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I had a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago about Esther and her journey. The stages of preparation, presentation and then demonstration she went through.
This afternoon the words have been going over and over in my spirit “It has been a time of preparation, now it’s the time of presentation and demonstration” and I kept seeing the face of Esther again before me.
The atmosphere around me was pregnant with “For such a time as this” and I could feel hope and anticipation arising in the Spirit.
As I pondered what I had heard, I felt the Lord highlight the forerunners and those who have yielded themselves to the process and to the fire of God. That there has been an intense time of preparation. There has been fire on levels that many have not known before. Prophets have been facing fires that are seven times hotter. Forerunners and forefront leaders taken into a season of intense shaking, moulding, pruning and purging. I felt the Lord highlighting those who have said YES, those who have embraced the fire and embraced the process to which He has been leading them on, EVEN when they don’t understand that the season of preparation for the next step of destiny has come to an end. There is a shifting that is taking place in the spirit right now.
It’s time for the PRESENTATION and DEMONSTRATION. The Lord has been fashioning hearts, hearts of purity to seek Him and Him alone. To be in the place of truly seeking to know His heart, and to hear His voice, to BE WITH HIM, simply just to BE with Him. He has been developing DEEP DEEP levels of intimacy in the fire and in the shaking and the process many have walked has led them to a greater place of surrender and humility before the Lord which has opened up a glorious new level of divine romance with the King of Kings.
There has been a ‘hiddenness’ that many have been in as the Lord has dealt with the heart and shaped character. The Lord is looking for pure hearts and pure motives and as the forerunners and those in the body of Christ have yielded to the process, they are now moving into the season of PRESENTATION and DEMONSTRATION.
Get ready to be called for! Get ready for huge doors of favour to open up to you that you could not even imagine and DO NOT BE SCARED FOR YOU HAVE BEEN PREPARED.
Your intimacy with Him and what He has done in your heart in the season of preparation has made you ‘steadfast’ in Him. DO NOT be scared!
The Lord is about to place the forerunners and those who have yielded to His process on platforms of favour, I saw huge levels and doors of favour opening up over night for some, incredible connections with people of influence and destiny doors not just opening a crack but swinging WIDE open BECAUSE He wants to DEMONSTRATE His POWER, His GLORY, His GOODNESS and His LOVE in SIGNIFICANT ways.
In the fire character has been developed and strength has been developed, not in one’s ability but IN HIM!!! The place of deep surrender and humility, the Lord is releasing many into their PRESENTATION and DEMONSTRATION season that is going to see the greatest harvest of fruit released from their life that they have ever seen. As they have been through the fire, and yielded they have come to a place of giving ALL GLORY to Him. A heart cry for HIM to be seen!!!
The power of God is going to move through these ones in ways they have never imagined and in places they could never have dreamed of, flowing from the divine dance of love with Him. A fresh expression of His LOVE and POWER will be demonstrated. The King of Kings is taking the stage in the lives of the forerunners to SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!
These ones arising are arising with MOUTHS FULL OF HOPE!!!!! The demonstration of Jesus through them in power, is going to shift the most impossible circumstances as they step forward into their destiny, free of striving but in the slipstream of grace.
You have been prepared for such a time as this!! (Esther 4:14) The preparation season you have walked hasn’t been for nothing. The opposition of the enemy has been relentless because he has been terrified of what you are stepping into.. YOUR PRESENTATION AND DEMONSTRATION SEASON!


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  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Father, Your Glory and Your will!!! Amen n Amen! Thank you Lana and God bless you ?????

  • patricia sperandio

    This incredible word just puts the icing on the cake for me! This is so priceless! This is exactly what the Lord has been doing with me! I’m so absolutely encouraged to hear this word and to press on to reach my destiny! The warfare is so worth it! Thanks Lana! You are a gift from God to me! <3

  • Christina

    Season of preparation has come to an,end. Amen. And amen.bbdestiny awaits. Boot camp over. The last battle is upon us. Victory assured All glory to God.

  • Martin Boyd

    Thank you! Jesus and Lana Vawser! I am claiming thall of Lana’s words for us The Body of Christ! Here we go mighty warriors!

  • Robertsine Israel

    Thanks for a great and awesome word,also the word about the fruit thank you blessing my life ! I receive it, Robertsine

  • MaryBeth

    YES, my soul says YES! Lana Vawser, I have never heard your name before today, when this post was read to participants of KingdomBuilders. My life has been catapulted……..

