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I had an encounter with the Lord today where I saw Jesus standing before me and I knew that He was before me to speak to me concerning the greatest outpouring of His Spirit across the earth.

As He stood before me, I felt such a tugging in His heart, the only way I can describe it was a deep yearning, I was undone by the level of yearning I could feel pulsating from His heart.
As He looked at me, I was suddenly surrounded by the sense that He was about to let me see into His heart for the body of Christ in this season, and what I heard come out of His mouth surprised me and undid me.
“PLEASE, PLEASE embrace the fire upon your character, PLEASE allow Me to deal with your character so that people can see ME CLEARLY”
All in one moment I felt the purest form of love that I have felt, a line being drawn in the sand for the people of God to say “YES” to Him no matter the cost, to say “YES” to His process despite the uncomfortableness, and yet even while feeling this yearning of love for the people of God to accept the invitation before them because it was going to lead to something greater than they could have ever imagined.
I then heard Him speak again:
“I am bringing My people back to Me as their first love, I am releasing My fire on character in this season in deep ways, for gifting will not keep them in the doors of favour I am opening for them. I am wanting to deal with the deep hidden things of the heart, I was to clean out things that are holding them back, I want to deal with things that are tormenting them, I want to deal with the things that could be potential areas that could cause the enemy to come in and pull them out of the place of favour I have for them, because they have not embraced My fire on their character. Many are perceiving the fire upon their character as they have done something wrong, and that is not true, that is the lie of the enemy. I am dealing DEEPLY with the heart and HEART MOTIVES right now because the greatest end time revival that is going to be released upon this earth is going to be marked with PURITY, LOVE and CHARACTER. A whole new level of purity, love, character and integrity will be seen across My Church as I move in power and in signs and wonders from the place of the divine dance with Me as their first love. Holiness is going to mark the end time outpouring in ways the world has never seen. Holiness that is free of a religious spirit, but holiness that is pure and flowing out of hearts that are just seeking to be with Me and love Me. I am restoring the MANIFESTED FRUIT OF HOLINESS through My people AS they embrace this fire. My people are holy, and My people are righteous in Me because of the Cross and My resurrection, that is the solid biblical truth, but the outworking of the fruit of holiness is going to be seen in a whole new ways as My people embrace the fire. This fire on character must be embraced now so My people are KEPT in the revival and the doors of favour and opportunities I am releasing. I am purging and pruning hearts and heart motives SO THAT My people are strong. I am restoring a deeper honour of My heart in My people.
“Who then, dares to climb up into the presence of the Lord? And who has the right to enter into the holy place where He dwells? It will be those who are clean, and whose works and ways are pure; whose hearts are true and who are sealed in the truth. Those who never deceive, whose words are sure. Those who live like this will receive the Lord’s blessing and the righteousness given by the Saviour-God. They are the very ones who will stand before God. For they seek the pleasure of Jacob’s God by seeking His face.” (Psalm 24:4-6) The Passion Translation
“If you burn away the impurities from silver; a sterling vessel will emerge from the fire; and if you purge corruption from the kingdom, a king’s reign will be established in righteousness.” (Proverbs 25:4-5) The Passion Translation
Some of the greatest doors of favour, opportunity and responsibility are upon My people in this season, but to attempt to walk through those doors without embracing the fire upon character I am releasing is moving forward without wisdom. My fire upon character right now is not only going to see My people move forward in this season with longevity and sustainability but pure vessels that I will flow and shine through.”
God is going after hearts! He is going after heart motives BECAUSE He loves us! I really feel the fear of God in this season, the awe of who He is and what He has called us to do. The doors He has placed before us, and some of the greatest doors of opportunity and favour are before us in this season and we NEED to steward them well. Part of that ‘stewarding’ is allowing Him to examine and deal with our hearts. To bring heart motives to the surface if there are any there, that aren’t pure, so He can bring realignment in love, He can bring healing and a purification. He is coming as a GOOD FATHER who is shaping, cleaning out and purifying the hearts of His people FOR OUR GOOD.
I feel a line being drawn in the sand in the body of Christ right now, it’s all or nothing. He is calling us as His people to be pure vessels, to be holy. To be people of NO compromise. To be people of integrity. To be people attentive to His heart and drawing back to Him as our first love in ANY WAYS that we may have placed our focus or affection on anything else before Him. Oh how He embraces us in our repentance and our surrender. How He draws us close to His heart and wraps His arms around us and restores us.
In this great move of God that is beginning to build across the earth, there is a great SHAKING that is happening and GOING to happen in the midst of it. The shaking that will see a great alignment come into the body of Christ on a scale that we have not seen before. An alignment and shaking that will begin to see PURITY AND POWER manifesting. Purity and HIS power manifesting. Integrity and character are being married with love in this revival. Out of this place shall flow rivers of the prophetic in the purest form that the Church has ever seen.
It is an exciting time! The greatest seasons and opportunities for the body of Christ is upon us right now to see the Holy Spirit move in us and through us in a way we have NOT experienced before. As we ‘get our houses in order’ and embracing the fire He is releasing upon our character, is bringing us to a place of DEEP surrender and recognition for our need of Him that is going to explode the GREATEST MOVE OF GOD in power than we have EVER seen before. This intense pruning and purification is setting up the people of God that embrace it for STEADFAST PERSEVERANCE, STRENGTH AND PROMOTION.


