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I had a dream last night where I saw the Lion of Judah and His eyes burning with fiery love and delight for His people. The gaze of pure love and delight so intense that it took my breath away. Such fiery love that it released impartations of great peace. 

The Lord is inviting His people into encounters with Him, to SEE HIS EYES BURNING with the fire of His love that is bringing healing, awakening and strengthening.

The FIRE OF PURE LOVE in His eyes are flowing into the soul of His people bringing significant healing. Impartation of the fiery love of Jesus is being released as their "eyes meet". Huge waves of peace are flooding over the people of God in the moment where 'eyes lock'.

As God's people see how He "gazes upon them with delight" it is igniting burning hearts of greater hunger and passion for Him. A great calibration of "sight" is taking place as "our eyes meet His" to see as He sees and impartations of love released through how we 'view' things and others.

Where other eyes have 'looked down upon", where the eyes of fear and giants continue to 'stare down' God's people, seeing the eyes of Jesus burning with love and delight for you, is birthing a fearlessness, breakthrough and courage in you to move forward, slay the giants, move into your destiny and take new ground.


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  • ASR Martins

    Hi Lana, you need to refresh your permalinks in WordPress settings page because your homepage is corrupt. If this does not sort out the problem just check why your main page does not load correctly

  • christine

    How beautiful and powerful. This is totally the crossroads I am at right now. Beginning to see His eyes of love for me that will enable me to move in His peace and conquer a giant in front of me in the category of health. Praise God He is bigger and He loves me intensely and perfectly.

  • Anne Hibbard

    Amen. Thanks Lana. What a true word. His love brings so much boldness to those of us who used to be bound up in fear. Bless you and your ministry and the way you encourage the body through listening and speaking God’s word to our hearts

  • Blanche Heidengren

    This is beautiful!! Wow, what a dream!
    Yes, when we lock eyes with His, the fire ignites and we are never the same! The fire melts our hearts and tears of joy and love fill our eyes…which in turn fills us with His love for others…may our eyes reflect His eyes to a lost world looking for love.

  • Claudette T.

    Jesus is looking at you with eyes… gave me so much hope for me and my loved ones. Thank you for sharing it with us. God bless you mightily!

  • HB Franklin

    I had a similar experience this morning September 13, 2016), but it wasn’t a dream; I was wide awake. Two flames of fire looking at me. The passionate love, the nonexistence of condemnation, the breaking open and release of my soul. It was everything I could do to hold myself together all day. My life is forever changed. I went looking online for anyone else who has had the experience, and found your blog. Thank you for sharing. -HB