  • Esther Knights

    Thank you for your faithfulness Lana. This was a TIMELY Kiss from Heaven to me personally!!!! God Bless You!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    I sure like that rhyme: “Do not be scared. You’ve been prepared.” Been singing it. Funny thing happened playing Bananagrams(with English words) and listening and worshipping as KimClementTV played on the laptop. This is the first time I got two short French words that aligned with the word you have today: ‘feu’ and ‘ici’. Yes, I showed our son ‘feu’, and asked him if it meant fire? Soon after came ‘ici’in French; ‘here’ in English. I love that sign and wonder Lord, “Fire here!!” Yes Lord, yes!!” Those words didn’t fit in my crossword, but they sure fit with God’s will for our lives!! Fire here!! hahahaha!Oh, oh, oh, I just remembered that our nation of Canada is French and English, and the Lord purposely intended the French words and English words feu and ici, and fire and here, JUST LIKE THAT!! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! How glorious You are Lord God, how glorious You are!!

  • Lidia


  • TCollins

    I cannot even tell you what a Word this has been for me. All of these things have been told to me and yours is a confirmation. I am still in intense fire but I sense the release into my Destiny just ahead. Even in the worst fire of my life, a supernatural joy rises up as I catch a glimpse.

  • Marilee

    This was on the 28th from fathersheartministries. I felt nudged to shoare it today.
    The Father says today that I am breaking open some new experiences for you. Now is the time in this season of transition to ask anew regarding those long-standing features of difficulty and struggle in your life. Change is at hand. You are standing in the threshold of change and shift in your life. Open your mouth wide and let your voice be heard before My throne. Make declaration and I will endorse the cry of your heart and return that petition to you as answered prayer in an immediate manifestation. You see says the Father that declaration is part of the process. If you declare and decree a thing it will come to pass. As you come into agreement with Me there will be strong support and immediate shift and adjustment in your life toward the good and the beneficial.
    Be assured that those things you are asking for are already in My heart. Be settled in your thinking that you don’t have to talk Me into or convince Me to be good to you. You are about to see a demonstration of just how much I love you in the very near future. Begin to believe with renewed determination and joy. Open your mouth and pray. Open your mouth and prophesy even over other people of My grace and My goodness. This is a gift that has been locked up on the inside of you that I am breaking open now to bless you and to bless those around you. Let your thoughts be thoughts and words of encouragement, edification and exhortation. Take those things I have shown you in secret and declare them openly and watch My goodness take shape and manifest in your life and those things that you are bold to speak and testify of regarding Me. This is your heritage and you will not be made ashamed or disappointed in any way.

  • Cheryl Thomas

    Thank you Lana! I so bear witness to this word! I have certainly been going thru a process and receive everything this word says! Thank You, Lord that I am coming into the season of Presentation & demonstration! Amen! God bless you big time!

  • Jodie Runchey

    I am in awe. Friday, January 29, 2016 driving down the Interstate 15 in Escondido, CA, USA I saw beautiful redditsh pink clouds to the right sky. I thought I knew what they were but I was taken back so I asked The Holy Spirit what they were and He again said they were the private part to a woman, but…
    there was not 1 but 2 side by side…I asked what this meant to be sure I heard Him right again…..It is a fertile time, birthing is going to take place NOT ONE time as great but DOUBLE PORTION!
    tonight, Jan 31st I re-read Lana’s
    and it reads just as I saw. I am in awe!!!! Lana, I have been sent two of your prophetic words one by a sister in Christ and the most recent by the Senior Pastor of our church. Both words are spirit filled and exciting. I have shared both with other sisters in Christ !! “Thank you”. I look forward to reading and marinating in more!

  • Nahomie Riche

    Another fire, needed to comment. I guess I had a feeling it was coming. I’ve had worst but still painful. There’s no rest when your going through this. This kind of transformation is so painful. I don’t understand it all but I know I will understand more when it’s over. There more I want to say but can t about this kind of fire I’m going through. You feel like your engulf in pain. I wanted to share more with you Lana because you have been prophesying about people like me. Not saying were the only ones The Lord used you to speak to. Anyways writing helps to relieve some of the pain and agony. Anyways if you get this please pray for me.If you get this. I’m sure either way when it’s all over ill be laughing like The Lord said and my sufferings will produce a great harvest for The Lord. Praise His Holy Name. Forever He will praised.❤