Prophetic Words


This morning I had a vision and in this vision I saw scrolls with wings and they were being released from the hand of the Father to the people of God.
These scrolls were flying towards the people of God, they were on a mission, they had an assignment and knew exactly where to go. As I saw them flying they were being carried on the breath of God.
As their wings flapped I could hear the rhythm of a strong beating heart. Their wings flapped in unison with this heartbeat. I wondered what these scrolls represented and suddenly the understanding came to me, like pieces fitting perfectly into a jigsaw puzzle.
These scrolls have been sent to the people of God that have been crying out for wisdom and direction. Upon these scrolls was contained words of wisdom from the heart of God.
"If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. " – James 1:5-6
The wisdom being sent to the people of God as they cried out was birthed out of His heart of love for His people. As this wisdom of God was applied and followed it would see the people of God moving deeper into the rhythm of the Spirit and moving in-sync with the heart of God.
In this receiving of heavenly wisdom and direction there were invitations into the heart of God at a deep deep level. An invitation to see what is on the heart of God and to partner with Him.
As these scrolls landed in the lives of the people of God through visions, dreams, revelation in the Word, He was speaking. I saw many unroll these scrolls and many were surprised by the wisdom and direction it contained, for it seemed different to what they had expected and for some, a completely different direction. I sensed the encouragement and reassurance of the Lord that as this wisdom was followed and applied, even though it was not what was expected, it was going to give the people of God wings, to soar higher than they ever imagined.
The Lord began speaking to me about how His wisdom is ALIVE and creates. As His word of wisdom went forth and was received and applied by His people it was creating and manifesting in the natural what was in the heart of God in the spirit.
Even though many were surprised by the wisdom and revelation they received and which direction to go, as they moved forward following His prompting, SUDDEN breakthrough was taking place. Immediate shift. Incredible openings.
Many of the people of God were moving into lands of great abundance, overflow as they applied the wisdom of God to their circumstances and decision making. Overwhelming JOY was before them, as His wisdom not only opened new doors and avenues that they had never dreamed of, but it activated promises of old that had been hindered to COME FORTH. Great change was occurring as the people of God moved in the revelatory wisdom He was releasing in their daily lives and decision making.
God is releasing heavenly wisdom as many of the people of God have been crying out for it, and even though it may not look how you expect, it is leading you into the fulfilled manifested promises of God, the NEW that He has stored up FOR YOU!
A birthing is happening in the partnership of wisdom and the people of God that is releasing a momentum of "heavenly ideas" being released to the people of God that will open doors all around to see the Kingdom of God established.
Many are being LED DEEPER into the revelation that you have the mind of Christ. The Lord is leading many of His people deeper into operating in that revelatory place of truth. YOU have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16)
The wisdom of God has wings. Embrace it. For it will lead you to the most beautiful place of knowing His heart, what is in His heart. It is inviting you deeper into moving in the rhythm of His heart, that will open up "new realms and avenues" for you where you will go out with great joy and singing.
As you embrace His wisdom you are being given wings to soar higher than you EVER imagined.
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  • Sandra Brewster

    Thank you woman of God I needed that Word on tonite to carry me through this difficult time of decision-making. thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly felt as if God was not hearing my heart cry. I have not seen the move of God in my life in a while and there are so many answers that I long for. But this has been a answer to prayer.
    Sandra Brewster

  • Wesley Tarpley

    Thank you for your insight  the Father’s heart.
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    lanavawser posted: “This morning I had a vision and in this vision I saw scrolls with wings and they were being released from the hand of the Father to the people of God. These scrolls were flying towards the people of God, they were on a mission, they had an assignment and”

  • harpeth21

    Exactly where I was led to read today. Ezekiel 1, the wings; James 1 the wisdom, and 2 Cor 12 the visions and revelation. All this as I asked the Way to the Father’s heart, as I know that is where my Life is and begins anew. Had a vision Sunday of Jesus leading me out on the beach. He stood facing me holding both my hands, then He reached his hand into my stomach and started pulling out balls of fire ? and threw them behind me. As He did so, I felt it was as if they were creating something new. Not sure as I never looked behind me. My eyes were fixated on His pendant. He was wearing a red mantle about breast length and a white mantle that was at least knee length, both draped around his neck. His hair was shoulder length. He was wearing a silver heart ❤ pendant with a purple cross etched in the center of it. He’s been giving me a deeper revelation of the cross as NOW I know it is nestled deep in the heart of God as a most valuable treasure. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life; the only Way to the Father’s heart ❤ is through Jesus.

  • Randolph Para

    Yea, every principle that represents the nature and character of our Father is alive and has the capacity to fly and doesn’t go back to Him void.
    Randolph Para.
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  • kathryneann

    I receive this word. I am a writer. I believe the Father has and shall continue to deposit these scrolls in my heart through dreams and revelation as you wrote. Thank you for posting this encouraging word. Blessings, sister.

  • Lidia Hidalgo

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