Prophetic Words


Things that have kept you contained, areas where you feel like you have never had breakthrough are being turned into your floor! The very things that you have felt have been “ceilings” hindering you from soaring, these things are now turning.
Allow the Lord to shift, to shape and to shake. All hindrances are being removed so you can soar to new doors.
It is TIME for SO MUCH MORE!!!! What is ahead is greater than you expect and what you shall move into is better than your best.
There have been many tests but all simply to prepare you for what is next.
Do not be frustrated, discouraged, angry and despaired about what has been a “ceiling” in your life. As you keep delighting in Him, these ceilings are turning into your floor. YOU WILL STAND IN VICTORY AND MOVE HIGHER THAN EVER BEFORE!!!! IT IS TIME FOR SO MUCH MORE!!! SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU HAVE EVER SEEN HIM DO, BEFORE!!!
NO MORE restraint…Trust Him and watch Him ORCHESTRATE! YOU WILL ACCELERATE, ESCALATE AND CELEBRATE and no matter what He asks, DON’T HESITATE!!!! He is NEVER late and with what He is revealing more and more in your life, there will be NO complaint but every reason to CELEBRATE! 🙂
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  • tompia47tpiasecny

    I got your word regarding yesterday being my day of breakthrough. I was excited because I also got a confirmation. See I almost got the exact same word from another prophet. As I wake up this morning I feel and unfortunately as bad or worse than I ever have and just wanted to see if you had any suggestions. I know a change of circumstances isn’t the only way God victory so I come back to him in prayer during this time of desperation and disappointment. Trusting Him always to the end. Warmly, Tom