Prophetic Words


One of the ways I describe God’s faithfulness is EXTRAVAGANT! defines the word EXTRAVAGANT as:
* MUCH MORE than necessary
When I look at the word EXTRAVAGANT I see the words “ABOVE AND BEYOND, LAVISH”. I love the word LAVISH as I believe it just begins to describe the GIVING GOOD heart of God… LAVISH – to bestow in GREAT amounts!
These words “EXTRAVAGANT FAITHFULNESS” and “LAVISH” have really been on my heart.
Be encouraged, the faithfulness of God is being demonstrated now in greater more extravagant and lavish ways than many of us have ever seen.
The faithfulness of His people and their unwavering faith in His Word and promises, the broken surrender, yet constant hope in Him no matter what has attracted His abundant favour.
“MUCH MORE” demonstrations of His faithfulness are about to be seen on more abundant and lavish levels.
Do not lose hope! Do not waiver in your trust of Him! He has not overlooked you or forgotten.
His EXTRAVAGANT faithfulness is going to be seen in this new day!!!!! It is going to be a glorious heavenly display!!!
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