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As I spent time with the Lord this morning, just wanting to hear what was on His heart, I heard the words "I am tying up loose ends in the lives of My people and making their paths straight".

"Trust in the Lord completely, and not your own opinions, but with all your heart rely on Him to guide you, and He will lead you in all the decisions you make. Become intimate with Him, in whatever you do, and He'll lead you wherever you go, and don't think for a moment that you know it all" (Proverbs 3:5-6) The Passion Translation

I then had a vision of Jesus and He was moving in the lives of believers and He was tying up loose ends that many of His people had been crying out for Him to do and bring breakthrough too. I also saw Him moving and tying up loose ends in areas that many of His people did not expect.

There was a COMMON DENOMINATOR for BOTH areas that He was moving in, there was a DIVINE COMPLETION that was taking place. Many were rejoicing at the completion, the finishing of a situation/circumstance/season, others were perplexed by the "closing" and "completion" of something that they didn't expect. In both areas the Lord was moving to LEAD HIS PEOPLE INTO THE "NEW".

The "tying up" of loose ends, the cutting off, the completion, is leading His people further into the new, a season of promotion and breakthrough, and new beginning. The NEW that we are moving into is holding DOUBLE PORTION BREAKTHROUGH! The "tying up of loose ends" was bringing His people to a place of 'freedom' and things of the past that have 'niggled' and 'held on' and not shifted, or even areas that were "good" but because of the new He is leading us into, those "good" things can become weights to hold us back, He is removing them and setting us free to FLY! Whether you understand or not the "loose ends" He is tying up, whether you even saw them as "loose ends" or not, the Lord is doing something GOOD. Trust in the Lord COMPLETELY! Trust in His ways and His timing, for He is leading you into something better than you have walked in before. You are being led into a place of DOUBLE PORTION breakthrough. Continue to position yourself to become intimate with Him in WHATEVER you do and you will see He will make your paths SUDDENLY straight.


I saw Jesus lifting the "pressure" and "anxiety" off many. He is "righting" wrong turns which is birthing greater "writing". Where many have been tormented by past mistakes, failures, wrong turns or wrong steps, the Lord is lifting off the pressure and lifting off the grief, He is making things right. He is correcting paths and in that place there is going to be a great BIRTHING of greater WRITINGS of testimonies of what He has done. Many books, manuscripts, prophetic words are about to be birthed through Him RIGHTING wrong turns. The enemy may have come against you and told you He will never RIGHT the WRONG turn, but the opposite is true. He is RIGHTING the wrong turns and birthing WRITINGS that will bring transformation, healing, freedom and lead people into deeper encounters with Him. Your WRONG TURNS have are not keeping you locked down. The Lord is using it ALL! Through these WRITINGS the ENEMY is going to be put into LOCK DOWN in the very area/s that he has continued to assault and torment you in.

He is making your paths straight! The destination may be surprising but it's going to be glorious! He is freeing you up! Leading you to a double portion breakthrough! Jesus is leading you into something completely NEW. There is a CLOSING and COMPLETION of MANY things in this season, doors He is closing, seasons He is shifting, but only to lead you into your new season and promotion.


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  • Rita Fodor

    I always feel like you are writing to me personally when I get your prophetic words. This one made me cry. I have had the motto the past few months of “i need to clean closets, get rid of stuff and tie up loose ends, only this past week the feeling became more intense. You’re right, the devil has worked overtime to convince me that it will never happen to me. Admittedly, I do struggle at times to believe. Thank you so much for this word has meant the most as the pressure has been the worst.

  • Rina

    Yes! Thank you Lana! All praise to Abba Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit… with continued thanksgiving, great gratitude and enormous relief! And a big thank you to all the angels too… Amen and Amen.

  • Blanche Heidengren

    This is so encouraging! I am writing a book about my son who went Home with the Lord 6 years ago, including his songs and poems, and writings about heaven and being sold out for Jesus,and about how the Lord has comforted me and called me closer to Him since. In it, I have a chapter on how the reader can put their trust in Jesus for their salvation just like my son did. I’ve been sort of stuck for the past few months, and busy with my other 4 children and with ministry at our church where my husband is the pastor. Your words about writings and breakthrough are just what I needed to hear so that I will jump back into writing it so I can finish this year…many thanks for hearing from the Lord and encouraging me and others who have books to finish to keep on keeping on until they are done!

  • Serina

    This is spot on in every area of my life. It took me 10 minutes to read it because I couldn’t quit crying. Thanking Jesus for you and your obedience.

  • in.whom

    Confirmation! Yes, thank You Lord for the confirmation on this one sentence that caught my attention on a piece of paper this morning: “WHAT HE HAS BEGUN, HE WILL COMPLETE! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Phyllis J.

    To God be the Glory!! For being so, so faithful and true! Such a wonderful and timely word from the Lord. I’ve been waiting and positioning myself, while seeking the Father for patience, until my breakthrough and now is the time. God is worthy of all Honor and Praise. 10,000 tongues would not be enough to say thank you Jesus.


    Thank you my Father God, as I continue to press into all you have for me. I continue to wait in anticipation with great expectations knowing the Best is at hand, so close. Thank you ever so much as my heart was d has been crying out to you for your promises with Confirmation into my heart from you to be fulfilled in my life, An awesome word spoken this day, brings me joy. I love you evermore.

  • Lisa Benedict

    Confirmation to recent a wrong turn I made that had to be corrected, but left me with grief. Just a few days ago, a young man told me God was “straightening my walk” & that it was becoming “straighter”. I am in a good place now, no longer concerned about the wrong turn or bringing forward anything that competes with God’s best! I have joy, and I feel clean, free of the loose ends.

  • Greg

    Thank you for this word. I claim it! It is fitting and timely and just what I need to hear at this time. The fact that it has been prophesied that I’d write books makes it even more fitting.

  • Charlene

    It is as though this were written to me. The Lord started this weeks ago, having me clear out a lot of unneeded things and packing my house ready for a move or storage when I had no idea of where I might go. Last week I moved into an unexpected house in a new town and now there are big loose ends to tie up after over a year of waiting on a promise that will bring a major life change which will in turn bring the book I’ve been called to write years ago. I have been waiting for the testimony from the trial I’ve been in to complete the book. I was amazed when this Word started talking about writing and brought it even more personal like God speaking right to me. Praise God this word was such confirmation.