Prophetic Words


I saw many struggling with a sense of dread and disappointment concerning 2015 before it has even begun. Many were being defeated in their hearts and minds before the new year had arrived.
2015 is going to be a year of great restoration. There is a saying “make up for lost time” – God is going to bring radical restoration in 2015 for the years the enemy and disappointment has stolen, all the years of tears that He counted and held in a bottle, repaid with radical restoration blessing.
There will be so much restoration, acceleration, favour and healing in 2015 that it will not only “make up for” all that was lost but add to the lives of His people more than was lost. His extravagant generosity, love and kindness will be demonstrated in restoration.
I saw many who have lived their whole lives in pain. Physical, emotional and mental pain. They have been feeling like there have not been years without the gut-wrenching life stealing pain. They have been given promises from God of healing and restoration but it seems to have tarried.
I saw so many of these ones stand tall and it rained healing and restoration from heaven. All and more was restored. The years of pain was turned to a season of divine glorious rain of healing, restoration and RESTORED relationship and intimacy with the Lord.
For many who have felt despaired, let down and disappointed by the Lord even though they know this is not the truth but circumstances have screamed these lies at them – I saw them positioned for a great shower of restoration in their relationship with Him. A divine dance of love was beginning again. They were again falling in love with their first love. Hearts healed and restored, life given back, a spring in their step restored as they saw HIM. As His love and glorious kindness was seen through His provision and restoration.
2015 will see broken relationships with the Lord restored and revelations of the Cross and His love exploding in believers hearts that many will feel like they have been saved all over again. The beautiful hound of heaven is coming after those whose hearts are hurting and hiding from Him for fear of greater disappointment to RAIN HIS LOVE upon them, bringing comfort, healing and restoration.
Don’t let fear of the future and disappointment rob you of what God has for you in 2015, ESPECIALLY before it has even begun.
Hope in Him, that He is always good, He is always faithful and GREAT things await in 2015!!!!
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  • theseer1959

    Thank you! This is a needed word for me. And may you also experience the restoration which papa has promised you and your family.