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“He gives his beloved sleep” – Psalm 127:2

There has been an attack on many in the area of sleep/rest in the past month and heightening in the past few weeks.

Ongoing nightmares, night terrors, anxiety at night and an overall struggle of being unable to sleep for no reason which is leaving them exhausted and depleted and feeling unable to accomplish what is before them with excellence and joy.

Be encouraged for the Lord is restoring sleep. Years of sleeping issues are being restored. Insomnia broken.

God is restoring rest and many who have been tormented in the night hours not being able to sleep are about to receive profound prophetic dreams and revelation.

A great turnaround is happening in the night hours for many where they shall see heaven, greater revelation and some of the most profound encounters with Him that will bring joy and strength into their lives again. These prophetic dreams and encounters will usher many into a greater overflow of heavenly revelation and deeper realms of hope in Him for many impossibilities and hardships before them to see the Red Seas part.

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I have seen the battle raging intensely against many believers.

I sensed the Lord saying that His people are to FIGHT FOR THEIR PEACE BECAUSE HERE COMES THE NEXT PIECE.

The assignment against you is coming with the intention to steal your peace so you will not be positioned to receive the next piece of revelation which is going to unlock a domino effect of breakthrough. The next piece is like a “golden ticket” that will change everything for many.

Do whatever you have to do to keep your peace. Fight for it. You already have victory.

Get close to Him and do whatever you must do to keep your peace. For the next piece for heaven is ushering in a fountain of heaven’s provision, revelation and release.

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I have been feeling a real turbulence in the Spirit in the past week. Opposition increasing again for many especially in the area of fear, constant bombardments of lies, hopelessness, verbal attacks, false accusations and doubt.

I saw many of the people of God feeling like they were reaching capacity under this opposition, breakthrough began to happen, and then the opposition began again. I saw the enemy looking for the “buttons” on the people of God to push in order to steal their peace and shake them up again. Feels like a whirlwind of fear has surrounded again.

The Lord is calling His people to deeper trust in Him and His good plans. Those who are hearing lies and the enemy’s prognosis of doom, rebuke it and stand on His truth and know that many of you are standing at the door of your destiny, about to move through. This is why doom is screaming at you!

Keep your eyes on Jesus, keep His praise on your lips and nestled close to Him and you will see Him turn the enemy on his head. You will see your positioning yourself in His presence and truth and your bold faith, see the enemy turned on his head, and his plans will NOT extend to the doom he is speaking.

Many have been feeling like they are constantly living in the first half of John 10:10, that the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy. That they are continually being hit, continually battling his lies and threats to kill and destroy without feeling like they are living in the latter half of John 10:10, that He (Jesus) came to give life and life to the full. Many have been feeling like they have been living so short of what Jesus paid for them to live in.

Rejoice and know that the enemy is being turned in his head and you are moving further into the abundance that He purchased for you at Calvary, through your door of destiny, and know at a deeper level what it means to live the abundant hope filled life in Him.

Let me remind you again, as I have shared in many posts – some of your greatest moments in Him are before you. You do not have to live in fear, all will be well, He is turning the enemy on his head, confusion into his camp and you will move into greater boldness and destiny filled adventures in Him.

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I saw many struggling with a sense of dread and disappointment concerning 2015 before it has even begun. Many were being defeated in their hearts and minds before the new year had arrived.

2015 is going to be a year of great restoration. There is a saying “make up for lost time” – God is going to bring radical restoration in 2015 for the years the enemy and disappointment has stolen, all the years of tears that He counted and held in a bottle, repaid with radical restoration blessing.

There will be so much restoration, acceleration, favour and healing in 2015 that it will not only “make up for” all that was lost but add to the lives of His people more than was lost. His extravagant generosity, love and kindness will be demonstrated in restoration.


I saw many who have lived their whole lives in pain. Physical, emotional and mental pain. They have been feeling like there have not been years without the gut-wrenching life stealing pain. They have been given promises from God of healing and restoration but it seems to have tarried.

