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Lana Vawser

There has been an increase in opposition this week, giants arising from the past, witchcraft and jezebellic spirits have been coming against many with intensity, and I felt the Lord saying that ON THE OTHER SIDE of these giants opposing you and coming against you are DOUBLE PORTIONS.

You may feel like you are not gaining ground or momentum may feel like it has suddenly been hindered, STAND UP and FIGHT for you are gaining more ground in this moment right now.

These giants of opposition are BEING SLAYED AS YOU PRAY and are about to completely crumble.

There's nothing wrong with you! You are BURSTING FORTH and BREAKING THROUGH into a whole new level of freedom, boldness and level of His power displayed.

DOUBLE PORTIONS are waiting for you on the other side of these giants! You are about to TREAD ON THEIR HEADS in the authority and power of JESUS!!!! They've come against you hard because of the BREAKING THROUGH and new level of promotion before you.


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LVM Update at the Big Pineapple

Hi there from Lana Vawser Ministries

We have had a very busy and pressing week, and we are sorry for the delay in posts.

Last weekend, Lana had an amazing time in Byron Bay, and was blessed to hang out with such beautiful sisters.It really was a great weekend of encounter and breakthrough, and so many were very blessed by their time there.

This week, we have been invited to participate in the revival at the Big Pineapple (Sunshine Coast, Australia). Two days before the event, Lana came down very sick losing her voice. After prayer and an encounter with Jesus yesterday morning, Lana’s voice started to come again only 30 minutes before we got into the car to drive here for last night’s meeting. Lana’s voice was fully restored when she ready to preach, and all symptoms of sickness left once she took the microphone. Lana preached an amazing word on “Love Overcoming Fear”, which will be available on the “Pour It Out”periscope for a short amount of time. After Lana preached there was a powerful time of prayer and encounter for a great number who came.

We will be returning tonight and tomorrow night, so if you are in the Sunshine Coast, we would love to see you there. Revival is breaking out!!! God is moving powerfully, and we are hearing the testimonies of what has happened thus far and we see and feel the deep deep hunger for more of Him in the meetings really does make us excited for what is being released and coming. Things are getting bigger at the Big Pineapple. (For more details please look at the website HERE)

We still have many details to update on the itinerary page, (sorry time has been short in the last week) but it should be updated shortly. We have some exciting meetings planned in USA, and in Australia. It really is so amazing to us how God is using us, and blessing so many through Lana’s words.

For those who would like to join us in prayer, we would really appreciate prayer covering us from the enemy’s schemes and plans. We know we serve a great and mighty God, and do not want to give any credit to the one who opposes our Lord, but we know we owe all our victories to His grace and covering.

Blessings to you all!!

Kevin and Lana Vawser



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This morning I had an encounter with the Lord and He showed me many who have been feeling like "they just cannot take another step".

The Lord was showing me lots of things coming against the body of Christ that is leaving God's people in a place where they feel like they cannot take another step forward.

I saw such a weariness over many from 'fighting constant battles'. Many were feeling like they had been backed into a corner with such pressure, that each step forward to come 'out' of that place felt like a marathon.

There were so many cries I could hear in the Spirit "Lord, I'm tired.. Jesus I am so tired… I don't think I can take another step forward.." and the interesting thing is.. I saw these cries coming from two different areas.

One area was the area of pushing so hard against circumstances, opposition and lack of breakthrough that the soul of many had become weary. The second area was those who have moved into a season of great acceleration where there is budding breakthrough and God is moving powerfully and quickly, but have found themselves battling against "pressures" and "criticisms" and "expectations" from others that the Lord did not place upon them. Over both of these areas I saw a spirit of intimidation coming hard against the people of God and it was 'hooking into' insecurity and fear of man. These 'issues' of the soul were coming up quickly.

As I watched this taking place, I saw Him! Beautiful Jesus! The One with burning love and compassion in His eyes. The One who IS LIFE, our FIRST LOVE, our BEAUTIFUL Saviour.

