Prophetic Words


I have seen the battle raging intensely against many believers.
I sensed the Lord saying that His people are to FIGHT FOR THEIR PEACE BECAUSE HERE COMES THE NEXT PIECE.
The assignment against you is coming with the intention to steal your peace so you will not be positioned to receive the next piece of revelation which is going to unlock a domino effect of breakthrough. The next piece is like a “golden ticket” that will change everything for many.
Do whatever you have to do to keep your peace. Fight for it. You already have victory.
Get close to Him and do whatever you must do to keep your peace. For the next piece for heaven is ushering in a fountain of heaven’s provision, revelation and release.
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  • Jay Bailey

    The war is raging and the deeper, the more intimate, the closer, the more enlightened the believer, the more vile, intense, blatant the attack. I know! I am in the middle of that attack and everything around me wants to crumble. Even as a seer, even as a prophet, I am experiencing what LOOKS like destruction and utter defeat. Where is my help? Where is my consolation, my reprieve, my rest? There is only one p,ace to go. Only one place to look. My petition is obvious. I have no doubt of His awareness. I am digging in and hanging on. There is no plan B. The victory is won even though the battle rages. The worst that can happen is I be thrust into the arms of a loving God.

  • Joanne Vawser

    yes even myself is fighting for my right to keep my crown. Its been challenging enough in the last 2 years but I have to keep calling for help and I am constantly under attack. I am so glad I have been blessed and looked after by God, and that his love and understanding into whats happening is more stronger than what satan can dish out. God has given me his promises that he will NEVER forsake me know matter what, and everyday I am reminded of this which gives me hope and strength to keep going. Thank goodness for Jesus we can give it all over to him. Praise God always.