Prophetic Words


I have had the words “24 hour turnaround” on my heart. Do not lose hope in your waiting. Stay faithful!!
There is going to be SUDDEN 24 hour turnarounds. Things will completely shift and turnaround within A DAY!!!!
All the faithful sowing, the believing, the sacrificing, the obeying, the waiting, all the faithful “chipping away” at circumstances by declaring His Word no matter what, is about to see sudden breakthrough and turnaround.
Lives are going to look completely different within 24 hours. The turnarounds are going to release heaven’s sound “GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!! GOD DID WHAT ONLY GOD COULD DO!!! SURELY GOD IS ON THE MOVE!!!!”
Grace, provision, favour, restitution, restoration, breakthrough, healing and freedom will ABOUND as you will see heaven touch the ground of earth.
Miracles will be seen all around in the sudden 24 hour turnaround.
Can you hear it? It’s heavens sound proclaiming that God’s Glory will be seen ALL AROUND!


  • Brenda Hook

    Hi leanne, I am starting to get a little nervous having waited soooooo long only to continue to have the faith to maybe wait some more!!!! or to trust for a 24 hour turnaround . May God do what only God can do . May you receive a desire of your heart. Bless you from Brenda
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  • harpeth21

    I have already started seeing a turnaround in my livelihood. I’ve moved out on my own after 12 long years and furnishings of things I needed have been literally flooding in freely. I got a raise to compensate the expense of the apartment. So, that made my apartment FREE! However, healing and deliverance for myself and my family is yet to be seen. I am expecting to SEE this, next; and, suddenly. Especially where my daughter is concerned. Praises to our Father God and our King, Jesus!!! Glory!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank you, Lana, for your obedience and constant pursuit of God’s Word for all His grand creation. You are blessed to be a blessing. God bless you more. Shalom! Shalom!

  • Fiona Shee

    Do you mean in the next 24 hours or just that at some point it will change within a day ?
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