He stood right in the middle of this huge group of weary saints, and my vision was suddenly enlarged, and I saw God's people in quicksand. Feeling like they were being overcome..!!!

Instantly, Jesus opens His mouth and FIRE comes out of His mouth.. It was the FIRE OF HIS LOVE.. I could see His heart BURNING with love for His people. His heart was ON FIRE.. BURNING PASSIONATE LOVE… He then speaks "Just when you thought you couldn't take another step.. MY POWER IS BEING MADE PERFECT IN YOUR WEAKNESS!!! I AM HERE TO SHOW MYSELF STRONG!!! I AM YOUR DELIVERER! YOU ARE ENTERING THE GREATEST ENCOUNTERS WITH MY POWER THAT YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED."

As this fire flowed from His heart and out of His mouth it became a HUGE RIVER! A RIVER OF FIRE that was spreading all throughout these weary saints and His eyes FULL OF BURNING LOVE AND JOY, with great expectation and excitement He speaks "COME IN, COME IN, COME IN!!!!"

The fire spread all around the quicksand, the areas where God's people felt SO weary and SO stuck, feeling like they were unable to move on and INSTANTLY they were delivered, lifted up and they stepped into the river flowing, the rive of the burning fire of His love.

He laughed and laughed and He said "Just when you thought you could not take another step.. ENCOUNTERS with My POWER, My LOVE are opening up all around you, releasing JOY, SO MUCH JOY like you have never known… rapid impartations of My JOY… INCREASE upon INCREASE!! Not only are you being restored, mind, soul, heart and body, you are being STRENGTHENED. In MY JOY you will find your strength!!! More, More, More, More, More and More. Wave, upon wave, upon wave, upon wave of My burning love is bringing SUDDEN transformation and increase. Not only STRENGTH and RESTORATION but an EXTENSION of capacity, and from where you have dragged your feet on the ground with your head down, I am placing a SPRING in your step, this is a new day, and I am LIFTING your head.. JOY!!!!!!!!!"

"I am breaking through, and I am SHOWING UP and SHOWING OUT!!!!! EXPLOSIVE demonstrations of My power that is being made PERFECT in your weakness!!!"

Each time he said, "My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness." So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

"The joy of the Lord is your strength" (Nehemiah 8:10)

"You called out to Me in your time of trouble and I rescued you." (Psalm 81:7 TPT)


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I had a dream last night where I saw the Lion of Judah and His eyes burning with fiery love and delight for His people. The gaze of pure love and delight so intense that it took my breath away. Such fiery love that it released impartations of great peace. 

The Lord is inviting His people into encounters with Him, to SEE HIS EYES BURNING with the fire of His love that is bringing healing, awakening and strengthening.

The FIRE OF PURE LOVE in His eyes are flowing into the soul of His people bringing significant healing. Impartation of the fiery love of Jesus is being released as their "eyes meet". Huge waves of peace are flooding over the people of God in the moment where 'eyes lock'.

As God's people see how He "gazes upon them with delight" it is igniting burning hearts of greater hunger and passion for Him. A great calibration of "sight" is taking place as "our eyes meet His" to see as He sees and impartations of love released through how we 'view' things and others.

Where other eyes have 'looked down upon", where the eyes of fear and giants continue to 'stare down' God's people, seeing the eyes of Jesus burning with love and delight for you, is birthing a fearlessness, breakthrough and courage in you to move forward, slay the giants, move into your destiny and take new ground.


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As I spent time with the Lord this morning, just wanting to hear what was on His heart, I heard the words "I am tying up loose ends in the lives of My people and making their paths straight".

"Trust in the Lord completely, and not your own opinions, but with all your heart rely on Him to guide you, and He will lead you in all the decisions you make. Become intimate with Him, in whatever you do, and He'll lead you wherever you go, and don't think for a moment that you know it all" (Proverbs 3:5-6) The Passion Translation

I then had a vision of Jesus and He was moving in the lives of believers and He was tying up loose ends that many of His people had been crying out for Him to do and bring breakthrough too. I also saw Him moving and tying up loose ends in areas that many of His people did not expect.

