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This morning I had a vision where I saw many of God's people in the secret place and they were crying out for Him, for His heart, to encounter Him. 
I saw the hearts of many crying out "Where are you Jesus?" and this deep searching for Him that was happening in the hearts of many believers as the 'way' they were hearing Him speak or manifest Himself has completely changed. 
As I am watching this vision take place before my eyes, I see the anxiety of the people of God wondering if they have done anything wrong, or any hindrance to intimacy has happened. There was a deep examining happening in the hearts of many of God's people, but many kept coming up with the same answer of being in 'right alignment' with Him but something has changed. 
I then see Jesus walk into the secret place with His people and He sat before them, and He covered His face with His hands and with a giggle, He then pulls His hands away and says "PEEK-A-BOO" and the people of God are hit with wave upon wave upon wave of PEACE, JOY, and EXPLOSIONS of revelation of His love. As I am watching Jesus playing peek-a-boo with His people, I see IN the process the heart of God's people are being KNITTED together in such different and deeper ways with His heart than they had experienced before.
Proverbs 25:2 surrounded me:
"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter."
I then saw Him speaking to His people with such love, such comfort, such peace and such excitement "I am inviting you into a deeper adventure of chasing after Me. I am inviting you into a place that is completely new, and even though it may feel like it is causing a restlessness, or a shaking, I am birthing greater hunger in you for Me. To KNOW ME! To SEEK ME OUT! To BURN with PASSION for Me and My presence in greater ways. I am extending you to receive greater revelation. I am extending you to receive greater insight. I am extending you to be overcome with greater waves of My love that will leave you even more, forever ruined for the ordinary. It may feel as though you are not going deeper, but as you keep your eyes on Me, I am anointing you for the greater things. I am increasing your thirst, I am extending your capacity to drink deeper of My Spirit, My truth, and My Glory. YOUR NEW NORMAL WILL BE A STATE OF BEING CONTINUALLY UNDONE by Me and My love."
Bill Johnson's words then flood into this vision and I hear them surrounding me "He does not hide FROM YOU, He hides FOR YOU".
The atmosphere was filled with excitement, expectancy and anticipation of encountering His heart like never before. He wasn't hiding from His people, He was hiding FOR them. To lead them deeper and deeper. 
In the vision, I see Jesus lean in really close to His people and grab their hands and with eyes of such beautiful burning passionate love and delight, He spoke "I am going to show up in the most unexpected places for you in this season. I am going to surprise you like you have never been surprised before. You are going to be overflowing with revelation, joy and a peace like you have never experienced before as you SEE ME in MY POWER. I am going to POP UP in NEW PLACES displaying My power that will be released in exponential ways that is going to bring ground breaking breakthrough. This is a NEW DAY. I am moving in a NEW WAY. I am taking you in NEW PATHS, and I am leading you into NEW TERRITORIES. Yet I am the God who never changes, My faithfulness is never ending, My love all encompassing, My ways continually surprising. 
"I am breaking out of boxes! I am breaking familiarity and complacency in the lives of My people. Through the divine surprises and where and how I am going to POP UP and SHOW UP in your lives, is breaking limitations put on Me through expectation. Your expectation of what I CAN and WANT to do is being increased significantly. Limitations that was put on you will be broken off you as I SHOW UP in unexpected ways and times in and through your life. A great birthing is taking place in your lives My people. The birthing of you being FREE of limitations and living in Me, the God who is LIMITLESS! Get ready to see just how UNLIMITED My power is. You're about to be SHOCKED by My power moving IN you/your life and THROUGH YOU!"


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