I saw so many of these ones stand tall and it rained healing and restoration from heaven. All and more was restored. The years of pain was turned to a season of divine glorious rain of healing, restoration and RESTORED relationship and intimacy with the Lord.

For many who have felt despaired, let down and disappointed by the Lord even though they know this is not the truth but circumstances have screamed these lies at them – I saw them positioned for a great shower of restoration in their relationship with Him. A divine dance of love was beginning again. They were again falling in love with their first love. Hearts healed and restored, life given back, a spring in their step restored as they saw HIM. As His love and glorious kindness was seen through His provision and restoration.

2015 will see broken relationships with the Lord restored and revelations of the Cross and His love exploding in believers hearts that many will feel like they have been saved all over again. The beautiful hound of heaven is coming after those whose hearts are hurting and hiding from Him for fear of greater disappointment to RAIN HIS LOVE upon them, bringing comfort, healing and restoration.

Don’t let fear of the future and disappointment rob you of what God has for you in 2015, ESPECIALLY before it has even begun.

Hope in Him, that He is always good, He is always faithful and GREAT things await in 2015!!!!

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This morning I have had a burden on my heart for those who have felt like so much time in their life has been wasted in waiting. Years and decades have gone past without the manifestation of His promises in some long awaited areas and the glorious joy of breakthrough.

I sensed the Lord saying that nothing is lost. No time has really been lost because He is now redeeming that time that has felt “lost”.

2015 is going to be seen as a year of great restoration. More than before will explode into the lives of His people as they wait on Him.

The years of pain, anguish, despair, hopelessness, disappointment and waiting, HE is going to make up for more than ever.

More will be done in His redemption and restoration in 2015 than was seemingly “lost” in the decades of waiting.

Many who have felt the best years of their life are over, are about to move INTO the best years of their life as they wait on and delight in Him!

The greatest demonstration of turnaround and restorations are being seen now.

Inheritances lost will be doubled, hearts broken will be mended, made whole and filled with more joy and peace than ever before. Promises for restoration of broken marriages from decades of hurt – healed. Financial ruin through the enemy stealing will be turned to see these ones as some of the most generous givers in the Kingdom.

Many who feel their time has been stolen to do the things they want to in life, will be given the blessings and grace to do all on their heart and more.

The people of God are stepping into one of the greatest seasons where the banner raised will declare “RESTORED”.

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“His favour is like a rain cloud in spring; how much better to get wisdom than gold; to get insight rather than silver!” – Proverbs 16:16

I saw many wandering around in a desert at times despaired and perplexed at situations surrounding them. The look on their faces screamed desperation of “I don’t know what else to do to see breakthrough.”

I then heard “I don’t know’s are being turned to wisdom from above.”

Heavenly wisdom and insight is one of your most precious tools in this season. The Lord is inviting you to seek Him for wisdom and great insight is being released as angelic beings are being released to heighten the senses of God’s people.

“The way through” will be given to you through specific wisdom and insight from the Holy Spirit.

Lean close to His chest and listen to what His heart is saying. Not only is your “I don’t know” being turned around, the heavenly wisdom and insight He is releasing will see you move into greater levels of refreshing places of divine favour.

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I saw angels with trumpets heralding a shift in the people of God being awakened to see and hear at a exponential level, what He is doing.

These angels are being released to bring greater alignment to the “senses” of God. Senses heightened to hear and see more of what the Spirit of God is doing and partner more with Him.

I saw angels placing coals upon tongues. Mouths were then being opened to declare specific fresh revelation from heaven, revelatory keys to be declared that are now coming forth. These declarations are tipping the scales of heaven to bring forth breakthrough and immediate breakthrough in many circumstances.

Angels of alignment are being released to heighten the senses of His people. Be positioned and watchful to see and understand a deeper level of the language of the Spirit.

There is great angelic activity happening now to assist you in all you do. Huge levels of grace released to do accomplish greater exploits for Him in shorter periods of time and assist the people of God as they walk into greater breakthrough.