There was a COMMON DENOMINATOR for BOTH areas that He was moving in, there was a DIVINE COMPLETION that was taking place. Many were rejoicing at the completion, the finishing of a situation/circumstance/season, others were perplexed by the "closing" and "completion" of something that they didn't expect. In both areas the Lord was moving to LEAD HIS PEOPLE INTO THE "NEW".

The "tying up" of loose ends, the cutting off, the completion, is leading His people further into the new, a season of promotion and breakthrough, and new beginning. The NEW that we are moving into is holding DOUBLE PORTION BREAKTHROUGH! The "tying up of loose ends" was bringing His people to a place of 'freedom' and things of the past that have 'niggled' and 'held on' and not shifted, or even areas that were "good" but because of the new He is leading us into, those "good" things can become weights to hold us back, He is removing them and setting us free to FLY! Whether you understand or not the "loose ends" He is tying up, whether you even saw them as "loose ends" or not, the Lord is doing something GOOD. Trust in the Lord COMPLETELY! Trust in His ways and His timing, for He is leading you into something better than you have walked in before. You are being led into a place of DOUBLE PORTION breakthrough. Continue to position yourself to become intimate with Him in WHATEVER you do and you will see He will make your paths SUDDENLY straight.


I saw Jesus lifting the "pressure" and "anxiety" off many. He is "righting" wrong turns which is birthing greater "writing". Where many have been tormented by past mistakes, failures, wrong turns or wrong steps, the Lord is lifting off the pressure and lifting off the grief, He is making things right. He is correcting paths and in that place there is going to be a great BIRTHING of greater WRITINGS of testimonies of what He has done. Many books, manuscripts, prophetic words are about to be birthed through Him RIGHTING wrong turns. The enemy may have come against you and told you He will never RIGHT the WRONG turn, but the opposite is true. He is RIGHTING the wrong turns and birthing WRITINGS that will bring transformation, healing, freedom and lead people into deeper encounters with Him. Your WRONG TURNS have are not keeping you locked down. The Lord is using it ALL! Through these WRITINGS the ENEMY is going to be put into LOCK DOWN in the very area/s that he has continued to assault and torment you in.

He is making your paths straight! The destination may be surprising but it's going to be glorious! He is freeing you up! Leading you to a double portion breakthrough! Jesus is leading you into something completely NEW. There is a CLOSING and COMPLETION of MANY things in this season, doors He is closing, seasons He is shifting, but only to lead you into your new season and promotion.


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Lana Vawser Ministries Update

Howdy to you from Lana Vawser Ministries

This is just a quick update on what has happened in the last few weeks at Lana Vawser Ministries.

I have been notified by a few people (then checked my own inbox and noticed the same) that some of Lana’s daily posts had been not delivered, although they were posted onto the website. The software on the website had malfunctioned intermittently, leaving a few days where no emails were sent.

Firstly, sorry about any disruption, and please feel free to look at the website ( to double check to see if there is anything to catch up on.

Secondly, I have implemented new software on the website (which I am actually testing with this email) which should ensure a better connection between our web and email servers. Please bear with us if there are any teething problems, but I am hoping for perfect delivery. Please feel free to contact us if something has not worked properly.

In the past few weeks, Lana has been able to post more regularly than previously, as we settle back into our daily lives after an extended time of travel and ministry. As preaching is a deep part of Lana’s heart and call, travel is becoming a normal part of life for us. As we travel more, we are learning how to manage it better with less disruption to other forms of Lana’s ministry, including the regular posts.

We are almost ready to update our itinerary page, with more details on upcoming events, including our next US tour, in summer this year. We had an amazing time of explosive encounters last time, and met some new friends who are very dear to us. We are returning to some cities, and coming to some new cities this time round; I look forward to updating the website once I have some final details secured.