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    • Luke

      I felt fire on my back walking home tonight. I knew it was God !! And then the holy spirit directs me to read this.

  • Pam Ullfers

    Thank you….This is what I desire for my life
    Am believing the Lord to shrink and heal a brain tumor, need prayer during this time. Also that the Lord would make Satan pay for what he, the enemy, has tried to do to me recently to stop me from following Jesus

  • Rina

    Yes! Amen and HalleluYah! Thank you Lana. This morning I prayed Psalm 19:12-14 over myself and now I pray it over the Body of Christ too. Jesus is yearning for His Bride with an intense longing. Last week I started praying Phil. 1:9-11 over us. To God be the Glory! I love to declare Habakkuk 2:14 (NIV) For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

  • Victoria Adair

    Thank you for this word Lana.I bear witness to it.
    Last night I was communing with the Lord on my bed and I had such a struggle going on internally.I was calling out as I felt so awful and hardened in my heart,not knowing what was wrong with me.As I began to thank the Lord and begin to worship Him,suddenly the word of the Lord came ‘ I know your thoughts from afar’ which is out of Psalm 139. So I went to the Passion Translation and I read through this Psalm.Verses 1 , 23 & 24 of which I have written below.
    Psalm 139 TPT
    verse 1
    Lord You know everything there is to know about me
    You’ve examined my innermost being with Your loving gaze.
    You perceive every movement of my heart and soul
    And understand my every thought
    Before it even enters my mind…
    verse 23 & 24
    God I invite Your searching gaze into My heart
    Examine me through and through
    Find out everything
    That may be hidden within me
    Put me to the test and sift through all my anxious cares
    See if there is any path of pain Im walking on
    And lead me back to Your glorious,everlasting ways
    The path that brings me back to you.

  • Marilee

    I had a dream where I was sweeping dung back and forth in our bathtub. Not just a small amount. It was 1/2 full. I have been struggling with rehearsing past mistakes. This is a trap. The Lord wants us to rest in His forgiveness.

  • Jo-ann Moriarty

    Thank you Lana!
    Your word was strenghthening confirmation to me.
    His heart cleansing fire had started in the early hours this morning and has continued the whole day! Yes, He is working on deep heart motives as He moulds us for what is ahead, which is going to be very big.
    So again I say thank you for the strenght your word imparted. Confirmation is always gold!