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For since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye has seen a God like you who works for those who wait for him!” – Isaiah 64:4

The Lord is encountering His people and birthing greater hope within them. I saw hope being birthed in the people of God and they were dreaming on levels they have never know before and in the natural are completely impossible.

Downloads from heaven are happening now where the Lord is dreaming with His people but it is bigger than many of His people have ever imagined.

Continue to wait on Him for how He is going to “pull this off” is going to be glorious as He works FOR you.

The enemy seeks to crush the hope of the people of God especially in the past few weeks. Many have found it so hard to simply “hold onto hope” anymore. Stand tall and wait for Him, watch how He is going to work FOR you! The enemy has been specifically targeting crushing hopes because of the high hopes and BIG dreams and blueprints God is releasing.

He is releasing greater faith for the impossible! To see impossibilities turned to possibilities.

Do not allow the fear of disappointment drown your hopes and dreams in Him. Some of the greatest blueprints of heaven are now being birthed for new books, songs, media, movies and arts for HIS GLORY and namesake. Do not allow the fact you don’t know “HOW” it will work kill your creativity. Dream with Him in His presence and embrace all He is downloading.

Do not fear “twists” and “turns” in the road. Some of your greatest blessings will find you in those “twists and turns”. Simply wait for Him and watch Him work!!!!

What He is doing and about to do, is so much bigger and more amazing than we realise!

Fly on the wings of hope and embrace the huge dreams and high hopes He is releasing through faith and wait for Him. He will bring the wisdom and provision to see these “impossible” dreams made manifest. Dream with Him!!!

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“He is so loving that it will amaze you. So kind that it will astound you and He is so famous for His faithfulness to all. Everyone knows our God can be trusted. Keeping His promises to every generation.” – Psalm 100:5 – The Passion Translation

His love and kindness is going to amaze and astound you especially over the next few months as many see “everything fall into place” setting them up for the entrance further into this “new day”.

His PROVISION will be profound and His Glory and fame will be made LOUD through what He is providing in your life.

Do not be distracted, keep your eyes on Him and by His love and revelation you will be greatly impacted.

It is not time to retract but to move forward in greater impact than ever before.

He is setting the stage for you to move forward in greater influence and responsibility to bring His Kingdom to earth.

The demonstration of His passionate love for you is being seen in greater levels as He brings hearts desires into manifestation and dreams into being.

Be wary of distraction that is seeking to cause you to retract from standing in declaration of trust in Him in impossibility – when you are about to step into some of your greatest moments of His love revealed bringing tremendous impact into your heart and life.

I saw the throne room with angels all around and they proclaimed “Glory to God in the highest. His kindness, love and faithfulness reaches to the sky and His people are awakened to greater insight of His heart of love for them BURSTING with delight”.

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This morning while in His presence I had a vision and it was raining fish. As these fish were falling I noticed they were all the colours of the rainbow.

Immediately, the words came to me “Harvest of His Promises”.

I then sensed the Lord saying that right now a great harvest of the manifestation of His promises are being released but there were two key things that were highlighted to me.

1. It was a HARVEST of His promises. As I saw the fish raining down I sensed that it is not just “one” major promise that many are waiting and contending for, the Lord is going to fulfil in this season but the He is now releasing MANY long awaited promises seemingly ALL at once. As these fish rained down one thing highlighted to me was they all fell into perfect place to create a BEAUTIFUL design.

The Lord is releasing a great harvest of fulfilment of His promises to His people that are falling in perfect heavenly alignment and will display the perfect grand design of heaven many of the people of God have been waiting on.

“Everything is about to fall into place” in a greater way than many have ever seen that will release His Kingdom in greater measure.

2. Many holding onto promises for salvation for those who do not yet know Him are going to come into fruition. Those who have also walked away from the Lord will start returning in greater measure.

I saw many beginning to lose hope over those they know and love who do not yet know Him.

Keep believing, keep sharing and praying for those who do not yet know Him, the Lord has seen all your faithful intercession. Many are coming home in greater measure. REJOICE!!!

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