Lana is honored to join our friends in participating in the revival at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, with Ben and Jodie Hughes at Pour It Out at the Big Pineapple next week. It is an incredible privelage, and we intend on having some more details up soon. In the mean time; please feel free to check out what is going on up there!! There are some deep and amazing things going on, as God busts out in awesome ways.

Lana is also really excited to be part of the Radiant Women’s Conference, in Byron Bay, NSW this weekend. Other speakers include the amazing Maria Mason, Jodie Hughes, with the amazing worshiper Carolyn Billing. This should be an incredible time, if you are able to attend. Please check out the website for more information.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We would be blessed if you could continue to cover us in prayer, that no more emails are lost or not sent, for blessing on our ministry (we are nothing without His blessings, after all), and for continued safety and wisdom as we follow Him into what he as called us to do. We also ask for breakthrough with the ongoing process in formalizing some parts of the ministry.

I will hopefully have some more news soon.

Until then!
Blessings, from Lana Vawser Ministries

Grace Place Farms


This morning I had a vision where I saw many of God's people in the secret place and they were crying out for Him, for His heart, to encounter Him. 
I saw the hearts of many crying out "Where are you Jesus?" and this deep searching for Him that was happening in the hearts of many believers as the 'way' they were hearing Him speak or manifest Himself has completely changed. 
As I am watching this vision take place before my eyes, I see the anxiety of the people of God wondering if they have done anything wrong, or any hindrance to intimacy has happened. There was a deep examining happening in the hearts of many of God's people, but many kept coming up with the same answer of being in 'right alignment' with Him but something has changed. 
I then see Jesus walk into the secret place with His people and He sat before them, and He covered His face with His hands and with a giggle, He then pulls His hands away and says "PEEK-A-BOO" and the people of God are hit with wave upon wave upon wave of PEACE, JOY, and EXPLOSIONS of revelation of His love. As I am watching Jesus playing peek-a-boo with His people, I see IN the process the heart of God's people are being KNITTED together in such different and deeper ways with His heart than they had experienced before.
Proverbs 25:2 surrounded me:
"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter."
I then saw Him speaking to His people with such love, such comfort, such peace and such excitement "I am inviting you into a deeper adventure of chasing after Me. I am inviting you into a place that is completely new, and even though it may feel like it is causing a restlessness, or a shaking, I am birthing greater hunger in you for Me. To KNOW ME! To SEEK ME OUT! To BURN with PASSION for Me and My presence in greater ways. I am extending you to receive greater revelation. I am extending you to receive greater insight. I am extending you to be overcome with greater waves of My love that will leave you even more, forever ruined for the ordinary. It may feel as though you are not going deeper, but as you keep your eyes on Me, I am anointing you for the greater things. I am increasing your thirst, I am extending your capacity to drink deeper of My Spirit, My truth, and My Glory. YOUR NEW NORMAL WILL BE A STATE OF BEING CONTINUALLY UNDONE by Me and My love."
Bill Johnson's words then flood into this vision and I hear them surrounding me "He does not hide FROM YOU, He hides FOR YOU".
The atmosphere was filled with excitement, expectancy and anticipation of encountering His heart like never before. He wasn't hiding from His people, He was hiding FOR them. To lead them deeper and deeper. 
In the vision, I see Jesus lean in really close to His people and grab their hands and with eyes of such beautiful burning passionate love and delight, He spoke "I am going to show up in the most unexpected places for you in this season. I am going to surprise you like you have never been surprised before. You are going to be overflowing with revelation, joy and a peace like you have never experienced before as you SEE ME in MY POWER. I am going to POP UP in NEW PLACES displaying My power that will be released in exponential ways that is going to bring ground breaking breakthrough. This is a NEW DAY. I am moving in a NEW WAY. I am taking you in NEW PATHS, and I am leading you into NEW TERRITORIES. Yet I am the God who never changes, My faithfulness is never ending, My love all encompassing, My ways continually surprising. 
"I am breaking out of boxes! I am breaking familiarity and complacency in the lives of My people. Through the divine surprises and where and how I am going to POP UP and SHOW UP in your lives, is breaking limitations put on Me through expectation. Your expectation of what I CAN and WANT to do is being increased significantly. Limitations that was put on you will be broken off you as I SHOW UP in unexpected ways and times in and through your life. A great birthing is taking place in your lives My people. The birthing of you being FREE of limitations and living in Me, the God who is LIMITLESS! Get ready to see just how UNLIMITED My power is. You're about to be SHOCKED by My power moving IN you/your life and THROUGH YOU!"


