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Over the past few days I keep hearing the words over and over “It’s time to jump” and I saw many of God’s people and they were standing on the edge of a cliff. Many were waiting for ‘direction’, many were at about to step into new assignments, many were were receiving downloads from Papa’s heart and He was calling them to step out in faith.
As I looked at each person on the edge of the cliff there were TWO things in common.
There was a great level of feeling ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘under pressure’ by these ones, and the second thing was ALL of them required a HUGE JUMP off the cliff. The time to a HUGE leap of faith. There were risks ALL AROUND but the Lord was calling the people of God to JUMP OFF into HIs arms in a level of trust they had not known before.
Many were struggling with fear and anxiety because of the level the the Lord was asking them to “LET GO” in. I also saw that “WAYS” that they moved in, in the previous seasons, the way they did things before, were not working anymore. The Lord was teaching them a new way, and this new way required a DEEP LEVEL of trust!!! The Lord was leading His people into the “NEW” and the “NEW” can be scary because it’s territory that many have not walked in before. There are pioneer trails being formed AS the people of God JUMP off the CLIFF OF COMFORT and freefall into His arms.
The thing I paid particular attention to was these faith jumps were things that were bigger than anything they had ever faced and in the natural these new levels of favour, opportunities, faith steps, geographical moves, new assignments, things the Lord was asking them to do looked SO overwhelming and doubt and fear was surrounding BUT these things were really taking the people of God from places that were “comfortable” in the last season and asking them to move into an area where there is a deep trust being birthed in the revelation of their need of Him.
Even though what was before many of God’s people seemed HUGE, it seemed OVERWHELMING, it seemed TERRIFYING to JUMP, these areas were actually the areas where many of God’s people would see the greatest manifestation of the power of God in their lives and through their lives. The ‘outcome’ of the JUMP is not known, but jumping deeper into what He is calling you to do is the most glorious and safe place. These very areas that God was calling many of His people to jump into, even though the jump was scary, there was DOUBLE PORTION blessing, anointing and favour waiting on the otherwise of the JUMP.
I kept hearing Him say over and over “I will NOT fail you, I will NOT fail you, everything will be okay, I will NOT fail you.”
It’s time to JUMP! The jump may seem terrifying but as you jump led by His Spirit, you will find LIFE in the JUMP! You will find JOY in the jump, you will find PEACE in the jump. There is MORE PEACE and JOY in the jump of FAITH He is asking you to do, than staying on the cliff of comfort that ‘feels comfortable’. The Lord is going to send the people around you that are going to champion you, stand with you, encourage you and provide resources. It may FEEL like you are jumping alone, but you are not. The Lord is there with you IN the JUMP and He is there waiting to CATCH YOU after you JUMP and He is rallying other troops to come and stand with you. Rejoice! This JUMP is actually FOR YOUR GOOD and leading you to greater intimacy with Him, breakthrough and promotion in the Spirit.


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  • Martin Boyd

    Wow! What a message! I’m all in! AND Jumping! I will Trust Him! Reminds me when father ask their children to jump in a pool so he can catch them. I see the eyes of the children showing some doubt and fear though dad’s love and pleading WINS OVER! Amen Lana! I pray for your travels over here in America to be safe, peaceful and productive for Him! Have fun! We love you!

  • Char

    God is so good.
    I sense that you are intercepting my conversations with Father God and
    HE tells you the answers to my questions and prayers.
    It is teaching me there is no distance in God. You in Australia and me in Kentucky and yet HE reveals to you what I need at that very moment.
    If ever you doubt that you hear God I can testify, most assuredly, you do.
    It is such a blessing.
    Blessings and thank you for being obedient.

  • patricia sperandio

    WOW! This is exactly what the Lord has been telling me! So right on! Thanks for the encouragement to press on! Blessings to you!

  • CS

    Thank you Father!! I receive this! What a confirmation. I am jumping and I am trusting!! Jesus never leaves or forsakes. He promises to complete the work He started and no one can pluck us from the Father’s mighty hand! Thank you Lana for your Obedience!

  • Sonny

    HalleluYah God bless you. I remember my dad telling youth to jump off the roof, mail box and told me to jump out of the tree at the beach makes me reminese on his trustworthiness to hold a steady stance to catch me. I took so long to jump that when I jumped I landed on top of him and I giggled so hard I was frightless and he was like solid quision. My mum laughed and I can’t remember the rest hahahaha!!. JESUS I WILL NOT take my time with you since you are my trusting Father. ThankYou lord for Lana and the perpetual Heavely Kingdom Authority conversation she has in you. I proclaim and decree this beautifull kinda relationship with you throughout the body of Christ our Lord Yeshua Yahweh king of the Jews then now and foevermore Amine!!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Last week in the evening, I was standing by the sink, making supper and looking into the night. To my surprise, there was a bunny rabbit sitting still, near the house that came from the right of the backyard. I watched in wonder,that I got to see a rabbit like that. More surprise! Further back, in the backyard, was another rabbit! Smaller than the first one. That one wasn’t still as long, it was really hopping and getting somewhere fast. This morning, I awoke to a mighty rushing wind outside. It was a mighty and rushed outside during time of prayer in the morning. So mighty was the wind, it blew the front door open!! It’s not an old door, and it’s not the first time it’s flown open either. An open door that He has opened with a mighty wind!! By 8:30am the wind had returned to normal. It was eerie how quiet the wind was now! Got this song in the spirit this morning: “We want to see Jesus, to reach out and touch Him. We want to see Jesus and say that we love Him.” Soon after got these two words of a song, that seemed familiar: “My Father”. Pressed in for more and got “with My Father”. What with my Father? It came immediately, “dancing with my Father.” Hahaha, I like that! That song is from TACF, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship back in the late 90’s!! Yes, Lord, yes: dancing with the Father!!Oh, just remember what Holy Spirit was showing me last night walking back from the barn. When I was a younger girl playing Barbies, the name picked for my doll was April Dancer. I had no inkling about dancing back then, none.

