Prophetic Words


“He gives his beloved sleep” – Psalm 127:2
There has been an attack on many in the area of sleep/rest in the past month and heightening in the past few weeks.
Ongoing nightmares, night terrors, anxiety at night and an overall struggle of being unable to sleep for no reason which is leaving them exhausted and depleted and feeling unable to accomplish what is before them with excellence and joy.
Be encouraged for the Lord is restoring sleep. Years of sleeping issues are being restored. Insomnia broken.
God is restoring rest and many who have been tormented in the night hours not being able to sleep are about to receive profound prophetic dreams and revelation.
A great turnaround is happening in the night hours for many where they shall see heaven, greater revelation and some of the most profound encounters with Him that will bring joy and strength into their lives again. These prophetic dreams and encounters will usher many into a greater overflow of heavenly revelation and deeper realms of hope in Him for many impossibilities and hardships before them to see the Red Seas part.
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  • Fiona Shee

    Oh cool !! Re the sleep and dreams ; strangely I had a really scary dream last nite myself , which is quite a rare occurrence for me – please can you pray for me too regarding this
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