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This morning as I talked with the Lord He said to me "Many of My people have been feeling like they have been constantly battling heaviness on many levels lately. There has been pressure and heaviness, and a lot of the heaviness has come out of nowhere and is unexplainable for many, but I have been training My people in the battle against this heaviness they have been feeling to exercise their faith muscles and shift the atmospheres. To declare My Word and STICK to what I have spoken. This heaviness is coming against My promises, against destinies and purpose in the lives of My people. The heaviness has hit My people hard with discouragement because of the weight of My GLORY and JOY that is now being released."

I then see the people of God "in training" for what looked like "heavy weight" championships. The Lord was using the "weight" that was around them to train them to OVERCOME. Even though the heaviness and pressure was unexplainable for many, and many felt weary of fighting against it, the Lord was using the weight coming against them to strengthen their faith muscles. They were actually becoming stronger in the battle. Where this heaviness has screamed despair, discouragement and the lie that they were losing ground, the truth is, that they are gaining ground. They were being extended, expanded and stretched for greater increase and being able to shift, carry and release more.

I saw the Lord bringing a great TURNING. Where there has been heavy weights, a real heaviness, the Lord was bringing His people into a place of experiencing the WEIGHT OF JOY! I saw Psalm 16:11 shining all around:

"You always reveal to me the way of resurrection life, the path that brings me to the overflowing joys; the exquisite and eternal pleasures of gazing upon Your face." (Psalm 16:11 – The Passion Translation)

Encounters with His heart, His face, His presence are being entered into right now that is seeing the people of God moving deeper in the revelation and experiential manifestation of in His presence there is FULLNESS OF JOY! I saw a move of God moving through the body of Christ that is bringing His people out from under a season of constantly battling a "heaviness" in the atmosphere to a place of FULLNESS OF JOY! Roots going deeper into the revelation of our beautiful Jesus and who He is, His beautiful heart, His heart of burning passionate love for His Church, His GOOD PLANS that ARE coming to pass in the lives of believers as we continue to chase after Him. I saw so much joy and laughter exploding all throughout the body of Christ and into cities and nations. The JOY of the Lord was BREAKING the chains of heaviness in the lives of believers, shifting atmospheres in houses, schools, governments, cities and nations as the people of God join with the GOD who LAUGHS, and LAUGHS at the plans of the enemy. I saw healing taking place in lands, in people, in places as the power of God is released through the manifestation of JOY through His people. A wave of the supernatural manifestation of joy is exploding into our lives right now. I saw people in homes, in meetings, in churches pinned to the floor under the weight of His JOY and GLORY. Instant deliverance, freedom, healing and a shift of season happening over many of God's people as they experience HIS JOY!


I saw the people of God crying tears of JOY in the natural as His Glory and JOY was manifesting all around and even though the tears were in the natural, I saw the affect the tears of joy had in the spirit. It The tears falling to the ground and bringing HEALING and REVIVAL to the very land and atmosphere around them. The Lord is turning tears! Tears of mourning and greiving to tears of joy and awe of who He is as the people of God SEE how He is a God that brings restoration, healing and recompense. The pressure of the season is lifting and a greater release of the glorious manifestation of heaviness of JOY is here.

