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This morning as I talked with the Lord He said to me "Many of My people have been feeling like they have been constantly battling heaviness on many levels lately. There has been pressure and heaviness, and a lot of the heaviness has come out of nowhere and is unexplainable for many, but I have been training My people in the battle against this heaviness they have been feeling to exercise their faith muscles and shift the atmospheres. To declare My Word and STICK to what I have spoken. This heaviness is coming against My promises, against destinies and purpose in the lives of My people. The heaviness has hit My people hard with discouragement because of the weight of My GLORY and JOY that is now being released."

I then see the people of God "in training" for what looked like "heavy weight" championships. The Lord was using the "weight" that was around them to train them to OVERCOME. Even though the heaviness and pressure was unexplainable for many, and many felt weary of fighting against it, the Lord was using the weight coming against them to strengthen their faith muscles. They were actually becoming stronger in the battle. Where this heaviness has screamed despair, discouragement and the lie that they were losing ground, the truth is, that they are gaining ground. They were being extended, expanded and stretched for greater increase and being able to shift, carry and release more.

I saw the Lord bringing a great TURNING. Where there has been heavy weights, a real heaviness, the Lord was bringing His people into a place of experiencing the WEIGHT OF JOY! I saw Psalm 16:11 shining all around:

"You always reveal to me the way of resurrection life, the path that brings me to the overflowing joys; the exquisite and eternal pleasures of gazing upon Your face." (Psalm 16:11 – The Passion Translation)

Encounters with His heart, His face, His presence are being entered into right now that is seeing the people of God moving deeper in the revelation and experiential manifestation of in His presence there is FULLNESS OF JOY! I saw a move of God moving through the body of Christ that is bringing His people out from under a season of constantly battling a "heaviness" in the atmosphere to a place of FULLNESS OF JOY! Roots going deeper into the revelation of our beautiful Jesus and who He is, His beautiful heart, His heart of burning passionate love for His Church, His GOOD PLANS that ARE coming to pass in the lives of believers as we continue to chase after Him. I saw so much joy and laughter exploding all throughout the body of Christ and into cities and nations. The JOY of the Lord was BREAKING the chains of heaviness in the lives of believers, shifting atmospheres in houses, schools, governments, cities and nations as the people of God join with the GOD who LAUGHS, and LAUGHS at the plans of the enemy. I saw healing taking place in lands, in people, in places as the power of God is released through the manifestation of JOY through His people. A wave of the supernatural manifestation of joy is exploding into our lives right now. I saw people in homes, in meetings, in churches pinned to the floor under the weight of His JOY and GLORY. Instant deliverance, freedom, healing and a shift of season happening over many of God's people as they experience HIS JOY!


I saw the people of God crying tears of JOY in the natural as His Glory and JOY was manifesting all around and even though the tears were in the natural, I saw the affect the tears of joy had in the spirit. It The tears falling to the ground and bringing HEALING and REVIVAL to the very land and atmosphere around them. The Lord is turning tears! Tears of mourning and greiving to tears of joy and awe of who He is as the people of God SEE how He is a God that brings restoration, healing and recompense. The pressure of the season is lifting and a greater release of the glorious manifestation of heaviness of JOY is here.

The JOY and GLORY OF GOD that is beginning to and going to increase in manifestation in your life through encounters with His heart is going to be HEAVIER than you have EVER experienced before and heavier than any oppressive discouragement, atmosphere or pressure you have felt before. Take His hand, say YES to Him! Let Him lead you deeper into these encounters.

These encounters of great JOY are not only leading you further into freedom, higher in your encounters, more awake to your authority, but the Lord is releasing His joy through you to bring healing to people, healing to lands, healing to cities, healing to nations.

You are going to LAUGH more in this season than you have ever laughed before and the power of God released through your LAUGH is going to have EXPLOSIVE RIPPLE effects.

You will see in this season the TRUTH and REALITY that the JOY OF THE LORD IS your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10) Explosive joy, confidence in who He is, confident expectation of what He is going to do releasing the manifestation of being able to LAUGH at the enemy and LAUGH at circumstances because you know WHO HE IS! Your joy is not dependent upon your circumstances, HE IS YOUR JOY! JESUS, the UNCHANGING ONE! THE FAITHFUL ONE! The One who is ALWAYS the same! (Hebrews 13:8) The One who is ALWAYS GOOD! The One who is ALWAYS working for your good! (Romans 8:28) The One who is the very definition of PERFECT LOVE!!!! (1 John 4:8)

Fear is going to flee in this explosion of joy in encountering His heart. Perfect love is going to position you in strength, birth courage and fearlessness in you like you have not experienced before. JOY! JOY! JOY, it's time for us as the people of God to experience deeper revelation and manifestation of JOY!


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