  • Marilee

    Father’s heart Ministries today–confirmation:
    The Father says today have faith in your faith. It originates with Me. It is My gift to you. It is the measure of ability to believe that I have given to every man, woman and child. It is not wrong to have faith in the gifts and graces I have given. Would I give you something you cannot trust in? If you ask for bread would I give you a stone? If you ask for a fish would I give you a scorpion? I say again – have faith in your faith – it is My gift to you. As you begin to have an authentic confidence in the gift of faith on the inside of you – interesting things will begin to happen. You will no longer repel blessing. Success will no longer elude you. Inaction and helplessness will not be your response in even the most difficult decisions. You will know that you know that you know that I am with you and I will never forsake you. You will rise up into that place of expectation and confidence not in yourself but in that redeemed character that I have infused into you by the shed blood of the cross.
    No more helplessness. No more feeble prayers. No more desperation when under fire. You and I are a majority against seeming overwhelming odds. You will not be overrun or overtaken. You will neither be perplexed or dismayed or disillusioned because the gift of heaven on the inside of you will give you crystal clarity even from this moment. This is your day says the Father. This is the hour that changes your world. From this point forward the character of the kingdom will mark your path and not the shuffling steps of failure and hopelessness. Rejoice – for now (this very moment) the validity and authenticity of who I am on the inside of you is rising up to redefine every aspect of your life.

  • Delia

    This has really blessed me. I cant get sowing into u link to work. Can i mail a gift? Love you and God bless you and yours!

    • Kevin

      Hi Delia!
      Sorry about the broken link, we had some long standing issues that were being addressed on that day, the link should be fixed now.

  • Ellen Chinzi

    Hello Lana. I have been following you for a short time. I want to thank you for sharing these anointed prophetic words you have been receiving from the Lord. We have a Thursday night group of people that have and are allowing themselves to go through the fire you talked about in today’s word. February 2.We Know the Lord is calling us to complete holyness, to a higher place then we have ever known. It has been amazing what we are seeing Him do in this last day and hour. I just wanted to thank you and encourage you in letting you know your words are right on target. They are conformation of what we are seeing happening in peoples hearts. God richly bless you. Ellen Chinzi.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    The dream begins with a knowing that I had a dream of a place with lots of water, and a house on that water. I knew it wasn’t a beach. Then and there I am at that place of water. It was surrounded by large rocks. I jumped in with no hesitiation and went swimming.I wasn’t alone. Two others were there and it felt like they were family. One I know had brown hair and the other I didn’t see who he was. After the fun we had swimming, three of us went to the house right on the water in a high place.The water too had been at a high place. The house was not ornate. It felt and looked like my home and I was welcome there like family. Thinking on the dream, I thought that was ‘a dream come true’ dream. The dream had started with knowing that I had had a dream and there it was–a dream come true. I believe it was my Father’s house. Jesus had the brown hair. The nondescript person was Holy Spirit. In the barn this morning, I looked at the patch of tin wall that had been black from the small fire last year. It had since been painted over with white paint for about 5 feet across. In the Spirit, I saw the White House in Washington, DC had been burned black and they painted it over with white paint. The library of the Parliament building had burned down too and restored decades ago. I wanted to be able to tell how high the black from the fire had gone up the white tin wall of our barn. It was between the knees and the waist. With hands at my side the painted over black was at my finger tips. I know I had a dream over 10 years ago. In the dream, a pastor was standing in the middle of nowhere next to a pool, looking intently at a prick on his finger that had been pricked. My understanding then was that a pool is for cleansing and purification. He was only standing near that pool and not going in. Ha, even our custom worker had a small fire in his harvestor soon after our small fire in our barn!! Yes, fires come! And they are not forgotten! Jump in the water and go up to the Father’s house!! Water is the Word of God, and Holy Spirit too? Yes, they that worship Him must worship in Spirit and in Truth; the true circumcision!!

  • patricia sperandio

    God Bless You for this wonderful word! It’s right on Lana and awesome! WOOHOO! It will all be worth the FIRE!

  • Shirley Criteser

    Thank you Lana for sharing this word!! I have been hearing from the Lord about how to speak my words in Love, and I have been praying for a character change as I am learning to be married after being single most of my life. We have been married six years and I have a lot to learn!! God Bless you and your ministry!!