The JOY and GLORY OF GOD that is beginning to and going to increase in manifestation in your life through encounters with His heart is going to be HEAVIER than you have EVER experienced before and heavier than any oppressive discouragement, atmosphere or pressure you have felt before. Take His hand, say YES to Him! Let Him lead you deeper into these encounters.

These encounters of great JOY are not only leading you further into freedom, higher in your encounters, more awake to your authority, but the Lord is releasing His joy through you to bring healing to people, healing to lands, healing to cities, healing to nations.

You are going to LAUGH more in this season than you have ever laughed before and the power of God released through your LAUGH is going to have EXPLOSIVE RIPPLE effects.

You will see in this season the TRUTH and REALITY that the JOY OF THE LORD IS your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10) Explosive joy, confidence in who He is, confident expectation of what He is going to do releasing the manifestation of being able to LAUGH at the enemy and LAUGH at circumstances because you know WHO HE IS! Your joy is not dependent upon your circumstances, HE IS YOUR JOY! JESUS, the UNCHANGING ONE! THE FAITHFUL ONE! The One who is ALWAYS the same! (Hebrews 13:8) The One who is ALWAYS GOOD! The One who is ALWAYS working for your good! (Romans 8:28) The One who is the very definition of PERFECT LOVE!!!! (1 John 4:8)

Fear is going to flee in this explosion of joy in encountering His heart. Perfect love is going to position you in strength, birth courage and fearlessness in you like you have not experienced before. JOY! JOY! JOY, it's time for us as the people of God to experience deeper revelation and manifestation of JOY!


