nor forsake us, and we depend totally on You… Lord Jesus make us strong, in faith, in hope, in knowledge, wisdom, discernment… Lord God help us in everything we go through help us to overcome every attack from the enemy, Lord help us to be overcomers in Your name, and to Your Honor and glory, Amen!!!   |
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  • Donna Geddes

    Describes exactly what is happening in my life right now…..I even felt I was to go on a three week prayer and fast as of last Friday and I receive this word in Jesus’ Name!
    WOW and communion…..such a key…….heard that word yesterday and was led to partake in communion and today I’m in such peace in the midst of my storms. I was given a vision of a hand that looked shredded and deep dark blood covered the hand and I knew in my spirit, it was the hand of Christ and then heard “communion”. The blood is alive! Intimacy and praise and worship is changing things around, my breakthrough is coming….Hallelujah!
    Your words have been so timely for me and I have related to most of them where I am at in the present time…….but no better place to be but in His Presence!………Nothing but the blood……..
    God Bless!

  • kathryneann

    Reblogged this on Healing Writing Room and commented:
    After you have read Cindy’s encouragement, (Back to Basics), this prophetic word of encouragement from the Lord through Lana Vawser will make sense. Let us press into the place of prayer filled worship to receive our breakthroughs!

  • Charles Roy

    Many thanks 🙂
    Realtor pocket dialled me this morning.Was busy talking to Cop as a witness to a pedestrian being hit. …..another ‘distraction’ in the mix. And very good word too.:))))))

  • Robert Burke

    Interesting, your prophetic gift. Bless you for it.
    A HUGE lesson, which is very hard to put into practice, is “Honor unto whom honor is due.”
    Honor Kim Clement, when he is accurate. Honor Rick Joyner, when proved accurate. The hardest of all, honor “In That Day Teachings”?
    Honor any prophetic work which proves itself true over time. Then a whole lot of good redounds unto the person doing the honoring. But you say, “Honor only Christ, and him crucified!” ?
    Duh: It was Christ’s crucifying that enables him NOW to quickly come and behold: in saints of the today, to be His Hands, etc. Therefore, we honor those in whom Christ honors… and indwells. It is the point of ministry, actually, to enable impoverished souls to be highly indwelt of Christ.
    So actually, the folk saying they will only honor Christ and not man or woman, actually dishonor both Christ and the man and woman He indwells. This is the hitch in the giddyup which is killing amelioration..

  • Beverley Estes

    Over a week ago the LORD said to me just as I was about to give HIM a name of a man and HE suddenly said I have given him fire. Now I am getting all these words from God. I am excited to see what HE is doing. Blessings Beverley.