  • Coppelia

    My friend, Tanya, shared this with me this morning and I got tears in my eyes, as I was in line for Jury Duty this morning! HA! I shared it with my husband, and we are both just sitting here at our dining table in AWE of what God is doing. This is such a God thing. No coincidences here! My sister, not too long ago, shared with me the Steve Harvey video you shared on your Facebook page. It was around the same time that I was quitting my job as a Christian radio DJ, following what my husband and I strongly felt was the Lord’s leading. Oh, boy, have we JUMPED. It is HUGE. Just like you shared in your blog post. It’s overwhelming and intimidating. And exciting. And awesome! I’ve never felt more peace and anticipation. I believe it’s even more significant that the weekend we did the official launch of my new ministry (Isaiah 43:19 — He is doing something NEW!!!), they served communion at my church. I am overwhelmed and in awe of what God is doing. I’m not even sure what it is, how it’s going to work out, etc… but my hubby and I know HE is up to something amazing. I can’t believe we get to be a part of it! All glory to Him alone!

  • God's Beloved

    This is a BEYOND AWESOME Word from the Lord!!! And so on time! Thank you for sharing! Lord Jesus, please give us the faith, grace, courage and trust in YOU, in Your Goodness, in Your Divine Plans & Purposes and in Your Heart for us that we need to step out in faith and JUMP INTO YOUR ARMS in the midst of the seemingly insurmountable odds and seemingly impossible circumstances before us. May Your will be done and Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven as we do so, O Lord! We Love You and are so, so grateful to be called your own!!!

  • Kathy Jordan

    As a small toddler, my Daddy used to lay in the floor beside the dining room table. They would put me on the table at one end and I would run to the other end and jump with no hesitation, full of laughter knowing my Daddy would catch me. When I read this word, I knew it was for me. I have been facing a decision concerning my job and my “Daddy” is saying JUMP! Thank you for your obedience to share!

  • Linda Edwards

    You won’t believe ….. I had foot surgery 3 weeks ago on 1/11/16. The doctor told me last week on Tuesday I could begin to take steps on my heel using crutches versus the knee scooter I have bee using to get around. Scary after tumbling twice.  On Saturday I began to try my heel (4 days later) straddling my scooter for support.  This morning I decided to graduate to the crutches a week after my permission to do so.  Exciting!!! Progress!!!  I was sharing the excitement with my husband, Michael, who has been telling me to try those crutches and me resisting …. his response …. “If you are standing on the edge of a cliff with fire to your back and I tell you to JUMP …. you better JUMP!!!!”  

  • Robin

    You are definitely reading my mail! The Lord just told me about a week ago to Jump. He’s taken me to completely empty, telling me it’s all new, now I will fill you with what I have for you, come and jump with me!” I surrender my all and want all The Lord has for me!
    Thank you for this awesome word of confirmation and knowledge!!!
    God Bless!!!

  • Bee

    I don’t know what it means in literal terms to jump – but I think I was pushed.
    Yesterday I just took the last of our savings out (that I had been standing in faith and determined not to touch)and it will last to the end of this month.
    Just like you said, it is terrifying and overwhelming – and very quiet. Still waiting for his voice.
    Maybe I’m in the middle of the falling? : )

  • Anna Di Guglielmo

    Thank you, Lana. I have just resigned from teaching and am ready to move into the next phase. This word gives me so much hope and peace! Anna from Zions Hill church, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. ?

  • Heidii

    Glory, Glory, Honor and Praises, as I read these awesome loving words, coming from the Father’s heart to mine. I do receive it in an abundance of love, anticipation and lots and lots of joy overflowing my being, for this is awesome as I’m jumping, jumping, this day in delight. Receive a word of knowledge confirming to me he is releasing his Favor, his wisdom, his understandings, leading me into th promise
    Glory, Honor, and Praise, Thank You precious heart for sharing this Powerful Awesome words this day. What a release it is to stand on to know, it is here. Blessings
    to you evermore. Amen

  • Lidia


  • brenda

    This goes right along with the prophetic dream I had where myself and others were on a tractor traveling through terrain and stopped at the edge of a cliff and the tractor slowly floated to the bottom (about 100 feet) and as it landed it made 180 degree turn. I believe this is a season for the body of believers to take ground where we’ve never gone before and trust HIM to bring a turnaround in whatever you’re facing. Praise HIM!!