Prophetic Words


This morning while in His presence I had a vision and it was raining fish. As these fish were falling I noticed they were all the colours of the rainbow.
Immediately, the words came to me “Harvest of His Promises”.
I then sensed the Lord saying that right now a great harvest of the manifestation of His promises are being released but there were two key things that were highlighted to me.
1. It was a HARVEST of His promises. As I saw the fish raining down I sensed that it is not just “one” major promise that many are waiting and contending for, the Lord is going to fulfil in this season but the He is now releasing MANY long awaited promises seemingly ALL at once. As these fish rained down one thing highlighted to me was they all fell into perfect place to create a BEAUTIFUL design.
The Lord is releasing a great harvest of fulfilment of His promises to His people that are falling in perfect heavenly alignment and will display the perfect grand design of heaven many of the people of God have been waiting on.
“Everything is about to fall into place” in a greater way than many have ever seen that will release His Kingdom in greater measure.
2. Many holding onto promises for salvation for those who do not yet know Him are going to come into fruition. Those who have also walked away from the Lord will start returning in greater measure.
I saw many beginning to lose hope over those they know and love who do not yet know Him.
Keep believing, keep sharing and praying for those who do not yet know Him, the Lord has seen all your faithful intercession. Many are coming home in greater measure. REJOICE!!!
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