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I had a vision in worship today where I saw a HUGE angel flying towards Australia. As it landed I saw it landed with its feet in the heart of the nation of Australia and its wings spread out all across Australia. It had four wings and each wing covered a part of the nation. North, South, East and West. As I looked at this angel, I asked the Lord what the angel was and I felt the Lord say "This is the angel of revival. Doors of breakthrough are opening all across the nation of Australia to usher in a move of My Spirit and revival fire that My people have been contending for."
As I watched this angel standing in the middle of the nation and I see its wings covering the nation, I felt the Lord say "I have Australia covered. I have Australia covered. I have Australia covered!!" I felt the encouragement of HIs heart that as the people of God continue to stand and continue to intercede that we shall see that "no weapon formed against Australia" shall prosper. The sense surrounded me that it is time!!!! It is time for the Kingdom of God to be extended like never before in the nation of Australia.
I could then hear the prayers of the saints all around the nation. I could hear the intercessors and the leaders, people of God all across the nation crying out, and the cry was getting louder and louder. The intensity of their prayers were beginning to see great effect. The nation of Australia was beginning to shake and make way for the Glory of God to be seen in explosive ways. As I am watching this I saw the Lord breathe upon the nation in partnership with the prayers and intercession of His people, I saw the wings of the angel begin to flap, up and down slowly. As the wings of the angel moved, I saw the angel poised ready to speak with a message that sent from the Lord and it spoke loudly "People of God in Australia, it is TIME TO UNITE and CATCH THE FIRE. Do not FIGHT, it's time to UNITE. It's TIME TO CATCH THE FIRE."
All around me I could feel the heart of God for unity in the nation of Australia. The sense surrounded me of a sovereign move of His Spirit to bring unity to the body of Christ in the nation. The Lord was moving, shifting and shaking whatever needs to be shaken and shifted in the body of Christ in Australia to bring unity. (John 13:35) The shaking was intense, the shift was unexpected for many, but it was flowing from the heart of a good Father, our wonderful Papa to bring a deeper unity to His people.
The Lord was emphasising and highlighting positioning. To be positioned right now in whatever way, shape or form that takes, right alignment, to catch the fire that He is releasing. The fire of God's love that is raining down all over the nation that is bringing healing, revival, awakening, breakthrough and activation to the people of God. "Australia shall be marked by the fire of My love. It is time for a revival of love all across the nation, that will go to the roots of the nation and uproot and break foundations not laid in Me. I am going after the poisonous roots in the foundation of the nation and in the body of Christ. I am bringing a shaking to reveal these and as you join with Me in prayer, watch them BREAK. ALL your prayers, for such a time as this! ALL your prayers, for such a time as this! Australia shall be marked by the fire of My love and a nation of honour, celebration and increase. For I am going after the spirit of competition, I am going after the tall poppy syndrome, I am going after any foundations in the nation that have birthed the wrong identity in My beautiful Australia and the people of God. It is TIME for the greatest shift Australia has ever seen.
"I am setting the heart of the nation on fire. The fire of My love sweeping through the heart of the nation in the natural and in the spirit bringing a cleansing, bringing healing, bringing awakening and bringing revival. I am setting the heart of the nation on fire with the fire of My love that will see unhealthy roots and foundations being melted away by My passionate, all consuming LOVE. My people, pay attention to the heart, pay attention to My heart, for you are about to see something NEW being birthed and released FROM the HEART."
The heartlands will know My love like they have not known before. The heartlands shall know My love. Where there has been fire of opposition that has come and stolen, killed and destroyed, MY FIRE is coming to bring LIFE, LIFE and more ABUNDANT LIFE! Awake oh heartlands! Awake! AWAKE to My LOVE! AWAKE!!"
I saw arrows being released out of the heart of the nation of Australia, they were arrows of breakthrough and they were moving all across the nation bringing significant shift and breakthrough. It was as if what the Lord was doing in heart of the nation and the heartlands, the whole nation of Australia was being affected by the ripple effect of His Glory and fire.
My people you must be positioned, you must be listening to My Spirit, where I am leading and what I am doing. Listening for the sound of My heart being released. Eyes to see and ears to hear! Eyes to see and ears to hear! For My fire that I am releasing across this nation, the fire of My love, refining, purifying, purging, awakening hunger and passion for Me, but many will be offended by how I move and where I move and when I move if they are not positioned and sensitive to what I am saying. I am going to offend the mind, to reveal the heart, but to bring My people to a place of recognising the greater need for encounters with My love and My power. To bring a great healing. I do not bring anything up in the heart of My people for any other reason but to lead My people deeper into encounters with My love and My healing.
There has been a banner of fear and death over the nation of Australia that has been there for many generations. As the fire of My love, the revival of love explodes across the nation, it shall birth the greatest shift ever seen. The shift of seeing the BANNER OF LOVE RAISED UP over the nation. (Song of Songs 2:4) That nations shall look at the nation of Australia and SEE a nation that is marked by love and a nation that releases the impartation of My love.
It is time for revival in Australia. The rain of the fire of My love is falling like never before. Be positioned My people. Do not get weary of doing good. Do not get weary of contending! It's time! The ground is crying out, the rocks are crying out for the testimony of who I am to be seen. The ground is crying out for the manifested sons and daughters to arise! It is time! You MUST be positioned in this season. Repent of offence in whatever form it has taken root. Repent of offense between one another. It's time to catch the fire and RELEASE IT all around the nation. It's time to unite with one another and be positioned for a great outpouring. Harvest time! Explosions of salvations."
I saw an increase of angelic encounters happening all across the nation of Australia. These angelic encounters were orchestrated by the heart of the Father and these angelic beings were visiting those who have been crying out for angelic visitations to those who do not even believe in angelic encounters. These encounters were spreading FAR and WIDE. When I asked the Lord what the purpose of these angelic visitations were I heard the Lord say "I am sending My angelic hosts in increase to My people to AWAKEN them to NEW LEVELS of the SUPERNATURAL. To AWAKEN them and given them EYES TO SEE INTO THE SPIRIT MORE THAN THE NATURAL. Australia shall be known for the nation that SEES!!! The nation that SEES into the Spirit." Instantly, I saw people rising up all across the nation, the people of God, the five fold ministry, arising with NEW EYES. New eyes to see and they were infiltrating the seven mountains of culture in Australia to release an awakening of the ALL KNOWING LOVING GOD, the God of ALL WISDOM and INSIGHT that was beginning to see breakthrough, shifts and signs and wonders manifesting in the seven mountains. From the prophetic, to words of knowledge, to revelation of the Word, to hearing the rhema word of God, the Lord was teaching His people to be in a place of CONTINUALLY SEEING what He is doing, moving in the SUPERNATURAL and seeing radical transformation.
The Lord took me up over the nation of Australia and I could see the nation and the fires of revival beginning to burn in different places. Bridges of unity being built and as the people of God stayed positioned they were catching the fire He was releasing and then releasing it through their lives into their areas of influence in the nation. As this is all taking place, I can see something forming over the entire nation of Australia. At first I cannot tell what it is, then it starts to take shape. They were GLASSES!!! A huge pair of glasses, like the nation was wearing glasses. As I wondered what it meant, I heard Him speak "THE LENSES OF LOVE!!! People of God in Australia, take your place. The greatest move of My Spirit is upon you. Beginning in the body of Christ and then into whole nation.. LENSES OF LOVE!!! TO SEE AND BE SEEN AS THE NATION WHO UNITES AND RADICALLY LOVES!!!! IT IS TIME!!!"