  • Linda kleinschmidt

    Hi Lana . Have been viewing your prophetic words for this past month. The only word i have a problem with is that i feel i cannot pass the word on in its entirety ( about God dealing with wrongdoing because of the wilful disobedience of some whom the fire of God is moving in their lives . Some are so far removed from God in the searing of conscience.

    • Kevin

      Hi Linda!
      I agree there are those who greatly resist the hand of God in their lives, and have seared themselves from even feeling the effect of sin. Yet, there are many who hare happy in addictions who are radically changed forever for the hand of God in their lives. I once read from A.W Tozer (I paraphrase) there is no sin that is not rooted in an improper knowledge of God (I believe it was in the Knowledge of the Holy). I guess only God can see beyond the sin and see the heart that needs healing. He died while we were all sinners after all.

  • Linda k

    Hello Lana
    My heart cries out for those who are resisting the fire of God , who have their conscience seered who continue to say ” l have done no wrong , who continue in their pride , who wont bow the knee, who don’t realize the Spirit of God has left them .

  • Ally

    Lana I had to share! I’ve been really struggling with this process lately and feeling like all my struggle is just more proof that His miracles won’t happen for me.
    Tonight I prayed for hope, and true belief. And as I looked through my bible I was drawn to Romans 5: “.. More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us..”
    Such a wonderful confirmation of the message you received from him! God bless!

  • Denise DeMaire

    Thank you for sharing that word with us all. I do believe that the most important thing in this our is the development of Christ like character in all of us. I have cried out for a long time asking the Lord to purge me of any and all evil intents in my heart. Only He knows my real heart!! I loved the post from Ms Adair, praying the scriptures is one of the most powerful weapons we have. I’ve prayed those scriptures for years, but the version she shared was so powerful. Thank so much!!
    My heart is being refashioned and reformed, my only desire is to reflect my Lord and King, Yeshusa !!! Blessings to you Lana, thank you again for posting that word.

  • Arie Hofman

    I had this prophesied over me 30 years ago but I spat chips at the prophet because I thought the prophet was having a go at me and I didn’t understand what he was on about. Now this scripture again…… Ok Lord have your way. Lets do this. I understand a bit better now.
    “Who then, dares to climb up into the presence of the Lord? And who has the right to enter into the holy place where He dwells? It will be those who are clean, and whose works and ways are pure; whose hearts are true and who are sealed in the truth. Those who never deceive, whose words are sure. Those who live like this will receive the Lord’s blessing and the righteousness given by the Saviour-God. They are the very ones who will stand before God. For they seek the pleasure of Jacob’s God by seeking His face.” (Psalm 24:4-6) The Passion Translation

  • c. Laboy

    Thank you dear sister for giving your heart and your all to Jesus…and revealing the Fathers heart towards us…He is at work in us..we are in the fire…we are willing…we want what He wants…we will push and press forward in Jesus Name!

  • Sylvia Grimes-Myrie

    Hi Lana, thank you for this word of confirmation. I had been given a vision over 2yrs ago, of a piece of coal dying out on a huge grill,when suddenly 2 hands poured a heap of other pieces of coal on that grill. The once dying coal begin to rekindle and caused the other pieces of coal to ignite and a huge fire begin. when I had awaken, I remembered everything I saw, and I sought the Lord for what it meant, yet unclear, I had the same vision about a week or so later, still not understanding. I had the vision again about 1 year later, and the Lord spoke to me, that I was to organize a conference, and it would be intitled Ther Great Chicago Ignite the Fire conference 2016, saying that as he ignites a fire in our hearts, we shall take that fire and lite another. He said and the fire will spread everywhere, burning away the dross, and refining hearts of pure gold. I am in the planning phase fire is to take place same dates as the Great Chicago Fire of 10/8/1871 to 10/10/1871 was the actual days of the Great Chicago Fire, conference will be 10/8/2016 – 10/10/2016. Thank you and I ask that you please keep my ministry Morsels of Truth Inc. and the conference in prayer along wiht the body of Christ. Blessings

  • Suezette Fruge'

    All I can say is…YES LORD YES.