Prophetic Words


There have been some pretty intense ‘hits’ released against the people of God in the past few weeks by the enemy that has left many feeling hindered and hit hard.
Many feeling they have been thrown into a pit and don’t understand what is going on. Many have been moving into increase, favour and opportunity and all of a sudden things have seemed to be hindered.
There has been a sense of many that "I have been hit and now I have been missed". You have not been knocked out, it may feel that way. You may feel you have been suddenly thrown into a pit and the pit is screaming impossibility at your dreams. Things haven’t turned out the way you sensed they would according to His promises to you. God is not bypassing your dreams, God is not passing you by, God has not forgotten you and His promises to you.
God’s faithfulness in your life is going to be seen! The feeling of being in a ‘pit’ that is screaming impossibility to your dreams, is simply the stage set for the greatest demonstration of God’s release, victory and vindication in your life bar your salvation.
You may feel like you have been shaken, but as you press into Him and hold to Him, you are coming out stronger than before. You may have been surprised by the ‘pit’ but it is simply a bump in the road.
Many have felt knocked down by jealousy, by competitive spirits around them, knocked out by the wrongs of others, but you will be vindicated.
"The pit will last but for a night, you will take greater flight."
The hindrances that have attempted to come against you and your dreams, the hindrances and forces of darkness that have sought to hold you back have only ‘added to you’ for the Lord is going to send you soaring higher than before. The pit is screaming at many "You are going to be here for a while" and I heard the enemy laughing at the people of God.
It was then I heard the Lord laugh at the enemy and his plans and in a moment, the people of God were released. Things changed and turned around quicker than they have ever seen a turn around in their lives. The pit will be but for a moment, but the turn around and favour released as you are delivered from this pit will have impact in the world for generations.
Joseph was thrown in a pit before his greatest promotion. Don’t be afraid of this pit and the impossibilities it is screaming at your dreams, for the Lord is going to deliver you, vindicate you and move you into a powerful release and your feet are going to be set on higher ground than you were standing on before.
Trust Him! He is working for your best. Things are going to shift and turnaround suddenly (Isaiah 60:22) and attempts to keep you hindered and held down in a pit is working FOR YOU because greater favour and vindication will be released upon you that is going to be bigger than what you were dreaming.
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