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As I sat with the Lord today He began speaking to me about a stretching that many of His people are facing. This stretching has happened on many different levels. Many are feeling an intense shaking happening at the moment. The Lord is using it all to stretch His people. The stretching and the shaking is requiring deeper levels of trust in Him and surrender to His perfect glorious ways and timing.

Don't misunderstand the stretching that many of you are feeling for having done something wrong, or missing something. The Lord is stretching His people right now into deeper levels of trust and dependence in Him because He is bringing a divine upgrade.

As I worshipped the Lord and heard the words "I have stretched you to upgrade you", I saw the people of God "growing up". Growing up into what He is releasing. Growing up further into maturity. Growing up further into giftings, anointings and callings. Growing up into revelation. A growing maturity of dependence on Him, maturity of trust in Him, maturity of surrender, maturity of character and integrity, maturity of gifting, maturity of sensitivity to His Spirit and His leading.

What the Lord is doing and releasing in your life may feel bigger than you could ever imagine. There may be fear all around. There may be insecurity all around. What He is doing in your life may be a mystery. What circumstances are going on or the opposition or curveballs that have been thrown at you may be discouraging and perplexing because of the lack of breakthrough. WHATEVER it is you are facing, new opportunities, trial, opposition, struggle, incredible breakthrough, WHATEVER you are facing, the Lord is using IT ALL to bring a STRETCHING, but NOT for your HARM, for your GOOD. He is stretching you because He is bringing an UPGRADE and INCREASE into your life while growing you up further into maturity in Him. In the shifting and in the shaking, in the stretching the Lord is bringing the roots of His people DEEPER into His love and revelation of His GOODNESS.

He is upgrading us as His people as we give Him our YES! We are being positioned for more. Don't view the stretching as a bad thing, He is stretching to bring upgrade! Making room for the NEW!

You are being positioned and led into MORE!! Encounters with His heart, favour, breakthrough, seeing the power of God flow in and through you, provision and increase, but moving into the MORE with DEEPER ROOTS and GREATER MATURITY and DEPENDENCE on Him in new and fresh ways.

This is the season to step out further than you have ever been and encounters with His heart, the beautiful heart of Jesus await you at every step. You do not move out ill-equipped, but you move out from the place of encounter with Him that will cause you to fly.

He is building strength in Him in you to last the distance! The stretching is the preparation and pathway for the imminent promotion, upgrade and increase of favour. Embrace it! What He wants to do and is doing right now as we say YES to the stretching is building what is needed to not only remain in the breakthrough but continue to go from strength to strength, from glory to glory in it with great momentum overflowing from the place of intimacy with Him. Deeper roots in intimacy with Him to be able to carry and sustain and flourish in the abundance He is releasing and entrusting His people with that are staying nestled in His heart.


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